tagMind ControlThe Sister's Party Ch. 04

The Sister's Party Ch. 04


Rob and his wife Janette sat on their sofa. The TV was on but neither were watching. Instead, they were both thinking about the events of the last few hours.

“What a fucking party!” Rob thought to himself with a slight grin. He still wore his pink panties that had been such an appropriate costume for the MC of the party.

“I will never be able look anyone of them face to face. I am so embarrassed,” Janette said to Rob. She sat slumped on the sofa but even though she felt totally humiliated her pussy was still wet with desire.

“Oh come on Janette. Those guys loved seeing your tits and pussy. I know I did,” Rob replied.

“How can you sit there and be so damn calm after everything that happened. I don’t know why we did all the things we did. It must have been some kind of insanity. However, you did not look insane when you were fucking my sister, Heather,” Janette said with anger in her voice.

“I don’t know what happened either but if you will remember that while you were watching me fuck you sister, you that you were eating Lisa’s pussy and sucking on Josh’s balls at the time,” Rob reminded his wife.

Janette did not know what to say. She wanted to be angry with Rob for having sex with her youngest sister but he was right. She felt she was guiltier of more depraved acts that Rob and he was not angry with her. What disturbed Janette the most is how much she enjoyed everything she did! She also could not believe that she was still full of desire.

“Admit Janette, you liked it. You liked eating your sister’s pussy. You liked it when Josh fucked Lisa and you were licking the pussy juices caused by his fucking. You fucking liked all of it,” Rob told his wife.

“What’s more I want you to come over here and suck my fucking cock just like you ate your sister,” Rob ordered.

Janette was caught off guard by this. She wanted to vent her frustrations and insecurities onto the person she trusted most her husband. But instead he had turned things around and she was very confused. Just talking about all this had increased Janette’s desire and her clit was throbbing for relief. The thought of sucking Rob’s hard cock was suddenly very appealing. In the past she always thought oral sex was disgusting, but now with her awakened libido she wanted his cock in her mouth. She wanted him to shoot a load down her throat.

“Well come over her. And get rid of that old house coat,” Josh barked at his wife.

Janette rose from the sofa and let the house coat fall to the floor. In the excitement of the afternoon it was the first thing she could find to cover her nakedness. Now she stood naked again.

Rob watched his wife amazed that she was doing what he requested. He pulled his panties aside revealing his cock that was in the process of becoming hard. As he watched Janette loose the house coat his cock stood at attention.

Janette approached her husband who was now sitting in the old leather chair. She lowered herself to her knees and crawled between his legs. She could see precum already forming in Rob’s pee hole. She licked it and found she loved the salty taste. She began to lick the head like a pop cycle and slowing took his cock into her mouth. She began to lick the cock’s underside while sucking on the head.

Rob loved it. He never knew Janette had such a talent for cock sucking.

“Oh yes, my little slut wife is a great cock sucker,” Rob said.

In the past a statement like that would have enraged Janette. Now it lit a raging fire in her pussy. As she continued to suck Rob, Janette hand move down to her pussy and she began another assault on her clit. She had more sex today than she had in many years and so far it still was not enough.

Rob could not take much of Janette’s expert dick sucking. Soon he felt his cock head begin to expand as he hit against Janette’s throat. He reached down and grabbed is his wife by her hair and began to fuck her mouth and throat. He felt his balls tighten.

“Oh God, I am going cum down your throat you bitch,” Josh cried and released a large load of cum into Janette mouth.

She gagged some but savored and swallowed most of Rob’s load. As she felt her husband discharge his seed she reached another orgasm.

“Mmmmmm!” she cried. She had lost count of how many orgasms she had today.

They sat there for a while. Rob’s cock remained in Janette mouth as it slowly dwindled down.

With a sign Janette let Rob’s cock side out of her mouth and she licked her lips tasting his cum. She also pulled her finger out of her pussy with a small plop.

“Everything has changed. I don’t understand,” Janette said in a very satisfied voice.

“I don’t know what happened today but I sure the hell liked it,” Rob replied.

They both went to bed and slept well.

