The Sisters of V'Gedra


"Idiot animal!" Xala groused. "Couldn't even wait until the saddles came off! Fuck!" Shaking her head, she sheathed her blade and grabbed her two young charges by the arm. "Come on, better just to let them finish already. Hopefully the foal gets her mother's smarts."

Innathi glanced back, fascinated in a way she hadn't been until recently how much of that long prick had disappeared into the mare's quim as he rutted, so desperate to breed her as she willingly took the breeding stance to hold them both up. The Zauyrian men even seemed to like what they saw as they cheered and clapped, laughing alongside the Drowh guards at the spectacle. If Innathi understood their language better, she would have thought there had been a couple of innuendo jests right there.

Her face felt flushed and warm—surely she needed water—when she turned and found herself placed before the tiny pool at the base of the spattering waterfall. It wasn't an abundant flow such as she'd heard about in the green lands, but it was more than enough for all of them. Two or three could even bathe beneath the water at once.

Xala had bargained for Innathi that she could step right beneath that stream and let the water beat on her head. She wanted little else right then and, feeling quite bold with the palatable anticipation surrounding her and squealing horses in the background, the Valsharess's eldest daughter loosened her belt, willing to be the first to begin stripping.

"Innathi!" Ishuna whispered, unaccountably shaken by what she was doing.

"I will do this," she answered back with her Mother's elegance. "It is only fitting that our day of rest begin with me."

Xala didn't protest but stayed close, a hand on the hilt of her sword and the rest of the honor guard on alert as the heir to the throne effectively stunned every male there, not only with her Elven beauty but with the confidence in which she revealed it.

Innathi had mostly thought to take action and show no hesitation once she did—something she learned from her Mother. She knew what she wanted, after all—a bath in the falls!—but she could not have imagined the looks on these dark-haired Humans' tanned faces as they watched her shed her clothing and show them...well, everything. One might have thought they were about to drop to their knees—either to worship her or try to hide their immediate erections.

She smiled a little. She liked this. Oh, she could enjoy this.

Chuckling, Innathi stepped into the shallow pool and toward the falling water, gasping at the unexpected chill but next shivering in delight, wetting down her gritty hair. Her nipples went painfully hard and she could feel the cool water glide down her back and over her hips as she hummed.

Xala was right. A small bit of paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Innathi's attention was briefly drawn from the shower of water to her Captain when the older Drowh cleared her throat expectantly—but the experienced fighter wasn't looking at Innathi or Ishuna, her one eyebrow quirked and a wry smirk on her face, but rather at Akil.

"Of course, Captain," the other captain managed to say in acceptable Drowh, bowing his head to her, to Innathi and Ishuna, then stepping briskly over to bow to another Human younger than himself.

Akil said something brief in Zauyrian, nodding toward the falls, and this other Human grinned as he first removed his head protection and then reached for his own belt. Innathi watched him curiously. Like her, he acted as though he'd never done anything so brazen in his very short life. And he was young even for a Human.

Innathi's heart picked up when she recognized the poorly-hidden aura, and it was growing. Simultaneously she finally glimpsed at last that damned fire-bird sign on his clothing—but only just as he shed it and dropped it to the ground.

"Xala?" she asked over the droplets landing on her ears, and some of the Men, including the young one getting naked, went still at hearing her voice.

"You wanted me to bargain for you, your grace, remember? The handsomest among them to strip as well while you bathe. You have your wish."

Xala nodded toward the young man as Akil reassured him, and he discarded the final pieces of his clothing.

"This is the second son of Begir al-phon, Third Sorcerer of the Realms."

Ah, a direct descendant of the sorcerer-rulers of Zauyr. Well, if she was the one to get nude first among the Drowh, it was just as appropriate that the first Human Man she saw naked should be of similar royalty.


Innathi knew she was staring as the lithe Man approached the pool. He wasn't as bulky as the ones who possessed a little grey in their hair, but he might become so with time, as his hands and feet were already larger than the average male Drowh. He had smaller eyes that weren't angled upward as she was used to, and his ears seemed stubby, being so round. However, his skin was perfectly even in tone, a rich, golden-hued tan; he was lightly haired on the chest and legs with thicker, black patches at his armpits and...

...his crotch.

