tagLoving WivesThe Ski Lodge: Endgame?

The Ski Lodge: Endgame?

byquinn rogan©

(Author's note - this is the follow-up to 'The Ski Lodge: First Night'. My apologies to those of you who have been waiting - I hope it's been worthwhile.)

The snowplough was making slow progress. Charlie looked at his watch again – twenty past two. The girls would be getting worried. Pete was looking quite a bit the worse for wear, now. The effects of the whisky were wearing off – fast – and Pete was semi-comatose, his head juddering against the window of the heated, enclosed cab of the huge machine, as it ground its way slowly up the hillside.

"How much longer, now?" Charlie asked the driver.

"Aw, about twenty minutes," replied Jake, cheerfully. By now, Charlie had realised that Jake was a wild optimist – it would probably be the best part of an hour before they got up to the lodge.

Deep down, Charlie couldn't make up his mind whether he was disappointed, or not. It had been exciting, when he and Pete were sharing the whisky, and getting to know each other better – then Pete had told him about the time he had watched his friend, Hugh, with Janet, his wife. The first time, after the New Year party, when Hugh had kissed, and half-stripped, Janet – then the 'set-up', when Pete had actually got to see his lovely wife fucking his friend.

Despite his tiredness, Charlie felt his cock half-harden as he recalled Pete's graphic description of his excitement at watching his friend become more and more intimate with his wife. Inevitably, this had reawakened Charlie's own memories of seeing Mary, his own wife, dancing with Billy at that never-to-be-forgotten party, and watching Billy's hand disappear inside her clothing to fondle Mary's tits...

The temptation to share the experience with Pete had been irresistible and, from that point on, it had been inevitable that the subject of what might happen with the four of them under the one roof for the next week would come up for discussion, and speculation. And, as the bottle of Highland Park had slowly emptied, speculation had become proposition and, in Pete's mind, at least, some sort of binding agreement that the burgeoning friendship between the two couples might develop into something more intimate...

Charlie couldn't recall actually agreeing to anything but, by that time, the combined effects of the Highland Park and the arousal engendered by their discussion, and mutual revelations, had clouded his judgment to such an extent that he knew he hadn't rendered any effective doubt, or reservation, and, before he knew it, Pete was talking to Janet on his mobile phone, and dropping some very heavy hints...

By the time they had organised the lift on the snowplough, Pete had been 'flying' and his second call to Janet had been even more suggestive. By that time, Charlie, too, had been completely carried away with the idea, but the long, tedious crawl up the mountainside had given him time to think – and to sober up.

First and foremost, what would the reaction of the girls be? Pete had said, after the first call, that Janet had sounded pretty excited and, by now, Charlie thought he knew Mary well enough to guess that, under the right circumstances, with the right people, she was prepared to 'experiment', but she was still, fundamentally, very shy, and Charlie knew that the atmosphere would have to be carefully contrived. The more he thought about it, the more Charlie surmised that there was no way they were going to jump out of this snowplough and into a wild sexual adventure tonight...

Up at the lodge, Janet and Mary were also engaged in some sober reflection. By mutual, unspoken, consent they had slipped out of their mood of euphoria soon after Pete's call and, five minutes later, they were cradling cups of coffee and, both wearing tracksuits, were engaged in serious discussion.

Inevitably, Janet was taking the lead.

"We both need some time to get our thoughts together," she insisted, and Mary nodded her assent. Now that she had time to think, Mary's head was in a complete whirl, remembering her first full-blown act of adultery – not to mention the strange, exciting development of her relationship with Janet. Also, she realised, she was tired out...

"It's been – quite a night... " Janet went on, reaching out a hand and squeezing Mary's "... in more ways than one... " Mary coloured up, remembering not only how her legs had parted willingly – even enthusiastically – for Howie's erect cock to slide easily inside her, but also the overpowering attraction she felt towards the lovely Scottish girl at her side.

"I wish," said Mary, haltingly, blushing crimson. "I wish the boys had stayed down there, tonight. "

"Oh, me, too," asserted Janet. "I haven't forgotten where we were headed – but, well, I think we'll have to save that for another time. "

She leaned over and took Mary's head in her hands. She kissed her, softly, full on the lips, and her hand slid on to Mary's breast, and squeezed it, lovingly.

