tagBDSMThe Sisterhood Ch. 04

The Sisterhood Ch. 04


Ariel's Adventure

Ariel and Damion laughed as the old Volkswagen van whined along the winding coast road. The weather was beautiful; blue skies, bright sun, warm and the sea breeze kept things comfortable. They had left Ariel's apartment early that morning. She had told Damion her plan a few days before and he had jumped on board. For the next three days they were going to drive down the coast along the old highway. Their goal was to check into any dive hotel or motel that caught their fancy, spend a few hours having raucous wild sex, video tape it, and then move on. Ariel thought it a grand adventure. Damion, not having a job and with nothing else to do, thought it a great way to spend three days.

They had been on the road about 3 hours and it was nearing noon. They had chosen the old coast highway. It had once been the main route down the coast but when the interstate had opened years ago, traffic dwindled to almost nothing. The businesses that had once thrived on the tourist and business traffic began to slowly fade away. The rotting hulks of the restaurants, diners, petting zoos and snake farms littered the roadsides. Most of the motels had gone the same way but a few managed to hang on tooth and nail by catering to the borderline trade of itinerate labor, prostitutes and lovers trying to find a place to hide their activities. The small towns and cities, bypassed by the new super highway suffered much the same fate.

"You getting hungry?"

"Yeah. Bit I haven't seen anywhere to eat since we left town.""

"This stretch of the highway is pretty desolate. Maybe we will find something further on."

They drove, listening to the music vibrating the old van from the speakers installed in the back. Ahead, a building appeared and there were actually cars in the parking lot. Damion slowed the van as they approached. The sign, badly in need of repainting, still proudly announced that the "Avon Inn" was open and a flashing neon sign made it plain there were "VACANCIES". The cars were parked in front of what had once been a very modern 1960's restaurant with lots of glass, a steeply sloping green roof and the remains of a waterfall beside the front door. The rest of the motel reflected that faded modernistic 60's design. Damion wheeled the van into the parking lot.

"Looks like lunch."

Ariel grinned as they stepped from the van. Surprisingly, the food was good. They each ordered a cheeseburger, fries and soda. The cheeseburgers were thick and juicy, hand formed patties and cooked on a real fire grill. The fries were freshly sliced potatoes, thick and fried to crispy perfection. As they finished the waitress came around to offer refills.

"Is the motel really open?"

"Oh yeah, honey. It ain't nearly nothing like it used to be but they got HBO on the TV's"

Ariel tried not to smile.

"Thanks. We may decide to stay."

"Just so you know. The pool is closed. Has been for years. If you are around, there is a bar just down the road that really gets going about nine o'clock."


Ariel paid the bill at the old manual cash register at the front of the restaurant. Outside, she gazed at the motel.

"Well. Think we should start this?"

"Sure. Why not."

Ariel reached into the van and grabbed a bag. She was soon using the video camera to pan across the hotel and restaurant, pausing to get a good shot of the sign. She lowered the camera.

"Come on."

Inside the motel office, they were greeted by a middle aged man of some foreign descent. His English was passable.

"We need a room."

The man looked at her passively.


Ariel's eyes shot up.

"Is that all?"

"$35.00 for one night. $150.00 for a week but you only get linens twice a week."

"Um . . one night."

The man turned a small card toward her and laid a cheap ball point pin on top.

"Fill that out."

Ariel looked at the card and quickly filled in the scant information. She turned the card and laid her credit card on the counter.

"Cash only."

Ariel frowned. She barely had that much in her purse. He fished out two twenties and laid them on the counter. The man made them disappear and a five reappeared with an old style key on a plastic key tag. The number on the tag read "15."

Ariel took the change and the key. They man looked at her, up and down.

"You won't have any neighbors do don't worry about disturbing anyone."

Ariel laughed out loud.

"Are we that obvious."

The man grinned revealing a smile missing several teeth.

"What else would you be doing here."

She cocked her head to one side. That made sense.


The man turned away without replying as Ariel and Damion left the office.

