The Sins of the Father

byadam applebiter©

Helen was the first to regain composure. She sat up, took B's face in her palms and licked my cum off her girlfriend's cheek. It was the sexiest thing I'd seen in a long time.

"B, that was amazing. While I'm down here, may I return the favour?" I was on by back and didn't think my legs were ready to support me.

"Any time Daddy." B got up and came around to squat on my face.

"I'm not your daddy. Call me Parry." I was speaking to her bottom as it descended towards me.

"After tonight, you'll want to adopt me just so you'll have two daughters to fuck." B retorted as her pussy pressed onto my mouth. I lapped at it for all I was worth as she ground herself against my face.

"Make him lick your ass too, Honey B." I heard Helen say. "He'll love that."

"Ok. But hurry up and get him hard again. I want to see you two do it."

As B moved so that my tongue could probe her anus, Helen's mouth closed around my cock.

"God! D'you know how sexy it is? Seeing you suck your own father?" B feathered her clit as she pressed her ass onto my mouth. I could feel the heat and moisture increasing. When she moved back to give me access to her clit I sucked on it and flicked at it frantically. In moments she was climaxing steadily, juices practically squirting into my mouth. I knew then why Helen called her honey B. Nectar! I was rock hard by the time she'd finished soaking my face.

"My turn!" Helen dragged me to my feet and onto the bed.

When she got on all fours I knelt behind her and said, "B, would you do the honours?"

B grinned lasciviously as she held my cock and guided it into Helen's pussy. It felt so good to be back, up to my balls in my daughter. B reached for a tube of lube and squeezed some onto Helen's ass. Helen lowered her tits to the bed, turning her head sideways and making her ass an even more inviting prospect. I watched B's fingers probing Helen's pink sphincter while I stroked in and out. Two was easy, three she had to work at and four was a sight to see. With a bit more lube and a bit more easing, she had Helen's ass stretched as far as her knuckles. When she pulled her fingers out, Helen's ass hole was gaping. It closed slowly as I watched, speeding up my thrusting. Helen's pussy felt so hot around my cock that I was loath to ever leave it, but that ass looked so welcoming.

B stuck both her thumbs in next, stretching Helen's wide so that I could see deep inside her rectum. Helen caught me out, suddenly bucking and moaning as she came, her pussy gripping me like a velvet fist. I held onto her hips and slowed right down, feeling something warm and wet trickling down my thighs. She'd either squirted or pissed herself. At this point, I really didn't care which.

"Fuck me in the ass, Daddy." Helen murmured from the recesses of the pillow. "Show B how you treat your little whore."

What's a man supposed to do? I pulled my cock out of her pussy, waved it's glistening length about a bit while B pulled her thumbs out of Helen, then I plunged through her slowly contracting sphincter.

B watched my cock closely, her hand behind her back, lubricating her own ass. When she was ready, she went around the other side of the bed and knelt beside B, wiggling her ass in invitation. "You don't mid sharing, do you, Helen?" She asked.

"Daddy. B's feeling left out. Do you think you can fuck her in the ass too?"

"My pleasure." I pulled out of Helen and shuffled across to the next bottom in line, feeling glad of that knee trembler without which I'd never have had this much staying power. I had to press hard to get past B's sphincter because she was lubed but not loosened up. It was delightfully tight and I was turned on all the more because I was sodomizing a girl I hadn't even fucked normally yet. I Thrust a few times into B then moved back to Helen for a few strokes, then back to B and so on, until I could hold on no longer and drained my balls into B's rectum with a grunt.

"No way!" Helen was dismayed. "You greedy bitch! That's both times you've had the cream." She made her mouth turn down at the corners.

"You can have it if you want." B was thinking about what B did with Eric's father.

"Yummy. Daddy, you're gonna love this." Helen rolled onto her back and B propped herself over her face, leaning back so that I could see her ass as my cum oozed out of her and dribbled into Helen's mouth. After the first big blob, Helen raised her head and probed for more with her tongue. It was filthy and perverted and I loved it.

"I think we all need a shower." I suggested. "Then some dinner."

Three in one shower is crowded but fun. Everyone washed everyone else and I nearly skipped dinner to take the girls back to bed. Nearly, but my rumbling stomach exercised its veto.

