The Síochán Ch. 01


The sheer eroticism of watching his cock stretch her lips, combined with the heat of her wet mouth encasing him, made the blood rush to his groin and his cock to swell further. She had no knowledge to draw on so he coaxed her with his hands, teaching her how to slowly bob her head onto his hard shaft and use her tongue to tease him with little licks along his length and then across his sensitive tip.

Again, she proved to be an apt student. Her tongue became bolder in its stroking and he groaned his approval at her ministrations. Her curiosity was boundless and he released her hair and placed his hands on the arms of the chair, his green eyes glittering as he watched her lick against his heavy balls, sucking gently for a moment before licking up the length of his shaft and sinking her mouth over the tip.

He groaned and rolled his hips upwards, sinking deeper into her wonderful mouth, his spongy head grazing the back of her throat. He wanted to slide down her beautiful throat, he wanted to hold her head tightly as he fucked deep into her mouth, but he contained himself out of deference to her innocence. Fully enjoying cock was a more mature woman's speciality. Inexperienced little virgins couldn't cope with passion on that level.

Nathaniel closed his eyes and gave himself up to her ministrations. Summer was humming her pleasure and the vibrations were teasing him pleasantly along with her bold tongue stroking him with each movement. He knew he would quickly reach release again and he pondered on whether he wanted to fill her mouth with his seed or begin his assault on her body.

His kind had such high sex drives. His body recovered almost instantaneously after each release so he knew he would quickly be ready again if he chose to cum in her sweet mouth. Her enjoyment of his seed had aroused him so much only moments earlier. He found he wanted to watch her surprised face as he emptied himself into her mouth.

His hands once more moved to her curls and he moved her head faster on his throbbing shaft. The tension was once more coiling in the pit of his stomach and his breathing was turning harsh and ragged as she pleasured him so beautifully.

Summer was lost in the carnal act she was performing. She knew it was so wrong to be willingly doing this to Nathaniel but with every sound that came from his throat it sent a little shiver down her spine and a warm heat between her legs. She knew he was taking immense pleasure from this act and she knew what the consequences would be if he continued to take his pleasure.

When his hands once more twined in her hair she knew that he intended to continue until he shot his thick, tangy essence into her mouth. She worried over it for a moment, part of her crying out that it was so wrong to be doing this with him but just as she was about to pull away, to question what was happening, a vision shot through her head and she stiffened for a second.

The vision was truly wicked. She was bent over the arm of the sofa with Nathaniel behind her. He was on his knees and his mouth was between her parted thighs, his tongue greedily licking at her most vulnerable part. He was feasting on her body and she was moaning her pleasure at his touch.

The vision was gone within seconds but it encouraged her body to release more moisture between her legs and her mouth to suck harder on his throbbing shaft in her mouth. She wanted to know what it would feel like to have him pleasure her body as she was pleasuring his. She increased her ministrations with renewed vigour.

Nathaniel caught the fleeting vision she had and he growled loudly as he rode the brief image with her. His cock swelled in her hot mouth, his body pulsing as his seed rushed up from his heavy balls and began to spill into her open mouth. His nostrils flared as he cried out loudly, his eyes fixated on the sight of his seed spraying against her tongue before she closed her mouth and swallowed as she sucked out more of his offering.

He pulled from her mouth, gripping her hair tightly enough that her lips remained open as he gripped his throbbing shaft and stroked it hard. He aimed the thick ribbons of his cum between her open lips, growling as his seed hit her tongue again and then splashed across her lips. Summer moaned and licked at her lips, eagerly trying to capture more of his essence to swallow.

Nathaniel sighed softly as he finished emptying himself into her mouth. He had achieved two amazing orgasms already and decided it was time to return some of the pleasure Summer had given him. He pulled her up against him and kissed her long and hard. She whimpered slightly against his lips and then returned his passion, her tongue stroking boldly against his.

He smiled and pulled back, gentling his touch as he framed her beautiful face in his hands and waited for her to open her eyes. When she did so, her eyes were glazed with desire and there was a faint hint of embarrassment in them too. He laughed lightly at the contradiction in her expression and ran his thumb lightly over her swollen lips.

