tagErotic CouplingsThe Ski Bunny Ch. 04

The Ski Bunny Ch. 04


Thanks to all the fans of my work. It means a lot to me that you appreciate it. This chapter tells the story of the hook up that I had been imagining from the start (at least part of it). The gondola was just a way for Will and Sherry to meet. Then the story got a lot more fleshed out. So enjoy! Please let me know how you like it by leaving a comment. And FYI, either chapter 5 or 6 (if there is one) will likely be in the group sex category.

* * * * * * * * * *

The bedroom door opened.

"Hey Mom—Oh, I'm sorry!" The girl stopped when she saw me standing there half naked. A shock of adrenaline shot through me as I recognized her.

It was Anna, the sales clerk from the lingerie store.

She recognized me and gasped with a hand to her mouth. I tried to conceal what must have been a look of horror on my face as I looked back toward Sherry.

"Sherry?" I implored.

Sherry sighed. "Will, I'd like you to meet Anneliese...my daughter."

I looked back at Anna, stunned. What was I supposed to do? After all I had been through in the past few days, I actually found myself wondering what was the socially accepted course of action for someone in my situation. I had met a gorgeous babe at a ski resort, we humped in a gondola, she jerked me off at a restaurant and admitted she was four years older than me, so we screwed at her place that night and then again the next morning. I threw her bra in a tree, and bada-boom bada-bing, less than a week later I ogled a hot lingerie store clerk and subsequently had kinky shower sex with the first woman.

But to find out the lingerie store clerk was her daughter? You can't recover from that. You just can't.

"Uhh, hi Anna...liese," I managed to spit out as I secured the towel around my waist.

"Hi Will."

And then I saw it. How could I have missed it before? The resemblance was so obvious that it hit me like a dodgeball to the face. I had been entranced by Anna's long eyelashes at the lingerie store. They were long so they could reach across big, round eyes—just like Sherry's. Anna got her thin, curved nose from Sherry, whose cute nose I had always likened to a ski jump. It was all there: the blonde hair, the big boobs, the bubble butt. They both had a girl-next-door beauty that gave them an authenticity that was all too enticing. The only notable differences were Anna's broader shoulders and, naturally, age—Anna had a tighter, thinner body.

"Umm...I'm gonna go grab a Coke," Anna said awkwardly as she backed out of the room. "Maybe throw some Jack Daniels in there. A valium or two...."

The door closed behind her, but I could feel her cringing through a silent Oh my God! What the FUCK?!

I looked back at Sherry. She was biting her lower lip with eyebrows raised.

"Are you mad at me?"


"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier."

"Tell me what? That you have an adult daughter?" I decided that this wasn't the time to reveal that I had already met her, and that she had given me a stiffie by personally modeling some lingerie. I had the upper hand, and I felt entitled to keep it that way for now.

"I know, I'm so sorry!" Sherry buried her face in her hands. "It's just that we were having such a good time together. You're the best lover I've ever had and I didn't want to scare you away."

I was the best lover she had ever had. I decided to file that one away for later use.

"So you thought the 'Surprise Will When He's Half-Naked' approach would be best, huh?"

"I didn't know she would be home this early. She usually works until seven."

Sherry looked at me, tacitly pleading for forgiveness. She was still gorgeous and still wearing only panties and the green bra I had bought her. They emphasized her beautiful curves, especially as she bent one knee in slightly toward the other, causing one hip to project out further than the other. Her hair was dark with dampness as it cascaded chaotically over her shoulders.

"Please?" She begged, looking up at me. Her eyes glistened and seemed to turn a deeper shade of blue as she fought off tears. It was a mesmerizing look of pity and beauty that I couldn't deny.

"OK, so...you have a daughter." I sighed, sitting down on an inset window sill. I was still coming to grips with it, trying to figure out how all this was possible. "So now I can believe that you really are 34, in case I still had any lingering doubts. And she is...?"

"Eighteen. Just last month."

"And now I'm doing the math, and that must mean that you were—"

"Sixteen. I had just turned sixteen when I had her."

"Was it with that first guy you slept with? The junior?"

"No, it was the guy after him."

"And where is he?"

"Who knows? I haven't spoken to him since he abandoned me when Anna was an infant."

