tagFetishThe Sisters Divine Ch. 02

The Sisters Divine Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Main Course

My sister has always been jealous of me. It's obvious from how she treats me, ignores me, and chooses to horn in on my men.

She pretends she's all innocent. That she doesn't notice when guys stare at her FF cups....but the second mine shot past hers, and guys started giving me the first gaze, I could see her change in tune. She'd start flaunting herself more...hiking that pleated skirt up a little more each day, undoing just one more button on her blouse.

But what she doesn't know is that she has nothing to be jealous about. She's beautiful, and I always wish we'd bonded a little better. Then she could teach me to do the things a big sister should...like how to kiss...and what to look for in a guy.

Please save your tears for me, though. Without those nights of sisterly bonding and exploration, I did what any self respecting, nay, arrogant eighteen year old goddess would do...I played with boys. At 5'8", my figure more of an upturned guitar than an hourglass, I had my choice of them at my disposal. While she studied I was in the alley beside our house, learning with my flavor of the week. To his disservice, I sometimes looked up, my ass smearing back and forth on the car's backseat, staring at my sister's dim light through the fogging windows.

But then, how could it be a disservice to be letting any guy between my perfect thighs? Regardless of whose voluptuous body my mind was wandering over...

Somehow it seemed the positions were reversed now, as my sister's eyes couldn't seem to decide whether to settle on the tremendous cock I was crawling on my hands and knees towards, or the wiggling of my ass while I did so.

I have to admit, even as I was about lord it over my sister that she's obviously never dealt with a stud like Jake, who I had been enjoying for weeks, the new dick that his friend Sam had just produced was a sight that even got my skilled mind reeling.

His body wasn't as well built as Jake's, but it was intricately defined, a swimmer's body. His lips curled as I crawled to him, his fingers urging me closer, his thick soft member dangling between his thighs, barely an inch from his knee. My hands explored up his bloated calf, sliding my velvet palm over his sinewy thigh, the contrast between my creamy white skin and his darkly tanned thigh so drastic. His hand slid firmly down my slender spine, tracing it to my heart shaped ass, wiggling as I sat up on my knees, my eyes bulging, lips centimeters from his dangling sausage. The head was plump and magenta flashing to pink , like an over-ripened peach. The shaft must have been as thick as my wrist, even flaccid, twitching as my hot breath panted against it. His fingers ran back up my spine, tussling my hair as his hips rotated, forcing his enormous member to sway slightly, playfully bumping my cheek. My hands massaging his thighs, I leaned close, craning my head and pursing my ample, ruby lips, placing a slow, soft kiss on his shaft, the ridge of his head brushing my cheek as it twitched to life.

My sister suddenly gave my right ass cheek a sharp spank!

"I taught you better then that! Share! There's clearly enough there!"

I turned to her giving a triumphant look that I'd gotten first lick this time, and almost grabbed and kissed her pouting, envious lips.

Her lustful, emerald green eyes widened as she took in the sight of my tiny hand stroking the enormous, thickening shaft. Our shoulders brushed together as she knelt down beside me, both of us on our knees, paying homage to a hung god. His hands reached down, cupping at each of our breasts, pushing them in against each other, a shelf of the biggest, creamiest breast flesh squeezing together in a row as all four of our hands slowly stroked his heavy shaft.

Veronica leaned close, craning her face, her luxurious hair draped down her shoulder as her billowy soft lips parted, placing exaggerated kisses on his shaft, moaning at the taste. Following her lead, I craned my face the same way, my full lips plush against his meat, humming against the red, veiny rod as I moaned in pleasure.

If not for his massive manhood, I would have been kissing those pouty lips of my older sister, as it was not even our noses brushed. He was so wide that we each French kissed at the pillar, feeling it spread our lips apart as it grew, the head teasing the tops of our breasts as we lustily kissed, trying to reach each other through his flesh mast.

Our efforts were rudely interrupted by a sudden swat on my behind. Jake lustily planted a few spanks on my behind as he leaned around to lick and whisper in my ear.

"You'll wanna pull that cock out of the way in a moment, Ana, you're gonna wanna see the look on your slutty sister's face..."

I could only guess at what was about to happen. But as the tumultuous pork-stick before me expanded, now sticking almost straight out, I followed Jake's request and craned my head around the shaft, pulling it to my mouth.

At first Veronica's face was one of simple protest as I removed her monstrous pacifier from her sucking lips, but then they curled into a luscious donut of surprise and an "Oooo" escaped them.

My sister's fabulous body lurched as she suddenly found her pussy impaled on Jake's thrusting tool.

I knew that I looked damn good taking Jake's tremendous meat, I got to see it in a gym-mirror one of the first times I banged him, but seeing her get what was obviously her first real cock of such a size sent a jolt to my pussy like I was getting fucked at the same time.

