tagFetishThe Sissy Diaries Ch. 1

The Sissy Diaries Ch. 1


This is a story about my new life, my new way of being. I wanted to share my story so I started to record my events. I figured the best place to start was, well the beginning. Here's how it all started.

* * * * *

I come home to find you sitting at the dining room table, laughing and drinking with a tall, dark, well-built and handsome black man. You introduce him as Rod. Rod smiles and says hello, I can feel this presence from him as he looks me over. I can sense that Rod likes things done the way he likes it and how it likes it. You are dressed in this long and tight ankle length dress, it shows off your perfect curves, and hips, and your tight ass. I can see the black stockings through the slit on the dress, and your black leather heels. You're dressed to the hilt, so I knew something was up. You tell me to sit down across from you at the table. You look at me with this gleam in your eyes like I've never seen before, and when I look over at Rod I can see him smiling looking at me. Finally, you speak.

"Scott, I've been doing some thinking and things are going to change around here. Now, while you've always been great at eating my pussy and licking my clit till I cum, your cock has always been a bit lacking. No matter how deep or hard you thrust your cock into me, you just can't seem to fill my pussy up the way it aches to be filled. On top of all that, you've always seem to be a bit on the submissive side in bed. Always letting me take control during sex. While I've always enjoyed that part, I need a man that can take control and use me like his personal fuck toy."

You stop to let what you've said sink in. I sit there, my head spinning from all that you've just said. While normally your typical guy would start to flip out at this point, for some reason I didn't. I don't know what it was, maybe it was the look she had in her eye, the wicked smile she had on her face, or the way her breast heaved up and down in her dress the more she talked. While all this should have been angering me, I actually found my cock getting hard in my pants as you spoke. I give you a look to let you know that I've understood everything.

You continue on. "So based on that, I've decided that I need some big cock to fill my pussy up. Rod here is from the office, and I've always had an attraction to him. He's strong, demanding, and takes charge when he wants something. I've let the conversation slip to sex and get rather kinky and I know he's looking for the same thing I am. So we've talked about it and Rod is going to be my lover/boyfriend. and there is nothing you can do it." You stop and take a drink of your wine, looking at me over the glass. I sit there completely in your power, everything you say I give signs of acknowledgement to, I can feel my cock hard in my pants aching for release. You put the glass down and suddenly there's a new look in your eye.

"As a matter of fact," You look at me with this burning gaze, "since you like be a little submissive bitch in bed, I think you'll be my little submissive bitch all the time. Now Rod will be coming over on a regular basis so we can see each other and he can fuck me with his big black cock. When Rod does come over he'll be staying the night, so you'll be sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed, like a good little bitch boy. You can watch how a real man pleases a woman. Now, stand up and get naked slut."

I feel myself stand up and react quickly to your stern command. I unbutton my shirt and slide it off, then I start to unzip and slide my pants down my legs, kicking them off to the side. Finally, I remove my underwear, and my hard cock springs out of it's cage. My cock was standing at it's full 7" as I stand there in front of you and your new black lover. I feel Rod's eyes look me over as I stand there naked in front of him.

"Do you see what a sad excuse for a cock I've had to put up with, lover?" you say to Rod while looking me over. "Be a dear and show this little bitch what a real mans cock looks like!!." Rod stands up slowly and his hands go to his belt, undoing his belt and zipper slowly, I watch Rod slide his hand in to is pants and start to pull out his cock. My eyes widen as Rod pulls his big, thick black cock out of his pants, even semi-soft still his cock is about two inches bigger then mine and it's still growing as he slowly strokes it, and for the first time Rod speaks. "Yeah this is what a real man's cock looks like boy. Nice big, thick and black, not like that little sissy thing you call a dick. Wait till you see how this cock looks when all 12 inches of it is hard as a rock."

Rod continues to stroke his cock in front of me. I just can't believe that size of it, how thick it was. I just wanted to reach out and touch it to see if it was real or I was dreaming this. "Yeah you like this cock don't you, you little bitch? You want to put this big black cock in your little white bitch mouth don't you?! Oh don't worry, faggot you'll be feeling this big black cock down your throat in no time." I feel a surge in my cock as Rod tells me this. "But first you're gonna beg me to let your wife suck on my big black cock. Beg me to fuck her little whore mouth with my thick dark cock. Come on you little faggot beg me to let you wife suck on a real cock" Rod voice seem to penetrate me to the spine, I was completely in his control. His dark eyes fixed on me, his firm jaw, strong body, he commanded me and I felt nothing but the need to obey. I looked down at his thick and huge cock, watching him stroke it slowly and I heard myself speak.

"P..p..please let me wife suck your cock" my voice was low and whispery. "What's that bitch?!!," I feel Rod's eyes bore into me more, "I didn't hear what you said? I want to her you beg and mean it!"