"There will be another time," she said, with conviction, then added – "if that's what you want. "

"Oh, yes," breathed Mary, feeling her heart beat faster. "But I think the best thing we can do now is to clear up and get off to bed before those two Romeos arrive. "

"Christ, yes!" exclaimed Janet. "We'd better remove the evidence, too!"

She jumped to her feet and, for the next twenty minutes, the two girls were busily occupied, restoring the cabin to its 'pre Howie and Paul' condition, then they both had a quick shower before retiring to their separate bedrooms...

It was a quarter to three when Pete and Charlie eventually opened the door of the darkened lodge. Pete was barely conscious, and clearly would have been worse than useless if his optimistic plans had had any chance of bearing fruit, that night. Charlie helped him to his bedroom, making sure he got undressed OK, then watched him slide under the covers beside the recumbent figure of Janet, who hardly stirred.

Charlie took the opportunity to study the sleeping girl, before slipping out of the room. Her dark hair was spread over the pillow, and one bare shoulder appeared out of the heavy duvet. Despite his tiredness, Charlie speculated on what lay beneath the covers and whether he might get to find out, in the course of the next few days and nights – and, again, his penis stiffened slightly.

He pushed the door of his and Mary's room open, softly. She, too, was in bed, but, as Charlie stepped inside, her eyes drifted open, and a sleepy smile lit her face. Unbeknown to Charlie, she was wide awake, her heart hammering. The memory of how she had wantonly opened her legs for Howie was still too fresh – not to mention her burgeoning relationship with Janet. She had to speak to Charlie – not to tell him, but just to – make contact again.

She hoped he wouldn't want to make love to her – what if he was able to tell? She might be – stretched – or he might feel some of Howie's...

"Are you OK?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he replied. "A bit chilled – but you can do something about that!" He grinned, unaware of Mary's heart sinking, a little. Throwing off his clothes in an untidy heap, Charlie burrowed under the duvet beside her, his hands, as ever, reaching for her breasts. Mary yelped as his cold fingers closed round her soft warm mounds.

"That'll get your nipples up," Charlie chuckled, and she smelt the whisky on his breath.

"How's Pete?" she asked – it was an automatic association – Pete and his Highland Park.

"Oh, he's pretty well out of it," said Charlie. "I made sure he was tucked up, though. "

"Was Janet still awake?" asked Mary. Pete felt his cock stir, at the recollection of Janet's sleeping form.

"No," he answered, shortly, then hurried on. "And what did you two get up to tonight?"

"Oh," responded Mary, with studied nonchalance. "We ate – then we talked – and we had some wine. Did you and Pete have a good talk?"

The words were out before she thought about them. She could have bitten her tongue. She didn't want to talk about – that – tonight. In an attempt to distract Charlie, she slid her hand downwards to find his cock – then realised that that, too, could be misinterpreted...

Charlie was searching for words.

"Listen," he said, urgently. "About Pete – that phone call – he was pretty well out of it. I – I said more than I should have done – I'm sorry, Mary. It was just that – well, when he started talking about him and Janet – well... "

Mary snuggled into him.

"It's OK, Charlie. As a matter of fact, Janet had got on to the subject before Pete phoned – we got on very well, too, and I found myself telling her things I've never told anyone. "

Charlie speculated on what Mary might have talked about – the things she had told him – and he began to feel the old excitement all over again. That strange, almost forbidden thrill that had started the night he saw Billy's hand sliding up to fondle Mary's breasts...

Mary hand was cupped, loosely, around his cock and balls, and he felt his cock begin to stiffen. His mouth was dry, as he whispered.

"Did you talk about – you know – the four of us?"

"Not really," Mary answered. "It was more about what's happened, up to now, with us – and with them. Probably what you and Pete talked about. It wasn't till Pete phoned that – well, the 'four of us' came up. "

"So, what did you think – both of you?" asked Charlie, his fingertip caressing Mary's hard nipple, then – "What did you think?"

"Honestly?" questioned Mary, and he nodded.

"Yes," he said, positively. "We don't do anything you're not happy with – it doesn't matter what they want. "

Mary gave a little chuckle. "Even if you had to pass up the chance of – making love to Janet?"

"Yes," replied Charlie – only half-lying.

"Don't you fancy her, then?" whispered Mary, mischievously.

"Not at all," responded Pete, catching her mood. "Those high, firm tits – long legs – peachy bum – aaarrrggghhh!!!"

