tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Skin Ball Ch. 04

The Skin Ball Ch. 04


The Skin Ball Part Four: Mason


The basement had gotten loud. When Jessa and Alex had been down here earlier, playing pong, it had been a little bit more subdued. The TriGam brothers and Ep Chi sisters had gotten more accustomed to each other, gotten more used to the fact that the girls were nude, and gotten significantly more drunk since earlier in the night, however. All around them were nude girls, knocking back shots and cocktails while flirting heavily with the still-clothed men around them.

"You want to do a body shot?" Jessa heard from the bar, and turned in that direction.

Caitlyn Owens hadn't been talking to her, but rather to one of the brothers nearby. Nonetheless, she'd caught the attention of both Jessa and Alex, who wandered closer.

Caitlyn was sitting on the bar itself, her naked ass touching the wood below it. Standing on the floor next to her was her buddy for the night, another junior by the name of Natalie Easley. Both girls had their hair done up, and their faces covered with an astounding amount of makeup. Jessa had later heard that Caitlyn had decided that if she were going to prance around a frat house like a porn star, she was going to look the part. Caitlyn had close-cropped brown hair, only about as long as many of the brothers that surrounded her, yet it was undeniably sexy. She sat on the bar, her legs crossed, and held the attention of at least seven guys who had surrounded her.

The gathering of brothers parted to let Jessa and Alex through. Undeterred by the presence of the Ep Chi president, Caitlyn chose Chris Taft as the lucky brother to do a shot. Grabbing a shot glass, the brunette poured enough tequila so that it overflowed, and set it down on the bar - between her parted legs.

Chris's eyes were as wide as supper plates, but the show had only just begun.

"So we have our tequila," Caitlyn said. She reached down the bar and grabbed a slice of lime, careful not to spill the shot sitting just inches from her pussy. "And we have our lime. That means we're just missing the salt, right?" The question was directed at no one but Natalie.

The other girl nodded in the affirmative, and leaned in closer to her partner. As Jessa, Alex, and the TriGam brothers around them watched in disbelief, Natalie brought Caitlyn's left nipple into her mouth.

"Daaamn!" one of the brothers said from next to Jessa, breaking the sexually charged silence.

Natalie didn't just lick Caitlyn's nipple, though. She played with it. Between her lips. Between her teeth. Surrounded by her tongue. Covered in her saliva. When she finally let go, both of Caitlyn's nipples were standing straight out. The brunette was shifting around on the bar, obviously being at least as turned on as the crowd around her.

Dusting her nipple with salt, Caitlyn next looked towards a waiting Chris. "Your turn," she said, beckoning him with her finger.

The chosen brother wasted no time. After shooting a look of disbelief to the men around him, Chris took a step towards the bar, standing within Caitlyn's reach. He dropped his hand towards the shot glass, letting it linger for a few seconds, before he went through with the whole thing. His mouth enveloped the same nipple that had been licked only a few seconds earlier by a different person, tracing circles around areole, and licking up the salt that was on Caitlyn's skin. Reluctantly, he pulled away, tossed back the tequila, and bit into the lime that the brunette had waiting for him. The crowd let loose a cheer.

"So do you want to do a real body shot?" Alex asked. Before Jessa even realized it, she was pulled towards the bar, Alex leading the way.

"Lie down," Alex ordered the younger sister. Caitlyn looked a little bit confused, but she complied, twisting her body around so that her feet were at one end of the bar and her head was at the other.

Alex ran her hand over Caitlyn's stomach as she reached for the tequila, telling the girl, "Stay still. Don't move." With that warning, Alex began pouring a small amount of tequila into Caitlyn's navel, letting it fill up without spilling over and running down her body. She took another slice of lime, and inserted it between Caitlyn's teeth. And finally, being handed the saltshaker from Natalie, Alex spread a healthy amount of salt below Caitlyn's belly button, right at the point where her pubic hair started.

"Are you okay with this?" Alex whispered into Caitlyn's ear, just loud enough that only Jessa could overhear her.

Caitlyn grunted an affirmative through the lime.

"Drew," Alex said, turning to one of the waiting brothers. "I believe that it's your turn next."