* * * * *

One advantage of my daughter's escort work is that she knows all the best restaurants in Boston. On her recommendation we were in a quiet booth in a very fine dining room, Helen and B in cocktail dresses and me in the suit I'd had the presence of mind to pack. B had pants on for once. I'd persuaded her to wear a silk thong so I could take it off her later and keep it as a souvenir of my wonderful evening with her.

Over dinner, Helen and B regaled me with stories of their recent exploits, including the full story of the two pledges last night.

"It's easy to see why the other girls don't like you. You two are flooding what is traditionally a scarcity market and keeping the price of pussy down."

"I don't think they'd like us any better if we charged more." Helen observed. "They have a name for that sort of girl too."

"So do you, but we still love you." B pointed out to her.

"Well said, B." I raised my wine glass. "Vivat, amor et gratia placendi."

"Long life, love and the joy of pleasing others." B translated without a moment's thought, which surprised me.

There was a clink of glassware and a quaffing of wine.

"Your turn, B. Tell me a story. Something to get me in the mood to make love to you later."

* * * * *

"I was a pretty normal teenager" B began "Until art changed my life. That's why I'm an art history major and a flasher.

Even before I met Helen and got corrupted-"

"Liberated." Helen corrected.

"Even before I met Helen and got liberated, I was into being nude in public. The summer I graduated from High school, I modelled for still life classes at my local adult education centre because I enjoyed being naked in front of lots of people.

But the day that changed my life was when my high school art teacher took us on a field trip to the Guggenheim gallery. I bought a book in the gift shop: Nudes in Art. I was fascinated by the depictions of women -- some men too, but I was more interested in the women -- pictures of women nude in a time when polite society wore dresses to the ground and even veils in public. The difference between what was acceptable in art and what was acceptable in public became an obsession.

When Titian painted the Venus of Urbino, it was considered pornographic, not because the reclining woman is touching herself, but because she's making eye contact with the viewer. There was this picture of a beautiful young woman clearly touching her pussy -- and she really is touching it, not covering it -- and what offended people was the whole eye-contact thing. Like it's ok as long as she pretends she doesn't know we're watching.

That's why I started doing the random acts of indecency thing: The art school modelling too. I was trying to feel the difference between being deliberately observed and covertly. And you know what? There isn't any difference, at least from my perspective as the naked girl. An art student studying my tits for half an hour while he sketches me; a web cam close-up as I pull a sting of pearls out of my pussy; A group of school boys at the mall, looking up my skirt as I ride the escalator. It all feels the same.

There was a picture in the book called L'Origine du Monde. It's a much larger than life close-up of a recently fucked vagina. You know that because some of her pubic hair is matted, her labia are engorged and there is the glistening of moisture in her vulva. The model was a woman called Joanne Hiffernan and the artist fucked her then painted her pussy in exquisite detail and called the image The Origin Of The World. That's art, but a photograph of a girl's pussy in a magazine is porn. Where's the difference? I wasn't looking at the painting, just a photograph of it in a book. Clearly, the difference is arbitrary.

When I worked web cams with Helen, hundreds of guys got just as much of a close-up as the people who stand in front of that painting in The Louvre with their hands in their pockets. I always looked straight at the camera, making eye contact, when I masturbated for them, like Titian's Venus. There are statues of naked women in the mall. You can buy them to put outside your house.

You know there's a fountain in Belgium that looks like a boy pissing: Actually holding his little penis and pissing into an ornamental pond. It's right in the town square, where it's been for hundreds of years. Nobody thinks that's obscene but wanna bet what would happen if I pissed in the reflecting pool in Washington? How much would my bail be?

Art imitates life but life must imitate art too. That's why I'm such an exhibitionist. I'm bringing an appreciation of fine art to the masses through performance art."

"So you haven't peed in anyone's pond yet?" I was enthralled by her arguments in favour of self-exposure.

"Not yet, but I've pissed in public a few times."

"Tell him about the picnic." Helen prompted.

"|While we were waiting for you to arrive, we had lunch on the grass."

"I saw you there, remember."

"So you did. Well I needed to pee and it was such a nice day so I shuffled my skirt from under my ass and cut loose. Maybe a thousand people within shouting distance and nobody but Helen noticed.

Helen told me how she ruined your tie. Do you like watching girl's pissing?"