"You have a very talented little mouth, Summer," he breathed softly. "I swear you enjoyed sucking me as much as I enjoyed using your beautiful mouth. Did you like the taste of my cum? You certainly appeared to be relishing it the way you eagerly swallowed everything I gave you." He laughed loudly as her cheeks blushed scarlet and she tried to avoid his penetrating gaze.

"Nathaniel," she said quietly, a hint of shame in her tone. "This is not right and you know it." She was once more in control of her thoughts and aware that she was kneeling naked between his thighs having performed a carnal act on him that must surely only be experienced between a husband and wife. She was honest enough with herself to know that she had willingly performed the act. He had not compelled her to do so, though she knew he would if she balked at anything he asked of her.

Nathaniel felt a moment's conscience creep into his thoughts as he witnessed her shame at her behaviour. He briefly considered feeding from her immediately and then leaving her with her innocence intact. His conscience lasted barely a moment though and he smiled wickedly at her. "Will you feel better if I use my compulsion on you, Summer?" he asked slightly mockingly.

He allowed her gaze to escape his as he rose swiftly, hauling her to her feet and moving over to the sofa. He bent her face forward over the arm as her vision had played out and he heard the slight hitch of her breath as she realised his intentions.

"Nathaniel, no," she ground out through clenched teeth but he ignored her and sank to his knees behind her.

He cupped her firm ass in both hands and took a moment to gently knead the plump flesh before he licked her soft skin roughly. She tasted delightful and he smothered her cheeks with his warm saliva until she was moaning and pressing back against his mouth.

He chuckled lightly at her wantonness and spread her cheeks apart to bare her puckered rosebud to his gaze. He used one fingernail to lightly scrape against the opening and she cried out and tried to move away from his touch. He gripped her ass firmly and repeated the movement, spreading her cheeks as wide as he could before he brought his mouth to her forbidden entrance.

He stabbed his tongue into her and she cried out again but this time he could scent her sweet juices flowing between her legs and she was pressing backwards onto his tongue. He smiled and licked at her rosebud, teasing her with light touches before stabbing back inside to taste her tangy flavour. She tasted so good he growled loudly and used his tongue to fuck into her over and over again as he lost himself in her sweet taste.

Summer found herself accepting him eagerly. The wicked thing he was doing with his tongue was immoral but the pleasure she was experiencing overrode everything else in her head. She craved more and pushed her ass backwards onto his rigid tongue, her breath coming out in short, hard pants. His name escaped her in a breathless whisper as she felt his saliva lubricate her hole so fully it was almost as wet as between her thighs.

Then he pressed one long, thick finger deep inside her ass and she felt an explosion rock through her body at the pleasure pain she felt at his wicked intrusion. Her body seeped with wetness as his finger moved in and out of her, dragging deep, ragged cries from her throat as she moved to meet each thrust inside her. He was relentless, moving faster and harder as her hips rocked backwards and she experienced another explosion deep between her legs. This one was different from the first because it seemed to go on endlessly, her body shivering with the spasms of pleasure rocketing through her. He stilled his movements but kept his finger buried inside her ass as he spread her legs wide and his tongue dived between her legs.

Nathaniel growled hoarsely as her thick cream coated his eager tongue. Dear God, her essence was completely intoxicating, he thought as he lapped greedily at her. Her sweet taste slid down his throat and he growled again, slowly removing his finger from her tight ass so he could angle her better over the arm of the sofa.

She was so wet, her sweet cunt drenched with her nectar as he began to lick steadily and with great relish at her body. His tongue scythed through her fleshy folds, seeking and drinking down every single bit of moisture she had to offer him before he speared her virgin hole with a quick stab of his tongue. He had already rewarded her once for one of the orgasms she had given him, now he sought to reward her again by fucking her tight hole rhythmically with his tongue.

She gave him copious amounts of thick cream to swallow as she rocked hard against him mouth. She was very vocal with her pleasure too, uttering the sexiest moans he had heard in a long time. He avoided the little nub at the top of her cunt, wanting to feast longer on her sweet nectar. He moved his tongue to her fleshy folds again and began to suck her swollen lips into his mouth, lightly grazing the sensitive flesh with his teeth.