Drew Benson was, needless to say, more than a little bit excited. He approached the bar, shooting looks of disbelief at the men gathered around him. He leaned it quickly and licked the salt from the top of Caitlyn's pubic hair, causing the girl to squirm slightly on the table, and cause the tequila to begin cascading out of her navel, across her stomach, and down towards her left hip. Drew didn't let it get away, though. In one quick motion, he used to tongue to slurp up the escaping alcohol, tracing his way back to its source, and finishing off all that had been left behind. The alcohol consumed, the brother turned his attention towards Caitlyn's mouth, leaning in for an act suspiciously like a kiss, their lips meeting, but Drew's teeth sinking into the lime.

Once the kiss/lime-sucking was broken, Drew stood up to the cheers of the TriGams gathered around him. Caitlyn sat up, her face flushed red with embarassment, but it was clear to Jessa that the junior had at least partially enjoyed the attention and contact that she'd just received.

"So who's next?" Caitlyn asked, confirming Jessa's suspicions.

As the party carried on, more and more of the girls were following Caitlyn's lead, and allowing the guys - and each other - to do body shots out of their belly buttons, from the small of their backs, from between their breasts, and just about anywhere else that they could think of. These girls were certainly in the minority, with most of the sisters watching from the sidelines with a mix of disgust and jealousy. But Caitlyn and Natalie certainly weren't the only girls entertaining the TriGams in this particular way.

A short while later, Jessa and Alex found themselves in the corner of the basement, talking with Kristin, Wendy, Dunny, and Seth McGreevey, and watching the party from a distance. Jessa stared in shock at Caitlyn and Natalie, who were getting more and more daring the more attention they received.

"And you were afraid of the BROTHERS?" Mason said, coming around the corner and plopping onto the couch between Jessa and Alex. The two girls were still handcuffed together, but wrapped their conjoined arms together on the couch, behind the fraternity president's head.

"Now I'm beginning to worry FOR the brothers," Jessa replied.

The blonde crossed her legs, unaware how long they'd been uncrossed. Across the way, the look on Dunny's face told her that it was disappointment.

"So have you had a good night?" Mason asked, he himself scanning the basement before settling his eyes back on Jessa and Alex.

"Surprisingly, yes," Alex replied. "We'll have to do this again."

"You just name the date," the TriGam president answered.

The seven of them sat watching the basement for a while longer. There was a part of Jessa that wanted to join the rest of the girls, who were playing various games, coyly allowing the men to look at or touch their bodies. Even the girls who were normally fairly uptight had managed to loosen themselves up a little, even if their new-found freedom owed some credit to the free-flowing alcohol.

But still, Jessa wasn't sure that she wanted to move. Her left hand had absent-mindedly drifted across her lap towards Mason's left, working its way to the inside of his thigh. Honestly, the blonde hadn't even been thinking about what she was doing. But a cursory glance towards Mason's lap, and the bulge that had formed there, told her that her actions hadn't gone unnoticed.

Pretending to be listening to what Seth was saying, Jessa used the fact that he was seated towards the right as an opportunity to get a better look at the obvious erection that Mason was sporting alongside her. This second look, longer than the first, told that perhaps it wasn't HER hand that was getting Mason excited, but Alex's. The brunette's free hand was on top of Mason's right, guiding it in a stroking pattern on the inside of her own naked thigh. There was a little jealousy on Jessa's part, but as she had told Alex earlier, things with Mason had never been anything deeper than wanting physical pleasure. As she uncrossed her legs, she told herself that tonight was no different.

Like Jessa, it was clear that Mason was only pretending to pay attention to Seth's continued dialogue about various nude sports. His mind had wandered to where his hand was, circling closer and closer to Alex's pussy, but never quite getting there. It was all terribly casual, completely under the radar for everyone but Jessa, Mason, and Alex herself. Dunny's eyes were fixed on Kristin's tits, Kristin's on Dunny's blank stare, and Wendy's on the increasingly sexual goings-on of the other sisters in the basement. And just when Mason was sure that it couldn't possibly get any better, he felt Jessa grab his left hand and pull it towards her.

As Seth rambled on about what sort of rules should be involved in a game of strip football, both Mason's hands were busy rubbing the skin on inside of different girls' thighs. His left stroked the soft, pale-white skin of Jessa's right leg, while his right was busy tracing circles on Alex's slightly darker left leg. Both girls were sighing heavily, trying to keep their quickening breathing hidden from the people around them.

