tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sisters of V'Gedra

The Sisters of V'Gedra


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2016.

Fans of "Surfacing" will recognize some important names here, brought to the foreground at the request of sponsoring patrons.

This is a standalone story but for one linguistic note:

In Surfacing Chapter 7, Brom first spoke to Sirana in an older dialect of her own language, and he pronounced her race as "Drowh" before he updated his accent after hearing her speak. I decided to keep that pronunciation for this story, in this time period. It's not a typo. ;)

Please enjoy, dear readers, and thank you!

Sisters of V'Gedra

Their eyes met; one Qu'eesan signaled, and the other nodded.

They had the daily water to spare for a race. As impulsive as it may have seemed to a few of the guards watching over them, Innathi was already planning to give most of her water to her horse when she kicked his sides. The sorrel stallion surged forward, kicking up his hind legs a bit as he sensed her excitement.

Ishuna's white mare was only just behind her; she had already given her mount her head. Innathi still had to keep focus on guiding the stallion lest he shoulder the mare to a halt so that he could rear up onto her haunches with no concern for the riders present.

The mare had gone into heat during their trek. Sometimes it seemed most males of any kind had little self-control when it came to the scent of an aroused female. This was why the entourage behind them— doing their best not to let the sisters get too far ahead— were all female.

"Hyah!" the Queen's elder daughter cried, urging her stallion faster while keeping his eyes forward. "Qeeh-vaiy!"

The finish line was the first stone up ahead, jutting up from the red sand announcing the path through the rock hills of Koorul. That was to be the endpoint of their outing this time around, where they would allow the horses to drink and then saunter their way slowly back to their Mother's city.

Thus they got to know, a little bit at a time, the desert they were to inherit one day. Mother always knew how to keep her daughters wanting more, and they were each determined to prove themselves attentive students. A full two weeks out from the Capital this time, granted as the royal daughters had each reached an acceptable maturity for the trip.

Though that didn't spoil their old habits of racing during the very last of it.

Her younger sister claimed victory by a mere head as the stupid male dropped speed and turned his head to nip at the mare's bright white shoulder at just the wrong moment.

"Vith!!" Innathi cursed, and Ishuna gasped for breath as she laughed, glancing over at her as they slowly lost speed and the galloping hooves slowed to a softer canter and then a trot.

"Rest in that shade here?" Ishuna suggested, indicating the tall cliffs forming a narrow entryway into the Koorul hills. It was about the only shelter available this far into the morning as the sun got high.

Their Captain Xala Ja'Prohn caught up with them then, her dark gelding responding to the slightest command from his rider. This was the Drowh trusted by the Valsharess to bring Her daughters home each time they went out. She wore a dark red uniform of fine quality blouse and pants both loose enough to both breathe and be unrestricting, with only supple leather armor and a similar hood protected her torso and head.

The Captain's boots and gloves matched the earth-red shade of her leather armor, and her pure white hair, the whites of her eyes, and her teeth stood out deeper within her hood, which could not so easily be knocked off her head by a stiff breeze.

Sharp, crimson eyes evaluated the royal mounts and every shadow on those cliffs, her strong jaw and stronger mind each working as she formed suggestions that her two charges dismissed at their peril, being so far out in the desert. It had been a fairly easy relationship for decades now: the Qu'eesan listened to their bodyguard, and their bodyguard kept them alive while they had their fun and learned their Mother's Queendom.

"The day is hotter than anticipated," Xala said. "The horses will need water before we head back to the last oasis, and we should stay low for the high point of the day, travel when the sun is much lower."

Ishuna made a face within her elegant, white head wrap. "So we crouch next to a wall for the next several hours pouring water into our palms for each horse's muzzle to slobber on?"

"Just like yesterday," Innathi chuckled.

Xala winked with a smirk. "Actually, we go a little farther into Koorul and we might be lucky enough to find a waterfall."

The Queen's daughters were stunned, and excited.

"Could we bathe?" Innathi asked.

Xala nodded. "And let the horses drink their fill. No slobbery palms."

The sisters shared a look. That would be the best midday s'viks yet!

"Let us go, then," Innathi said with a sweep of her arm. "Lead the way, Captain."