"You know the answer to that already. Helen's bound to have told you." Ruining my tie wasn't the only adventure in water sports that Helen and I have had. "I'm very clear on why you flash gash all the time, B, but that doesn't explain why you're here tonight."

"Because I'm so young and hot and you're old enough to be my father and there must be plenty of young studs on campus that I could be fucking right now?"

"In a nutshell."

"Because we both love the same girl and I wanted to share your secret instead of just keeping it. Because Helen wanted me to, and I'd do anything for her. Because those young studs just want to fuck me but you said you wanted to make love to me. Because I can't shock you and, for some reason, I don't even want to try to: That's new.

Mainly though, because to you I'm special. You'll never forget this night and you'll never forget me. To college boys, I'm just another one night stand." It was the first time I'd seen B looking solemn.

"Honey B." I took her hand in mine. Helen already had her other hand. "You are beautiful, you are sweet, you are generous, you are creative and you're right. I'll never forget this night. How could I? And I really want to make love to you, even if I am old enough to be your father."

"Can I call you Daddy?" Bright, sunny B was back.

"Yes. And I do wish I could adopt you." I met her halfway for a kiss. "And thank you, Helen, for bringing the three of us together." Helen got kissed too.

* * * * *

I was pleasantly surprised by B's rationale of her behaviour. I had thought she was just seeking attention but that wasn't it at all: she was living her life like those images in some of the world's most valuable artworks. I couldn't help but wonder where that would lead her, artistically.

Of course, I stopped wondering about her future when we got back to the motel and she shyly asked me to take her panties off for her. At that point I knew exactly what her future held, at least in the short term.

Making love to B turned out to be one of the most exquisite pleasures of my life. I took her gently, wanting to show her something more than lust. She moved under me, exactly complimenting the rhythm I set. Her lips brushed mine and parted as our tongues explored each other's mouths. She smelt unbelievably sweet: There was a hint of bitter chocolate in the fragrance of her body and, as we moved against each other, the muskiness of perspiration and sexual arousal. Her nipples were so erect that even the areolae were puffy and engorged, drawing sighs from her as they brushed against my chest hair. I am not betraying Helen or Meg if I say that B was the most beautiful woman I have ever been intimate with. Her beauty alone would not have made me want more than sex but the rapport I felt as I moved in her and the synergy of our lovemaking -- I fell in love. Knowing we had only this one night, I fell for B and I know she felt it. It was all I had to give her and it was what she wanted -- to have a man give himself to her as fully as she gave herself to him. In the end, I guess we all want to be loved.

Helen lay on the other bed and watched us, masturbating slowly. I hope she could see that the two people she loved and trusted and had brought together had found, in each other, that same love and trust.

By my count, B had three climaxes of increasing intensity, the last being the last straw for me. As she bucked against me, trembling with the intensity of her orgasm and soaking the bed, I made my libation to Venus, pouring my seed into my own personal goddess of love.

We lay unmoving for a long time afterwards. I softened and eventually was dislodged.

"I've lost you." B whispered, her voice low and husky.

"I've discovered you."

She kissed me. She had to know it wasn't just sex. There was more than mere passion in her lips.

"Thank you, Daddy." She husked in those same low tones.

"Thank you."

Helen was beaming when we finally moved to the other bed to join her. I got to be in the middle, with B's bottom nestling against my hips and Helen snuggling up to my back.

"You two were great together." Helen whispered. "That looked so... intense."

"It was intense." B murmured. "Daddy, promise me you'll do that to me again."

"I promise, Honey B."

"Next semester? You could bring Helen's things back. We'll have an apartment then."

"Well, Daddy?" Helen asked, squeezing closer to me to show her approval of the scheme.

"I'd love to." I was never going to refuse an offer like that. "Now hush up, both of you: Daddy's trying to get to sleep."

"Goodnight Daddy." Two voiced chimed in unison. Then there was only the shallow breathing of three sated lovers and the heartbeat under my hand.

* * * * *

I woke up with the bed to myself. The girls had moved to the other bed and were lying on opposite directions, legs interlaced, grinding their crotches together. I lay still and watched, not wanting to interrupt. Helen had let me have B all to myself last night and I wanted to do as much for her: This was their farewell fuck before a long summer apart.

