tagIncest/TabooThe Skiing Trip

The Skiing Trip


It was a typical January evening, it was cold outside and the heating was on full blast. I had just got home from work and was settling in for an evening on the Sofa in front of the TV, microwave meal in hand. The only slight difference was I was excited about my pending ski strip to France. My friend Ben and I had booked a week's skiing in Serre Chevalier. We left on Friday, 4 days time.

I was interrupted from the TV by the phone ringing. It was my sister Jo. She was spending the week in Manchester with her boyfriend visiting his parents. Jo and Andy lived in the same house as me that we rented off our aunt, an arrangement that was still in its infancy after just 2 months. She blurted down the phone.

"Can you pick me up from the Station? Me and Andy have had an argument and I've come home early on the train. I can get a taxi but wondered if you were free."

"Yes of course." I replied. "How long till your train gets in? are you OK?"

"It arrives in 20 minutes I think. I'm fine but I'm tired. Just want a hot chocolate and bed."

"No problem." I reassured her. "I'll be outside the station when you arrive."

She signed "Thanks Paul, see you in 20 minutes."

My sister Jo had not long turned 18, four years my junior. She lived with me and my mate Andy and hadn't found a job since finishing 6th form college. She relied on Andy for money and material things. I had often thought that she was in the relationship for a meal ticket and an easy ride. Maybe that was a harsh assessment but if they ever split up she would have to have a serious think about life in the real world where you have to work for a living.

I quickly finished my soggy sheppard's pie and left for the station with some time to spare. 5 minutes later I pulled into the station car park and parked up in a spot where I could see the entrance and watch out for Jo's arrival. As I waited, somewhat impatiently, I was relieved when my phone rang. A phone call was always a good way of passing time, even more so when the caller ID revealed it was Ben calling. He probably wanted to check some details before our flights to France on Friday.

"Hi Benny boy!" I answered in my conventional manner, not giving him a chance to speak. I continued. "Looking forward to Friday!?"

Something was wrong. There was a pause on the line "Er mate. I dunno how to say this but I'm not going to be able to go."

"OK?" I said not bothering to hide my disappointment. "This better be good mate, we're meant to be flying out in 3 days."

"My dad died this morning." was the response.

I was shocked. I'd seen Ben's dad just the other day. He was a local cabbie and I often saw him around the town. I paused, hoping I could say something that didn't sound stupid and unsympathetic. "Oh shit mate I'm sorry." was all I could come up with.

Ben went on "I obviously don't want to talk about it but felt I owed you the call given the holiday situation."

"Of course, you do know we haven't taken out insurance yet though mate? There is no chance of a refund. Although I'm sure money is the last thing you're thinking about at the moment."

"Yeah I know this." Ben sounded a little more composed. "Can you do your best to get someone else to come? Even if you have to offer it for free. I don't want you to miss out, but if you can get something towards it I would appreciate it."

"Sure." I started scanning my brain for possible replacements. Thinking hard:

Simon -- No, he hated skiing and we had already asked him if we wanted him to join us.

James -- His missus would never let him go on holiday without her

Gary -- Not a chance, the guy would jump at the chance of a free holiday but nice as he was he was also as tight as a duck's arse and would expect me to pay for every meal, drink the lot.

"Listen mate. Go be with your family, and I'll sort this mess out. I'll do what I can about getting a replacement, push comes to shove I'll go on my own."

"Cheers mate." he sounded distant again as he hung up the phone.

"Shit, shit, shit." I said out loud staring blankly at my phone. I couldn't believe this had happened now. I know it was selfish but I was more worried about this holiday crashing down around my ears than I was about Ben's dad. I had been looking forward to this for ages. Now what was I going to do?

Suddenly the passenger door swung open and Jo plonked herself down in the front seat.

Jo stood around 5'7" and was slim but not too skinny at all. Up to this point I had never spent much thought on my sister's appearance but she did always looked well kept. She had a pretty face, and usually wore discreet makeup and mousy brown hair that fell down just below her shoulders. This was usually kept in a high pony tail like today.