His penis was lengthening, stiff and bobbing just like her red stallion, and the larger size matched the larger frame. Ah, but would he lose control and try to seize her, touch her...even try to mount her like a horse? She shivered at the mental picture. He had better not! Xala would run him through, Sorcerer's son or not!

All of this was so intriguing. So primal, so daring...especially so far away from Court.

Innathi lifted her arms and ran her fingers through her long, white hair, weaving her hips a little side to side, and his steel grey eyes practically shimmered in their appreciation as he carefully stepped into the water.

He stood just short of his arm's length from her, giving her a very good look at him though he did not join her directly under the stream. He tested her tolerance, however, taking a hold on himself, watching her carefully. When she smiled a little, gave him a little nod, he tugged a few times, making himself bigger and redder still.

Oh my. And I have to abstain while Xala gets to ride her own helpful stallion?

"Your name?" she asked, trying to keep it simple in case he didn't understand Drowh.

"Cris-ri-phon, your grace."

Oo. His pronunciation was fairly good. Educated; careful, not sloppy. His voice deeper than the typical male.

"What are you doing here, Cris-ri-phon?"

He had to think about it, possibly translate it in his head first. He wasn't fluent. "At my twenty summers, we come here. It is our custom."

A rite of passage, like Xala said. She supposed she didn't have to know the details. They'd brought no women, so it wasn't a fertility rite of passage.

Innathi forced herself to look away from him, glancing at her surroundings. Both groups on either side of the stream were watching the two interact. Ishuna had curled herself next to a rock with her knees drawn up, still the only one so disconcerted she seemed to expect some fire-breathing Dragon to come out of the sky above them. The rest of them...?

Well. The rest were just waiting for a signal from someone.

Innathi looked over Cris-ri-phon again, from his big feet to glossy-black hair atop his head, back down over his broad shoulders, long arms, noting those mage's hands. His belly was taut, his waist trim...and sweet Loricel, that Human stiffness. He also wasn't suppressing his aura anymore, and she had to blink lest she stare at its delicious complexity all afternoon.

"You are beautiful, Cris-ri-phon," she said. "I accept the trade. Stay and let me look at you while I bathe."

Xala chuckled then and gave a hand signal. The Drowh guards became all white smiles in dark faces as they boldly crossed the stream and eagerly took hold of a Man each, surprising him but soon earning his help to strip him before getting to her own uniform. Xala pulled Akil into a lusty kiss, biting his lip and cupping his crotch; he immediately seized her ass in a firm squeeze.

So it was just as her Captain had said: the Zauyr could be real sluts. They would share a sacred water source and put a custom on hold in exchange for some dark raza, hm? Fine by her.

Innathi enjoyed knowing her guards were having such fun after weeks being on alert, but soon she went back to scrubbing her body with her hands as she focused on the young Man. She bit her bottom lip in amusement before she said it.

"Stroke it again, Cris."

He shook his head once, letting her know he didn't comprehend something, so she pantomimed instead as she repeated, "Stroke. For me."

Now he understood. He rubbed quickly, his cock growing harder and turning a concerning purplish color, and she had to motion for him to slow down so she could enjoy it a little longer. Her own fingers searched for her cleft and she dragged her fingertips cross her hidden nub even as she couldn't take her eyes away.

"Turn around," she breathed, twirling a finger with her free hand. "Stroke, but I want to see your back."

And his backside. Goddess, for a Human he was gorgeous.

And I have to abstain? she whined again to herself as the aura of this Sorcerer's son flared along with his excitement in performing for her, as well as in facing some of his own people, some now balls deep inside her guards. That aura showed her unknowable shades of red and orange, icy blue and dark silver.

Soon Innathi had him turn around again, and the head of his cock was so swollen she expected it to explode at any time.

Or on my time.

The young heir stepped out of the waterfall and swiftly approached him. Xala was busy and couldn't stop her. She bent on one knee as his beautiful, grey eyes grew so wide, so disbelieving, as she stilled his hand and smiled up at him. She captured the head of his penis between her dark lips, licking and tasting his salty, musky flavor as he jumped in surprise.

Wow, that's different—

he cried, instantly spurting a hot, tangy mess to the back of her throat.

"Oh!" she uttered, pulling back, swallowing by reflex.