His cock was standing proud once more, throbbing painfully with the need to sink inside her beautiful body. He ignored his own needs for now, as he pleasured her ruthlessly, wanting to hear more of her sexy moans. She responded so wantonly to his touch that he was soon lost as he buried his mouth feverishly between her legs.

Summer thought she would die from the sheer pleasure Nathaniel was giving her. She was sinning and would surely go to hell, but even the thought of being damned wasn't enough to stop her from grinding her body against his wicked mouth. "Please," she whimpered softly. "Nathaniel, please!" She didn't know what she was begging him for but he seemed to.

His tongue touched an area he hadn't been before and she screamed loudly as it rasped over a spot at the top of her pussy. He did it again and she screamed once more, completely overcome with the sharp, stabbing pleasure coursing through her. She bit down hard on her bottom lip to try and contain the sounds she was making.

The more she tried to halt her cries the harder he rasped his tongue over her sensitive nub as he tried to draw them out of her. He paused, sliding his tongue from the top of her throbbing body all the way to the bottom and then sliding back up to her puckered rosebud and diving in for a few short, hard thrusts. She was completely wet below the waist from the combination of her own juices and his saliva.

She wanted him to go back to that spot on her pussy and she tried to wiggle her body to achieve that but he held firm and continued his assault into her asshole. He finally kissed both cheeks gently before he raised his head as he stroked her soft flesh.

"If you refuse to surrender completely then I will not give you what you want," Nathaniel said huskily. "Stop restraining yourself, Summer. I want to hear you fully appreciate your enjoyment of my mouth on your delectable little cunt. If you want me to feast on your clit then I want you to let me know how much you are truly enjoying it."

She turned her head to look back at him and he sucked in a deep breath as he scented her blood. She had bitten her lip hard enough to break the skin and the sweet, intoxicating aroma of her blood filled his senses and teased at his fangs to elongate. He rubbed his soaking wet mouth against her right ass cheek and kept his eyes fixed firmly on hers.

Her long silky curls were framing her little body and her eyes were glazed with her need even as she flushed scarlet again at his words. He meant what he said. He would not resume his torture of her clit until she submitted completely to him. "Please, Nathaniel," she whispered softly. "It feels so good when you lick me there. Please, continue. I promise I will not contain myself again."

Nathaniel smiled his satisfaction and rewarded her boldness with a light flick of a finger against her clit. He watched her eyes dilate with pleasure as a loud groan escaped her throat. His smile widened and he repeated his action, watching her with lust filled eyes as she responded honestly to his touch.

Completely satisfied that he had her fully, he dived back between her legs and beat her clit with long, hard strokes of his tongue. She cried out hoarsely and bucked wildly against his mouth as he launched a relentless assault on her body. He licked and teased her until she was almost ready to peak and then he withdrew, stabbing his tongue deep inside her body to lick at the fresh batch of cream she had produced for him.

He kept her on the peak of her release for long, endless minutes as he drank from her greedily. Finally, he let her have her way, sucking her clit hard into his mouth and scraping it ruthlessly with his teeth as she screamed his name loudly and shattered against his mouth. He suckled and licked greedily, lapping up her cream like a man demented, his throbbing cock almost releasing his own cum at her sweet, abandoned reaction to him.

He rose swiftly, positioning her knees firmly on the arm of the sofa, raising her ass high in the air and affording him unrestricted access to her virgin body. He positioned his cock at her opening and pulled back as he thrust forward hard. His thickness pressed relentlessly into her, spreading her cunt wide as he cried out loudly at the painful tightness of her body rippling around his aching shaft.

He ripped through her maidenhead with one long, hard thrust, hearing her sharp cry of pain and knowing it would only last momentarily. He had deflowered many virgins over his long life and had experimented with many techniques to minimise the pain they suffered as their bodies received their first hard cock sliding inside them. He had found that doing so quickly was the best technique to use. The pain was short and sharp but quickly forgotten once their bodies acclimatised to the hard cock spearing them so fully. Summer's body was no less different than the others. She was scalding hot and so tight around him, her muscles convulsing wildly causing shivers of pleasure to ripple through him.