"You missed her shaven pussy," breathed Mary, her amusement mingling with arousal at the memory of her shared caresses with Janet.

"Jesus," muttered Charlie, and Mary felt his cock twitch in her hand. "How do you know?"

"I saw her in the shower. "

Charlie went quiet, then – "What do you think, then?"

"Oh, Charlie," Mary replied. "I don't know. I know you like me telling you about Billy and Tom – and Tony and Bev – but what would you be like if... "

"If I was watching you – with Pete?"

Mary nodded, her heart thumping. In her mind was a picture of the four of them – paired off, watching each other. Charlie was sliding his hand into Janet's panties, watching Pete uncover Mary's tits and begin kissing them. The image excited her, but...

"Watching him – fuck you?"

Charlie's voice was hoarse. Mary felt his cock, hard as steel, in her hand, and gave way to the excitement of the image.

"Yes," she breathed. "His big cock sliding into me, his hands on my tits, my legs spread wide apart for him – would you like that, Charlie?"

"And me – fucking Janet – while I watched – playing with her tits... "

He groaned and suddenly doubled up as torrents of sperm splattered out onto Mary's hand...

They were all slow to surface the next morning – predictably, Pete was slowest of all, but he showed remarkable powers of recovery after his second cup of coffee. If there was any initial awkwardness on the part of the girls, as they recalled their adventures of the previous evening, it soon wore off, as the boys' hangovers made them less than normally inquisitive, and, by ten o'clock, they were tumbling out of the lodge, into the deep, crisp snow, heading for the slopes.

They had a fabulous day's skiing, under a new instructor, a handsome blonde Austrian called Joachim, but it soon became apparent that he was more interested in Pete and Charlie than their wives, which caused the girls, particularly, a great deal of amusement.

Mary, though, couldn't help wondering at the coincidence – following her voyage of self-discovery with Janet the previous night – and she spent a good part of the day wondering what the evening would bring. Nothing was said about the proposals made on the cellphone the previous night, and even Janet couldn't be drawn on the subject, on the odd occasion when the two girls found themselves on their own.

They got back to the lodge in the late afternoon, and all four of them set about preparing dinner – steaks, with all the trimmings, plus two bottles of red wine, and easy, relaxed conversation about their favourite television shows, books, and films.

The conversation about their favourite films continued after they had left the table. Mary and Janet brought the second bottle of wine with them, while Pete opened his bottle of beloved Highland Park, pouring generous glasses for himself and Charlie.

They were all enthusiastic about "Bridget Jones' Diary", the girls comparing the relative attractions of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth – the boys unanimous in their confirmation of the 'fuckability' of Rene Zellweger. It was Charlie who mentioned the 'after the party' scene in "Eyes Wide Shut", enthusiastically recalling Nicole Kidman, half-drunk and half-naked, teasing her tight-arsed doctor husband about the reactions of a female patient when the 'handsome young doctor' was 'squeezing her little titties. '

"Do you remember," Janet carried on the theme, "when she told him about the naval officer she saw at the hotel?"

"Oh, yes," chimed in Mary, her cheeks flushed with her day in the snow, and the warmth, and the wine. "How she wanted him – right from the first moment she saw him – and how she'd have gone with him without a second thought, if he had asked her. "

Charlie glanced at Pete, who was staring intently at Mary's parted lips, and bright eyes, as she retold the scene. Charlie felt a frisson of excitement – he sensed a slight atmosphere of tension building up. This could be the start of something...

He cast a sideways look at Janet. She, too, was watching Mary, intently, and Charlie was a little puzzled at the expression on her handsome face. Then he realised – she had the same look as her husband. They're feeling it, too, Charlie thought, and he realised that, now – now that the moment might be beginning – he wanted to go on – to see where it led.

"Does that happen, do you think?" he asked, suddenly. "I mean – could a girl just feel like that about a man – just like that? So strongly that she'd just – go with him – ignoring the consequences? Just go and – have sex – just like that?"

Mary and Janet glanced at each other, then, simultaneously, laughed. It was Janet, typically, who answered.

"I think it could," she said. "Of course, I don't have a child to consider, so it would be different for me, but I can imagine the urge being strong enough. "

"Imagine?" pressed Charlie. "So you've no – personal experience?"