"So when you told me Anneliese saved you from yourself when you were in high school..."

"It was the birth of my daughter that got me to see things differently. When Anna was born, everything changed. I loved her so much from the moment I first saw her. She didn't have to do anything but look at me with her adoring eyes, and I just melted. I wanted to give her every opportunity. The last thing I wanted to do was screw up her life by being a crack-whore mom.

"So now I had this beautiful baby girl to take care of. I started living for Anna. My mom helped me straighten myself out. I sacrificed my social life, finished high school and got my marketing degree from Northwest State. Anna has a bit of the wild child streak that came from me, but she was mostly a very good girl. As she grew up we became very close."

"You mentioned that she was in your wedding?"

"Yes, as a flower girl. She was only seven at the time. She and Jack never really saw eye to eye on anything. It was one reason why my marriage to him only lasted a couple years. I dated a little after that, but nothing too serious. Anna scrutinized every one of my dates."

Sherry paused to laugh. "Even as a ten-year-old she was the standards bearer. If the guy didn't pass muster with Anna, then I knew he wasn't worth my time. I quickly realized that anyone I end up with has to get approval from Anna. I trust her with that and just about everything else.

"I haven't dated much in the past few years. My career took off, so that has consumed a lot of my time. Sex was even more rare. I guess you met me just at the right time: I had been itching for a screw for a while!"

I finally allowed myself a smile. "Glad to be at your service."

The tension started to ease. I found that I couldn't maintain even the appearance of being upset with Sherry. Not while she was telling me all these private details of her life, and not while she looked as good as she did.

"So is Anneliese going to be OK with me?" I asked as we started getting dressed.

"Yeah, I think so. We're about as close as a mother and daughter could be. I guess part of that is because we were closer in age than most families. People often mistake us for sisters. We knew that all we had was each other, so we watched out for each other."

I was amazed. Sherry had just shared such intimate details about her little family. All I wanted to do was hold her. So I did. We held onto each other tightly for several minutes, and I kissed her passionately. She mouthed the words "Thank you, Will."

"Anything for my babe."

But there was still an elephant in the room. As touching a story as Sherry had told, her daughter had grown up to be an incredibly beautiful and sexy young woman. I wondered if she had a boyfriend. There must be dozens of guys falling over themselves to be with her. Then I wondered if she was sexually active, and how much. It was a thought I wished hadn't crept into my head, but it was natural. I couldn't pretend the incident at Christie's didn't happen. My first thoughts of Anna were of a sex goddess who was willing to flaunt her body to me, and now she had seen me as her mother's lover.

I went to the kitchen to pick up my shoes. The can of whipped cream and bottle of chocolate sauce were still on the countertop. Had Anna seen them? Did she know how they had been used?

Anna had retreated to the sectional couch in front of the television. She stood up and faced me, but didn't leave the couch.

"So you're William, huh?"

"Will," I smiled and corrected her. "So I guess Sherry...umm, your mom told you about me?"

Anna smiled and laughed mischievously. "Juuust a bit." God she was hot! She was still wearing the skimpy outfit from her job at Christie's: tight, low-cut camisole that showed off a pair of perfect breasts bulging out over the top of her bra. Her bare midriff was flat but toned and led down to a flirty short skirt that complemented the green of her eyes. It was so short that I had to force my eyes not to follow down to where her skin was exposed high on her thighs. If I so much as glanced down there, I know my eyes would try to telepathically lift up the fabric just enough to see the treasure that lay barely hidden beneath.

I felt my dick start to grow.

"You sure made her happy during her ski trip." She was still smiling. "I'm glad. She needed someone like you."

"Yeah, well your mom is an amazing woman," I said, then, trying to change the subject, "Do you ski?"

"Yes, Mom's taken me a few times. I couldn't go last week because I had my last major cheer competition."

Of course. She was a cheerleader. That explained the broad shoulders and tight, athletic body. But she was a bit tall for a cheerleader: I estimated her to be about 5-foot-7, an inch taller than her mother. Plus, her boobs would tend to get in the way of any serious tumbling.

"You must be a base," I said, referring to the team of girls that held a smaller girl above their heads.

Anna's face lit up, impressed that I knew anything about it. "Yes I am!"