Koorul was an extraordinary place on the inside. Neither sister had ever seen anything quite like it in nature, though now they both saw exactly where some of their best artists and architects might have gotten some inspiration.

The brilliant, multilayered rock of about every color outside of blue and green look to been carved and sculpted with intention by some massive god's hand reaching down from the sky, displaying more patterns and a variation on those patterns then they could count in a fortnight. The Qu'eesan could only gawk and believe there was actually a waterfall in here somewhere.

"The Zauyr people like to say this place was carved by Musanlo as a gift to some mortal queen of theirs that he courted for a time," Xala said, amused.

"I thought I read something like that before," Ishuna said, keeping her voice quiet like the Captain's so it would not echo off the walls as she absorbed this breathtaking canyon the farthest yet she'd been from V'Gedra. "I never imagined something extraordinary like this."

"So if there is water here, why isn't there a settlement?" Innathi asked.

Xala shrugged, falling into her "coarse" talk as she did sometimes on these trips. "Fuck if I know, your graces. It never made sense to me, either, but no one stays for long anyhow, not Zauyr nor Drowh. It is a small spot of paradise in the middle of nowhere, far off the regular trade routes with nothing else to recommend it except as a pilgrimage to say that you saw it and a little water to give you the strength to go back. We know it's sacred to the Humans."

"But not to us," Ishuna said. "I have read about all the sacred places in the southern continent. This was not one of them." The younger Qu'eesan looked around again. "Although it should be."

"There's nothing here we want, besides a drink and maybe a bath," Xala said. "Your Queen-Mother's grandmother allowed the Zauyr to claim it as theirs to guard, as long as there wasn't war between us."

"Which there hasn't been in centuries," Ishuna said. "They've been allies when needed."

Xala nodded. "I know. The rulers of Zauyr there are longer-lived than most Humans. They remember their bargains better than the pale-skinned ones."

"Just the rulers?" Innathi asked, squinting.

"Yeah. Sorcerers, every one of them. About five at present and still going strong, last I heard."

"So? Mother's entire line is nothing but mages. Why does that make them stand out?"

"Many Humans have no magic at all," Ishuna explained to her as if she didn't know. "It makes sense that the mages among them would rule. They would seem to have the blessing of their Sun God, right? Maybe even seem God-touched themselves?"

Xala grunted. "Yeah, for the uneducated common folk. But I think it's more that the Zauyr line were scholars and explorers first and do spread some of that to their people. Your Queen-Mother once told me that Musanlo almost never comes up in Her negotiations with them, even though any of their people would sing his praises at the stamp of a boot.

"The various rulers of Zauyr our Queens have met always bargained for knowledge and a better understanding of their world, and definitely for our magic, before moving on to the practical things. They took a cue from your Grandmother and left the divine devotion to the counselors and advisors, who were not allowed governing powers."

Innathi sighed. "And this is unusual among Human governments?"

"One of many ways, you know this, your grace. It worked better in this case, She thinks, because the sorcerers lived long enough over the priestesses and priests to enforce it."

"All male rulers, then?"

Xala shrugged. "I think so. But some of the females hold power in various other ways, I know. Another thing they learned from us back in the day, always give a capable female a chance to prove more."

Then the Captain frowned, in thought. "But... the one oddity I've heard they have is that female Zauyr don't seem to live as long in general. The men live longer, and they are reluctant putting their child-bearers at risk. So yeah, the fighters, the explorers, the sorcerer-rulers. All male."

The sisters shared a look, somewhat uncomfortable with something so different from what they knew, and fell quiet at their captain's signal just as their long, sensitive ears picked up the sound of water spattering over rock. It was as if the already-rare rainfall in the desert had been sequestered to only one small space.

I will look first, Xala signed, dismounting. Never assume a waterhole is unguarded, even if it looks it.

The royal sisters nodded, remained on their horses, and allowed their Queen-Mother's Captain to do her job. Xala steps slowly and carefully toward the rise ahead, staying close to the fiery stone wall until she reached the corner that would allow her to see down into the small ravine where running water could be heard.

"Oh, Beco's Balls," Xala muttered aloud.