You could say we had been blessed with good genes. Not the best but we were luckier than most. It was sometimes difficult to miss her cute arse and very nice tits, I've always paid attention to tits, sister or no sister they were nice, probably a 36B or C, not too big, not to small. I had never seen them in the flesh obviously but with the right top on they looked great. Not today though. Today she was wrapped up with more layers than an Inuit.

"Hi ya." Her mock cheeriness failing to hide her obvious mood.

Distracted by Bens phone call I had completely forgotten to pay attention the station exit.

I almost laughed "Hello - You sound like I feel."

"Why? What's up with you?"

It was difficult to judge if she was genuinely interested or just making conversation.

"Holiday just gone tits up." I said pulling away from my parking spot.

"Really? What happened!?"

As we drove home I explained the situation with Ben's dad but she was clearly more preoccupied with her recent spat with Andy. She also gave me the impression that her and Andy had had more than a lover's tiff and it was quite a serious situation. His mother had set him up with a job in Liverpool which he had taken with little discussion with Jo. He was serious about moving to Liverpool to be nearer his family but she didn't want to leave her family and friends down here in the south, certainly not at such short notice too.

She was definitely wounded from this incident, as they had what appeared to be quite a strong relationship. Being a tough cookie she would never show her hurt openly though but it was obvious.

We got home and Jo made us both a Hot Chocolate. She then received a call from Andy in the lounge so I discreetly went up to my bedroom and started making phone calls to persuade any friends or acquaintance I knew to take a cheap holiday. I have to admit they were half hearted calls. No-one I knew would be in a position to get time off work and up sticks on a holiday at such short notice. I therefore put in little effort.

I finished my last call and listened for Jo's voice downstairs. All I could hear was the TV in the lounge so assumed her phone call was over. I returned downstairs and plonked myself on my usual spot in the solitary arm chair. Jo was half lying on the sofa that she and Andy would normally occupy together in the evening.

"Go well with Andy?"

My question was met with a silent shake of the head, eyes fixed firmly on the TV.

"You don't fancy a skiing trip do you?" I asked nonchalantly. Not even giving any thought or hope to an answer. In essence I said it more as a way of expressing my frustration at not finding a replacement for Ben than anything else.

The obviously reply came back "Got no money."

"It's free!" I laughed.

Neither of us was actually fully engaged with the conversation. Not even exchanging eye contact. It was the sort of conversation you would have with your parents in front of family viewing TV after a day at school.

"A free holiday!?" she sat up from her lying down position, suddenly taking an interest. "How come it's free?"

"Well." I explained "Ben isn't expecting any money back from what he has paid out already, he's hoping for something but realistically knows that he won't. That includes flights, hotel and a ski pass for the resort. It's about five or six hundred pounds worth."

I glanced over, judging by her reaction I certainly had her attention. I thought about it for a moment. I couldn't go on holiday with my little sister could I? That would be a nightmare. Sharing rooms, teaching her how to ski, skiing slowly so she could keep up, not being able to go out and pull women (not that I had pulled anyone for over eighteen months but that wasn't the point) I tried putting her off instead before she started getting her hopes up.

"You would have to pay for your gear hire out there though, that's over one hundred pounds for skis and boots etc, spending money for food and drink too. You'd need at least three hundred pounds and we both know how broke you are Jo." I commented mockingly.

She hypothetically questioned me "So I'd get an eight hundred pound holiday for three hundred pounds?"

"Yeah - In theory." I replied. "Problem is I just can't find anyone with a spare three hundred pounds and a week to spare." I sighed, returning to the reality of my situation.

"I'm sure I could find the money if your offer is a serious one." Jo remarked enquiring as to how genuine my throw away offer was.

I thought long and hard. I really didn't want to go on my own, I also didn't want to cancel. If she could get herself the funds I guess it wouldn't be so bad. Better than a cancelled or lonely holiday at any rate.

"OK", it's yours if you want it but where are you going to get the money from?"

"Mum and Dad?" was the anticipated response. Clearly enquiring as to what my thoughts were on that scenario occurring.

"Not a chance" I scoffed. "No way are they going to lend you money for a holiday when you don't have a job or any way of paying it back."

Our parents never gave us anything. They would lend us money but only if the chance of getting it back was good. They weren't tight but had always tried to teach us the value of money. Lending Jo the money to blow on a ski jolly in France didn't fall into that category.