Helen was the first one to get noisy, climaxing loudly.

"Shh. You'll wake him." B admonished, while still grinding her pussy against Helen's mercilessly.

"Make all the noise you want, sweetheart. I'm awake."

"Morning Daddy." B twisted to look over her own shoulder to look at me.

"Good morning. That looks fun."

"It is. Ooh." B turned away again and got just a bit more frantic in her movements as she approached her own climax.

"Come and watch us, Daddy." Helen said. "B loves an audience."

"So do you, my darling daughter." I got out of bed and knelt beside them. The musky aroma of their pussies was incredibly strong, but they hadn't showered since before dinner last night. This close, I could hear the moisture -- there was a pleasantly obscene squelching sound. B came noisily and fluid bubbled out of the juncture of their thighs. It was suddenly not enough just to watch. I insinuated a finger between them then sucked on it. I would have stuck my tongue in instead and licked two pussies at once but their thighs were in the way.

"Hmm." It tasted a bit musky, but who the fuck cares? Not me. "I think I like the taste of two girls at once."

"With just a splash of Daddy's special sauce?" B pulled apart from Helen so she could turn over. I must have looked puzzled. "From last night? That's why we weren't sixty-nining. Pussy and sushi..."

"They've just got to be fresh." Helen finished.

"I don't mind." I ran a finger up the length of B's pussy and sucked it again. "As Helen well knows. Remember, Sweetheart?"

"Last time I went home, I was menstruating so Daddy rummaged through my luggage and found a two day old pair of panties to sniff while I blew him. He actually licked the crusty bit of the gusset."

"Well I need the bathroom anyway. Will you come and wash me, Daddy?" B sat up, legs still spread.

"B, if you need to pee, let's give him that golden shower you were hinting at over dinner." Helen suggested.

"Girls, you can do anything you want as long as it only takes an hour. It's nearly ten o'clock and we have a two day drive ahead of us, so we really need to be out of here by Eleven."

"Party pooper!" B stuck out her tongue. I resisted the urge to suck on it.

"Hang on, B! He said we could do anything we want." Helen gave B a meaningful look.

"Oh goodie! Shower time for you." B sprang off the bed and grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet and into the bathroom.

By the time Helen caught up with us, I was already on my back on the bathroom floor with B soaking my face and chest. I make no apologies for the depths of my depravity but I really was enjoying it. My cock had been hard since I woke up but now it was twitching with enthusiasm.

As soon as B had finished, she stood to make way for Helen. With no apparent embarrassment, B sat on the toilet and voided her bowels while she watched my daughter hold her own labia open, the better to aim at my mouth.

"Did you ever change Helen's diapers?" B asked when I got up.

"Of course." I was soaking up the puddle of piss with last night's towels.

"I'll do that, Daddy." Helen took over the mopping up operation. "B wants you to wipe her ass for her."

Who am I to argue? It's a strangely intimate thing to do and I'd never have thought to try it, but for Honey B.

I needed the loo too, but I got a bit more privacy because the girls were in the shower together. Some bits of B got washed twice because I swapped places with Helen and had no intention of keeping my hands to myself. I only stopped fondling her crotch, front and back, when she knelt to suck on my erection.

I had a wall to lean against this time, so I didn't fall over when I came in her mouth.

Helen had packed our bags by the time we came out of the bathroom. She wasn't dressed yet though so B dropped her towel and flowed up against Helen, presenting her open mouth to be kissed.

"Thank you for sharing your Dad with me." She said as they cuddled each other. "It's been amazing."

"I love you, Honey B." Helen hugged her tight.

"I love you too, but it's time for you to go."

"I know." But Helen didn't let go of her.

I pulled on jeans and a shirt while they said goodbye. Helen finally released B and stepped into a light frock, which B buttoned up the front for her.

I popped out to the car with my bag and Helen's. When I got back, B was still naked. There were hugs and kisses, a nearly tearful farewell and a repeat of my promise to bring Helen back. Then we left B there, naked, gorgeous and completely comfortable standing outside our motel room waving as we drove away.

* * * * *

Helen was quiet for a few minutes, lost in her own thoughts. I left her to them and just drove, but the silence started to get to me so I reached for the hi-fi, flipped through the disc changer until I found what I was looking for and pressed play.

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