tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 01

The Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 01


The Watson sisters Emily, Dawn, and Wendy were on a ski trip up in the mountains for the weekend. Emily, 24, was the oldest of the three. Curly long golden locks, light blue eyes as blue as the clearest ocean. At 5'6 and medium size built, she was thick in all the right places. Emily possessed a huge pair of 44FF cups that stood out from her chest like watermelons and sloped down from her chest like huge teardrops. Her ass was also more then a handful. Large, round, and firm jiggling with every step she took wearing men's boxers and low-cut shorts. Wearing tight jeans only made her ass look larger then what it was.

Dawn, 21, the second oldest had baby blue eyes and long blond hair tied in pigtails. She stood at 5'4 and had a small frame, which carried an amazing pair of 38EE's. Her ass wasn't as big as Emily's, but it was firm and round and easy to get a handful.

At 18 and being the youngest of the three, Wendy wanted to distance herself from her older sisters. Her natural roots were blond but she dyed her hair dark red and cut it shoulder length. At 5'3, she had a small body but was sporting a huge 42D cup.

Everyone they knew thought they were blessed with enormous breasts, including their own mother who barely fit into a B cup. She knew the girls had to get their assets from their grandmother who before she died, sported 40JJJ cup tits and at her age, they sagged completely to her knees. She hoped that her daughters didn't become that unlucky when they got old. She also hoped that the girls didn't distance themselves from each other. As a result she decided to send them to a snowy mountain resort for a weekend to spend time with each other. Unfortunately, what their mother didn't know was that the weekend she was expecting them to have, wasn't going to happen. A bad snow storm threatened them, but that wasn't' the worse threat the girls had to fear...

"Damn! I can't believe we came all the way to this mountain to have a good time and we get snowed in. Fucking sucks," complained Dawn.

"Well at least we're not out there like those other dumb fucks," said Wendy barely able to see outside through the snow covered window.

"Hey, you guys! There's someone out there nearly covered under some heavy snow. I think we should help whoever it is," said Emily looking through the other cabin window.

"But we don't know who it is. It's not cool to take in strangers," said Wendy facing Emily with a worried look on her face.

"Relax Wendy. Three of us against one person. I wouldn't feel right if the person just died in front of our cabin," Emily said.

"Fine. Who's going out there?" asked Wendy. "Since I'm the youngest, that counts me out."

Emily and Dawn put on their heavy winter coats, boots, and gloves and headed outside to save the fallen person from death. They took hold of the person's arms and dragged the limp body all the way back into the cabin. The person was face down on the ground and wearing a heavy black coat with black boots. The girls turned the body over and it turned out to be a male. Snow and ice nearly completely covered his face.

"Jesus," said Wendy.

"Don't just stand there looking cute. Get a blanket from out of our room and a warm compress" ordered Emily. "Come on Dawn. Let's put him on the couch."

Emily and Dawn lifted the strange man onto the couch. They didn't want to remove anything off him because he might still be freezing badly. Wendy returned from the room with a warm compress and a heavy blanket for the man. Once they had him under the blanket, Emily turned up the heat so that he could get warm.

"Great. It's going to be blazing hot in here," said Wendy, taking off her heavy sweatshirt, revealing a tight tank top and a massive sport bra holding her big breasts up. She also took off her sweat pants and changed into some low-cut shorts that showed her firm and round ass perfectly.

"Great idea," said Dawn to Wendy as she started to get undressed herself. She tossed her sweatshirt on to the floor and stepped out of her jeans. She stood in front of them wearing an extremely oversized T-shirt and a white thong underneath that exposed both of her well-rounded butt cheeks. It was clear that she wasn't wearing a bra because her massive tits sloped down a little bit and her nipples were poking out through her T-shirt extremely hard and aroused from being outside.

Unknown to the girls, the man had his eyes open and watched as they were undressing. Emily was next to get undressed, standing in front of her sisters wearing a small tight red shirt with the words "Kiss Me" stretched across her gigantic chest and men's boxers that bulged her huge ass out. She too was not wearing a bra. Her big nipples were easily seen poking out through the shirt.

The frozen man suddenly felt a tingle in his pants as he was getting his blood warmed real quickly. His dick started to rise like a flower in the sun at the sight of the busty sisters in front of him. The ice on his face started to melt quickly as the blood in his cock started to flow rapidly, giving him a massive boner that luckily, thanks to his thick coat and the blanket, the girls were not aware of.

