tagGroup SexThe Sister's Seduction Ch. 02

The Sister's Seduction Ch. 02


Brie and I started fooling around on the living room floor. Her pussy was moist and had a strange odor of stale sex. I didn't care and started to lick it and flicked the tip of my tongue on her clit a few times. It grew in size and had a nice pink color to it. She moaned and soon released a flood of her juices that I lapped up like a kitten and fresh cream.

I moved so that I could slide my now rock hard member into her well-lubed hole. I slid in easy; we were kissing as I pumped her in slowly with repeated rhythmical strokes. This time seemed more sensual and was more love making than just a good fuck.

I turned to lie on my back and Brie straddled me. The feeling of her riding my cock was incredible. Her pussy muscles pulsed and squeezed my dick from time to time as she rode me. Her pace picked up and I could tell she was getting close again, so was I.

My cock shot off like a cannon. Her pussy filled with my hot spunk another time. She kept riding me, milking all of my juices from me until she tensed and came herself, and coating my cock with her juices.

We curled up with the blanket on the couch and were awakened a about an hour later when Kari got up. I think she felt left out, but didn't say anything to us about being together.

I looked to see what I could make for breakfast and realized that I didn't have much in the house. I suggested we go out and grab something. They ran home to shower and change and I did the same.

The returned to my place, both wearing tight tube tops and short skirts. They looked very hot and my cock twinged. This was turning out to be a great weekend. We headed off to eat at a local diner.

They both sat across from me when we arrived at the restaurant. It wasn't until after the waitress took our order that I noticed, as the girls kept giggling. They had slightly pulled up their skirts and had no panties on. I sat there gazing at their pussies, and felt my cock turn hard instantly.

We quickly ate our food and headed back to my place, and our clothes were coming off as soon as we made it through the door. I started to eat Kari's pussy as Brie was sucking on my cock. I gave Brie a quick glance to let her know it was Kari's turn first; she winked to acknowledge she approved.

I moved over to the couch and slid my member into Kari's waiting hot love-hole. She was wet and ready for a good fuck. I drove deep and felt the tip of my dick hit her cervix on a couple of thrusts. My legs were tiring and I moved so she could get on top of me.

She rode me a lot harder than Brie, and we both were working up a good sweat. I felt someone moving behind me as Brie pulled me back so I was flat on my back. She squatted over my head and lowered her pussy to my face. I went to work on her wanting mound.

I lost myself in the moment, and again found myself cumming hard into Kari's cunt again. If this kept up, she had a very good chance at becoming pregnant.

I was exhausted and we all took a nap. I woke up to find it was just Brie, and myself and that Kari had left. We snuggled up on the couch and watched some TV.

It didn't take too long and we were once more having some fun. My cock was getting more action in one weekend that it had the last few years. I really liked Brie and we seemed to connect on a more intimate level. This time the pace was again more relaxed, although my endurance was shorter and I came rather quickly.

Brie went home to check on Kari and I tried to pick up around the house. Brie stopped back a few hours later to see what I was doing. She said that Kari had decided to go out with some friends. I asked Brie if she wanted to go out for a nice dinner. She accepted.

After getting ready, I stopped at their house to pick up Brie. She looked stunning, in a nice strapless dress. It was red and looked nice against her already tanned body.

I drove to a small town about 20 miles from us to a nice quaint, upscale restaurant. We went in and had to wait a while at the bar. I ordered both of us a glass of wine.

Dinner was enjoyable. We discussed her time at school, her likes, dislikes and her plans for the summer. Great, I thought, she was planning on taking it easy and staying around home most of the summer. I liked the idea of her being close to me.

We finished and went back to my place. She agreed to spend the night again and when I walked into the bedroom, I found her in a lace negligee. It didn't stay on her very long. I loved the feeling of our bodies being close to one another. Our sex was turning more into long love making sessions.

I lost track of how many times we made love that night and into the morning. She returned home around 9am so she was there when her parents returned. Both Brie and Kari waved to me later in the afternoon when their parents were with them. Brie yelled, "Hello Mr. J, how is your weekend going?"

A couple of days went by before I had the chance to see either of the girls again. Brie stopped over around 8pm when I was in the hot tub. We quickly took advantage of the opportunity and I again found my hard cock stuffed into her pussy.

About two minutes after she slid her swimsuit back on, her dad knocked at the gait and came in. He offered me a cold beer he brought along. Brie and I both got out of the hot tub and were greeted by Kari coming thought the gate. The four of us sat and talked a while. Then they all left for the night.

Kari whispered to me, just before she left that she was late, her period had not come yet. My mind raced and I felt a very uneasy feeling in my stomach. What happens if I fathered a child last weekend? How would her parents take this type of news, and more, how would it effect Brie and myself?

Watch for Chapter 3

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