As the party ended Lisa was totally confused like everyone else. As she seemed to awaken from a trance she remembered everything that had happened and felt the tremendous sexual energy that had been generated.

“I can’t believe I ate my sister,” she said to herself as she looked around. It suddenly dawned on her that she was standing naked on a picnic table. She jumped to the ground and quickly put on a shirt that had been discarded by one of the men. It mostly covered her body.

Lisa ran to her car but could not find her car keys. She just stood there confused. Everyone was rushing around wanting to leave as quickly as possible

Heather ran up to her car that was parked next to Lisa’s. Heather had found an old blanket and had wrapped herself in it. She had managed to find her purse and had her car keys in her hand.

“Heather, please let me ride with you?” Lisa shouted to his sister.

Heather did not really want to be around any of her sisters at this point. She was so confused and embarrassed by her obscene acts that she just wanted to go home and be alone to think about things. However, she could not leave her sister just standing there and they did live near each other.

“Come on Lisa. Hurry up and get in,” Heather said.

Lisa was very relieved that she would not have to return to the house and look for her keys. She did not want to face her sister Janette. She could always get her car later. She opened the door and got in. Heather backed out the driveway and proceeded toward Lisa’s apartment.

They drove in silence saying nothing until Lisa spoke, “Heather, what happened?”

“I don’t know. I can’t explain it. We were all such animals,” Heather said. Heather knew she should feel disgusted by what she had done. She did feel great embarrassment but she also felt something she did not want to acknowledge. She loved everything that had happened even her obscene exhibitionism. Even now she felt her pussy tingling with excitement as she went over the day’s events.

“Yes, we all acted like animals today,” Lisa said. She also felt very conflicted emotions. She was totally humiliated knowing that everyone had seen everything she had to show. Her most intimate orifices had been on public display. As she thought about the day’s events she was shocked to find an excitement growing inside her. She knew she must be totally insane and wondered what her sister would think if she knew.

“But it all felt so damn good!” Heather suddenly said shocked at her own words. Lisa was stunned by her sister’s pronouncement but she was also pleased that Heather had similar feelings.

“I can’t believe it but I also enjoyed everything that happened. I am so ashamed but I can’t help it,” Lisa confessed to her sister.

“I know exactly how you feel. I can’t believe I ate my sister’s pussy but I loved it,” Heather said hoping Lisa would not think her a depraved slut.

“I have never done anything with another woman but I have thought about it but not with my sister,” Lisa replied.

“I have not told any of you but I prefer women to men,” Heather confessed. “I am a lesbian or at most bi-sexual.”

“Really, you have been with other women?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, I have had several different partners. It is great to have a woman eat your pussy but I never thought my sister would. Lisa, do you want to eat my pussy?” Heather suddenly asked.

Lisa was startled at her sister’s question. She had just eaten her oldest sister Janette and now there was the opportunity to have her youngest sister. Yesterday, she would have been totally disgusted by such a suggestion but now she was excited by it.

“You really want me?” Lisa asked Heather.

“Yes, I can’t explain any of it but my pussy is demanding attention. If you don’t want to help I understand but I need to cum real bad,” Heather replied. Her breathing was becoming shallow as she felt her clit begin to swell. She was not wearing anything under the skirt and her hand moved to between her legs.

Lisa watched as Heather’s hand moved down her body. Heather pulled the shirt aside and spread her legs as much as she could and still drive the car.

“Mmmm,” Heather moaned as her hand found her pussy.

Lisa was totally turned on by Heather’s masturbation.

“Hurry up and let’s get to my apartment. I will eat you till your pussy screams!” Lisa said as her own hand moved down and found her wet pussy lips.

Soon they arrived at Lisa’s apartment. They pulled into Lisa’s garage and as they got out of the car Lisa watched as Heather discarded the shirt she was wearing. Lisa stared at her sister’s nude body. She also let her skirt fall to the garage floor. She reached up and got her spare key and opened the door. As they entered the kitchen Heather pulled her older sister into her arms.

“Come here you bitch. I have something for you,” Heather said and kissed Lisa.

