tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe SisterHood Ch. 06-07

The SisterHood Ch. 06-07


Sorry I couldn't get this in before the holiday, I feel like I failed you all. This internship totally drains me and my girlfriend is pretty needy. My classes are on hold since I'm on break so there isn't as much stress on me as there usually would be. But before you guys get to reading here's a glossary:

A black and wild- Where you empty half of the tobacco and pack it with weed.

A "Skirt"- A female undercover agent.

Roscoe's- a secret term for guns.

Enjoy! Remember constructive criticism helps me understand what you like or don't want.

~ ~ ~ ~

It was a Friday, the snow was falling heavily. Piling up on cars and trucks, blocking driveways. I still hadn't recovered from last nights rough fucking. But I did enjoy it. Right now I think I'll write in my diary.

I grabbed my black book and began to scribble down some words, "Dear diary.."

Fuck that, who am I kidding I never write in this. I should just make a fire with it, I'm over here freezing my nips off.

"Bree! Where are the towels again?" I jumped once I heard Lex call for me.

Sliding out my room into the hall, I appoint her to the closet that contains the towels. I watched her as she overted the door to grab a towel. Bending over to reach towards the back I stared at her toothsome ass. It was nicely full, and firm. We'd just woken up.

She was naked as well. Her puffy outer lips glistened, showing her pink labia minora. It resembled a blossomed flower. My cock twitched. While she was bent over she reached her hand between her legs, spreading her legs further she started playing with her clit. Lex knew I was watching.

Laughing she wiggled her ass and pranced into the bathroom. I crept by the bathroom door, watching her lather her body with soap, and sink slowly into the tub.

"Bree come join me," she grinned.

I obliged. Stepping into the tub, I shivered at the warm water, sitting down behind her. She scooted back against me. My growing prick edged into her back. I inhaled the scent of her hair.

"Can you wash my back babe?" She asked sweetly.

"Anything for your sweet ass," I chuckled.

Scrubbing her back I dipped the towel into the water squeezing it to rinse her off. She jumped slightly as the water washed over her back. Daring myself, I reached around her, down between her legs, and thumbed her clit. Moaning softly she reached back clawing at my arm. I rubbed along the side of her thigh.

"Mmm, that's nice. More," she encouraged me.

Kissing her on the nape, I worshiped her body. Moving my hands up her sides I flicked my tongue at her ear. Tweaking her nipples I noticed they'd grown. Kissing her cheek, behind her ear, and her back. Lex cooed.

"I think we ought to get going. We might be late for our reservation," she pointed out.

Sucking at her neck I forced myself to stop, "We can always make another one."

"But I was hoping to go today.." She trailed off.

Turning around she gave me her famous puppy dog eyes.

"Alright," I sighed.

She cheered gleefully, then gave me a peck on the lips before she rose out of the water. Following suit I stepped out of the tub as well. I watched her dry off, and swagger out the door and into the room. Drying of I thought of cold objects to quiet my raging boner. I returned to my room to grab my outfit and get dressed in the bathroom.

I wore a long, flowing, strapless, grey dress with granite print. It clung tightly to my chest, but was loose enough to show a hint of my figure. I pulled my hair into a nice braided up bun. Patting my face lightly with foundation, I applied my soft brown lipstick. Smacking my lips I used my makeup brush to add a slight blush and bronzer.

Opening the bathroom door, I headed out on the porch to get a quick smoke in. It was nice and cool outside. Of course before we leave I'd grab my jacket. Lighting the black and wild, I dragged in a deep breath of smoke. Blowing it through my nose I sucked in yet another lung full.

"Ready?" Lex sang stepping onto the porch.

Stubbing out my smoke, I waved away the thick cloud, and stood up to get a good look at her. Her hair grew since I last noticed. It cascaded down past her shoulders, in gorgeous curls. The way the olive green dress wrapped around her frame was breathtaking. Her features popped.

Lex had high cheek bones, they were sharp. Her eyes resembled the shape of an almond, but her lashes were long and well tamed, curled to perfection. She doesn't need any makeup her beauty is flawless. But Lex did find ways to make her eyeshadow amazing, she decided to go with smokey eyes, using the same color of her dress. She was definitely going to get some looks her way.

The drive was five hours since we reserved it out of town into another city. Arriving to the restaurant a few minutes before our reservations we walked in, hand in hand. It was very laid back. We were brought to an outside table beside the river. A candle eliminated a dim light between us, and the Christmas lights wrapped around columns outside made a festive, but romantic atmosphere.

