tagIncest/TabooThe Sitter Ch. 03

The Sitter Ch. 03


An Oedipus County Tale

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks.


Things went quickly after those first two days. Karen moved in with us within a week. Mom and Karen concocted a story about us looking to take on a boarder to help with expenses, and that seemed to satisfy the curious. Karen moved all her stuff into the guest room, though most nights she slept with Mom or me, or both of us. Much as we all wanted to, we couldn't fuck all day, all the time. Mom had work, I had high school, and Karen had grad school. A good thing, too, that we all had distractions. We managed to keep from becoming hermits, which probably would have called attention to our situation, and we also ensured that we didn't tire of one another too quickly. During the school week, in fact, they made me sleep alone in my own room while they cuddled in Mom's double bed. The only thing keeping me from getting jealous was the frequent, juicy fucks from one or the other of them during the afternoon, and the frenzied fuckfests that came with each weekend.

Mom and Karen were both inventive and playful, and they inspired me to be the same. The sex was fantastic, but it was also fun, and occasionally funny. In between the moans, groans, and squelches, there was laughter. I think that helped me a lot, dealing with what was going on. I mean, as much fun as it was -- and I meant it when I told Mom there were no regrets -- it was still really fucking weird to be having regular, mind-blowing sex with my own mother. Keeping it fun, keeping it light and enjoyable for all, allowed me to avoid obsessing about Mom or Karen. Or both of them together.

At school, my studies suffered little. Part of my deal with Mom required good grades, and there was no way I was going to mess it up by failing a test or paper. Karen helped me, too, while Mom was busy at work. She would do her own homework on the kitchen table, and I would join her. Whenever I hit something I had trouble with, she'd help me out. When we studied for exams, every right answer I gave her earned me a kiss.

I didn't get straight A's, but I did pretty well. Not so well that I could pick and choose which college to go to after graduation, but well enough that some decent schools were eager to have me.

One day I came home to a darkened house, after spending the afternoon at my friend Hank's playing video games. Both Mom's Cherokee and Karen's Escort were in the driveway when I parked my beater in the street, but the house appeared deserted. I entered through the kitchen in the back of the house and saw lights shining in the living room, though none of the lamps were on. I set my backpack on the kitchen table and hurried into the room, finding candles set on all the flat surfaces in the room. Big, fat purple candles sat on the coffee table, while narrower white ones flickered atop the mantle of the electric fireplace. Similar candles were set upon the entertainment center, creating odd shadows on the darkened television and stereo. The knick-knack table by the stairs and the bookcase against the near wall also shone with candlelight. The air was heady with the fragrance of melting wax and the spark of flame. The curtains were drawn and the lamps were darkened, but the candles lit the room nicely, giving it all an attractive glow.

"The young master 'as returned," Mom said with a terrible French accent.

"Oui, oui," Karen agreed.

Both of them stood at the foot of the stairs, dimly illuminated by the candle light. Despite the poor light, I could see them clearly, and what I saw took my breath away. Both of them were dressed identically in a loose approximation of a French maid's outfit. Little white caps lay atop their heads, where their hair was pinned up, with long braids spilling down their backs. Black silk chokers encircled each throat, while they wore diaphanous white aprons that barely covered the front of their bodies, revealing a great deal of cleavage on either woman. Beneath the apron, I could see nothing but skin, while their legs were encased in black hose that clung tightly to their flesh. Black high heels gave my statuesque mother another few inches of height, but Karen had settled on more sensible shoes, making Mom look a giantess in comparison.

One glance had my cock tenting the front of my pants painfully. I stood and stared at the beautiful sight before me, mouth hanging open and eyes widening.

Mom and Karen tittered, and then the two of them sauntered across the room. Mom's hips swiveled enticingly as she walked on those high heels. Two pairs of breasts bobbed alluringly behind thin white aprons, and I saw hardened nipples beneath them.

"Welcome home, Bill," Mom said, foregoing the accent and taking me into her arms. She leaned down to give me a kiss. Her tits pressed into my chest, and she rubbed her thigh against my crotch. Karen grinned at me over Mom's shoulder.

"Zee young master is a bit overdressed," Karen said, affecting the accent once more.