Janet laughed again. "Now, that would be telling, wouldn't it?" she replied.

"How about you, Mary?" put in Pete, quietly. "What's your take on this?"

Mary lifted her chin – almost defiantly. "Oh, yes," she said. "I'm sure that could happen – in the right place, at the right time – if the atmosphere was right. "

Pete nodded, his eyes on Mary's face. She stared him out for a few seconds, then coloured slightly, and dropped her eyes.

"And you're not 'telling', either, are you?" murmured Pete, and Mary shook her head, with a shy, but mischievous smile, and a sideways glance at Janet.

The four of them fell silent, each busy with their own thoughts. It was Janet who broke the quiet moment.

"Have you two ever seen any Zalman King films – the 'Red Shoe Diaries' series?"

"Is that the one where the chap from 'The X-Files' reads letters and...?" asked Charlie, and Janet nodded. She was sitting forward in her chair, her glass cupped in both hands. Charlie noticed her hands were trembling a little, and he felt a renewed current of anticipation.

"There's one called 'The Game'," Janet went on. "It's about a couple who – well, they like to take risks – sexual risks. Have you seen it?"

"Don't think so," answered Charlie, then, mouth drying a little, added – "sounds interesting, though. " He knew it wasn't just a general comment – this was leading somewhere – somewhere, he now knew, where he wanted to go.

But he couldn't go alone, and he looked over at Mary. She was curled up in her chair – in a defensive position? Charlie wondered. But she nodded her head.

"What did they do?" she asked.

"Well," said Janet. "It started off with the girl being blindfolded, standing in a room, while the guy slowly stripped her, and felt her all over, talking to her all the time, about what turned her on – then, at some point, he drew the curtains open. They were in a high-rise block of apartments, with another block opposite. It was night, but the room was lit, and the girl knew they could be seen... "

Charlie felt his balls tighten. The others were silent, watching Janet as she fingered her glass, nervously, as she painted a word picture for them.

"They watched, as well," Janet continued. "They had a sort of telescope thing, and they – well, mainly he – watched the windows in the other apartments. In one scene, he saw a couple making love and – did it – to the girl, while she watched them. Then they went out one night, in the rain. It was crowded – the streets full of people – and the girl took off her raincoat. She was naked underneath, and he shot a video of her, running naked among all these people. "

"They devised this game. It was a game of chance – a 'Wheel of Fortune' kind of thing. The wheel was spun and it could fall on 'Touch me', 'Show me', or 'Tell me', and, wherever it fell, whoever was spinning the wheel had control. And – there was also a 'Wild card', where you could require whatever you wanted... "

Pete stood up and went over to the sideboard. He poured two generous measures of Highland Park. Janet refilled her own and Mary's glasses from the wine bottle, emptying it. As she did so, she looked down at Mary, an unspoken question in her eyes.

Mary's insides were churning, but she gave a nervous little smile, and an almost imperceptible nod. She had seen the film – late, one night, when she had been alone. She remembered it very well – especially one scene, which she knew Janet had to be leading up to... Memories flooded back – she had gone to bed and relived that episode in her mind, hand thrust between her thighs until she had cried out in release, then slept – deeply – peacefully – until the next morning.

And memories of last night's 'game' of Spin the Bottle were still vivid – what was it with Janet and games? And it was Mary, once they were all seated again, who said – "... and – did anything else happen?"

"Oh, yes," said Janet. "There were a few things. But the main one was when the guy got the girl to make contact with the couple in the opposite block – the ones they had watched. They invited them for a meal and, afterwards, they told them about the game... "

"And did they – play?" asked Mary, her heart thumping as she recalled the half-lit scenes - the hands, and mouths, and clothes being shed, secrets revealed.

Janet smiled, but, instead of answering the question, asked another.

"Would you like to?" she breathed, her question directed at Mary, but her eyes travelling, to include Charlie. She didn't address Pete – his acquiescence taken for granted. Inevitably, Mary and Charlie looked at each other. Charlie wished he had had a chance to discuss it with Mary again. He had gone straight to sleep after he 'came' the previous night. Had they actually agreed anything?

He studied his wife's face, intently. How would he feel – really feel – if she wanted to go on with this? How would it be – watching her – with Pete? His dry mouth and thudding heart told him – and, almost as an afterthought, he thought about Janet, and his cock stiffened perceptibly.

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