"So what are you having?" I asked, peeking over my menu at her.

Biting at her lip, she frowned looking down at her own menu, "I have no idea everything looks so good."

"I'll order for you," I smiled warmly at her, placing my hand over her own.

Her head shot up, she gave me a look of scorn, but that quickly softened. Lex hated when people ordered for her, she felt as if they were dictating her. Like how her step father had tried. I felt bad with how I treated her at times, especially when I took something of hers that was never mine to have. Her virginity.

I wanted her all to myself. Her body and mind, I wanted to posses her, love her. Lost in thought as I stared at her wistfully I didn't notice she was talking. Removing her hand from mine she stood, answering a phone call she sauntered through the building, and into the bathroom. Eyes followed her voluptuous ass, and twisting hips. The restaurant was quiet deserted only a few people sat at the tables inside and at the bar. A group of eight guys was riled up awaiting their food they seemed to be secretly discussing something, flipping coins and pounding fist.

I saw a man with sandy brown hair stand from the table out of the corner of my eye. Flipping the menu over I was scouting for something good to eat. Abruptly interrupted when the man pulled up a chair up to my table. I gave him a bewildered look. He reached a hand out.

"Hi, I'm Jim. What's your name gorgeous?"

"Go away.." I said annoyed.

He shrugged, staring down at my chest, "You know you and your friend are welcome to join us. We could have our own party back at our fraternity, there's eight of us, four for your friend and four for you."

"Get out of my face before I break your fucking nose!" I growled, infuriated.

"What's going on?" Lex questioned, peeping around the man.

"We were just asking your friend if you'd both wanted to party with us," the man replied with a grin, sizing, and glancing at her rear end.

"Sorry no thanks. We're gay for eachother," Lex lied, sliding down in her seat across from me.

Lex grabbed my hand, kissing it lightly. The man raised his hands moving the chair and left defeated. His friends laughed at him glancing back at us.

"We're gay for eachother now?" I smirked, raising my eyebrows.

"No, but on occasions I will take you whenever I like," she giggled.

The waitress arrived to take our order. She had on black shorts, a white shirt, and a black apron. She was a busty blonde. Her lips were big and plump, but not as full as Lex's lips. She had a perfect hourglass figure, her legs were smooth and long.

Her name tag read, "Tessa."

"Hi, what can I get you folks?" She spoke with a southern accent.

"We'll have the Alfredo pasta. And some red wine," I inquired.

"Good choice.." She trailed off. "Are you two an actual couple?"

Lex snorted, I gave her a sharp look and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"No, we're best friends. We just happen to fuck each other's brains out," I winked at her. "Why do you ask?"

She twitched, switching from foot to foot, "I've been a bit curious of girls for a while, I was just wondering if I could.. Hook up with you or something."

She was speaking towards Lex, giving a sheepish smile. Lex stared emptily at the girl. Rimming her full lips with her tongue.

"I'd be happy to, but now is not a good time. Just slip me your number," she said bluntly.

The blonde nodded, leaving to bring us our drinks. I gave Lex a questioning look. The waitress, Tessa, brought us back our wine. Sipping on our glasses we awaited our food.

"My mom called. She wants us to visit her while we're down here.." She said giving a grim smile. "You know how I feel about Brad."

I nodded. Brad was her bastard of a step dad. She walked in on him once, sniffing her panties. Since he moved in with Lex and her mom he's done nothing, but harass her.

"Don't worry about it," I tried coaxing her, rubbing her forearm.

The food had arrived. Tessa bending over more than she should, allowed her breast to brush against Lex's shoulder. Leaving a small strip of paper she pranced off into the restaurant. We began eating, slowly forking the food into our mouths, guzzling down our wine. I paid the check when we left and drove home.

Stripping out of our dresses we readied ourselves for bed. Climbing into bed, Lex fell asleep in my arms.

~ ~ ~ ~

We waited on the doorstep of Sabrina's house. Sucking in a deep breath, Lex knocked on the door. I held her hand, squeezing it once the door was pried open.

"My baby!" Sabrina squealed, throwing herself at Lex.

"Hey mom," Lex smiled, hugging her back.

She hugged me as well, "Hi Bree, taking care of my girl I see."

She lead us into the house, and onto the patio. Lex sat opposite from me, tucking her foot underneath her.

"So how's school? Oh dear did you girls want a drink as well?" Sabrina asked politely.

"School is great. No thanks we're fine, right Bree?" She said quickly.

