The Siren of New Orleans


Diana lunged at the door before it could close behind Ruby, but the scarlet women was already lost to the crowd.


Diana cursed silently, her knuckles turning white as she balled her hands into fists and took deep breathes.

Find her. Arrest her. Get outside and tell dispatch that there's a god damned jazz masquerade orgy fuck fest whatever happening here. That's the right choice here. Just do your fucking job. She thought as she shoved her way through the crowd, her eyes scanning through the almost wild flashes of light. Moving through the thick throng of people was like swimming in peanut butter without the girl in the green mask to guide her, and no matter how many times Diana shouted "Move it!," the crowd just seemed to get more dense. Finally, when Diana thought she might have to taze one of the sons of bitches who was trying to convince her to waltz with him, the crowd parted.

It was like catching the full moon on a cloudy night at just the right time. Darkness gave way to light, and when Ruby appeared, the sensory overload of the rest of the room faded into nothingness. There was only this woman. Ruby. Diana saw nothing else.

"Oops! Guess you found me, Officer." Ruby smiled and pushed her back against Diana, her body moving with the quick beat of the jazz. "So, made your choice yet?"

Ma'am, you're under arrest for failure to obtain the proper permitting to host a party containing more than one hundred persons in a sight that has been marked as a historical monument for the city.

"I want to fuck you." Diana's angular hips bumped unapologetically against the Ruby's round bottom, the stays of her uniform pants rubbing against the red silk party dress. Her hand snaked up the stranger's bare thigh, thumb rubbing the delicate little hairs under the ballroom dress. "Or is that rude?"

Well, fuck.

"Just a little." Ruby smiled in reply, leaning back onto the woman's shoulder so that her long hair fell to conceal half of her soft face.

"But for you..." She pushed her hips back into the officer's pants, grinding her rear into Diana's pelvic bone as her hands snaked up through the woman's short cut hair. "I'll take it as a compliment."

"It was." Half-growl, half-moan. It was the only way to describe the rumble that came from Diana as her hand wandered up the girl's thigh, sliding up between her legs to brush the thin lace that was there in search of wetness. Something had clicked in Diana, and with Ruby in her arms the rest of the world, permits be damned, career in the tank or not, none of it seemed to be nearly as important as it had been an hour ago.

"I'm glad you chose this, Officer." Ruby smiled up at Diana, biting the edge of her lip as she laid the back of her head on Diana's shoulder.

"Ha." Diana laughed before closing her eyes. Ruby's legs spread as she continued to grind on the woman, allowing her just enough room to feel the patch of wet arousal that had begun to soak the silk. But it was only for a second. As soon as Diana reached out to touch, Ruby began to grind down, her hands tracing down the woman's spine like little needles as she sank on her hips to the floor. When she rose she turned, dropping her arms around the olive skinned woman's neck and pushing her thighs around Diana's legs.

"Are you going to take me somewhere, or do you want to do it here?" She breathed hotly in the Diana's ear. "Either is fine with me."

"Yeah, I'm going to take you." Diana slid her hands up the girl's legs, fingers pressing into the firm flesh of her thigh like ripe fruit. She picked her up, fastening her there only by her hands, her zipper pressing through the thin fabric of the girl's dress between her legs. A few pleasantly jolting steps later and the girl's back was slammed against the wall of the dark red hallway from before, the manic beat of the jazz floor now little more than a muffled throb. Hot lips and teeth and tongue scorched across Ruby's throat and collarbone, already leaving at light trail of bruises. Diana needed this. She had needed it for so long.

"Oh... Yeah." The redhead grinned and bit her bottom lip before letting out a breathy moan, pulling her legs tightly around the woman's waist before grinding herself against the hard leather of the duty belt.

Diana could feel how Ruby's arms hung loosely around her neck, and she leaned her head forward to look down at the redhead's chest.

"Come on." Ruby teased and pleaded all at once, pushing herself up even though her legs were still firmly wrapped around Diana's waist.