I was so enjoying the sight of 7...8...9...10 inches of meat inject in to my sibling, I forgot to pay attention to what I was doing, and suddenly there was an obscene splat as about a foot of wet cock gently belted me across the cheek.

Sam shifted his weight, and I was greeted with the sight of two gigantic, smooth orbs hovering into view. They looked like a pair of navel oranges, and I wasted no time in burying my face nose deep in such unbelievably manly balls.

I parted my lips and sucked one colossal coconut into my moist, warm mouth, slurping it loudly. My nails dragged down his defined abs and muscled back before wrapping around his strong thigh, my breasts tight around his calf, completely engulfing it in my bountiful cleavage. My cheeks puffed out from the size of his man melon, tongue thrashing over it furiously. His heavy, throbbing baton of meat slapped down against my cheek again, leaving a red mark on my skin as I sucked at his sack, starving for the musky taste of his huge balls. Veronica's trembling moans echoed through the basement, a melody of pleasure I had to join.

I slowly stood, smearing my huge breasts against Sam's body, his hands resting on my hips, I could feel the tips of his long digits touching each other on my back, my waist almost obscenely tiny. When I reached my feet, his large hands slipping down to cup my pert ass, my lips pursed against his broad chest, leaving wet kiss marks on his skin. Smiling, I leaned my head back and blew cool air onto those kisses, drying them, his own nipples hardening.

"You're not going to let my sister be the only one to take a wild cock ride, are you?" I asked, my eyes innocent and wide as my lips curled coyly.

"You call that wild?" He asked, his eyes narrowing and his own mouth breaking into a deservedly arrogant slant.

"Well I-EE!" I gave a small squeal as he lifted me by the hips and positioned me above his towering love log. I took a deep breath to brace myself as he plunged me down, laughing triumphantly as I was suddenly full of thick shaft.

I let out a throaty she-roar as he split me wide, and grabbed his shoulders for support as my breasts bounced from the impact. I was eager to make sure he didn't think I was out of my league as I started to guide our pace, letting gravity sink me another inch every few bounces on his terrifying weapon.

Admittedly, I was a little overwhelmed. His length was putting an intoxicating pressure on my cervix, while at the same time the friction of his width stretching me was making my pussy lips dangerously hot. He bucked his pelvis upwards and I looked down to realize with shock that I still hadn't taken half this ferocious fuckbeast inside me yet.

Without warning he suddenly rose up out of his seat, standing up and driving in a little more, letting me feel the true power of his muscular thighs. Then suddenly I was spinning, and cumming all at the same time. The fucker had literally corkscrewed me around so that now my back was to him while he hoisted my hips and continued to slam me. I think I might have instinctively tried to escape the pounding as he passed the halfway mark on his astounding apparatus, but suspending in midair it was all I could do to breathe in time with the spasmic bouncing of my own huge mounds.

Then I laid eyes on my sister...incredibly she was sinking nearly all of Jake's tremendous jock-buster and still moaning for more. She was clearly in a state of orgasm, and the sight of her beautiful face climaxing, tits and legs splayed, coupled with the feel of having my insides re-arranged by a dick that would make a well-hung elephant cringe, I got pushed over an edge I didn't even know existed.

Veronica looked at me from someplace far away, her eyes on my heaving tits as I panted, deep and loud, my voice husky. My legs curled around Sam's, his hands on my hips, gripping them tight while he jerked my whole body up his majestic meat-rod. My breasts bounced, nipples so turgid, as my body rose and fell. He lifted me to his bulbous head, letting me drop again, a foot of throbbing cock. My eyes rolled back in my head as he used my lithe body to jerk his own dick, my lips quivering as his coke-can thick member forced them to spread to slam my cervix like a battering ram. My arms craned back, stroking through his hair as he continued to pump me up and down, unrelenting, his biceps bulging, beading with sweat. He used me for his own pleasure, his own private fuck doll.

"That pussy's so tight, baby. Not for long, not for long," his voice was low, deep, commanding. Juices dripped from my lips as another orgasm shot through my body, goose bumps on skin. He didn't slow his pumping arms, his gyrating hips, he fucked for his pleasure, mine was a foregone conclusion.

As he rammed his twelve inches into me, I slumped forward, staring at Veronica. It was so interesting to see the prim and proper woman transforming into a slut before my eyes. Her face was so beautiful with her eyes rolling every which way, cheeks flushed red, those plush lips parted; my sister was in a world where the air was pleasure and her pussy did the thinking. At the moment it was obvious her pussy was thinking "Orgasm" because she let out an earsplitting moan, collapsing forward.

Ever the gentleman, Jake pulled out of her and grabbed a thick hunk of her hair, gently pulling her towards his tremendous truncheon. I was flashing in and out of consciousness from the insane amount of pure pleasure driving up through my own dripping honey-pot, but when I saw that impudently cute nose of my sister take a huge salvo of man-yogurt dead-on, I came like there was a bomb inside me.