"My cousin was a cheerleader in our youth, and she taught me a thing or two, like how competitive it is and how well-conditioned your girls have to be. So how did you do?"

"Second place!"

"Yes, I'm so proud of my baby." Sherry chimed in from the hallway. "She got into diving this year too. She learned pretty quickly because of all the tumbling she does."

"Yeah, except I had to learn how to go in head first instead of landing on my feet. And I almost qualified for state!"

"That's pretty cool," I said, picturing her in a swim suit. Even in a competitive one-piece, she would probably look amazing. "You have a pretty full schedule."

"Well diving got done a while ago, and I'm done with cheerleading for good, now that I'm graduating," Anna said. "I'm starting to get into dance. I think I'll do that more in college."

"And where will college be?"

"Northwest State!" Anna proudly proclaimed. "Same as Mommie dearest!" It made sense. As close as these two women were, I couldn't see Anna going very far.

The three of us chatted for several more minutes, and the initial awkwardness started to fade. Anna seemed like a lovely young woman, much more down to earth than the showy underwear sales clerk I had met a couple hours ago. But she was still a regular Aphrodite in her sex appeal. I tried my hardest to share eye contact between Anna and Sherry, and not to stare. The resemblance was remarkable.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next few weeks saw my relationship with Sherry solidify as we became regular lovers. Our lust for each other only seemed to increase with time. Sometimes I would take her out on the town on a Friday or Saturday night before heading in for raucous lovemaking, and sometimes we would simply have pizza delivered and go straight to having sex. It was not unheard of for one of us to send a weeknight text message as a thinly veiled booty-call:

"Wanna cum over?" Of course!

"New clothes. Need ur approval." And then we'll take them off.

"Reupholstered couch. Wanna see?" Sure. Then we can make love on it.

"I wanna fuck your brains out. Get over here NOW!" OK, so not all of them were thinly veiled.

No matter what the lead-up, the sex was always fantastic. Sleeping over became frequent enough that we each left a toothbrush and a change of clothes at the other house. We couldn't get enough of each other. I didn't mind driving nearly an hour across the city to be with her, since most of our trysts took place at her house.

As such, I had frequent contact with Anna. She was always friendly, even though she knew I was usually there to have sex with her mother. I often arrived before Sherry was ready to go out, and sometimes before she even got home. Her job as an executive for a small advertising firm often saddled her with unpredictable work hours.

So Anna and I ended up talking a lot. We had good conversations that usually centered around her high school life. She briefly mentioned having had a few boyfriends, but nothing serious. She looked back on them as fun but childish, and she eagerly anticipated college. She often asked me what my own college experience was like, and I was happy to provide insights, without getting detailed about anything R-rated.

I asked her about the job at Christie's lingerie store. We had known each other for a few weeks at this point, so I felt comfortable bringing it up.

"Yeah, Mom wasn't thrilled about that, but it's money for college and hey, at least I'm not stripping, right?"

I laughed nervously. Anna would make one hell of a stripper. I had been to a strip club once with some of my old college buddies, just to say we had done it (although I don't know why we would want to tell anyone). It was an fine experience for being drunk, but it wasn't something I was drawn to. If I knew someone like Anna was there, however, I just might become a regular.

"I don't treat all the customers the way I did you," Anna continued.

"So why me?" I asked.

Anna laughed. "I don't know. There was hardly anyone else there, and you looked so nervous and cute. I just wanted to help you out."

"Did you ever tell your mom?"

"She knows you bought the bra at Christie's, and that I was working at the time."

She stopped short of saying that Sherry knew all the hot details of the encounter. I decided it was best not to push it.

As the weeks went on, Anna became increasingly friendly, even flirty. She started greeting me with a hug. That was fine by me. Those were the moments when she took me into her sweet halo of girlie scent. It was very alluring, even intoxicating, but nothing like perfume. Not having the courage to ask her, I attributed it to pheromones.

Pretty soon Anna's hugs were accompanied with a kiss on the cheek. That was fine by me, too, but her increasingly skimpy outfits made me nervous. Other than the day I met her, when she wore the cutsie-sexy outfit that was the standard for Christie's employees, Anna dressed like a normal, suburban teenager: cute and tight, but nothing too revealing. But each time I saw her, it seemed like her shirts were tighter and revealed a bit more skin, as did her shorts and skirts. She made more and more physical contact with me, and I found my interest in her sensually feminine form renewed.