Diana could feel the blood in her veins leave a scorching trial through her as Ruby's grip around her waist tightened. She shoved Ruby higher against the wall, her teeth wrapping around the thin strap of the curvy redhead's dress as she yanked it down and allowed her breasts to bounce free. Diana's lips wrapped around a rosy nipple, tugging it hungrily as her hips ground harder against Ruby's crotch and drove her legs farther apart.

"Unh..." Ruby moaned, her fingers lacing through Diana's hair and pulling her deep into her breast. She arched her back when she felt Diana's teeth on her, another loud moan erupting from her along with a hard shiver up her toes.

Diana heard one of Ruby's heels fall and hit the floor, but she pushed herself further between Ruby's legs, forcing her to spread her legs wide. Ruby used the force of Diana's grinding to keep herself pinned against the wall as she thrust back in time with the cop's hip, pushing her soft wetness against the hard leather that guarded Diana's waist while her free hand raked up and down the Diana's back.

"God... You're the best one." Ruby breathed as another ripple shot up her spine and pushed her eyes behind her head.

Diana kept working the nipple in her mouth, pulling almost tortuously. Her hand came up to firmly massage the girl's breast, squeezing and pulling until hot wetness flooded her mouth. She pulled the dress down further, exposing the girl to the waist down, her skirt only barely covering her ass.

Diana's hand slid up under the skirt and across the thin panties to stroke the length of warmth through the thin fabric as she buried her face in the girl's leaking breasts. Every second she was there she reveled in the experience, the softness and heat of the skin penetrating deep enough to stir something in her chest.

"Oh God!" The redhead gasped as the fullness in her breasts released. With every tug more of her moved into Diana, her whole body opening up and surrendering to the hot and muscled mass pressed against her. Her face fell into Diana's shoulder when Diana's fingers rubbed against her, and Ruby bucked wildly in response before biting down on the shoulder in front of her.

"Uh." Ruby barely managed to moan as her body quaked, her muscles clenched as wetness flooded in a sudden burst over Diana's hand.

An articulate expression as any. Diana thought as she backed away, the loss immediately palpable before she spun the starlet around and forced her against the wall. She pulled the girl's hips back and pushed the ruined panties down to dangle around Ruby's knees before she pulled the skirt up over the flare of her ass.

Shaped like a heart. How fucking romantic.

"Oh!" The redhead moaned when she was pushed against the wall before pushing her rear up to present to the police officer as though as ass was a well-earned prize.

"Whatcha gonna do, stud?" She grinned with teasing glee as her fingernails tapped on the chipped plaster of the wall, biting her lips as she looked over her shoulder at Diana. "Got a surprise for me?"

The sound of a zipper was barely audible over the thumping of the music, the metal clink of her duty belt unfastening before hitting the floor. Then, a moan as Diana guided herself into the girl. She pushed forward slightly, rock-hard with desperation.

"Oh fu-" Her fingers raked against the wall as Ruby was pushed apart, her wet lips gripping the unexpected intruder as much as they could while her knees wobbled in blissful rebellion. "What the, what the, what the..." She stuttered, trying her best to push the words past her teeth as something entirely different pushed its way inside of her. When she finally gave up on the words that refused to come her jaw went slack and she gasped for air, her hips rocking convulsively as she suddenly discovered that she was pushing herself deeper onto Diana.

Diana moaned, sliding through the girl's pussy and relishing in how it gripped her tightly. The need in Diana was throbbing, dizzying, as she pushed through the Ruby again, the wet ridges and heat and the soft lips that sucked her driving her further and further into a place that she didn't quite understand in her haze of lust. The only thing she did understand was the need in her hips, the mechanical compulsion to move in and out that was an evolutionary trait meant for a gender entirely not her own. She pulled out of the red-head with a groan before pushing back in against the hard nub of the girl's G spot. It was too much for Diana to process, and the more she gave in to her body's desire the more she found that it was insatiable. She rocked her hips, pounding faster and faster only to find that instead of release she found more need.