"Oh? Yea, sure. We're fine," I smiled.

"Where's Brad.." Lex began. "He's usually hugged up with you."

Her mother had a face of hurt, but soon replaced it with an unphased mask, "I divorced him. Cat, and Chastity begged me to stay.."

"Oh, I'm sorry.." She apologized.

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't realize in time what he was doing.." Sabrina snorted.

She began laughing. Her laughter soon became heart wrenching sobs. Lex stood and crawled onto the couch beside Her mom, stroking her back as she continued to cry into her hands. On cue the two twins stepped out. I never did get to see Cat or Chastity in person, Lex always described them to me.

They were tall, and thin framed with light blonde hair. they resembled washboards with platinum blonde wigs on.

As her mom settled down she pleaded for Lex to stay. She turned to me as well I put my hands up telling her it wasn't my decision. After a while, Lex gave in. We spent the time scarfing down crumb cake and cookies, chasing it down with milk. I returned to the kitchen, Lex followed. Drying the dishes I placed them carefully away without making much noise. She grabbed a bottle of white wine from the cellar.

We sat outside throwing back glass, after glass. Crawling into my lap she kissed my neck lightly.

"I love the way you cradle my ass when you eat me out," she whispered dreamily. "I want you... I want you to fuck me.. So bad."

I almost choked on my drink, placing down my glass on the coffee table. She chuckled at my expression, it was obvious she was tipsy. But she knew what she was doing.

Smacking her ass, I gripped her tightly, "Really?"

She bit her lip and nodded enthusiastically. Hoisting her up I carried her through the house and into her room. Tossing her onto the bed, I began unbuttoning her jeans, pulling them down I reveled her long luscious legs. Pulling her black sweater over her head I smoothed my hand down her stomach. Kissing the inside of her thighs, I listened to her gasps turn into soft moans.

I kissed at her mound through her white, lace, thong. She jumped slightly. Hooking my fingers on the side of her panties, I rolled them down her legs, and unhooked her bra.

"Spread your legs wider," I commanded her.

She moved her legs apart further. I kissed at her outer lips. Dragging my tongue up her womanhood, I thumbed her clit while I shoved my tongue deep into her clamping hole.

"Oh, Bree!" She moaned, sticking her fingers in her mouth.

I could tell she was close, she was always sensitive, and quick to cum. Darting my tongue in and out of her sex, Lex squealed, grabbing a handful of my hair. Withdrawing my tongue from within her I flipped her onto her stomach. Putting a pillow underneath her stomach, her ass was hoisted in the air. Gripping her by the hips I rimmed her tight asshole with my tongue. She writhed underneath me.

Driving my tongue into her dank passage, Lex moaned into the sheets. I thrusted my tongue nice and deep into her. Inserting a digit into her hot gash, I curled my finger inside of her. Pumping in and out of her as I simultaneously tongue fucked her deep inside her ass, she groaned. Her small passageway squeezed my tongue as she came around me.

Her cunt covered my hand in her liquids. Sucking the juices off my hand, I moved the pillow from underneath Lex, and flipped her once again. She was breathing heavily still in a daze from her mind blowing orgasm. Sliding between her legs I bent my neck to kiss her softly. Moving stray hairs from her face, I grasped my cock, pressing my hips forward.

As I entered her our eyes were locked. Lex wrapped her arms around my neck, as I thrusted into her she moaned. I kissed at her collarbone, her arms fell from my neck. She scratched at my back while I moved at a slow steady pace.

"Your a-amazing," I gushed, staring down at her.

Her face was contorted in pure bliss,"Bree.."

At this very moment I didn't want to have sex, I want to make love to her. Soft, sweet, and gentle love. Holding her in my arms I drove my prick into her, with deep and hard strokes. Our bodies felt as one. I focused on pleasing her more than anything. I listened to her heavy breathing, how her muscles flexed as she took all of me inside of her.

Ebbing her nails into me, she bit at her lip. I felt myself swell inside of her. She was so incredibly hot, and her walls were excruciatingly tight. It felt as if her insides were fighting to take all of my length. Sweat ran down my face, blinking away the stinging liquid I kept my pace.

Craning my neck I kissed and bit at her lips. They had a slight taste of wine. My head was swimming I couldn't hold it anymore. My dick erupted, spewing my hot spunk into her womb. She cried out calling my name. Her spasming pussy massaged my tool, as more of my cum filled her.

As it died down, I slumped forward, "I love you, Alexandra."