Lisa allowed her sister’s tongue to invade her mouth. She suckled on Heather’s tongue and began to find the animalistic passion she had discovered earlier had not left her. Josh might have set thing in motion but the two girls no longer needed any help.

They moved to Lisa’s bedroom.

“Lay down you horny bitch,” Lisa commanded as took charge and pushed Heather onto the bed. She looked at her sister lying before her with her legs slightly spread.

“Please eat my pussy sis,” Heather cried.

Lisa bent over and light brushed Heather’s pussy lips.

“You want me to eat your dirty little cunt,” Lisa said.

“Oh please, eat me!” Heather again cried.

Lisa bent over and lick the entire length of Heather’s slit.

Heather opened her legs wide giving her sister totally access.

Lisa continued to lap at her sister’s cunt and raised Heather’s legs into the air. This gave Lisa access to not only Heather’s pussy but her puckered asshole. Lisa’s ex-husband always loved to have her lick his asshole. Lisa could not believe how much tastier her sister’s asshole was than her husband’s as she licked around the puckered entrance to her sister’s bowels. Lisa was even able to force her tongue inside and tasted the musty flavor.

“Oh Gooood!” Heather was totally insane with passion. There was no world. There was only Lisa tongue on her body.

Lisa moved back up her sister’s slip. She raped her sister’s pussy hole with her tongue. She found her sister’s very swollen erect clit and began to suck on it.

This was too much was Heather.

“Oh Gooood!” she screamed as she experiences a most intense orgasm.

Lisa felt her sister’s body shake in spasm and as Heather came, Lisa had a mouthful of cum juice. She savored the taste as she swallowed her sister cum juices.

As Heather’s spasms relaxed, Lisa moved up the bed and positioned herself so that her pussy was in her sister’s face. She held on to the bed post and began to fuck Heather’s face.

Heather was licking everywhere as he sister moved her pussy across her face. She felt her sister squatting on her in such a way as to give her complete access to her asshole. The way Lisa was squatting even opened her butt hole so Heather was able to fuck it with her tongue.

“Oh yessss, eat my asshole you fucking cunt!” Lisa screamed at her sister.

Lisa allowed Heather’s tongue to explore her asshole for a few moments but she knew she wanted Heather to suck her clit. As she moved her body to give Heather access, Heather’s tongue quickly found its mark.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Lisa cried as the orgasm engulfed her.

Heather continued to suck, lick, and even bite her sister’s love button.

As Lisa’ orgasm subsided she collapsed and lay next to her lovely sister. They embraced and both feel asleep in each other’s arm. It had been quite a day.

When Josh relinquished his control on the group Jennifer just stood on the table totally nude looking very confused unable to comprehend what had just transpired. Her husband, Allen had not fully taken off his trousers but only let them fall to his knees as Janette milked his cock. He was thus able to quickly dressed, grab Jennifer and head for the car. He purposely left Jennifer as she was and she now sat totally naked in the front seat of his truck.

“What the hell is wrong with you Jennifer?” he said as he pulled out the driveway.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jennifer finally beginning to become herself again. She noticed she was naked but there was nothing in the truck to cover her. She quickly slipped down on the floor trying to hide from any passing cars.

“You sure did not try to hide at the party,” Allen sarcastically said.

“I don’t understand why I did all that I did,” Jennifer whimpered.

“Well, you did and now sit back up in this seat. Everyone in the neighborhood has already seen everything they want to see of you. You show everyone your tits and your pussy. There is no need to hide them now,” Allen said as he began to implement his plans.

“Please Allen, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened to me,” she begged.

“The thing I saw was that you gave all the people a show and then at home you will not even suck my cock,” Allen continued.

“Oh Allen, I’m so sorry. I will do whatever you want from now on. You just asked.”

“You’re damn right you are going to do what I want. If this marriage is going to survive your damn show then things are going to change. Do you understand that slut?”

“Yes I understand and will do anything,” she answered.

“Ok from now on when I want you, you are going to be my slut and do whatever I say.”

Jennifer could not believe everything that had happened and now she could not believe how her conservative husband was reacting. She also could not believe how sexual excited she continued to be and how she wanted to be her husband’s slut. She meant it when she said she would do anything.