"Well there is no point in watching him. We might as well go to bed and check on him in the morning," said Emily.

The girls headed to their room and Emily hit the switch to turn off all the lights. There were only two beds inside the room. Two of the sisters were going to have to share a bed. The girls decided that the smallest cup sizes would share the one large bed while the biggest titted sister got her own. Of course Emily won that and so Wendy and Dawn had to share the large bed.

In the dead of night when all was calm and tranquil, the man quietly got up off the couch and unzipped his heavy coat and tossed it on the sofa. He suspiciously looked around the dark room and peeked inside the girls' bedroom. They were fast asleep. A shadowy figure rushed across the window to the door. The man went up to the door and opened it. Evidently someone he knew greeted him and carried a large gym bag into to the cabin.

"The girls are asleep. Everything is working perfectly. This will be well worth almost freezing my ass off for," said the man.

"Good," said the other man as he took off his coat and gloves.

"I don't believe we're doing this! It was well worth it lying in the snow for an hour until those dumb bitches came out to rescue me. Ha, ha! Not a bad job of acting, pretending to be a poor freezing soul."

The two men tiptoed into the girls'room with the large gym bag in hand. Fifteen minutes later, one of them yelled out "RISE AND SHINE BITCHES!"

Powerful bright lights shinned on Wendy and Dawn on the large bed. They quickly opened their eyes to find themselves tied up with thick ropes. Their wrists and ankles were tied securely.

"WHAT THE FUCK!"shouted Wendy very confused and angry, trying to shake herself free. The shaking caused her huge tits to wobble inside her tank top and sport bra.

"Mmmm girl. Shake those big titties,"said one of the guys behind the lights with a video camera. Dawn was also trying to wiggle loose but only her massive breasts were wiggling bare beneath her large shirt.

"I love natural breasts. They move in every direction," said the mystery man.

"What are you guys going to do to us?" asked a scared Dawn.

"Nothing you girls probably could handle. Then again we might accidentally break one of your girls," said the man. "Hey Doug! How is the chick in the "Kiss Me" shirt doing."

Doug was the man they saved from the snow earlier. "She's doing fine, Jim, but she could do a lot better with my dick deep inside her," he responded to the other guy. Doug had Emily on her knees on the bed while he knelt behind her with a shape knife at her throat.

"Oh my God! EMILY!" shouted Dawn.

"Gag those bitches, will you," said Doug burying his nose in Emily's curly golden hair which was tied into a ponytail.

As Wendy and Dawn were screaming and yelling their lungs out, Jim searched through one of the girl's bags and pulled out a pair of socks. He stuffed them into the screaming girls' mouths to shut them up and said to them "There will be plenty of time for screaming and yelling when it is your turn." Jim couldn't resist and took a huge tit from each girl into his hands and squeezed them tightly. He really loved the fact that Dawn wasn't wearing anything under her shirt and it was almost like squeezing her real enormous breast. "I'm going to have so much fun with these," he said directly towards Dawn, whom had a look of shock on her face. Wendy on the other hand was in rage and continuously tried to free herself but to no prevail. It only excited Jim even more watching her D cups bounce wildly inside her tank top.

"Now. What my friend and I are going to do is get all warmed up with you ladies help. It's so cold outside and I thank you ladies for bringing me in but next time, instead of a blanket, why not warm me up with those meaty titties you ladies have so much of," Doug said stabbing the blade harder into Emily's throat, nearly breaking the skin.

"I think the girl you have Doug has the biggest pair of them all," smirked Jim.

"Don't I know it, Jim. Mmmmm these huge fun bags are so wonderful I just want to cum touching them," explained Doug as he traced the tip of the knife slowly down her sleek neck and down the side of her right tit. He paused at the bulge of her tit and pressed in drawing a whimper from Emily.

Please don't hurt me," cried Emily.

Just do what I say and you may make it out of here in one piece," Doug whispered in her ear as he continued to slowly move the tip of the knife toward her right nipple. Emily shook uncontrollably. Doug circled her areole with the blade zeroing in on her nipple.

"We are going to film you girls while we have our fun with your bodies." Doug continued to whisper in Emily's ear. He pricked her fat left nipple through her top with the knife careful not to break the skin. He moved the blade away and watched the huge tit wobble back into place. Emily felt his massive boner press hard between her large ass cheeks as her mind raced hysterically.