Mason's hand was now high enough up on the inside of Jessa's leg that his pinky had brushed up against a free-standing pubic hair at least three or four times at that point, sending anticipatory energy surging through the blonde's petite body and causing a quiet, guttural moan to escape from the back of her throat. His middle finger was his lead agent, getting bolder and bolder with each motion of his hand, inching closer and closer to her pussy. He was nodding at Seth, even giving input on what a two-point conversion would mean in terms of stripping, but his middle finger continued its trek towards the holy land. Jessa felt Mason's big, slightly callused finger reach the intersection between her thigh and her crotch, just alongside her now completely soaked pussy. On the verge of going from foreplay to finger-play, however, they were interrupted.

"Hey, Mason!" Jeff Rowland's voice came booming from the far side of the basement.

Reluctantly, Mason's hands found their way closer to the girls' knees than where they'd be going. Jessa's breathing had become heavy, and there was little that she could do to hide the disappointment in her eyes.

"What?" Mason asked through gritted teeth as Jeff got closer, obviously more than a little disappointed himself. Jessa couldn't be sure that he had been gotten to the exact same point with Alex as he had with her, but it didn't seem to matter - no matter where Mason had gotten to, it was all put on hold for the time being.

"Um, it's getting close to three. We kind of need you for bringing the mats in for the girls." Jeff didn't know what he had just interrupted, but he could tell that Mason was displeased with him.

"You can't just get the pledges to do that?" Mason asked in disbelief. "They're just out in the lot in the back of my truck." Besides the fact that being president of TriGam should have allowed him out of manual labor, he and Jeff had already spent nearly an hour that afternoon loading old wrestling mats into the back his Explorer. Jeff was the captain of the wrestling team, and had his own key to the gym, which met access to all the equipment inside. He and Mason had figured the girls could sleep on the mats for the night, rather than having to spend the night on the floor.

"I already sent a bunch of guys out there," Jeff explained. "But the doors are locked."

"Fuck," Mason cursed, reluctantly easing himself off the couch and away from two distraught girls. "The keys are up in my room. I'll got get them."

As he bounded towards the stairs, he turned to Jessa and Alex. "Don't go anywhere. I'll be back in a few."

They both nodded, their eyes still slightly glazed over.

A beat passed, and then Alex said, "I need to use the bathroom."

"Yeah," Jessa replied, gaining some of her composure back. "Me, too."

The bathroom in the basement had been thrown up in, and then cleaned. Someone had booted in it again a short while later. Someone had mopped up afterwards. The two girls were surprised when they saw no line for it at that point in the night, but a quick look inside revealed why.

"Was that one of our girls again?" Alex asked Maria Napolitano, a sophomore who was sitting on the shelf nearby, doing her best to prop up the girl to whom she was handcuffed.

Maria shook her head. "No, it's been Paul Holden the past two times."

"Jesus," Jessa said. "Is he all right? Is he still drinking?"

The sophomore shook her head again. "No, he's not drinking tonight - he's just really sick."

Jessa and Alex exchanged looks with each other.

"He didn't want to miss the Skin Ball," Maria continued, trailing off towards the end.

Though Jessa shrugged her shoulders and turned for the stairs, she felt Alex pull her in the other direction. Towards the trough.

Over the course of the hour they'd spent in the basement, Jessa had watched the brothers come and go from the trough in the other room, and had even noticed a few couples of girls enter and exit. The thought of using a drain on the floor hadn't even crossed her mind, but obviously it hadn't frightened Alex off.

The blonde certainly wasn't comfortable about the idea, but she followed her friend anyways. After all, there were very few moments tonight during which she felt comfortable to begin with. One more wasn't going to kill her. Joined by a few standing brothers that looked over in her direction with casual interest as they peed, Jessa squatted and began to relieve herself.

As they returned to the basement proper, the lights were flickering off and on, someone by the switch obviously signaling that it was now three o'clock in the morning. The party was over. Slowly, with reluctance on the parts of both the girls and the guys, people began trickling towards the stairs. Jessa and Alex, however, plopped themselves back down on the couch next to Kristin and Wendy. Seth and Dunny seemed to have disappeared.

