tagGroup SexThe Sitter Ch. 1

The Sitter Ch. 1


It all started one summer when my mom asked me sit for the neighbors, the Smith's. I had just turned eighteen and was just starting to blossom into a woman. At 105 lbs, with flowing blonde hair, I was quite a woman...at least that’s what I thought.

So anyway it was a Friday night and I had to sit for the Smith's, Stacey and Julius...they had two kids age 4 and 7 (Jenny and Nicole)...I had to listen to the regular rules of no boys and the kids needed to be in bed by ten o clock and they would be home at 230 am. I said okay and the kids kissed their parents goodnight.

They were such good kids, we sat down and started to watch Home Alone, that’s when I excused myself to go to the fridge and get snacks. I made them some popcorn and grabbed a coke and put two shots of rum in it. It was something I did almost every time I watched the kids. Ten O’clock rolled around and I put them to bed. They went to sleep no problem as usual, I decided to try on some of Stacey's clothes seeing how we were pretty much the same size.

As I was rifling through their closet I stumbled across brown bag filled with porno’s...I decided to watch some of them seeing how I haven't gotten the chance to have sex with Jeff, (my boyfriend at the time). In fact I was still a virgin and couldn't wait to try sex for the first time, I thought Jeff would be a great candidate. Anyway, I popped one in that started with a teenage girl oddly enough baby-sitting, when in the porno the dad comes home and has sex with the sitter. While the Mom watched in the dark, however the interesting part was when the Mom joined in and went down on the sitter.

My mind began to float with dreams and my panties started to get moist, that’s when I decided what the hell, might as well masturbate, no one was around anyway. I started by pulling at my nipples and squeezing my b cup breasts. That felt so good, that I took off my tank top and bra and laid there top naked. I licked my finger and slowly rubbed my crotch of my panties then I stood up and removed my bottoms and laid on the couch watching the porno but naked and playing with my clit. I was feeling very light headed, the alcohol must be setting in and the masturbation, sent me over the edge and I climaxed all over the couch. I was starting to feel a little tired when I must have dozed off and what woke me up was the keys in the front door. I stood up and tried to get dressed as fast as I could. I couldn’t find my bra so I said fuck it my breasts were to small anyway they hung there by themselves.

They came in and asked how I was doing...Fine I told them. Mr. Smith gave me a ride home that night and asked if I could sit for them tomorrow. Sure ( I could search for my bra) I told them. Saturday rolled around and they left as usual and after they left I put the kids down and started drinking straight vodka from the bottle that night while watching porno’s again on the couch and man tonight I really cot into it. I started fingering myself then I switched up and used a candle to shove into my pussy and man did that feel great. I was so busy that I didn’t notice that Mrs. Smith had come home...she was standing in the doorway to the family room when I looked up and saw her staring down at me. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered myself...she didn’t seem upset though.

She asked me if I had ever had sex before, No I said and that I wanted to wait for the right guy. She said ohh, to bad you have a wonderful body. Stacey asked if she could show me something and I said what...Come with me, we went into her bedroom and she pulled out a dildo that had to be a good 7 or 8 inches long. It looked so real, she told me that she uses it when her husband went away on business trips and when she needed some relief. She walked up to me and told me to drop the blanket and show her my lovely tits. I was entranced by Stacey's eyes...I didn’t even think twice I dropped the blanket and Stacey started to squeeze my tits and play with my nipples...she then hugged me and asked if I had ever thought about sex with a woman before...No I said, but I was willing to try it out. I think that was the alcohol talking but...she laid me down gently on the bed and she straddled me and slowly removed her blouse. Her breasts were bigger than mine had to be at least D's but she had a tiny waist.

She started kissing my neck and sucking on my ear. I was getting so excited that I thought I would climax right then and there. Then she told me to squeeze her tits, like she did to me and as I did she started to grind her pussy against mine. The friction felt good, she got up so she was standing above my head and removed her panties. She then told me to sit up and lick her pussy...it was completely shaven with what looked to be an earring in her folds of her pussy. I thought to myself man that is weird but I did it and every time I hit her clit she shuddered with ecstasy. She climaxed on my face and she tasted very good. I licked her clean and then she sat back down and started kissing me again and slowly made her way down my chest over my tits slowly sucking each nipple to full erectness. Then she made her way down my belly and I couldn’t help but squirm, she hit my belly button ring and sucked the ring in her mouth.

She then made it to my pussy and she licked and sucked it like it was her job. I climaxed twice in ten minuets. She then took some saliva and put it on that dildo and asked if it was okay to fuck me with it. I told her to go ahead I was to far gone to stop now. She slowly inserted it and it hurt at first then she pumped it quick and after that first shot of pain I was ready to go. She started to pick up the pace and she started talking dirty to me and that really turned me on. You like that dot you, you little slut, your my little love slave now huh? yes, Yes, Yes, fuck me Stacey...fuck me faster, faster faster...she was going to town with that dildo and I came so hard that tears formed in my eyes and shit shot out at her she licked her dildo and hand clean and told me that her husband would be home soon and we would have to get ready to go...

She also told me that he was going away on business for the next two weeks and that I could stop over anytime that I wanted too for more fun... That sounded to good to be true...We both got dressed and headed back to the family room where we watched a some more of the porno’s together. We took turns fingering each other till her husband came home and asked if we were okay because both of us had beat red faces...I thought that it would be our little secret until she told Julius that we had just got done having sex and that we were waiting for you to come home and give us some good dick...

Oh really? Julius walked over to us and pulled his pants down, he wasn't as big as that dildo but he was pretty well hung...Stacey then proceeded to suck on his cock and she told me to undress between head bobs. I got undressed and got behind him and squeezed my naked body against his back. Stacey then told me to come around front and get on my knees...I did as I was told Stacey then got up and got undressed, she got down on her knees with me and instructed me on how to suck cock, we both licked at his dick she would suck his balls into her mouth while I tongued the head of his penis...he told me that he as going to come and Stacey said to use my hand and let him blow his load on my chest...I did it and man that shit shot out like a rocket...we then moved to the bedroom and...

To Be Continued...

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