He held himself still within her as she breathed through the pain of his intrusion. He toyed with her little rosebud, tickling her opening with his nail to distract her from the pain of his entrance into her cunt. Her ass fascinated him as did that fact that he had already taken her virgin mouth and was now buried inside her virgin pussy. Taking her virgin ass would complete her education into the delights of lust between a man and a woman and he, again, toyed with the idea of sampling all of her many delights.

Her breathing was somewhat more normal now so he pulled out experimentally then thrust back inside her welcoming body. The cry which ripped from her throat was pure pleasure and he growled in response, then slowly stroked into her with long, hard thrusts. He pressed his finger hard against her rosebud and forced it deep within her bowels. She screamed loudly and bucked against him as he took her ass along with her cunt.

Summer was mindless with pleasure, moving with Nathaniel as he assaulted her body so thoroughly. The pain of him entering her had been sharp enough to bring tears to her eyes but now all she felt was pleasure as he stabbed his hard shaft deep inside her belly. He was stretching her so wide, and she felt so full as he rocked into her over and over again.

When he pushed his finger into her ass she just about died from the sheer pleasure that rocked through her. It made her body feel tighter or it made Nathaniel's shaft feel thicker inside her. She wasn't sure which one it was, she just knew she loved the feelings that were being generated inside her. She had no reference to relate to, but she somehow knew that Nathaniel was a very skilful lover.

He was hard and determined as he stroked into her over and over again, dragging sharp cries from her throat as he took his pleasure from her body giving her equal pleasure in return. He thrust hard and deep, his strokes measured as if he didn't want the wonderful feelings to end too soon. She didn't want it to end either but she could feel the now familiar feeling of tightness beginning to coil in her stomach. She knew she would soar soon and scream out when her body exploded in bliss.

The previous two orgasms had been wonderful but Summer knew this one would surpass them. She gasped in disappointment when Nathaniel pulled free of her body. His hands gripped her hips hard and he turned her, pushing her onto the sofa to lie on her back. He was sliding between her thighs in an instant, his hard shaft pushing once more for entrance into her body.

Nathaniel couldn't hold off the bloodlust any longer. The pleasure Summer's body was giving him surpassed any he'd had before without feeding during the act. It came close to being as good as sex when he was feeding. His blood was rushing from every point in his body straight to his groin, hardening his cock to almost epic proportions even for him.

He had to taste her blood. He had to know if it was as wonderful as the sweet juices she had given him from between her thighs. He lay over her, baring her neck as his fangs elongated and his mouth watered as he watched her pulse beat in the side of her neck.

He heard her startled gasp as she saw his fangs and he grinned wickedly at her and licked slowly up the side of her neck, feeling her shudder under his touch. He distracted her by thrusting hard and fast into her body until she was so mindless with the pleasure he was giving her that she forgot all about his fangs.

He growled and rammed hard into her body, his fangs slicing through the soft skin of her neck to bury deep in her artery. She screamed and reared up beneath him as her orgasm crashed over her with the first pull of his mouth against her neck. Her hot blood spurted into his mouth and he groaned and swallowed deeply, the taste of her essence sending him over the edge as he thrust into her hard and fast.

His cock swelled as his balls tightened and his own orgasm rocked through his body, a tidal wave of pleasure assaulting him as he feasted on her blood. He took two more long pulls at her neck before he retracted his fangs and licked her wound closed, his body shuddering as his hot seed bathed her tight body over and over again.

He was aware of Summer crying out once more as another orgasm rocked her tiny body and kept him on his own sexual high for a few seconds longer. He continued to thrust into her until her final release abated and then he slowly lowered himself against her, resting his arms on either side of her so as not to crush her fragile little body.

Heart racing, breath whistling raggedly from his throat, he gazed down at the angel beneath him, his expression awed as his eyes roamed over her beautiful face. He had never obtained such physical satisfaction from a woman before, both with or without feeding. For a moment he honestly considered taking her with him when he left the following night. He could Sire her, make her like he was and keep her forever. He would never have to be alone again.

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