"Oui," Mom echoed, breaking our kiss and regarding me with a smoldering gaze. She stepped back a step and Karen rushed in, running her hands across my chest, tugging at the buttons on my shirt. Mom wedged herself around Karen and attacked my belt, loosening it and unzipping my pants. In moments they had me stripped to my boxers, flinging my clothes around the room -- careful not to knock any candles over -- and they each took a hand and led me to the couch.

They forced me to sit, and Karen curled up next to me, pressing her barely restrained tits against my shoulder and turning my head towards he to give me a kiss. I'm afraid I wasn't able to give her my full attention, as Mom was kneeling between my legs. Mom tugged the last piece of clothing off my body, and my hard cock slapped against my belly. With her palms on my thighs, Mom bent over my lap and blew on the engorged head of my member. As precum began to leak out of my cock and drip down my length, she extended her tongue and lashed the sensitive crown. My cock throbbed of its own volition, bumping against Mom's chin and eliciting a squeal of delight from her.

Karen traced her full lips along my jawline, sucked at my earlobe, and kissed the surging pulse in my throat. Her plush breasts threatened to leap out of their diaphanous confines, her nipples denting the fabric noticeably.

Mom's head bobbed as her lips enveloped my cock and slowly swallowed its length. Warm and wet, Mom's mouth felt wonderful, and her saliva mixed with my precum, sloshing around in her mouth and dripping down the few exposed inches of my cock. She sucked, her cheeks hollowing with the effort, and it felt like she was trying to swallow me. My cock surged into her mouth, the head butting against the back of her throat as her nose brushed against my pubic hair. Mom slurped as she dragged her lips back up my length, and I heard her inhale a deep breath through her nostrils. My dick throbbed and squirted more precum on her tongue. A heartbeat later, she swallowed me again, quick and smooth, my length sinking into her softness with ease.

Karen's hands ran along my chest and back, her lips alighting on my burning skin here and there. I grabbed the front of her apron and tugged it down, allowing her breasts to pop into view, while the straps pushed them together, forming a delicious cleavage. While Mom sucked me, I latched my own lips around one of Karen's strawberry pink nipples and began to nip and suck on it. Karen kneaded my head and made soft sounds while I pleasured her.

Mom released me from the sweet prison of her mouth and at up. "The young master, I think, is ready," she said. She rose to her feet, and urged Karen out of the way. I gave Karen's tits a playful tweak as she shifted on the couch and she blew me a kiss. Mom straddled me, her apron falling over my rampant cock as she did so. I could feel the heat of her pussy though I couldn't see it, and let out and involuntary gasp when Mom reached beneath the fabric to grip the base of my cock and guide it to her opening. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them, causing Mom to hiss. Encouraged, I pulled the front of the apron down, causing Mom's tits to pop into view as well. Her dark nipples were as hard as my cock, and I attacked them with my lips and tongue. Mom released my cock to brace her hands on my shoulders, but I felt a hand encircle my girth anyway. I risked a glance around Mom's breast, and saw Karen on her knees, one hand stroking Mom's thigh and the other hand reaching beneath her to grip me and aim me towards Mom's steaming pussy.

Karen tickled my balls, and I grunted against Mom's breast. I heard Karen's distinctive giggle, and felt Mom's questioning look. Then, the head of my cock brushed up against the lips of Mom's pussy, and both Mom and I hunched our hips forward involuntarily, unable to resist the pull of our hormones. The result was that I slammed my cock home into Mom's pussy, while she crashed her pussy down upon me, swallowing me whole. Heat enveloped me, and her moisture soaked into my skin. My cock throbbed within the warm confines of Mom's pussy, and I grabbed her waist and began to fuck her. Mom moaned and fucked me back with equal intensity, and then let out an uncharacteristic squeal. She looked back over her shoulder, her braid whipping around to hit me in the face, to see what Karen was doing behind her.

I fucked into Mom, spit hair out of my mouth, and peered around Mom's bronzed pneumatic form to take a peek myself. Karen's face was planted between Mom's ass cheeks, spread apart by Karen's hands, and she could only be giving Mom a "rim-job," something I'd only heard about before. Karen's head bobbed, keeping pace with Mom's body as she and I thrust against one another, and I had to release a breathless "Whoa."