"Please let my wife suck on your big black cock." I heard the words fall out of my mouth. I don't know what it was but it seemed the more I said the easier it came out "Please let her suck down that big thick black cock, let her feel what a real man cock should feel like in her throat, fuck her little white face with that dark monster, please Sir she needs it, please Sir let her suck your fucking cock!" I thought I was going to leap over the table and do it myself the way I was watching Rod stroke his cock. I didn't know what was going on, but these new found desires started to rise in me, I find my mouth getting wet with the thought of sucking Rod monster dick. I guess that's all Rod need because he turned to my wife and grabbed her by the back of the head and rammed his cock into her mouth say "You heard the faggot bitch, get down and suck on this monster piece of dark meat, NOW!"

Without missing a beat you turn and face in him the chair, Rod is standing in front of you, his cock is level with your opening and wanting mouth and you slide you lips around his thick tool. I watch as Rod thickness stretches your lips around his cock, you slide your mouth down his shaft almost taking the entire thing into your mouth. You just start bobbing your head up and down on Rod's cock, stroking it with your hands. I can see Rod's cock getting covered in your spit and saliva as you suck on his cock harder and fast. Rod starts to thrust into your mouth as you suck on his cock. "Yeah baby suck that fucking cock, come on shove that huge dick down your throat, suck this black cock with you little slut white mouth!!" Rod grabs the back of your hair and start to really thrust his cock in and out of your mouth, it look like you were going to choke on it.

Rod pulls his cock out of your mouth and looks over at me, still holding you by the back of your hair. He turns your head so you're looking at me, I can see your lipstick smeared over your lips and face, you're hand still stroking his cock. "Yeah look at this pretty little slut suck my cock, sissy boy. She sure is a good little cocksucker, I bet she could suck on some fat cocks all night if we needed her to" Rod starts to slap your face with this thick cock, I watch as you open your mouth trying to catch his cock inside it so you can suck on him some more.

"OH YEAH! Just look at this hot little white bitch, sissy. She just loves this big black cock. Yeah...tell him how much you love this cock baby" I look over at you stroking and licking his cock while he was talking to me, you just smile your wicked smile and between sucking and licking you tell me "Oh yeah baby, I just love this fucking monster cock. It's sooo big and sooo thick, it fills the back of my throat up! I can't wait to fill this thing inside my pussy...it's aching so bad right now to be filled. If this cock feels as good in my pussy as it doesn't in my hands and mouth, I'll never be bothered with that little faggot cock of yours again!"

"Shut up and suck this cock bitch" Rod rams his cock back down your throat and starts thrusting hard while holding your head. "YEAH, suck this cock you little fucking whore, suck it like the little cocksucking whore you really are. Yeah, don't have a real fucking cock at home to please that pussy so you need a big black man to come and show you how to fuck right, you little white bitch...suck my motherfucking cock...oh yeah that's so fucking great."

I watch Rod thrust into you faster and faster, and you just seem to take his entire cock down your throat with no problem. I just can't believe what I'm seeing, watching you taking a big black cock like that in your mouth, my little cock is hard as a rock as I watch all this before me. I can feel myself getting hotter and hotter as the events take place. I watch entranced as Rod takes his cock out of your mouth and pull your head back and starts stroking his cock over your face.

"Yeah now watch how a real man treats his woman, sissy." turning his attention back to you "Yeah get ready bitch, your gonna get covered in nice thick cum, get the bitch mouth open and get ready for my load slut" I watch as you eagerly open your mouth waiting "Oh yeah here is comes, I'm gonna cum all over my whore's face..YEAH!" I hear you moan as the first shot of Rod's cum hits your face cover your cheek and forehead, and then another jet of cum hitting your waiting tongue and lips. Rod drops about six heave shots of his thick cum on to your face. Your mouth and chin covered in cum, dripping as you suck his cock dry, sucking down the last of his cum into your mouth.

"Fuck yeah, now that what I'm talking about. You sure are one hot cocksucker baby, I'm gonna enjoy this for sure." Rod sits back down in his chair, his cock cover in cum and your spit still hanging out from his pants. "Alright sissy, get over there and lick her face clean. I don't want to see a drop of my cum left on that whore's face! And when you're done with that, you can get on your knees and get that pussy ready for my big cock by eating her till she cums all over your little sissy face. Get to it, NOW!" I feel myself do nothing but obey, I walk over to you slowly. I can see the evil smile and look in your eyes that you have, wanting and waiting for me to come and clean your face of your new lover's spilled seed.

I slow stick my tongue out and run it up your cheek, lapping up his cum, it's warm and somewhat sweet on my tongue and in my mouth. Slowly I start to clean your face of his thick, hot cum. "Oh yeah...lick that sluts face clean sissy. I like that, clean her up and get her ready. I'm gonna drive this huge cock into that sweet little pussy, filling her up like you've never been able to with that little boy dick! She's gonna be screaming my name all night long." I look over from my duties to see that Rod was almost hard again. Once your face is clean and I drop to my knees and spread your legs open, sliding your gown out of the way.

I look at your pussy, freshly shaven clean, and soaked. As I spread your legs apart I can smell the aroma of your sex, driving me even crazier. I can't believe how wet you are, I can see the moisture of your pussy from a foot away, I even see your juices start to roll down your thigh, your dress is already soaked. Your lips are swollen and exposed, your clit hard as a rock sticking out begging to be licked and kissed. I slowly start to kiss and lick your pussy, I hear a moan leave your mouth as I run my tongue up your lips and over your clit. I feel your hand go to the back of my head and pull me to your clit "Suck that clit sissy boy and make my pussy cum all over your little bitch face.