"What about Andy? He pays for everything else."

My jesting was not taken well "I don't think so." was the reply, accompanied with a look that suggested this is a topic I clearly shouldn't bring up now of all times. "What about you? You could lend it to me and I'll pay you when we get back."

"Ha - Well that would leave me out of pocket and you with a free holiday!"

She looked pleased "So you have the spare cash then!?"

I felt a little caught out. I'm normally not outsmarted especially when it came to money but fair play to her for figuring out the cash was there as a possibility. In fairness I wouldn't need as much cash now as I had anticipated. I couldn't see us going out every night and getting pissed. I imagined we would be staying in the hotel room watching shit French cable while Jo moaned about the aches she had picked up in the mountains. The evening highlight would most likely be the evening meal that came free with the hotel booking. Assuming it was worth eating that is. In essence I could probably afford to sub her

I pointed my finger at her whilst leaning on the arm of the sofa and tried to sound serious. "If I lend you this you need to pay me back within 2 months. I can't afford any longer than that."

She almost leapt from the sofa "Oh my God we're going Skiing!!!"

She started pulling out her phone to start texting her of friends.

"Don't go telling everyone we're going on holiday together. They'll think we're weird. Especially Tessa."

Tessa was Jo's hot mate who I had been eyeing up for years.

"She'll think your cute taking your little sister on holiday in her hour of need."

"I'm off to bed -- see you tomorrow" I got up and left for my room

"Goodnight -- Thaaaaaaank you."


The next few days passed with much excitement in the house. It was clear we had made the right choice. She needed a distraction from the fall out with Andy. Our absence would also give Andy an opportunity to come back to the house and collect his stuff if he needed to. It sadly appeared their relationship was over although neither of them had yet come out and said it to each other, let alone anyone else.

Friday afternoon arrived with the customary holiday excitement and anticipation, followed by a taxi and train ride with heavy bags before reaching the 'local' airport 2 and a half hours later. It was 5:30pm by the time we arrived for our 7:30 flight. We were both clearly knackered. We checked in, had a burger king, and waited for our flight while we exchanged our thoughts on what would happen during the week. This was mainly me ribbing Jo about how her natural lack of balance would lead to her having all manner of bruises and pulled muscles by the end of the week from mountain tumbles.

We boarded the flight in the usual manner of pushing and shoving with the other cheapskates too tight to pay for priority boarding. We took our seats half way up the plane. It was only a 2 hour flight to France so this tragic custom that is budget airline travel wouldn't have to be endured for too long.

Jo sat herself down in a window seat. It looked, fortunately, like we had a row of three seats to ourselves. I started to load the flight bags in the overhead compartments and glanced down unwittingly to get an eyeful of Jo's cleavage. She was wearing a tight sleeveless top that I hadn't noticed earlier due the hoody she had been wearing. She had obviously taken this off in anticipation of a hot flight, inadvertently giving anyone standing above her a cracking view of her breasts and glimpses of the white cotton bra holding them in place. "Nice." I thought to myself. Looking away quickly and scolding myself for looking where I shouldn't be looking.

I sat down next to Jo.

"Why you seating there when we have three seats to ourselves?"

"Because" I explained "I'm only gonna have to move when some fat chuffer pitches up and decides he wants to......" My voice trailed off. Right on queue some overloaded, corporate sweaty plonked his fat arse right down next to me. He smiled and nodded at me courteously. Oblivious to the fact he had just shunted me up several inches to my left pushing me into my sister. I turned to Jo eyebrows raised, partly in disbelieve, partly in an 'I told you so' manner. She started laughing. The kind of silent laugh you try to control with snorts and wheezes so as to alert the object of your laughter to their attention, or anyone else for that matter. The sort of laughter that is also very contagious. We chuckled together for what seemed like several minutes. It was a good start. I'd not had a laughed and giggled with my little sister like this for years. Maybe this holiday wouldn't be so bad.

45 minutes after take-off I turned to Jo to give the usual half way announcement that girls often seem to need on long journeys, but she was asleep, slouched in her seat with her head tilted towards the window. My extra 5 inches of height offered me another unobstructed view down her top. "God their nice" I thought to myself. This time without the chance of being caught looking I spent a little longer admiring the view. Absorbing little details you don't normally notice with stolen glances.