Doug dropped the hunting knife from her chest to one of her ass cheeks. He managed to slip the blade up the leg of her boxers. He pressed the tip into her cheek. "Damn girl. You have big tits and a big ass. I know I have to fuck them both," Doug said, now pressing his dick harder between her cheeks. "Mmmmm. I can feel my cum ready to unload right now filling up your cunt," he continued to taunt her whispering in her ear.

Jim moved the video camera over to Emily's bed and set up some less powerful lights so that he could capture the action perfectly in the cam.

"Are we going to tie her up?" asked Jim.

"No. I don't think she will do anything stupid. Will you, Emily? Something bad could happen to her sisters if she does," Doug said smiling. That brought terror to Emily's face as Doug removed the hunting knife from her shorts.

"Hold this while we begin our union," Doug handed Jim the knife, and he placed it on top of the cam. "Remember Emily, the knife is within easy reach."

Doug was all ready mauling Emily's huge tits inside her shirt. He gripped her magnificent breasts from the bottoms and shook them at the cam. Her tight red shirt kept rising and falling above her navel, moving to the gyrations of her giant breasts being fondled. Doug's lips were all over Emily's neck as he slither his tongue up to her right ear and whispered "Let's see those ample jugs of yours. Wait a minute. I've got a better idea. Doug, hand me the hunting knife. Make sure you capture all this on tape."

He took the hunting knife and tossed it back and forth from his right hand to his left as he circled in front of her. "OK Emily, put your hands on your head, now."

With growing fear Emily did as she was told, tears welling up in her eyes.

Doug set the flat side of the blade against Emily's left jug. He flicked his wrist and smacked her tit on the side with the flat of the blade. Her huge tit bobbed back and forth. He repeated the action on her right tit. Emily closed her eyes and asked herself why they helped him.

"Open your eyes, Emily, and look at me now. I want you to see everything I do to you."

Emily's eyes remained shut tightly.

In anger Doug took the blade and gave her left tit a vicious swat with the flat of the blade. "Next time I'll use the sharp edge. Open your eyes and look at me, now."

Emily sat bolt straight and looked Doug in the eye with her heart filled with terror.

Doug smiled and slid the blade under her tight red shirt and slowly cut upward between her enormous breasts. When he reached the top of her tight red shirt, Emily's jugs sprang free. Doug's mouth dropped in awe.

"Holy shit, look at the size of those hooters," Doug said as he took his eight inch blade and circled her left breast. He continued to look Emily directly in the eye making sure she maintained eye contact at all times. He repeated the action on her enormous right breast. Then he zeroed in on her right aureole.

"Emily, push your chest out and don't take your hands off of your head. That's it. I love the way you're offering your tits to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you."

Emily whimpered but was unable to say anything.

Doug pressed the tip of the blade into her left nipple. "I said tell me what you want me to do to you. Don't you understand English?" The tip just pierced the skin and drew a single drop of blood.

Emily was completely broken. "Do anything you want to me. Just please don't hurt me." She continued to whimper.

Doug took hold of the sides of her torn shirt and ripped it off her. He exposed her massive pale tits to the cam, sloping down and jutting out from her ribcages like missiles toppled with large pinkish areolas and big chewable pink nipples. He put the knife down and moved behind her.

"Get a close up of those marbles, Jim," urged Doug, his hands resting on the very top of her chest while Jim zoomed in on Emily's oversized breasts. Her nipples looked like large erasers sticking out of their saucer looking areolas.

"Lift them up so I can see the bottoms," ordered Jim.

Doug didn't hesitate and lifted Emily's huge titties up by her big pink nipples so Jim could capture the round bottoms of her breasts. Doug started to jiggle her tits by the nipples to add a little bit of favor to the boob shots.

"Oh man. That's it. Just have your way with her man," urged Jim feeling his dick throbbing to be released.

Doug didn't disappoint Jim as he mauled Emily's huge tits in every angle squeezing her tits at the base and letting her meaty flesh sink through his fingers. He wobbled her mammoth jugs in the palms of his hands, looking over her shoulder to watch them jump up and down. He uses two of his fingers to rub her fat hard nipples and twisted them. Moans escaped from between Emily's lips. She could feel her pussy burning with the desire to have a big juicy dick between the lips.