His knees nearly collapsed though he caught himself and stayed standing, holding his cock and desperately pulled the rest of his jism out. It splattered all over her chest and Innathi stared at it, at him, unable or unwilling to move until he finally stopped. Then he sagged down onto his knees into the water with her. He gasped for breath, somehow now looking a little afraid of her. Or of his reaction to her.

His semen dripped down her tits as Innathi trembled; now so close to him, she could tell. She could feel it. His sweat, the scent of his magic, the clear instinct on her part that threads of energy could spark right off him to her fingers if she so much as touched him again...

He was a mage's match? He wasn't Drowh, but he was a match nonetheless. Their auras had merged, just a little, right now...

Oh...oh no...what will Mother say?

Probably something smart and appropriate. As usual.

Innathi touched the cum on her breasts, tasted it again as Cris-ri-phon watched her in awe. She ran the fingers of her other hand along her slit, trying to soothe the ache but it only got worse and she quickly forgot about what her Mother would say.

Whimpering, she rolled to get onto her back along the worn, smooth stones, the pool so shallow as to only touch her netherhole and chill her buttocks. She opened her legs wide and looked up at the kneeling Man, using her fingers to part her dark lips, showing him the bright, oozing pink inside.

"Put your mouth here," she demanded, gasping. "Reciprocate."

Cris-ri-phon probably hadn't understood that last word, but he understood "mouth," she could tell. He hardly dared to question her, or himself, as he lowered himself down, seizing her thighs and latching his lips onto her sex. He groaned the first time he tasted her, then nothing would hold him back from eating her to climax.

"Yes! Oh!"

She turned her head to look at the shore. Some of the Men hadn't been able to wait. On the Human side of the stream, three of her guards had been penetrated by two Men at once, either stretching out her pucker as she rode another using her slit, or standing before her as he moved between her lips. The groans and the sounds of slapping skin overwhelmed her as Cris lapped desperately at her cunt, drinking her essence as if he wasn't already surrounded by another precious source of liquid.

"Ohhhh, goddess!"

Innathi looked for her bodyguard. Xala was riding her chosen captain as hard as if he'd been her gelding in a race. The Man couldn't decide which he liked best: grabbing at her jiggling tits or spanking and squeezing her shiny, ebony ass. All the while her cunt gripped and used him greedily as she growled her pleasure peaks.

Then the Queen's daughter felt Cris push two thick fingers into her pussy. His aura flared out of his control.

"Ah! Ah! Oh, Cris, ahhhhh, YES!"

Innathi writhed and splashed in the water as waves of energy flooded her, rolled over her, held her helpless as she stared for an eternity at the late-afternoon sky. By the time her body had slowed down even enough to blink and focus on the young sorcerer as he leaned over her, he had his erection back.

And he was pressing that large head right in between her swollen, slippery netherlips.

No...No, wait, too fast— squeaked a very quiet, frightened voice, too quiet to take seriously over the howling turmoil in her mind.

Cris lunged in. His cock felt even wider than it looked, oh goddess, she strained as he spread her apart! Innathi gasped as he went deep and her hands flew to clutch to his back, her fingernails digging in deep as he growled, tried to hold himself still as she spasmed around him, not yet able to relax.

"I-Innathi...." he whispered, carefully drawing out and plunging in again.

"Cris...Cris-ri-phon," she gasped, biting his shoulder. "Ohhh, gods, fuck me!"

He pulled out and slammed in again, and by then he was easier to take. She nodded, approving, willing to receive his thrusts until she came again—

"Innathi! What's he doing to you?!"


"F-fuck! G-go away!"

"No! This is different! Something's wrong with you! You have to make him stop!"

Oh, but she couldn't. She couldn't make him stop, and she didn't want him to!

Smaller, black hands shoved hard at his tan shoulders. "Get off her! Stop!"

"N-niakten bideshu!" he barked, swatting at the younger sister, his cock still buried to the hilt between the heir's legs.

"Get off her before I blast you off!"

Ha. A bluff. Since when did her little scroll-reader of a sister learn blast spells?

The young Human wouldn't be intimidated. An incredibly fast arm reached out and seized Ishuna's leg, jerked it out from under her so that she fell next to them in the water. His arm went around her, trapping both of hers down. He hauled Ishuna next to Innathi so he had the leverage to clamp his arms down and hold them both still while he moved powerfully again, trusting hard to finish inside the elder sister.

