tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Skin Ball: Part 3

The Skin Ball: Part 3


The Skin Ball Part Three: Take Me


Up on the dance floor, Jessa was taken aback to see how much everyone had loosened. It wasn’t like a typical college party – people still weren’t quite close enough yet. But it no longer looked like a seventh grade dance.

Some of the girls were dancing together as one large group. Other pairs of girls had found pairs of guys, and were dancing with them. Tara Martz and Courtney Gagnon were perfect examples of this latter group, entirely enthralled in their respective boyfriend, and trying desperately not to let their handcuffed arms prevent them from dancing. Of course, Tara and Courtney were significantly more physical with their dance partners than other couples, for obvious reasons. Evan, in particular, had his hands rubbing all over Courtney, as if he were marking her as his territory, trying desperately to keep her from the other guys.

Together, Alex and Jessa made their way out on to the dance floor, and slowly began to dance. From behind the turntables, Chaz Ehrlich looked out across the sea of unclad women and sex-craved men, smirking as he put in his next song. ACDC’s “You Shook Me.”

Dancing felt incredible to Jessa, especially in the state she was in. She had pretty much lost all her inhibitions, and was beginning to let go on the dance floor. As the speakers blared and the bass reverberated inside her body, her whole body was writhing to the music. She had never felt this sexy before, never felt as turned on as she did as she danced. Jessa wondered if this was how strippers felt, the eyes of men around them on their bodies, tracing every curve, every movement of their bodies. She herself couldn’t help but notice the attention that she was getting from Ben Henry, who was trying to sneak glances at her every chance he got, all the while still dancing with Theresa Foster.

The brothers kept their distance, though. While they were dancing with most of the other girls, they were content to just let Jessa and Alex dance with each other, creating a spectacle at the center of the dance floor. Jessa’s inhibitions were gone, and she was having fun. It didn’t seem to matter that it was just she and Alex there, together, dancing amazingly close for two naked girls. As the Chemical Brothers’ “Take Me” began playing in the background, both girls were lost in music, lost in the moment, lost in the thumping of the bass within them.

Thump. Thump.

Alex’s left hand and Jessa’s right hand were locked together at the wrist, but it didn’t seem to inhibit them at all; Alex had her left hand on Jessa’s right hip, and Jessa’s hand was write on top of it, guiding her hips as they moved. The free hands were able to move wherever they wanted, but while Jessa’s was floating freely over her head, Alex’s had found Jessa’s other hip. One of the brunette’s legs was firmly planted between the blonde’s, and vice versa. They danced close together, their nipples swinging dangerously close to each other as their breasts bounced with the music.

Thump. Thump.

Jessa’s eyes were closed. Alex’s were focused on Jessa’s neck, not looking at her face or her body, just her neck. Jessa could feel Alex’s pubic hair, nearly trimmed as it may have been, occasionally brush up against her thigh, but she gave it no notice. Her own pussy shot bolts up electricity up and down her body, every time it ground into Alex’s leg. At first it was accidental, then casual, and finally done with a noticeable amount of force. The touch of naked flesh against her own naked pussy was enough to excite her, even if it was just the naked flesh of another girl.

Thump. Thump.

Jessa felt her nipples touch Alex’s body, just below the brunette’s own breasts. There was a height difference between them, and even if it was a small one, their eyes didn’t look straight into one another, and their areoles weren’t exactly lined up. Alex’s hands were still on Jessa’s body, though they had worked their way a little south of her hips, catching a hold of her upper thighs.

Thump. Thump.

Alex watched as sweat dropped down from behind Jessa’s right ear, and traced it with her eyes as it dribbled down the blonde’s neck, down her chest, between her breasts, and onto Alex’s own body. She felt the droplet roll down her skin, before it puddled up somewhere around her navel.

Thump. Thump.

The music reached its climax, and began to settle, allowing both Alex and Jessa a release after over six minutes of intensely sexual dancing. Jessa had originally intended to dance close with Alex just to turn Ben Henry on. She had ended up turning herself on even more.

As a new song – something by the Thievery Corporation - began emanating from the speakers, the two girls broke apart to the disappointment of the crowd of people around them. Even the Ep Chi sisters had stopped to watch, and had to admit that they were getting turned on just watching their house’s president and fundraising director dance with each other. Ben Henry was standing next to fireplace, his tongue hanging out, and had forgotten entirely about Theresa and the other girls that he’d been dancing with.