Damion worked the old fashioned key into the lock. After a bit of jiggling, the key turned and the door opened. The room smelled musty as if it had been closed for a while. It was dim inside. Only the sunlight streaming through the doorway made the back of the room visible. Inside a king size bed dominated the room. Two wooden arm chairs and a very 60's looking plastic table sat between them. An old fashioned TV sat on the credenza across from the bed. Damion flicked the light switch and a single lamp on the far side of the bed came on. As Ariel shut the door and locked the dead bolt, the room became even dimmer in the yellowish light of the lamp.

Ariel took a few quick steps and jumped on to the bed. It creaked and the wooden headboard gave a resounding thump against the wall. She giggled, remembering the mans words that they didn't have to worry about disturbing anyone. She spun around to find Damion setting up the camera and tripod.

"I don't know if there will be enough light to make this work."

Ariel leapt off the bed and pulled the heavy black out drapes to each side. Sunlight streamed into the room. With light now filling the space, she could see that the upholstery of the chairs was torn and split. The table was scratched and leaned a bit on one side. The cheap bedspread was threadbare and had holes along one edge. She pulled the bedspread and cheap blanket back. The sheets appeared to be clean if a little thin. She spun to look at Damion.

"Any ideas"

"This is your gig. Your the producer and director. I am just the stunt man."

She laughed as she began to fling clothes toward the chairs. In seconds she stood naked next to the bed. Damion had followed suit.

"Mr. Stuntman, turn on the camera. This scene is doggy style!"

Damion pressed the record button. Ariel had crossed the bed and knelt on all fours with her feet on the edge of the bed. Damion crawled on the bed behind her.

"Damn. You are already wet!"

"I have been like this since we left the house. You think any one will look in the window?"

Damion chuckled as he moved in closer behind Ariel.

"I think the chances are pretty good that your friend at the front desk is watching us right now on CCTV."

Ariel looked around and the wiggled her ass back and forth.

"I hope he enjoys it. Now fuck me."

Damion complied and for the next 30 minutes the headboard on the bed banged rhythmically against the wall. On occasion the sound of the head board beating a tempt on the wall was accompanied by Ariel screaming at Damion or just wailing as one orgasm after another flashed through her. Damion finally shuddered hard, driving his cock deep into Ariel several times. He pulled his rapidly deflating cock from Ariel, slapped her on the ass and stepped back.

"You gonna shower?"

Ariel, still breathing hard, looked back at Damion. She was still on all fours, her breasts still swinging free. Her face clouded with thought for a moment.

"Sure. Might as well. Never know how far the next place might be."

The next place proved to be almost two more hours down the road. Damion slowed as they drove by the dilapidated old motel. There were several cars parked in front of the bungalows that surrounded a central grassy area. The place was old, back from a time when these types of businesses were called tourist courts. Each bungalow had a small lean too covered parking space and were separated from one another. As they drove past, Ariel looked into the office. It looked like the office was attached to a home.

"What do you think?"

"I'm game if you are."

"Ok. turn around and lets see if they are really still open."

Damion spun the wheel and the van quickly reversed direction. Gravel crunched under the tires as he pulled nose into the parking area in front of the office. Inside, Ariel saw that she had been right. The front desk was nothing more than a cheap counter set just inside the door. Behind it she could see a living room and a door into a kitchen. A TV blared and she could smell food cooking. As they entered, a balding older man with a rather large beer gut stepped into view.

"Whatcha want?"

Ariel stepped up the counter. The man was still standing in the doorway to what she presumed was the kitchen.

"Can we get a room."


The man looked at her incredulously.

"A room. You do rent rooms don't you?"

"Well, yeah. But mainly by the week or month."

"Can we get one for the night."

The man started walking toward her. She could see now that he wore a sleeveless undershirt and a pair of worn khaki cargo shorts. A pair of cheap rubber flip-flops completed the ensemble.

"I guess. What the hell are you doing here? Nobody comes this way anymore."

Ariel put on her best school girl smile.

"We are doing research on how the people along the old highways are dealing with the changing economy."

The man snorted, turning a cheap book on the counter toward her.

"I can tell you how the hell we are dealing it. We are starving. Sign the book."

Ariel signed.

"That's $15.00. We ain't got no restaurant, no pool, no cable tv and no internet."

"That's ok."

He tossed a worn plastic key tag onto the counter.

