tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 02

The Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 02


Wendy and Dawn just looked at each other horrified at what just happened with Emily and the rapist.

"Mmmm Jim. I'm still horny. Which one of these bitches do I fuck next?" asked Doug, looking at his partner Jim.

"Why not fuck the little one?" Jim responded talking about Wendy.

"Maybe. She has a nice pair of juicy titties but the sister on the right has an even bigger pair," Doug replied licking his nasty thick lips while looking at Dawn.

"Why not take them both at the same time?" Jim recommended.

"Mmmm. A little bit of sister action. I like it," said Doug. "And if the girls don't do as I ask them too, you hold the knife to their big sister and cut her."

"Got ya."

Doug lifted Emily off the bed and took some rope and tied her up in a chair, still naked and sore all over. Doug made sure her enormous breasts were hanging between the ropes as he tied her down tightly in the chair. He then put a sock in her mouth and tied some rope around it making a gag for her. Doug couldn't resist but to suck on Emily's tender nipples one last time. He then licked the palms of his hands and started slapping Emily's giant tits against each other. Watching them slap violently into one another.

Jim got some close up shots of Emily's huge red titties swaying against each other from Doug's slaps.

"I just hope the other two sisters have nice soft breasts like she does," grinned Doug as he licked the side of Emily's face.

Emily has never felt so violated and embarrassed in all her life. She was at the point of wanting to just die rather then be fucked by this rapist.

"Now girls. I am going to untied the both of you and I don't want no heroine shit out of both you fuckers or your sister will find her throat being sliced the fuck open," warned Doug.

Both Wendy and Dawn had fear in their eyes, afraid that Doug's friend might actually kill their big sister. Jim even had the sharp knife right at Emily's throat, lightly shearing at her skin. Small trickles of blood started dripping down Emily's neck. Both Wendy and Dawn knew they no choice but to be fucked by this filthy man and videotaped by his equally filthy partner.

Doug untied Dawn first and removed the gag from her mouth. She didn't say nor do anything but sit up and watch as Jim held the knife to her sister's throat.

Doug untied Wendy who did the exact same thing Emily did.

"Now ladies, we are going to have loads of fun. I feel like covering both your pretty faces with my hot milk. What do you girls say?" teased Doug.

Dawn and Wendy just looked at Doug with disgusted looks on their faces. Doug lifted his hand slapped Dawn hard across the face. Wendy was in shock and Emily was outraged, trying to move her hands and feet from the ropes. Her movements only caused her gigantic breasts to bounce and jiggle wildly in every direction. Dawn just licked her lower lip to taste a drop of blood that leaked out of her mouth. A huge red mark was imprinted on Dawn's left cheek. Dawn looked up at Doug and he smiled down at her. Doug moved his hands down to Dawn's huge titties and started massaging them.

Small moans exited Dawn lips as Doug started mauling her big tits.

"Don't be shy, Wendy. Kiss your fucking sister on the lips and make her feel happy, you bitch," said an angry Doug.

Some tears started forming in Wendy's eyes as she leaned over and planted a small kiss on Dawn's lips. Doug took the back of both their heads and made them get into an intense lip lock. Doug pressed Dawn and Wendy's bodies together, watching them nearly suck each other's faces off. Their massive tits smashed into each other and bulged out from their sides.

Doug let go of their heads and cupped a tit from each of the girls. He started squeezing them and pressing his thumbs at their hardened nipples. Dawn and Wendy continued to kiss each other. They even added some tongue action, sliding their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Doug wanted to join the action so he pressed his face against theirs and started sliding his tongue around in the middle making it a three-way kiss.

"Mmmm Doug. This is some hot action, man," responded Jim as he held the video camera in one hand and the knife in the other.

Jim zoomed up on the three-way kiss, watching three pairs of tongues slide in and out of each others mouths. Both Wendy and Dawn turned too Doug and started sliding their tongues into his mouth at one time. Four pairs of huge titties were pressed against Doug's chest and that was making his cock throb with pain.

Both girls took a step back from Doug and lifted up their underwear. Dawn removed her oversized white tee, revealing her bare 38EE cups, toppled with small bumpy areolas and large pink nipples. Wendy removed her sports bra and out tumbled her impressive 42D jugs with large areolas and thick light brown nipples.

Doug's mouth was watering. Both Wendy and Dawn held up their massive titties for him.

"What a decision you must make, Doug," laughed Jim capturing the four pairs of juicy boobs being held out on their own for Doug to feast upon.