Her breasts sat like soft ripe melons in her bra. Slightly raised by her folded arms pushing them up, accentuating their shape. Her skin was pale and smooth without blemishes. "Yes Paul --You sister really has nice tits." I crowed to myself. I'd never encountered tits like this before. All my ex-girlfriend's all had small boobs. Not that I minded, it was just the way things were. I wondered what it would be like to squeeze and suck on them, they looked so yummy. Not my sisters' ones necessarily, just boobs like my sister's. I felt my cock swell in my jeans, luckily hidden from view by the flip down table from the drinks we had had shortly after take-off.

I shot a guilty look round the cabin to see if anyone was watching me perving at my sister's tits (not that anyone would know we were brother and sister). No one was paying us any attention. I went to my pocket to get my mobile phone out. In my arousal I wanted a keep sake photo of this moment realising I might never get a view like this again. I realised my phone was off, as was usual on a flight. I suddenly felt a rush of guilt at what I had considered and I shifted uncomfortable in my seat. "What were you thinking?" a voice in my head said whilst another reminded me. "Nice to look at though." I peeked a last glance down her top then mischievously elbowed her gently in the forearm.

"Wake up lazy, there's only half an hour to go and we'll be descending soon. Get yourself ready to get off this shit hole plane."

She woke and looked at me with a red sleepy face, not acknowledging me verbally but sat up and strapped herself back in, stretching off her sleepiness. The plane soon landed and gathering bags and getting our transfer to the hotel went surprisingly quickly. Before we knew it we were dragging our bags into the hotel lobby.

The hotel looked much nicer than I expected. It was like a large Swiss Alpine cabin with lots of wooden fittings and rugs. It had a warm cosy snug feel to it, with low level lighting, which, given the temperature outside was very welcome. "Welcome to France." I thought to myself as we sauntered over to the reception desk.

The less than cheery receptionist greeted us and signed us in, handing us our key cards and pre-booked resort passes. We were on the second floor in a twin room. As the door to the room opened we were greeted with a lovely sight. The wooded and red décor complemented each other well. The room also had a small dresser with a large mirror with two twin beds. There was about a metre between the beds and another meter around the outside of them. There was a little more space near the window where a small chair sat in the corner under a small plasma TV suspended on the wall.

Jo threw herself on the bed nearest the window in such a way that every tourist has done so since the dawn of time "This is nice."

It was nice. The window framed a perfect view of one of the mountain in our range. Despite being a night sky its black silhouette was clear against the navy sky. The rest of the resort sprawled out below us under the mountains. The room was small and cosy but very clean. It smelled of flowers from the air freshener on the dresser. I wandered into the en suite shower room which echoed the room's small but immaculate theme. "We've done alright here I think." I remarked, conscious that we were yet to taste the food that accompanied the reservation.

"What's the plan tomorrow then?" Jo's obvious excitement was difficult to hide. She was perched on the edge of the bed bouncing up and down trying to figure out the remote to the TV.

"Well." I snatched the remote out her hand and flicked on the TV, tossing it back in her direction.

"We'll get breakfast at eight."

"Eight?" she interrupted. "I thought we were supposed to be on holiday."

I laughed "We're not here to catch up on sleep and laze around the pool, this is an week of extreme sports." I continued with my spontaneous briefing. I suggested a lesson for Jo for the first half of tomorrow so she could learn the basics with a qualified instructor as she had never skied before. I'd get some hard core skiing done in the morning and meet her for some lunch and a few hours on some green (easy) slopes if she wanted after that.

It was 11:30pm. I threw my bag on the bed and started pulling out my wash bag and night clothes "OK, I'm gonna grab a shower and crash, we can watch some TV in bed for a bit if you want"

"What's this?" Jo barked, ignoring me. She had spotted what looked like a large, black over-sized briefcase under the window.

I squinted in order to focus on it. "Jesus! That's an old massage couch I think." I marvelled at my own decipherable ability. "It opens out into a massage couch, for people like you that can't hack a day on the slopes!" I teased, "I guarantee you'll be begging me to rub your shoulders come tomorrow evening." I shut the bathroom door as I finished my sentence.

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