If my sister's eyes had ever looked jealous before, that paled in comparison to how they burned into me enviously through the white mask of spunk as Jake finally dropped me, a sweating, cumming, oozing, heap onto the couch, and offered me his cock for some sort of finish.

My damp, midnight black hair matted against my flush cheeks, my lips parted, panting. I looked over my shoulder at his glistening rod, plump as a thanksgiving turkey and covered with veins as thick as my pinky. His large hands roamed over my pert ass, squeezing my cheeks as I turned, lunging for his member, tasting my own juices on the bulbous head. My tongue thrashed at the oversized mushroom, wrapping around it, my cheeks sucking in as I slurped at his throbbing meat.

The tip of his head teased my uvula, forcing my jaw open from his girth, my teeth scraping at the smooth skin. I couldn't think, I could barely breathe, the only part of my brain that worked was lust, washing through my body, sucking and slurping at the monster cock that had just fucked me like a toy. Forcing my face forward, I felt the can-thick shaft impale my throat, his hands gripping my shimmering hair as his hips began to pump, slow and firm at first.

As his hips sped, on instinct, he pulled my face closer, driving his enormous manhood into my tight throat, my eyes wide as I felt the pressure, fearing my entire throat would rip apart. I craned my neck, giving him a straight lane as he plunged his staff sadistically down my gullet, my gag reflex finally taking hold. I coughed on his cock, but his hands held my head, watching me swallow ten massive inches each time his hips thrust up.

My sister weakly crawled her cum-covered face up close to mine, watching with a strange mix of envy and sisterly pride as I swallowed and swallowed, convulsing my throat along his ramrod. The poor dear looked exhausted too, but somehow my own sex goddess instincts reached out to hers, and I could see that sparkle in her eyes of wanting more.

But I had other things on my mind, or at the very least my palette as I saw each of Sam's massive balls swell up in anticipation of dumping their load.

After the thick sheen Jake had dumped, I could only contemplate how much delicious spray was about to hose my gullet.

This question was answered for me abruptly as his cum-slit bulged out to the size of a thick pen, suddenly filling what felt like my whole body with tasty sperm. First my eyes widened and then my cheeks, and Veronica even laughed at me a little as I pulled back in desperation, trying to negotiate the ten inches of throat-impaling meat as quickly as possible.

I reared back making a hearty swallow to clear the way for more just as I broke contact with the tip. A fountaining hose-spout of cum bathed my features closing one of my eyes in a horny wink and plastering my luxurious hair to my head.

My head lolled back, feeling each spurt of warm goo as it splashed on my chin, my cheeks, my hair. I could feel my sister's hands rub through my saturated hair, it felt like conditioner being smoothed into my follicles, the heavy jerking throb along his shaft as each salvo fired from his canon. His visceral groan spread through the air, his appendage weakening, the last dollop dribbling down from his pen thick eyelet. I squeezed my fingers along his smooth, warm sausage, forcing the lingering cream out. Veronica smeared the mask of seed from my face, giggling.

"You poor baby, you've got a mask of-" Her voice trailed off as my eyes weakly opened, catching glimpse of her suckling the pearl white sperm from her finger. Her thick, spongy lips puckered around her delicate forefinger, slurping it loudly. Lost in the act, she buried her face into her hand, kissing her skin deeply, those buoyant lips lustfully dragging over her palm.

My own small hands dragging down my thickly coated cheek, seeing the gunk pool in my palm, my face leaning toward it as I extended my long, nimble tongue. Musky smoothness erupted on my tongue as I tasted his sperm, having so much pumped right into my stomach, I had no idea how delicious it was. Moaning loudly, I scooped another handful from my neck, hungrily lapping it from my hand, cleaning my fingers as they slowly slid into my mouth.

The boys watched us in awe as we cleaned ourselves like tawdry sex kittens. While Veronica couldn't seem to keep her eyes off their tremendous drooping sausages, my own gaze was on her, drinking deeply in her lust and beauty. Not as deeply as we were drinking the pools of sack-sauce, but I was still quite absorbed.

As our tongues finished the job, Veronica looked at me with what might have been sisterly affection.

"Well there's only way to round out this perfect day. Go up to Mom's sewing kit and get us a tape measure. Then I think you'll find cherries, and whipped cream in the kitchen. Ice cream is in the freezer. You hungry for desert?"

My jaw almost fell open. Was my sweet, innocent big sister honestly proposing a Banana split with the humongous, succulent fruits we'd been provided with in the basement? What had I done to her?

I wasn't sure... but I knew I liked it.

End Part Two


I want to thank Veronica Divine for her help on this story and her guidance in my life, she remains a source of pride and one of the preeminent writers I have ever known. Hopefully the notion of patience being a virtue and the patient being rewarded for waiting is true in the case of this second installment. Please, let me know if it was.

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