Ishuna flailed against the muscular arm and Innathi's eyes rolled just before she gave his hold a mere test. She had no idea Humans could be so strong...

Ignoring her wailing sister a moment, the two lovers locked eyes. The young sorcerer looked so desperate, so overwhelmed himself as he looked at her like she was a goddess.

"," he gasped. "You. Only."

"Finish," she wheezed. "Spurt inside me, make me cum!"

He grimaced in response, roaring louder as he thrust harder, getting closer—

"No! Stop, release me!" Ishuna screamed.

"Ugh! Ugh!"

"Ohhh-god! Goddess, yes!"

Cris shouted in his ultimate release as he gave her his seed, the spike of his aura penetrating her even deeper, carrying her up ever higher as she shrieked to the skies. Coming down in small, arresting drops, Innathi's mind and body were too stimulated to think about what this meant. Her pussy was bruised as Cris-ri-phon finally withdrew. He was shaking, trembling uncontrollably, and Ishuna finally got loose and struggled to make her way back to dry land.

"F-fuck you, gods damn you!" the second-born daughter seethed, crawling on elbows and knees, trailing water behind her. "Why wouldn't you listen?!"

Cris slumped down beside Innathi in the shallow pool, barely conscious enough to take a quick drink before falling limp, his sweat-soaked head resting on his arm. He looked as exhausted as she felt.

Sex had never felt that good before... Never so wild. Not even so frightening!

Not once since she started sampling males two decades ago. She was barely a century old...and she had yet to discover things like this? Even now she found it hard to look away from him.

But he was Human.

What happened...?


Far too late for it to do any good, Xala and Akil got off each other and hurried down into the pool to check on their young charges when they noticed them sprawled in the pool.

"What happened?" the Captain asked Innathi urgently, slipping a hand carefully beneath her head to check for injury. "Are you alright?"

Her eyes were open but she didn't answer.

"Sorkin gishi aru'yr?" Akil asked the Sorcerer's son, shaking his shoulder and reaching to make sure his nose and mouth was above the water level when he was unresponsive. "Captain Ja'Prohn? Is the Qu'eesan well?"

"I don't know," Xala muttered, sitting Innathi up and pulling an arm across her shoulders before reaching beneath her knees to lift her up. "Ishuna? What did you see?"

Then the Captain froze for a moment, barefoot, completely naked, carrying the elder sister when she finally noticed that Ishuna was completely soaked in water.


The young Drowh had her hands clasped to her head just behind her long ears and now she shook it urgently side-to-side. "You need to get him away from her. He is strange, he is so strange...! Both living and dying!"

"Dying?" Xala asked, concerned enough to take another look at the boy whom Akil was struggling to get to respond. She asked in Zauyrian, "Akil, how is his pulse? His breathing?"

"They are both fine, Xala," he answered back in his native tongue, his eyes and expression matching his words.

Nodding with an exhale, the Captain finished the last few steps onto dry land, laying Innathi down near Ishuna. "So he's not dying?"

"No. Though I heard what she said."

Akil was still in the water with Cris-ri-phon. The sex among the guards on the other side of the stream was slowing down as more and more of them reached climax and slowly became aware that something else was going on.

The Human head of his guard chose his words carefully. "Is your... younger Qu'eesan a seer?"

Xala frowned, still kneeled beside Innathi, who was starting to move again on her own. "Not as far as I know. Why would you say that?"

He pursed his lips. "The reason that our rite has not begun yet is that we await the Maiden Deathwalker. She is the only other one who has described Cris in such a way, and she most definitely is a seer."

Xala was glad that Ishuna could not understand his language. Her Queen-Mother would not be pleased with even the suggestion that her daughter was strange. Their exchange paused as two more Men came to Akil to assist him in moving the naked, young sorcerer out of the water and onto the far side of the stream, away from Innathi as Ishuna had insisted.... And was probably just a plain, good idea right now.

Xala hurried to get her blanket from her pack to dry off the Queen's heir and cover her up just as she slowly seemed to be getting her wits back. The Captain was far too experienced by now not to notice that Innathi's cunt had just been fucked. Hard. The boy even came inside her. She also had no idea how many guards had seen it.

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