Oh yeah, that's it lick that clit baby, you lick it so well. Get that pussy ready for that big black cock. Yeah..suck that cunt bitch...SUCK IT" I feel you pull my head in closer to you as I feel you get ready to cum.. "OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM!!! YEAH HERE I CUM....I'm CUUUUMMMING ALL OVER THAT SISSY FAGGOT FACE OF YOURS....YEAH ROD'S PUSSY!!!! LICK YOU WIFE'S PUSSY SO A REAL MAN CAN FUCK ME!" Your thighs close around my head as you buck in your seat riding my face through your orgasm. I feel your release the grip around my head, and then I feel you put a heeled foot on my chest "That was great sissy, but now it's time for me to get fucked by a real cock, sit back and watch how it's done" and you push me back away from you. I watch Rod, who is now naked, walk towards you. He picks you up with ease and lays you back on the dining room table, spreading your legs open wide, the head of his cock rubbing against your aching and wanting pussy.

Rod looks over and down at me as he slides his monster cock into your pussy. "Now watch how a real man fucks faggot" with that he drives his cock all the way deep inside your tight wet pussy, filling you up with all 12 inches of his big black meat. You scream loudly as he penetrates you deep. Rod starts to slowly slide his big cock in and out of your tight little pussy, I watch in amazement not only at the contrast of his dark skin against your white, creamy skin, but also how his cock seems to be stretching your pussy lips like I've never seen before. Rod starts to pick up the pace while you thrust back on his cock. "Oh yeah bitch, take that big black cock up that little white pussy, you little whore.

You love that black cock up your pussy don't you?! Filling you up and hitting spots your husband's little boy cock could never hit. Yeah take that fucking cock bitch" Rod has your legs spread wide as he pounds himself deeper and harder into you with no signs of letting up. You start to scream loudly as a wave of orgasm after orgasm washes over your body. You start to get louder and louder, "YYYEEESS FUUUUCK ME BABY!! FUCK ME WITH THAT MONSTER FUCKING COCK!! FILLING MY PUSSY UP LIKE'S IT'S NEVER BEEN FILLED BEFORE!!! GOD! Your cock is so much bigger, it's so much thicker then my little wimp husbands!! Oh god yes fuck your little whore with that cock!! Fuck your little black cock whore with that cock!! This pussy and body are yours baby, use me....use me....USE ME LIKE A LITTLE FUCKING DOG WHORE!!!" You scream as another set of orgasms hit you again. Rod pulls out of you and yanks you off the table, turning you around and bending you over the table, he quickly slides his cock back into your soaking wet pussy.

"Yeah bitch, take that fucking black cock up your little white whore pussy! Come on take all of my cock you little fucking whore. Fuck this cock like a cheap ditch pig while your little sissy, wimp husband watches from the floor. Yeah, my cock looks so good going in my little white pussy. That's right sissy boy," Rod looks over to me as he slides his cock in and out of your pussy, "this is my pussy now and their ain't shit you can do about it. I want to fuck it I will, I want to eat it I will, I want to smack it I will." With that he starts to smack your ass with his open hand, I hear you cum again and beg for more.

"See that sissy she like's being taken and used, something your little wimp ass could never do. Oh yeah, and she's nice and tight I think her pussy is trying to suck my cock in even deeper then it's going. Maybe I'll have to get some of my black brothers over here for a piece of this white ass" You scream YES loudly as you cum the hardest I believe you came that night, I could actually see juices rolling down your legs. "See that sissy, she likes that thought of a group of big black cocks taken her pussy. Yeah that's it bitch keep riding this cock, I'm getting close..make this cock cum with that pussy." Rod grabs you by the hips and starts fucking you harder and faster "Yeah baby, I'm gonna blow my nut!" Rod looks over at me "Get over here sissy boy, kneel in front of me like a good bitch" I can do nothing but obey. I'm rewarded by Rod pulling his cock out of your pussy and cumming all over my face. When he was finally done squeezing the last drop of cum of of his cock, he slaps my face a couple times with it. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna enjoy this nicely." Rod grabs you by the hand and starts to walk upstairs towards the bedroom with you. "Bring our drinks sissy, we're going to get more comfortable. And don't even think about cleaning up, your going to let my cum drip off your face the rest of the night." I followed shortly after refilling your drinks.

The rest of the night was a blur for me, you and Rod must've fucked 3 more times that night while I sat on my little makeshift bed on the floor at the foot of the bed. Every time Rod would cum, it was either on my face or I would have to clean the cum up from off of you or in you. I remember drifting off to sleep and being woke up in the morning by the sounds of your screams. I open my eyes in time to see Rod standing over me and his cock cum all over my face covering me again. "Morning sissy, hope you liked your breakfast. Now go make us some" Rod slaps his cock on my face a few times for good measure.

Wow, what a way to start the day...

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