Jessa, regaining her composure, wasn’t exactly sure about what had just happened. She had never danced with another girl like that when she’d been fully clothed. She shook her head, smiled weakly at Alex, and searched the crowd.

Ben Henry saw his moment to swoop in. The tension that had existed between Jessa and Alex dissipated quickly, the two girls focused on their next conquest – Ben.

Alex and Jessa’s little show had excited everyone around them, and given their fellow sisters a small push of encouragement. All around them, as the music changed from song to song, the Ep Chis got bolder and bolder and bolder. Jessa, out of the corner of her eye, saw Acadia guide the hands of a younger TriGam pledge up her naked stomach to her breasts, where she let them settle on her nipples.

Ben was trapped between two naked, sweaty bodies, and he didn’t seem to mind the least. Where before there had been nothing to keep Alex and Jessa apart, now there was a thin, good-looking senior. Ben’s head was shaved completely bald, and more than once Jessa relished in running her hands on its smooth surface.

But Ben wasn’t alone with the two girls for very long. Before any of them knew it, they were joined by two more brothers, each coming up from behind on the two sisters. Jessa could see Drew Benson dancing into Alex’s naked back, but she couldn’t see the body that had come up from behind her. Nonetheless, she grabbed his hand, and made sure that he felt welcome enough to run in across her body, so long as it stayed away from more sensitive areas. Her ass found the crotch of the mystery man behind her, and she pushed herself into him, until she could feel his hardness between her cheeks. And even through what felt like khaki material, Jessa could tell that whoever he was, it was clear that he was a big, big boy.

After a few minutes of dancing like this, getting increasingly turned on, Jessa had to find out who it was behind her. She turned, and looked up…and up…and up…to see all six-foot-five of Mason MacNeill, muscle from head to toe. As Alex did pirouettes behind her to get into a comfortable position with her handcuffs, Jessa looked up into Mason’s brown eyes and melted into his body. There was little more that Jessa wanted than to just have Mason take her at that moment.

While she couldn’t have sex with him right then or there, or that night for that matter, Jessa could dance with him as sexually as she had with Alex, and as she had been with Ben Henry.

Guys around them came and went. Girls around them came and went. But when it came down to it, the focus of Mason’s attention was evenly divided between just Alex and Jessa. And both the brunette and the blonde made clear to everyone else that joined them that Mason was their primary interest, even if they did dance with other people.

Alex made sure she got eye contact from Jessa before she began dancing close to Mason, though. It was clear that she didn’t want to butt in if there was something developing between Jessa and Mason. Jessa just shook her head and pulled her friend closer to their bodies. There had never been anything more than physicality between Jessa and Mason. Never had been. Never would be. Even when they were flirting heavily during sophomore year, Jessa never wanted anything more from him than just his body. Mason was a sweet guy, a nice guy, and a true man’s man, but Jessa had never wanted to make him her own. There was something about Mason that just couldn’t be tamed, and Jessa didn’t want to be the one to try.

Jessa ground deeply and forcefully into Mason’s leg, getting hotter the more she did it. After a few minutes of dancing this way, Dunny appeared from behind her, tapped Mason’s shoulder, and pulled him away. As the two brothers walked away, Jessa was mortified by what she saw – she had left a small stain of pussy juice on his khakis. She gasped, unsure of what she could possibly do.

Alex saw what she was looking at, and wrapped her arm around her friend. “I actually don’t think he noticed,” she offered.

“Oh my God!” Jessa cried, buying her face in Alex’s naked shoulder. “What am I going to do?”

“Don’t worry about it!” the brunette smiled. “Even if he notices, do you think it’s going to turn him off? If anything, it’s going to bring him back for more!”

Jessa jokingly pushed Alex away.

“Besides,” her friend continued, “it’ll be gone by the time he makes it to the basement.”

Jessa certainly didn’t feel good about what had just happened, but she was able to push it away for the time being. She hadn’t had anything to drink in over an hour, and her drunkenness was beginning to wear off with all the exercise.

“Do you want to get a drink?” Jessa asked.

“Sure, but let’s go upstairs,” Alex shot back. “Judd’s got alcohol up in his room, and he was planning to take a bunch of people up there to get high, too.”