She had to have more.

Diana's hands crawled up the girl's waist to grab her slick breasts as they bounced beneath her, kneading them with a mixture of tenderness and hunger. Ruby's mouth fell wide open as Diana took her, her breathing too hard and too ragged to force out a moan anymore. Every breath was a gasp of need for Diana, and the feeling of the Ruby's heavy tits bouncing in the cups of the Diana's hands drove her further to the brink.

"So... fucking... big..." Ruby kept pace with the cop and pushed back harder into Diana's thrusts, forcing her deep inside her as her body began to rock uncontrollably.

Up and over. In that instant Diana was reminded that the feeling crashing into her was strangely akin to a roller coaster falling out from beneath her. She fucked the woman faster to draw it out, extending the bliss for as long as she could while ramming hard against Ruby's slick ass in order to repeatedly hilt herself in her lover before finally thrusting as deep as she could manage.

It was as though a great weight was finally lifted from her. Her muscles uncoiled, releasing in a way that she had never thought possible, and the world wobbled around her. It was then that she noticed the sweet scent of lavender in the redhead's hair with perfect clarity, that she felt the impossible intricacy of her toned stomach pressed against the softness of the woman's back, that she heard the tiny gasps of breath over the deafening music, that she felt the tiny trickles of liquid running down her fingers from the woman's breasts.

She felt everything, and there, in the darkness of a dimly lit hallway in the back of an old mansion she didn't even know the name of, she finally found the light at the end of her tunnel. It was then, at that second, that Diana realized that she would never see the world the same way again.

But there was nothing.

No one.

The hallway that had previously been filled with people engaged in every possible form of sexual congress was empty, the jazz that had been killing her ears decibel by decibel was absent, and in its place was the same eerie silence that she had faced outside.

"What the fuck..." Diana blinked and fumbled with her pants, clipping her belt back into place before whipping out her mag-light and flashed it around, the stunning beam of light revealing only chipped paint and rotten wood. She turned back to ask Ruby what the hell had happened, but the room was empty. No lights. No Ruby. Just dust and the sickly smell of mold.

Diana darted down the hall and through the grand ballroom in long strides, her hand on her pistol as she looked around. The main floor was just like the hallway had been, empty and lifeless. Not even the massive chandeliers were there anymore.

"Dispatch, this is Officer Smith. Can you read me? Dispatch?" Diana unclipped her holster, unsure what exactly was happening. Where the fuck was everyone? What the fuck is going on?

"Officer Smith, this is Dispatch, what's your status?"

"2143 Lee Boulevard, Dispatch, we've got a..." Diana stopped, realizing then that she had nothing to say. What the fuck am I going to say? That hundreds of people just fucking vanished in a fucking mansion? That I'm fucking hallucinating? That I just fucked the most amazing woman I've even seen and found the fucking Face of God in the process?

"Officer Smith, do you copy? Smith, do you copy."

Diana leaned over to press the radio to reply when something moved behind her. In a flash her pistol was drawn, mag-lit falling on what had only been a piece of paper.

Fuck it.

She relaxed, holstering her pistol and rubbing the back of her neck. She could still feel the tingling lingering between her legs, the unmistakable little pricks of pleasure on the tips of her fingers.

"Officer Smith, repeat, do you copy?"

"Yeah, I'm here dispatch. False report, I'm heading back to the station to clock out."

"Good to hear, Smith. Stay safe. Out."

Diana took a deep breath and rubbed her temples, pacing for a moment as she grounded herself. She needed sleep, she decided, and she needed to lay off the Grey Goose. Content that she had found the answer in alcoholism, she leaned down to pick up a few scraps of the paper the wind has blown onto the door.

It wasn't until she set them back on the little table by the foyer that she noticed what was printed on the front.

City of New Orleans Tourism & Public Safety Department

License to Engage in Festivity with alcohol present.

Msse. Ruby Sirène

October 31st, 1947.

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