Doug placed his head between both sets of breasts, and the girls started smothering his face with their massive titties. Doug had soft boob flesh all around his head. He felt like he was in heaven. Both Wendy and Dawn started slapping Doug's face with their massive tits.

Jim tried to zoom in on Doug's face but Wendy and Dawn's breasts were blocking his view which he didn't mind at all.

Dawn and Wendy started kissing again and this time more passionately. Doug could he heard slurping and sucking away at both Dawn and Wendy's breasts. He held one of each of their tits in his hands and plunged both nipples between his lips at the same time. Both girls started moaning heavily in between kissing.

Wendy stopped kissing Dawn and moved to Dawn's free huge tit. Wendy held the mammoth tit up in both hands and started lapping her tongue around the areola, outlining the nipple before taking it between her lips. Doug was still sucking a tit from each of the girls, cramming his mouth full with as much breast tissue from both girls as possible.

Jim captured Dawn's facial expressions as it turned to pleasure. Chills were surging through her body as both her tits were being feasted on. Doug stopped sucking on Wendy's tit and decided to help Wendy satisfy Dawn.

Dawn held Doug and Wendy's heads tight against her giant boobs, feeling their mouths and tongues savagely coat her melons. The front of Dawn's thong started soaking. Jim zoomed in on it and wished that he were involved in this suck and fuck orgy.

Wendy released Dawn's big boob from her lips and started kissing Dawn's thighs. Wendy could smell the aroma of Dawn's juices. She pulled down Dawn's thong and tossed it on to the floor. Wendy positioned Dawn so that she was lying on her back which made it much easier to eat her pussy.

Jim immediately picked the thong up and stuck it in his pockets.

Wendy spread Dawn's legs and placed them on her shoulders. Wendy started slowly kissing Dawn's moist cunt, caressing her pussy lips with her tongue. Doug now had both of Dawn's huge breasts in his hands, squeezing and sucking on them for dear life.

Dawn's hand gripped Doug's enormous throbbing cock and started stroking it. Doug began to moan with his mouth buried in tit flesh. Dawn's moans were getting louder and deeper by the second.

Wendy was lapping at Dawn's enlarged clitoris, sending chills through Dawn's tender body. Dawn started grinding her crotch into her sister's face, letting Wendy's tongue get deeper and deeper between her creamy lips.

Doug continued to suck Dawn's reddened nipples while squeezing her titties.

"Mmmmm! Let me suck your big juicy cock," urged Dawn.

Doug released Dawn's tender buds from his lips and moved up close to Dawn's head so his huge cock was leveled at her lips. Dawn took his huge cockhead between her lips, sucking on the mushroom head like a blow pop. Doug's hands went back to Dawn's monstrous globes and started playing with them, pinching and tugging at her tender nipples.

"Do you see your sisters having fun?" asked Jim to Emily.

Emily just watched in disgust and horror as her sisters were committing incest while being raped.

Wendy was nose deep between Dawn's cunt walls, wiggling her tongue around inside Dawn's pussy. Dawn started bucking her hips at Wendy, ramming her pelvic against Wendy's mouth. Wendy just licked and sucked harder and faster on Dawn's drenching pie.

Dawn released moans from her cock-filled mouth. She had half of Doug's cock lodged at the back of her throat. She started bobbing her head up and down furiously at Doug's large cock. Doug started grunting and moaning as Dawn buried his huge cock in her throat.

"OH GOD! You have such a wonderful mouth!" moaned Doug as he started matching her bobbing with his own thrusting.

Doug started violently fucking Dawn's face. He started ramming his cock deeper and harder down her throat. Dawn's face was buried in his thick bush and his balls were bouncing off her chin and lips. Doug held Dawn by the nose so she couldn't breathe. His big dick was deep down in her throat and Dawn just wanted to gag. Mountains of saliva poured out of Dawn's lips as Doug finally released her nose and pulled his dripping wet cock out of her mouth.

Dawn started breathing hard and swallowing some spit mixed with pre-cum. Doug rubbed his wet cock all over Dawn's face, beating her nose with his cockhead and dragging his balls along her cheeks. He held his cock up over her face and dunked his huge balls in Dawn's mouth. Dawn had no choice but to suckle both huge hairballs that dangled in her mouth.

Her sister Wendy's tongue and fingers were savagely invading Dawn's pussy. Wendy watched Dawn suck on Doug's balls while her fingers were plunging in and out of Dawn's wet cunt. She took the clitoris between two fingers and started twisting it. This caused shockwaves to course through Dawn's body. Dawn was moaning with a mouthful of Doug's balls. Doug loved the extra hot breath against his balls from Dawn's mouth.