Her eyes welled with tears and we shared a passionate kiss before we fell asleep.

Awakening from my sleep, I realized I was pressed against her. Pushing my face into hair I inhaled her scent. Hugging her against myself I rubbed her stomach slightly. My eyes shot open, her stomach felt slightly odd. Shaking her awake I had her to stand up.

"Bree, I just want to go to sleep," she whined.

I stared at her in horror. Her stomach had a minor bulge.

Shaking my head, I sighed, "I'm so sorry, Lex."

She looked at me blankly with confusion. Covering her mouth, she ran out of the room. Jumping into my plaid, cotton, pajama pants l ran to her aid. I stood in the threshold of the open bathroom door. She knelt next to the toilet, lunging forward, she lurched. I knelt beside her, rubbing her bare back.

"I'm sorry," I repeated. "I'll get you some clothes and we can get you washed up."

After bringing her some clothes I picked from her closet, we showered together, then headed downstairs.

"I'm surprised these still even fit. Didn't I wear these all through jr high?" She laughed.

She waddled slightly through the house. I sat her on the couch, retrieving out clothes, changing the bed, and cleaning the dishes we left from last night. Her mother sat at the table in the kitchen, sipping on her coffee and reading the morning paper.

"Sabrina, Lex and I are leaving. We're going to get some of our clothes from place. Don't worry we'll be back," I assured her.

Looking up at me, she gave a warm smile, "that's no problem. Aren't you guys spending your break over there though?"

I nodded, "Yea, I almost forgot. Well how about we come back a day before the holiday and spend Christmas with you?"

"Sounds great!"

"Alright, bye. We'll see you then."

Giving her a tight hug, I walked back into the den. I held out my hand helping Lex up. Her mother came around the corner as soon as we reached the door.

"My hug and kiss, are you forgetting?" Sabrina pouted, with her arms spread wide she pulled Lex in for a hug, then kissed her on the temple.

Her mother was always this way. Caring, over protective, and warm hearted. She would have been the same size as Lex, but a while back while we were in high school she fought cancer. Shaving all her hair off she gained weight from the chemo therapy. Of course Lex came to school like shit, crying, in sweats everyday. I felt for her.

We left, waving goodbye to her mom as we drove off. On the way back I told her about spending Christmas at her mothers house. She wore a sweatshirt to cover her stomach and loose jeans. The ride home was quiet. Once we reached the house we sneaked into my room.

"Bree, can you make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pickles and cherries? I'm having cravings," she stated.

I smiled at her warmly. Fixing the sandwich I came back into my room to see that she was gone.

"I'm in here," she called.

I followed her voice into the guest room.

I frowned slightly, "why are you in here?"

"I just need some space right now," she said, as she grabbed the plate from me.

I watched as she tore into the sandwich. My phone rang in the distance. Walking into my room, I looked through my purse.

"Hello," I answered the phone.

"Hi this is Dr.Marcus, your results are in. Did you want to pick them up?" He asked.

"Yes, I would. Great timing," I laughed.

Changing clothes I drug Lex along with me. She wore my mothers old maternity dress. It was a cream colored, cotton dress. She also wore an old white, hand knitted sweater, and white boots that reached her calf. Her hair was in small ringlets.

Escorting her into the passenger seat, I plopped into the drivers seat, and we drove off. We arrived in the waiting room with plenty of stares. "I need to goto the bathroom, I have to puke." Lex frowned.

I rushed to the window containing an receptionist. "I need a bathroom! Where is it?" I said with urgency.

"Two doors down. Ma'am may I suggest you sign in or you might be skipped?" The brunet receptionist offered, she looked to be in her mid twenties.

I scribble my signature, as Lex begins to gag, her body jerked. She's trying to hold it back while many other patients give a look of horror. Snatching her by the hand we sprinted to the bathroom. There she purged up her weird mid morning sandwich she ate. Washing her mouth out with water we returned to the waiting room.


I stood up, helping Lex out of her seat, and we strolled into the back. We were sitting in his office taking in our surroundings waiting on him to come back. The walls are painted a coffee brown with white trimming. His pictures of his wife and three kids rested on his desk next to his mother. I've been in his office before, he's always open to discussing his family.

"Hello Bree, and friend?" He came into the room smiling, carrying a stack of papers.

One of the papers were red, that caught my attention. I felt sick myself from the anticipation. So I went for it. "Hey Dr.Marcus, do you mind me asking.. But what's with that red paper?"

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