Mom returned her attention to her son, grabbing my face and turning me away from the cock-hardening sight before me. She thrust her heaving tits into my face and said, "Get to work, there, young master," punctuating her words with a few moans. I grinned and did as she said, capturing a nipple between my teeth and thrusting hard into her cunt. I felt lips on my balls, and knew immediately that Karen had altered her position. Mom, sensing what was going on, shifted her grip on me as well, bearing down a little and forcing me to sort of slide off the edge of the couch. Mom teetered but didn't waver, fucking back at me with all her energy. I gasped, feeling Mom's pussy massage my cock and Karen's lips suck my balls into her mouth. I wanted to warn them that was I was slipping, but I couldn't find the breath, and every thrust into Mom's pussy distracted me.

In another moment, the cushion under my ass gave way, sliding off the couch, and it took Mom and I with it. Karen was quick-thinking enough to dodge out of the way and avoided injury by pulling back from us, but she wasn't quick enough to catch Mom or I. We ended up in a heap on the floor, limbs in disarray, and yet strangely still joined at the crotch. Luckily, Karen had pushed the coffee table out of the way beforehand, or one of us could have been seriously injured.

I gave Mom a quick look and then sort of righted myself, careful not to withdraw from the warm prison of her pussy. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nodded, her hips jerking against me. "I bit my lip when I hit the floor, though," she said.

"Should we stop?" I asked.

She shook her head, braid whipping around. "Hell no." With that, she began to fuck me again, wrapping her legs around my waist to pull me closer. I braced my arms on the carpet beside her head and began to thrust, riding her for all she was worth. Mom's clasping pussy tightened around me with each thrust, and at this angle it was easier for me to reach the roof of her womb. The first time I banged against it, she widened her eyes and redoubled her movements, forcing me to keep up with her.

Karen walked on all fours up to us and laid down next to Mom, sharing a grin with her before rolling half-over to watch me. At some point, she had shed the apron, though she left on the little cap and the black hose. Almost absentmindedly, Karen reached out to cup and knead the nearer of Mom's tits. "You better save some energy for me, 'young master,'" Karen told me pointedly, but I didn't spare the breath to respond. Mom was beginning to crest, her pussy clamping tight around me, her breathing quick and shallow, and her legs tight around my waist. Making Mom cum began to trigger my own eruption, and as Mom cried out and arched her back, thrusting her body against me, I rammed deep inside her and let go. My body shuddered as my cum arced from my cock into Mom's molten core, splattering her insides with white heat.

Mom collapsed, breathless, beneath me. I flopped down upon her, gasping myself.

Karen made a moue of disappointment. "I said, save some for me," she said, pouting.

"Just give a minute," I said, "and I'll fuck you senseless, too." I gently disengaged myself from Mom, kissed her lightly on the lips and settled into a kneeling position.

Mom remained splayed out beneath me. She grinned up at me. "Sweetie," she said, "I have to admit, you're the best lover I've ever had." I blushed, and helped her into a sitting position.

Karen flopped down on the couch, tits bouncing provocatively. I fixed the cushion and dropped down beside her. I put my palm on her belly, and lightly stroked her skin with my fingertips. Karen leaned into me, molding her body against my own and kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss, cupping and hefting her breasts. I teased her nipples with my thumbs, and slowly pressed her back against the couch. Karen murmured and cooed as I began to kiss my way down her neck, between her breasts, and along her flat stomach. "Oh, yes," she moaned, as I went lower. Nuzzling her pussy, I teased her folds with my tongue. Karen was soaking wet, and her juices stained my cheeks and lips immediately. I flicked my tongue along the length of her gash, tasting her, licking her, sucking on her. Karen gripped my head and pushed my face into her pussy, urging me on.

At the same time, Mom stood up, peeled off her apron, and assaulted Karen's breasts, latching her lips on to one of Karen's pink, hardened nipples. Karen groaned in pleasure. "Enough with the tongue, stud," she told me through gasping breaths. "I need you inside me."

That was all I needed. With one last fond lash of the tongue, I levered myself up to my knees, grasped my cock, and pierced her roughly. Karen cried out, and her legs scissored closed around my waist to pull me tight. Without further urging, I began to fuck her, ramming into Karen with all the strength and speed I could muster.

Mom pulled away from Karen's bouncing breasts so that she could watch us, fingering herself as she did so.