When they arrived home Allen wanted to test his wife. The children were spending the night at friends and he had plenty of time to test how far his wife would go to please him.

Jennifer was still totally nude as they got out of the truck. Lucky for her Allen pulled up into the garage.

“Stay right there Jennifer,” Allen ordered and he went over to his work bench. When he returned he had their dog’s collar and chain.

“Bend over a little,” he ordered Jennifer. She bent her head down and Allen fastened the dog collar to her neck and fastened the chain to the collar.

“Ok now you are my little dog slut. Do you understand me Jennifer?”

“Yes I understand,” she responded.

“That is not what I want to hear. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your little dog slut and I will do whatever you want me to do,” Jennifer said and could not believe how her pussy was responded to his commands.

Allen pulled on the chain and Jennifer followed him into the house.

“Get down on your knees like the bitch you are,” Allen commanded his wife.

Jennifer sank down to her knees and began to crawl like a bitch in heat. She could feel the air flowing over her wet pussy and it felt good.

Allen watched as he wife crawl on her knees and noticed that her pussy was wet with the effort. He smiled as he sat down in the easy chair and Jennifer faced him. He was still holding her lease.

“Now be a good bitch,” Allen said as he unzipped his pants. He pulled out his cock and presented to his new dog wife.

“Come here and suck my bone.”

Jennifer moved toward Allen and took his cock in her mouth. She could feel the texture of the head as Allen’s cock began to harden. She could also feel her clit swelling in response. She automatically began to move her hand toward her pussy.

“Stop that right now! Put both hand up on the chair where I can see them,” Allen ordered preventing Jennifer from satisfying herself. Jennifer found this only served to make her pussy hotter almost screaming like a passionate furnace. As much as she wanted to rub her pussy she put both hands on the chair. She looked like a dog sitting up sucking her master’s dick.

When Allen was fully hard and feeling pressure in his balls he said, “Okay Bitch turn around and let me see your pussy.”

Jennifer turned around with his ass toward Allen.

“Bend down so you ass is up in the ass and I can get a good view of your pussy.”

Jennifer followed his instruction. She leaned down laying her head on the carpet and pushed her hips in the air spreading her legs. Her pussy was open for all to see.

Allen slid down from the chair and without a word he forced his cock deep in his wife’s pussy.

“Ahhhhh!” Jennifer cried at the sudden intrusion to her scared hole. She felt his cock slip deep within her.

“You are such a slut, I love it!” Allen cried as he began to pump his cock in and out of his wife’s pussy. He could hear the slurping sound and knew how turned on his wife really was.

“Ohhhhhh!” Jennifer cried as her pussy not only accepted Allen’s cock but sucked it deep within. Electric jolts flowed through her as his cock slapped against her swollen clit.

Allen wanted this last so he pulled out his cock leaving his wife’s pussy craving for more.

“Please fuck me Allen,” Jennifer whimpered.

“Rub your pussy for me,” Allen replied.

He watched as Jennifer’s hands expertly found her clit and began to pinched it and pull on it.

“Ahhhhh!” Jennifer could feel surges of sexual power flowing through her.

Allen’s grabbed his cock that was now wet with his wife’s pussy juice and with one quick thrust jammed into her asshole.

“Ahhhhhh!” Jennifer cried as she felt a stab of pain as Allen’s cock pierced her asshole.

“What are you doing? It hurts,” she cried.

“I am fucking your ass bitch and you love it,” Allen was crazed with passion at this point did not care what his wife thought.

As the pain quickly subsided it only fueled the passion Jennifer was feeling and her pussy seemed to explode as she felt Allen cock fucking her ass.

“Ahhhhhhh! Fuck my ass!” she cried and began to experience another orgasm.

This was too much for Allen. He felt his balls swell and his cock began to erupt deep with his wife.

“Ohhhh, you bitch!” Allen cried as huge loads of cum spurted out of his cock.

They both erupted together and slowly both sank to the floor. Allen’s cock still deeply buried in his wife’s ass.

“This is going to work out well,” Allen thought as his cock finally popped out of his wife’s asshole.

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