The rest of the silent entourage prepared for any command, though all of them had to wait as the Captain studied whatever it was she saw and shook her head. When she turned around and start walking toward them, she was bemused.

"Looks like we caught them in some rite of passage," Xala said quietly. "These things last a few days if they're going to bother coming all the way out here. We will have to negotiate a little bit for the water, and if your graces want that bath, you'll have to let at least one of them keep watch, as I know they won't all go away. Shouldn't be hard, though, if you'll let me do the talking."

"What?" Ishuna asked, looking down at her with a frown.

"So they can watch," Innathi shrugged, overriding her introverted sister. "If you will get the best-looking of them to do the same, Captain."

Xala smirked. "Bathe naked, you mean?"

The elder sister grinned. "I've never seen a Human Man nude. Wouldn't you agree, Ishuna? It'll be fun."

"I don't care about the bathing," the younger said, sounding defensive. "What will we have to negotiate for the water?"

"Not sure yet," Xala admitted. "Could be anything, and they sure should negotiate if they want to keep their pride in a sacred place, but they won't risk angering the Valsharess with something demeaning or ridiculous involving you two."

"How do you know?" Ishuna asked bluntly; it was obvious the thought had crossed her mind.

"One of them is wearing the fire Phoenix symbol on his clothes, so he's at least related to the ruling sorcerers."

Ishuna nodded, but Innathi looked confused.

"Related, but not a ruler himself?" she asked.

"The rulers wear a Phoenix ring no one can remove but the sorcerer himself," Xala answered. "Too far to see if any of them are wearing a ring."

"Clothes can be stolen. You should know these things by now," Ishuna whispered to her. "Haven't you been paying attention—?"

"Shut up," the elder hissed back. "I just forgot." Innathi straightened her back and gestured to Xala. "So negotiate on our behalf, Captain. Our horses are thirsty."

"And lusty," one of the guards behind them said as the red stallion sidestepped and again fought his mistress's control. He pulled against the reins sniff the white mare's haunches, tossing his head excitedly and lifting his upper lip. "Another day and nothing'll hold him back, your grace. She'll be winking at him, not just lifting her tail."

Ishuna sighed and pursed her lips. They had to sleep some time, which Innathi knew meant that her little sister's current favorite would be pregnant with a foal before long.


Preoccupied by Innathi's antsy stallion and what the next day would be like being so close to Humans, needing to trade for their water, Ishuna almost missed the cue to ride forward into view.

"Come on. Xala wants us to show ourselves to them."

Ishuna blinked, yanked herself back to the present and nodded. With a gentle kick, she moved forward with the rest.

There was plenty of distance between the two groups, and their Captain stood in the middle with a Human Man wearing a uniform of his own, much less red and more blues and golds. They had each gotten off their horses and stood on even ground, and Xala's gelding was even the first allowed to wander over to the stream and start to drink in loud slurps.

That had to be a good sign, Ishuna thought, wondering why she still felt so anxious about being here. The Captain was even speaking in the Zauyrian language, a growling, rolling sound which sounded much faster than Elf-speech but she didn't know if it conveyed any more thought.

The younger Qu'eesan flicked her eyes toward the others.

The rest of the Zauyrian Men—and they were all male, there were no females among them, just as there were no males with the Drowh on this outing— were staying close to the waterfall. It did look like the Drowh had interrupted some kind of ritual as there were all kinds of items—bowls, daggers, pouches—that looked deliberate; they were far too ornate to have been brought all the way out here for a mere campsite. That could not be good; how could Xala be so sure they were safe here if the Humans were offended at all?

More gestures, more strange words; Ishuna couldn't make it out so she tried to read Xala's body language instead. The Captain was confident, at ease; she even laughed, kept her good humor and had the Human Man smiling at her. It seemed as genuine as the Captain; a good sign, for that one Man at least.

What about the rest? She looked carefully for that one wearing the fire Phoenix symbol on his clothes, but she could not see it right away. What she did see instead, and immediately, was the subtle pulse of a mage trying to hide his aura. He wasn't used to doing so yet; perhaps a Drowh child born twenty winters ago might not see it but it was still very plain to her.

Eventually Xala broke off with the Man and they each returned to their group with the proposed terms. The Captain was smiling, her hands on her hips as she talked, swaying very slowly as if she already knew the males on the other side watched every move she made.