Doug pulled his balls out of Dawn's mouth and bent his body over her head. He lowered his huge cock in Dawn's mouth and started thrusting up and down inside her mouth like he would do to a pussy, ramming his throbbing meat in and out of Dawn's mouth.

Dawn couldn't help but enjoy the taste of his big juicy cock plunging in and out of her mouth. At some point, Doug would stop thrusting and let his cock rest between Dawn's lips, letting her tongue lick his shaft. He started thrusting his cock in her mouth again and this time he wasn't going to stop until he cums.

Meanwhile, Wendy was rubbing Dawn's clitoris furiously. Dawn's pussy felt like it was on fire. Dawn had no choice but to cave in and she came all over Wendy's fingers. Wendy continued to dig her fingers into Dawn's cunt, feeling her juices gushing out swiftly from her pussy.

"Damn Doug. You're really fucking her mouth nice and hard," said Jim as he couldn't help himself but to grab one of Emily's enormous melons and fondle it.

Doug started to slow down his thrusting and felt his cum starting to spurt out of his cockhead. He rested his cock inside her mouth and let his cock unload a massive gush of cum deep down Dawn's throat. Dawn started gagging and choking while trying to swallow Doug's hot creamy cum, flowing down her tunnel.

Wendy moved up her sister's body and gave Dawn's reddeedn buds some small kisses before moving her mouth up to Doug's huge balls that were resting on Dawn's lips. Wendy started sucking on them as they unloaded enormous amounts of cum down Dawn's throat.

"OHHHH YES!" moaned Doug as he felt Wendy's tongue bathing his testicles.

After five minutes, Doug released his cock as soon as it finished cumming in Dawn's mouth. Wendy took Doug's cum-covered cock between her lips and started cleaning it off. Dawn raised her head off the bed and started sucking on one side of Doug's huge cock while Wendy sucked on the other side. Doug held both of the girls by their heads while they sucked the cum clean off his flopping cock.

Both Dawn and Wendy locked lips while the head of Doug's cock was between their mouths. They sucked and licked each other's tongues and his cockhead. Doug's cock started to grow hard again between the girls' hungry mouths.

"I need one of you whores to hop on my cock and take it for a ride," Doug demanded.

Doug position himself on his back with his enormous cock pointing straight up into the air. Dawn was the first to lower her creamy snatch on to his cock. Wendy was taking off her shorts and revealed her bushy cunt.

"Come sit on my face while facing your sister," Doug ordered Wendy.

As Dawn started thrusting herself up and down Doug's enormous dick, Wendy hovered over his face with her wet pussy and straddled her thighs around his head while her pussy was lowered on to his waiting mouth. Wendy immediately felt his tongue starting to lick rapidly at her juicy clitoris. Doug didn't mind the thick patch of hairs that tickle his mouth and nose. Even they were dripping with Wendy's sauce and Doug started licking at them.

Dawn was riding Doug's huge cock like a wild bronco. Her enormous titties were flopping wildly in front of her. Wendy was mesmerized by Dawn's big tits so she cupped them as best as she could and held on to the flopping jugs as Dawn rode Doug's dick.

"Oh yeah, girls, fuck Doug. Ride that big dick," urged Jim as he unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock inside his jeans.

Emily was still horrified at what she was seeing but in a way their threesome was starting to make her really horny. Suddenly, Emily came up with a plan that could save her sisters and herself. She turned her right foot to its side and started rubbing it up and down Jim's ankle. Jim looked down at Emily's foot rubbing his ankle. Then he moved his eyes up to her gigantic rack that was ballooning out between the ropes. His eyes then moved to Emily's eyes that were filled with horniess Jim thought. Jim knew he should untie her but he was rock hard and wanted a nice warm mouth wrapped around his cock.

While the other two sisters were riding on Doug, Jim ungagged Emily and told her to hush.

"If you want your dick sucked, give it to me," Emily told him.

Jim had a pleased look on his face and pulled out his big hard cock. 10-inches of hard meaty cock started thrusting down Emily's throat. Jim moved his hands down to Emily's bounded breasts and started kneading them while he drilled his cock in and out of Emily's mouth.

Doug had eaten Wendy's drenching cunt until she came all over his face. Doug tried to not let a drop of her creamy juices escape from his lips.

Dawn was digging her nails into Doug's chest as she pounced up and down his thick cock harder and faster. Her sister Wendy still had a tight grip on her bouncing titties. Wendy moved her mouth down to capture a good amount of Dawn's soft tit between her lips, savagely inhaling Dawn's big tit and trying to take as much as possible between her lips. That drove Dawn over the edge and she started cumming down hard on Doug's drilling cock.