"Number 6. Last one on the far side. I wouldn't park in the shed. Them things is just barely standing."

Ariel nodded as she laid a ten and a five on the counter.

"I ain't been in that one since the last guy moved out a couple of weeks ago. My woman cleaned it but you might check it out."

Ariel took the key.

"Thanks for the warning."

Back in the van, Damion was quiet.

"Wonder what the last guy left?"

"I hope it wasn't a body."

Damion laughed. He parked in front of the door. The key took a bit of effort to make work but eventually the door swung open. The room smelled of old cigarettes and stale beer. They stepped in, closed the door and turned on a light. A floor lamp near the door came on and they looked around.

There was a standard sized bed, one chair and no TV. There was also no phone. Ariel walked to the back of the room, checking the far side of the bed carefully and looking into the bathroom

There was a toilet, a pedestal sink and a shower. Cobwebs graced the corners of the room.

"I got an idea!"


"This looks like a scene out of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie. Set the camera up to look into the bathroom. I will get naked in the shower. You can come in and attack me in the shower and fuck me there."

Damion shrugged and began to set up the camera. Ariel began to strip. By the time Damion had the camera set up, she was standing in the shower, peeking around the cheap plastic shower curtain, grinning.

Damion looked around the doorway as he undressed.

"Any special requests."

"I'm going to struggle. Lets make this one fun!"


Damion heard the shower come on as he started the camera. He checked the small screen on the camera to make sure that the entire shower area was in the recording. He waited a few seconds, adjusted the camera a bit and then stepped into the bathroom. He heard Ariel speak from behind the shower curtain in a tentative voice.

"Whose there?"

Damion, getting into the spirit, ripped the plastic shower curtain to one side. Ariel feigned surprise and then screamed.


Damion stepped forward and reached out to grasp her. She slithered to one side, slipping from his grasp, wet and slick. He growled and stepped into the cascading water trapping her in the corner. One hand grabbed her arm and spun her around. She continued to struggle and scream. He saw a washrag hanging from a bar, grabbed it and wadded it into a ball. Reaching around her, he stuffed it into her mouth.

"Now shut the fuck up you bitch."

She tried to push back against him, using the wall of the shower, but he leaned into her as his hand went around her waist and down. He rammed two fingers inside her and heard her grunt as the fingers invaded her pussy. His other hand was guiding his cock. In seconds, it was headed deep into her pussy as he squeezed and mauled her breast. He looked back and realized that all the camera could see was his back. He grasped her tightly and turned her slightly so that they were profile to the camera as he began to hump her against the side of the shower. The water drenched them as he held her tightly. He could hear her grunt through the wash rag stuffed in her mouth. Each time he rammed his hips forward, a squishing sound came from her breasts pressed against the tile and a grunt spilled around the rag stuffed into her mouth. Damion's hand slid up her belly and over her breast. His fingers curled around her throat. The hand tightened as hips continued their relentless assault. Suddenly her half hearted struggles turned more frantic. She fought harder as he cut off her air. Her eyes opened wide. Her hands flailed back trying to reach him as her legs writhed. She felt as if her lungs would burst when he slammed her against the wall of the shower and cum spewed from his cock. His hand relaxed and she drew a slow ragged breath through her nose. She leaned her face against the wet tile as she surged into a rapid fire set of orgasms. Damion leaned against her as she trembled and shivered with the effects of the orgasm. The water continued to stream against his back when suddenly, the water became biting cold as the tank on the water heater finally emptied. He uttered a sharp "FUCK" and scrambled out of the shower. Cold stinging water now drenched Ariel and she screamed . They both scrambled from the shower to avoid the stinging spray of the icy water. Once outside the shower, dripping water on the cracked tile floor, they looked at each other and burst out laughing. Damion tossed a rather small and well worn towel to Ariel and grabbed one for himself. Once dry, he turned off the camera.

Ariel was toweling her hair. Damion watched as her breasts swayed seductively. Despite just having had an intense sexual encounter, his cock stirred. She noticed the change and smiled.

"We gonna stay here or move on down the road."

He looked around the door at the slit of light between the curtains.

"It is awfully early. We don't have anything to eat and I'm not sure I want to actually sleep in that bed."