"Take off those sexy boxers you have on," demanded Doug.

He stepped back a little bit to allow Emily enough room to slide her boxers down, all the way off her sock-covered feet. She revealed her huge firm ass to him and nicely trimmed wet pussy to the camera. She had a nice colorful butterfly tattoo on her left ass cheek. Doug licked the palm of his hand and slapped her across her left ass cheek to watch the butterfly jiggle in her flesh.

"Now unzip my pants and release the beast within them," ordered Doug in a harsh voice.

With that, Emily turned around to face him and pressed her gigantic tits against his chest. His big dick was flat against her stomach as she started to unzip his jeans. The head of his cock was poking out from above his boxers large and ready for Emily's pleasure. She slid her hands down his backside and into his boxers from behind. She squeezed his ass and slowly slid his boxers down to his knees. His massive 12-inch dick pressed hard against her bare skinned stomach. His huge balls dangle between his throbbing rod. Dawn had looked over to see what was going on. She saw Emily's huge bare ass sticking up in the air and her kissing down Doug's chest. Emily's enormous tits dangled on Doug's dick and he wrapped his hands as best as possible around her breasts and gave her a mini tit fuck with his dick.

"Get off the bed and suck my dick," Doug ordered Emily. She stepped off of the bed and got down on her knees. Doug sat on the edge of the bed with his big dick pointing towards the ceiling. Jim zoomed in from the sides to see Emily take Doug's massive cock head between her juicy lips. Wendy was in shock to see her older sister-giving head. She admitted to her sisters that not so long ago, she only gave head once and didn't like it. Now she was being forced to deep throat a man with an elephant dick.

Slowly Emily bobbed her head up and down Doug's cock. Doug ran his fingers through her curly hair and picked up his knife and held it to her throat to encourage her to push her mouth down more and more over his throbbing prick. Emily wrapped her arms around Doug's waist for leverage as his huge dick slid into her throat. Inch by inch she was taking more and more of his huge dick down her throat.

"Oh yeeeees!" moaned Doug feeling a wonderful sensation of Emily's warm and wet mouth, engulfing his large member. Emily's lips were closer and closer to the base of Doug's dick. She started to choke and gag on his meat and Doug didn't let her come up for air. Thick saliva pours out from the sides of her mouth as she reached the base of his big dick and smoothed it with her tongue. The knife at her throat continued to be a reminder to her of what would happen if she didn't obey.

"OHHHHH GOD!" cried Doug pulling Emily's hair nearly out by the roots.

"Damn man. She's deep throating that dick," Jim said amazed. He zoomed in for a close up shot of Emily's mouth completely over Doug's dick. Her cheeks were red and bulging from power sucking his massive cock. After five minutes of deep throating, he finally let Emily up for some air. Her face was all red and sweaty. Tears had formed in her eyes. Her lips just oozed saliva and pre-cum, forming spit bubbles as she breathed heavily. Doug's big dick was dripping with Emily's saliva as he rubbed his swollen dickhead against her lips and cheek. He then gave her cheeks a few hard slaps with his cock.

"Now let me fuck those big titties," Doug demanded as he smacked the side of her right tit with his knife.

In fear Emily lifted up her 44FF cups and set them on Doug's thighs. Doug gripped his hands around them and tightly squeezed them hard around his dripping wet dick. The head of his cock barely peeked over her cleavage as he started to thrust between her meaty mountains. His heavy balls pounded against the undersides of her pillowy tits.

"AHHHH!" moaned Doug as he quickened the pace and rammed his cock faster and harder between her tit valley. Emily had her eyes closed and her facial expressions showed she was in pain but enjoying the titfuck in a disgusting way. She has never let a man tit fuck her before and she was enjoying it.

"Hold your tits damn it!" shouted an angry Doug as he once again picked up the knife. He pressed the tip of the blade into the side of her right tit to remind her of what would happen if she was disobedient.

Emily wrapped her arms around her huge tits and they bulged out from the sides. Doug lifted his ass off the bed to thrust his cock head from between her tits hitting her chin.

"MMMMMMM! Suck my dick as it comes up bitch," Doug demanded as sweat poured off his face and he thrust her tits wildly making them bounce and wobble on his thighs and at her face. Emily listened to him and captured his dickhead between her lips every time he thrust his big dick.

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