"Not bad at all, your graces. They haven't yet started the important part of their rite and could delay it up to a day if necessary. They have males available if any of my guards need stress relief, and there is no expressed limit on the water beyond what we need and the time limit, which means we can bathe. We would have to leave by dawn if we didn't leave this evening."

Ishuna's mouth was open a bit but Innathi asked the first question.

"You bargained for 'stress relief'?" the Qu'eesan asked with a touch of glee.

Xala shrugged with another wink, shifting her weight again. "I've met this Man recently, your grace. Akil Safiya, head of the guard on his Sorcerer-Lord's property closest to our borders. We've fucked before, your graces."

Innathi laughed, and Ishuna licked her lips before speaking.

"Mm. How often do your guards rut with Humans, Xala?"

"Whenever we need a substitute, your grace."

"What do you mean, Captain?"

"Either there are no male Drowh around, like now, or we are without contraceptive and don't want to catch. Also like now."

The younger sister nodded. That was true, at least. Even she had heard the gossip around the palace that Elves and Humans could not breed. Some had done it so often it practically proved the theory.

"I wouldn't recommend you two indulge, though, unless you want a separate bargain," Xala said.

"Why?" Innathi asked, curious but trying to sound light about it.

"They might misinterpret its importance," Xala said easily. "Remember their females don't live that long but catch even easier. Plenty die giving birth, so they choose carefully who they allow between their thighs. The Zauyrian males take it as a promise sometimes if she's wealthy."

Innathi and Ishuna made eye contact. Yes, they knew all about males trying to bed themselves into a higher status; the games back home had just begun for each of them, now that everyone at Court knew they had "indulged" a few times each.

Suddenly the younger sister straightened up as she realized, "So what have they bargained for? You told us what they would give us. What do they want in return?"

The Captain laughed in good humor. "Well, Zauyrian Men can be pretty slutty sometimes. They'll take just the sex as payment, as long as we make it good and they all have a turn."

Ishuna quickly counted the Men. "Some of you might have to mount two of them."

Xala winked at her. "Then so be it, your grace. We'll see if they can take it."


They didn't start off right away with the orgy, a bit to Innathi's surprise, but then the Queen's heir didn't know exactly what to expect. Xala and Akir introduced the two groups and clearly stated the terms in both languages. All of a sudden—seeing those interested smiles on the heavy, brown male faces—she could tell none of the Drowh guards were thinking of turning back toward the capital this afternoon. The Drowh would be here at least until nightfall, and if they were too tired to travel by then, they would rest at the waterfall and probably leave at dawn.

Oh well, that was alright with her. This was the most exciting thing to happen on any of their trips so far. If only her little sister could relax a little bit.

"We're untouchable," Innathi whispered to Ishuna as they led their horses to the stream to drink. "You heard it. Don't be so tense."

"I-I sense something strange here," she murmured with a touch of desperation that her older sister understand. "I can't explain it, but..."

Oh, no, not this again.

"What, is Ciberew talking to you again?" Innathi teased.

Ishuna didn't take that well. "Shut up! I was a child, it was just a bad reverie!"

"Well, glad to hear you finally say that."

"This has nothing to do with that," Ishuna insisted. "But there's still strange magic here—"

"Of course there is! One of the Phoenix-men is here." She tried looking for him again, recognizable by that barely-suppressed aura, but Ishuna was tugging on her sleeve.

"No, not him, I mean—AIEE!"

Innathi's red stallion had finally waited long enough; his thirst slaked, he jerked free from her distracted hand and nearly kicked her sister trying to clamber up onto the neighing mare's white back, a very long, mottled erection hanging below his belly.

"Move! Get out of the way—" Innathi cried, reaching for Ishuna, who dodged low but stumbled over a stone.

The elder sister was trying to work out that shield spell for them both when Xala was suddenly there, raising a magic shield of her own with little effort and pulling them back from the stream and behind her. She stepped around her own shield and gave a hard slap to the stallion's rump with the flat of her sword. The beast hardly noticed as he thrust his hips, seeking the source of the smell which had been driving him crazy the last two days.

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