This was never more true on the day I arrived early at Sherry's house and Anna greeted me at the door with schoolgirl enthusiasm. She wrapped her arms around my waist, and I reciprocated.

Immediately she said, "Kiss me!" then puckered up. Her lips were painted tantalizingly red, and she was so beautiful that before I could think, I kissed her on the lips. It was a bit longer than a quick smack, and it was sweet and smooth like a first kiss. I could taste the sugary lip gloss that she had just put on.

Our smiling eyes locked onto each other. Her golden blonde hair framed her youthfully glowing face, curling just a bit as it fell to her shoulders. It smelled of the fruity shampoo that young women are wont to use. Just below her face I could see in my peripheral vision a large amount of cleavage. My dick began to bulge, and I realized that our pelvises were mashed together. I separated from Anna hopefully before she could feel my excitement growing.

"What's up, Buttercup?" I asked.

Anna laughed. "Nothin', stud muffin."

Now a few steps back from me, Anna displayed her full glory. Her camisole shirt was merely an undershirt, made of thin fabric with thin straps that plunged down to expose the top half of her C-cup melons, barely covering up her nipples. It clung to the bottom half of her breasts, which were supported by a black bra that could clearly be seen under the thin fabric of the shirt. The bra straps paralleled those of the cami. The shirt hugged her comparatively thin torso and stopped a few inches short of her pierced belly button. A shiny green jewel marked this spot on her torso that was perfectly centered between her sensually curved waist.

Below that was the shortest miniskirt I had ever seen. It was even shorter than the one she wore at Christie's, only about eight or nine inches from top to bottom. This one was pleated and plaid, like a schoolgirl gone bad. The top rode so low that it almost went past the widest part of her hips, while the bottom was so high I imagined that if I sat down and looked at the skirt at eye level, I just might be able to see the bottom curve of her butt cheeks, assuming she wore a thong. She would almost have to wear a thong with something this skimpy. This was not a skirt anyone would wear in public.

Anna turned around and bounded enthusiastically into the kitchen. Her skirt bounced on her butt. I followed her almost involuntarily, as if thousands of years of evolutionary sex appeal blocked out any rational thinking in my frontal cortex, activated my primitive reptilian brain, and compelled me to pursue the most sexually attractive body I had seen in years. My dick was pushing forcefully against my underwear. I adjusted so that it was straight up and held tight by the elastic of my briefs. It quickly finished growing to its full length and girth, the head poking up above the waistband of my briefs.

"Want anything to drink?" Anna asked. She spun around at the refrigerator and her skirt rode up for a split second. I thought I caught a glimpse of those butt cheeks.


"Huh? Umm...sure. Got any lemonade?" I roused myself out of the trance in which Anna had nearly put me. I remembered my manners and stopped gawking. It was only then that I remembered why I was there in the first place: to have sex with Sherry, the original object of my affection, and not her eighteen-year-old daughter! I scolded myself.

But then why was Anna dressed like this? Why did she greet me that way? And why did she seem even more sprightly than her normal cheeriness?

"I'll make it a little Irish for you," Anna offered, producing a bottle of Skyy from a high cupboard. "We didn't have school today," she said as she poured lemonade and a shot of vodka into two glasses.

"Why not?"

"Teacher inservice. It was our last day off until graduation."

"Are you counting down the days?" I asked, taking a glass from Anna.

"Yup! Sixteen school days to go until final exams. And that will be a cake walk. We're pretty much done already."

"Did you work at Christie's today?"

"Mmm-hmm," she confirmed while sipping from her own glass. "Six hours."

As if remembering how long she had been on her feet, Anna tilted her head back, reached behind it to tussle her hair, and arched her back in a stretch. Her breasts thrust up and out from her chest, stretching the shirt so that it molded flawlessly to her perfect form. Her nipples poked at the shirt's fabric, so close to the edge that I strained to see a bit of areola. At the same time, she stood on her toes and thrust her hips back. Her butt curved out so far that her cascading hair nearly touched it. Just when I thought my dick couldn't get any harder, it lurched when I got a nice shot of her side-butt, exposed by the too-short pleated skirt. She was either wearing a thong or no panties at all!

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