Karen's pussy grasped at my cock with each plunge, her inner muscles catching me and trying to suck me deeper within her. I hunched forward to pepper her breasts with kisses, managing just barely to capture one turgid nipple in my mouth in order to suckle. My rhythm faltered slightly as I did so, but Karen didn't seem to notice, judging by her cries. I released her breast and found her mouth, giving her as passionate a kiss as I could under the circumstances. Our tongues wrestled briefly, but we had to break away in order to breathe. But we did not stop fucking. That I could not have done if I tried; my hips and cock had a mind of their own, and they pounded away with the ferocity only an eighteen year old can muster.

Karen looked up at me, her green eyes glowing with love, her face scrunched in passion. I could feel my own love for her welling up within my breast, a feeling so intense that it almost hurt, and I felt that my love was being reflected back at me through Karen's eyes.

Suddenly her eyes rolled back and her calves and thighs tightened around my body, urging me deep. Karen's soaking, heated pussy grew hotter and wetter and tighter, and her body spasmed beneath me. Still my cock churned within her, and before Karen could catch her breath from the first orgasm, I had her climaxing once more. Karen cried out, a long note of pure joy and passion. Mom, unable to help herself, grabbed my face and gave me a fierce kiss.

Karen's cry tapered off, and her pussy tightened around my pistoning cock once more. I could feel my balls tightening, and my own climax threatening to cut loose. "Bill," Karen gasped, "I want to feel your hot cum on my body. When you're ready, pull out and cum on me."

Mom broke our kiss and regarded us both with glowing eyes. As usual, a little dirty talk from Karen -- occasionally Mom -- set me off. I thrust deep within Karen once more, reveling in the feeling of her body surrounding me, and then yanked my cock free. It slapped against her pussy, and then against her belly as I rose up. Karen's hands grabbed my hips and rubbed my lower stomach, and then "boom." The orgasm I had fighting for the last few desperate moments could not be held back any longer. White, boiling cum erupted from the engorged tip of my cock, spraying in a long arc. The first jet splashed against Karen's cheek, while the one following it splattered across her heaving, flushed tits. Another dozen squirts of cum covered Karen from tits to stomach, coating her pale skin like white frosting. Gasping for breath, I fell backwards on the other side of the sofa.

Karen, meanwhile, shuddered and shook with another orgasm, triggered, apparently, by my money shot. She ran her hands through the puddles of cum on her body, and licked her fingers with a moist, pink tongue. Mom, eyes glazed with lust, dropped to her knees beside Karen and began to lick my cum off of Karen's body, beginning with the semen pooling on Karen's belly. Mom's tongue trailed across Karen's belly, dipping into Karen's belly button to scrape up the precious fluid. Mom licked her way up to Karen's prodigious breasts, kissing away the cum that decorated their slopes. Karen had two fingers up her pussy, while her other hand was cupping Mom and teasing her folds.

I looked down at my own cock, amazed at how quickly I was recovering. I was already at half-mast, and climbing steadily. I always loved watching Mom and Karen go at it, but the added thrill of watching Mom clean my semen off of Karen's body had the blood rushing back into my cock with breakneck speed.

Mom licked her way back down Karen's belly. She climbed on to the couch, lifting one leg over Karen's head, and settled into the sixty-nine position. Mom's head dropped between Karen's legs to dip her tongue into Karen's honeypot, while Karen wrapped her arms around Mom's waist and pulled Mom's pussy closer to her mouth. Mom moaned into Karen's pussy as Karen's tongue attacked her. Mom thrust her hips into Karen's mouth, while Karen mimicked her movements.

I hopped off the couch, dick bobbing, to watch the show.

Feeling the couch shift as I moved, Mom and Karen stretched out a little more. Karen's thighs parted to allow Mom greater access. I saw Mom purse her lips around Karen's erect clit, and heard Karen moan passionately, though the sound was somewhat muffled by Mom's own pussy. I shifted around towards the end of the couch where Mom's knees lay across the armrest and Karen craned her head up to reach Mom's weeping gash. Mom's pussy was pink and beautiful, soaked through with her juices and the remnants of my own, which Karen was sucking out of her. But as Mom's ministrations elicited another lust-wracked moan from Karen, Karen had no choice but to let her head fall back, revealing Mom's lovely pussy in all it's glory. Karen's lips glistened with moisture, but her teeth were gritted tightly as an orgasm shook through her body.

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