Doug stopped thrusting inside Dawn's cunt as soon as she finished cumming all over his cock and balls. He pushed Dawn off his pussy-juice glistening cock and fed it to Wendy's waiting mouth. Wendy could taste and smell her sister's sweet juices as she sucked Doug's cock clean.

"Now I want to get inside your tight little pussy," Doug told Wendy.

Wendy positioned herself on her back and Doug got between her legs. His enormous hard cock started to ease slowly between Wendy's cream pie. Dawn straddled her sister's face and started rocking her pelvic back and forth across Wendy's mouth.

Wendy reached up and started tugging at Dawn's big nipples while licking out her sister's sore pussy. Dawn returned the favor and started pinching Wendy's sore nipples and jiggling her D cups by them. Doug's hands cupped Wendy's big breasts from underneath and Dawn and him were fondling her sister's jugs together as he thrust wildly in Wendy's pussy.

Doug was pounding away at Wendy's tight little pussy. Her puffy walls were swallowing up his entire cock and he could feel her pussy tightening around his cock. Doug was too busy enjoying himself to see that Jim was getting bolder with Emily behind the scenes.

Jim was on his knees sucking and slurping away at Emily's mammoth orbs. He was stroking his hard cock and lubing it up to pound Emily with it.

"Mmmmm! Why don't you untie my hands so we can really fuck each other?" moaned Emily to Jim.

Jim stopped sucking on Emily's tits and just looked into her eyes with a mouthful of her melons. He reached behind her and started to untie the ropes. Emily was concentrating on getting free from these two rapists but yet still had to hear the moans and screams of her sisters who were being pounded by Doug's prick.

Doug had position Dawn on all fours and Wendy on top of Dawn with both their asses being drilled by his huge dick in turns. Doug would give a few thrusts in Dawn's anus before moving to Wendy's juicy asshole.

Dawn could feel her sister Wendy's big sweaty tits sliding up and down her sweaty back as Doug thrust his cock in both their assholes.

"How do you bitches like that, huh?" teased Doug as he pounded away at the sisters' virgin tight assholes.

Emily was free from the ropes and Jim moved between her legs. He buried his cock deep into Emily's sweet cunt. Holding her knees up to his chest, Jim was pounding her pussy hard and fast. Smacking his heavy balls off her ass while stuffing her creamy pussy.

Emily rested her head on Jim's right shoulder, moaning and groaning from his thrusting. She was looking around for the knife and spotted it on the floor next to the camera.

"Mmmmm Emily! You're pussy is so tight. I thought for sure Doug had mashed your pussy up with his huge cock," moaned Jim as he thrust balls deep between Emily's pussy lips.

"OOHHHH JIMMY! Fuck me doggie style," moaned Emily.

Emily and Jim repositioned themselves on to the floor and Jim immediately started thrusting Emily's soak cunt from behind. Emily's massive tits were swinging back and forth, and Jim just had to grab them. Jim closed his eyes while he was fondling Emily's jugs and ramming her pussy from behind.

Emily was moving her hands closer and closer to the knife lying on the floor. Wendy and Dawn saw Jim fucking their sister from behind and saw that she was reaching out for the knife. The sisters looked at each other and decided they needed to keep Doug going until Emily had the knife.

Both Wendy and Dawn turned around to face Doug after he had cum all over their asses. They cupped their huge boobs and placed his cum-dripping cock between them. Doug was being tit-fucked by four large breasts, and he loved every second of it.

Emily had gotten the knife finally as Jim was thrusting her pussy slow and hard.

"Cum on my tits," urged Emily.

Jim turned Emily around and started unloading huge pools of cum all over her enormous melons. Some of the cum had gotten in Emily's eyes.

"Shit!" said Emily.

"Big mistake girl," said an angry, out of breath Jim.

Doug thrusted his cock rapidly between the four pairs of enormous breasts, squishing and bouncing up and down his cock and thighs.

"Ohhhhh fuck! Here I cum ladies," moaned Doug as his hot, gooey cum shot up from his cock like a geyzer. Covering both Dawn and Wendy's breasts with thick layers of Doug's milk.

"What do we do with them now Doug?" asked Jim as he tossed Emily onto the bed next to her cum-drenching sisters.

"I'm sure we can think of something," said Doug in an evil manager and devilish smile.

Three weeks have gone by and it's been reported on the news about Emily and her two sisters, being missing on a ski trip they took.

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