"Yeah. Me too. Let's get dressed and see what else is down the road."

The highway was desolate for the next few hours. There were neither cars nor any businesses open along the road side. The vegetation had overtaken most of the places they did see. There were a few service stations along the way, but the old Volkswagen van, while noisy and ugly, was easy on gas. It was starting to get dark when a road sign told them that a small city was only about 10 minutes away.

They slowed as they pulled into the small city. It had once been a bustling community. When the interstate had by passed it almost 15 miles away, the crumbling decay had started. Now, there were almost as many empty buildings as there were those still occupied. As they cruised slowly down the main street, they were looking out the windows.

"There! There is a restaurant back down that street."

Damion turned at the next street then turned again at the next corner. He looked up and down the next cross street and saw the sign glowing in the fading light. "Stella's Bistro" was apparently bustling. The parking lot was almost full. Pulling the van into one of the few open parking spots he and Ariel were soon entering the building.

It wasn't so much of a restaurant as a bar. There were tables, a dance floor and an old Wurlitzer banging out classic rock. A few couples danced, sort of. More sat at tables. There was the clatter of voices over the music and the clash of glassware as the bartender mixed drinks and washed the dirty drink glasses. Ariel looked around as a middle aged woman in jeans and a t-shirt with a marijuana leaf and the words High Life printed on it approached them.

"Ya'll can just sit where ever."

"Can we get something to eat?"

"Well. We do appetizers of sorts. You know. French fries, nachos, chips and dip."

Ariel looked at Damion.

"I'm starved. Lets give it a try."

Ariel nodded and headed for a booth out of the way and as far from the screaming jukebox as possible. The waitress followed, standing, hip cocked to one side and waiting for them to get settled.

"Whatcha want to drink?"

Damion looked toward the bar.

"Um. Ill just have a beer."

Ariel thought for a second.

"I want a margarita, frozen"

"We ain't got no machine. Best we can do is run it through a blender."

Ariel frowned momentarily.

"Ok. That will do."

The waitress made notes on her pad. She reached to the table behind her and pulled two cards from a small metal stand.

"This here's what we got to eat. I'll get your order when I bring back your drinks."

She sashayed off toward the bar, stopping twice to talk to other customers. Ariel looked around the place.

"This is another place that looks like something from a horror movie."

"Yeah. Sort of expect some guy in a mask with a chainsaw to come through the back door."

Ariel laughed.

"I wonder if there is a motel or hotel here."

"Ask Miss Personality when she comes back."

Ariel chuckled again. The music went up in volume making it hard to hold a conversation. They sat speaking in monosyllables until the waitress reappeared. She set a bottle of beer in front of Damion and a glass with a green liquid in front of Ariel. Salt was caked on the rim and a sad looking lime wedge rested across the glass.

"Whatcha want to eat?"

Damion was looking at the menu card.

"Bring us two plates of the beef nachos, some chips and the cheese dip."

"Sure thing. Anything else?"

"Not right now."

"Ok It'll take a few minutes. The bartender is also the cook."

Ariel dropped her head and stifled a giggle.


The waitress wandered off, again stopping at several other tables on the way to the bar. She handed the ticket to the bartender. Damion saw him look at it and then curse openly. He grabbed the slip of paper and walked through a door behind the bar.

They waited, nursing their drinks and watching the rest of the occupants. Most seemed to know one another and it was apparent everyone was curious about the couple sitting in the far booth. Watching the other people kept them occupied until the waitress came back carrying a small tray.

She laid two plates of nachos, piled high with beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese in front of them. A bowl of what Damion took to be cheese sat between them and a basket of tortilla chips finished the delivery.

"Can I getcha anything else?"

Ariel smiled.

"No. I think we are good. You wouldn't know if there is a hotel or motel close would you."

The woman looked at Ariel as if she were speaking a foreign language. Finally she seemed to gather herself.

"Well, if you go up the new highway to the interstate, there is one of them new chain motels up there. Not so much around here. About the only thing still open is the old hotel downtown. Its not much. About the only people who stay there are the rummies and drunks, the dopers, and the few hookers who still work the truckstop up on the highway."

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