"Let's go, everyone," Chaz Ehrlich's voice said from the top of the staircase, booming through the house over the speakers. "I know you all hate me, but the party's coming to a close. You can thank our wonderful presidents for agreeing to strict party rules."

Even as the basement emptied out, Mason worked his way against the tide of people as he descended back down the stairs.

Chaz continued. "Ladies, make yourself at home on the mats here in the main hall. Fellas, if you live here, head upstairs to your rooms. If you don't live here, get the fuck out!"

Mason's return signaled to Kristin that there was something that she didn't know about. There were silent looks that bounced between Jessa, Alex, and Mason, and Kristin could tell there was something more.

"Come on," she said to Wendy, standing first and pulling her partner up behind her. "Let's go." To her other two sisters, she gave a quick wink before telling them, "We'll save you some space on one of the mats." As Wendy and Kristin followed the bulk of the partygoers upstairs, Mason took a few steps closer to blonde and brunette pair. The two girls stood up, waiting for the TriGam president to come even closer.

"I thought we had until three-thirty before we had be all tucked in?" Jessa teased the man.

"We do," Mason replied. "I just thought that it probably would take a while for the basement to completely clear out, so I had Chaz give everyone a verbal kick in the ass."

Looking around, it was clear that not everyone was paying strict attention to the night's DJ. There were still a couple of pong games going on in one corner, and there was a pocket of people engaged in a few last shots by the bar.

"Maybe a quick game, then?" Alex asked lustily, sexual energy dripping off each syllable that escaped her red lips. She gestured towards the pong table in the corner, out of sight from the rest of the basement.

Jessa knew that once they were in that corner, there was little chance of being seen by any of the other stragglers that were scattered about. Certainly, there were angles which allowed a direct line-of-sight towards the pong table, but they weren't on any route towards the stairs. If someone were to peek in, it would have to be intentional.

As Mason got closer, Alex took his left hand in her right. Following her friend's lead, Jessa grabbed Mason's right. Both of them slowly backed towards the corner, pulling the TriGam president along with them.

"Exactly what sort of game are we playing?" Mason asked coyly.

"Well, we're all going to have a chance to score," Alex teased.

"Aren't there rules? Aren't there rules that you two wrote to prevent something like this from happening?"

Jessa knew he was right, but she didn't know why he was bringing that fact up. All she wanted right now was to be fucked. Ever since she'd masturbated up in Mason's room, he whole body had been abuzz with sexual energy. Her libido, after four hours of stares and lustful glances, was controlling the rest of her body, the rest of her cognitive processes. This was exactly the sort of bad situation that she and Alex had feared would arise among the other girls - getting drunk, getting horny, and having sex. But she honestly didn't care about anything at that point - the fact that they were in a public basement, the fact that Alex was still handcuffed to her, the fact that Mason was nothing more than a sexual object at that point - she just wanted to get off.

"Well, we'll play by the rules for tonight," Jessa started, feeling her ass nudge the pong table behind her. She leaned back, settling herself onto that table, and pulled Mason's face towards her. With their lips just a few millimeters apart, she continued, "But 'no intercourse' certainly leaves a lot of wiggle room." With that, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him against her body.

Next to her, it was clear that Alex was not going to just stand by and watch. And while Jessa had never done anything like this before, she and Alex had...bonded...over the course of the night. Between her own breasts and Mason's body, Jessa could feel the brunette's hand running down Mason's pectorals and stomach, moving closer to his waist. As the kiss between Jessa and Mason intensified, Alex forced her hand down further, separating Jessa's own wet pussy from the erection that was desperate to get out of Mason's pants.

Mason wanted it out. He wanted to slip it into Jessa, just lay her back on the table and then lay into her while Alex kissed his back. Even as the brunette's hand squeezed his dick, he was reaching for his belt, ready to drop his pants immediately. Alex, however, stopped him.

"Sorry, honey," she whispered into his ear, brushing his hand aside before returning her own to his crotch. "We're going to be cock teases for tonight."

There was a groan of disappointment the escaped from Mason, but he had no ability to protest, his mouth and tongue too busy with Jessa there in front of him. The blonde pulled back for a few seconds, though, briefly adding, "You know, remember the rules."

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