Jessa raised her eyebrows. She hadn’t smoked in months. “Let’s go then.”

As they walked towards the stairs, they passed a line of girls all waiting to use the bathroom on the first floor. As they walked up, they passed a pair of sophomore girls coming down, who explained that the second floor bathroom was being renovated, and couldn’t be used.

“What about the one of the third floor?” Alex asked. She had spent the night at TriGam on more than on occasion the previous year, when she’d been hooking up with Brett Flannery. Brett had graduated in June, but Alex’s nights with him up on the third floor had left her with the knowledge that there was one bathroom on each floor of the house. Alex didn’t count the trough.

“It’s locked,” Suzy Granholm explained, obviously having tried the door herself. “The whole third floor, that is. Right at the top of the stairs.”

“That’s weird,” Jessa said. Why would they lock the third-floor door?

“Well, I guess it’s just back to the line,” Suzy said. “With all the drinking, those lines have gotten pretty bad. Some of the girls have even been peeing in the shower stall downstairs. ”

“Plus the fact that every trip is a two-for-one special,” Alex added.

Groaning, Suzy and the other sophomore descended the staircase as Alex and Jessa brushed by them.

Judd Romney’s room had been transformed into a middle-eastern pillow room. From one wall to the other, the carpet had been covered with comforters, beanbag chairs, pillows, and other soft objects, which Judd had obviously scrounged from any number of the brothers on the second floor. Even Judd’s mattress lay on the floor, the bed frame itself having been removed from the room.

Judd himself was leaning against one wall, laughing about something that Mark Carcieri had just said. Scattered throughout the room were six naked girls, five fully dressed men, and an overwhelming haze of pot smoke. No one made a big deal about the addition of Alex and Jessa, who both dropped into one of the corners between Jay Kemp and Valerie Thorne after pouring themselves drinks.

“So did you guys hear about the new professor that the college scored for next term?” Judd asked the new arrivals.

Alex shook her head, but Jessa asked, “Elisabeth Parker? The woman that Columbia fired, right?”

Judd nodded, and Mark picked up the ball. “Yeah, the college managed to convince her to come up here to the middle of nowhere. They’re giving her complete leeway over some sort of research project that she’s working on.”

“Now wait,” Valerie stopped the conversation, trying to get a hold of her own thoughts. She handed the pipe that had been circulating around the room to Jessa, who took her turn. “This is that ‘New Feminism’ woman, right?”

“Yeah,” Judd replied, “but it’s not any of that conservative garbage that’s been circulating around. She’s sort of carved out her own path, and it apparently got a lot eyebrows raised and temperatures up down in New York.”

“I’m actually in her class next term,” Jessa added, exhaling the smoke. She hadn’t wanted to take the class, but her friend Daniella had talked her into it, getting exciting about the hubbub surrounding the class. “Women’s Studies 68.”

“So close to sixty-nine,” Jay said druggily, laughing at the reference. Everyone else around the room just ignored him.

“The whole idea of it is supposed to be to get women to appreciate their own bodies, and their own sexuality, rather than have their sexuality forced upon them by men,” Judd explained.

The irony was not lost on the eight naked women that were lying every which way around the room. “Well, I think we’re proving that particular goal wrong,” Julie Leavitt peeped from next to Judd.

“Are we?” Alex asked, her interest in the conversation suddenly piqued. She handed the pipe off to Jay. “Are we really? I mean, yeah, we’re doing this because we lost a bet to a house full of guys, but WE’RE doing this. I’ve already had this discussion with Jessa – we’re not objects here tonight, no matter what any of the guys think.”

“But what’s wrong with being an object every now and then?” Jessa asked. “Or as you said earlier, just acknowledging that we’re sexual beings? What’s wrong with letting go, getting naked, and being out of control every now and then?”

Judd clapped. “Here, here,” he concurred.

“That’s actually her point,” Beth Baldacci said from across the room. “That as long as we’re empowered, and that we made this decision out of our own free will, than we’re acknowledging that we’re sexual beings, not some sort of inanimate fuck-toy.”

“But does losing a bet and following through on the consequences count as free will?” Mark asked.

“Sure it does,” Jessa replied. “Because we made this bet. We knew the risks, and even though we’re still mystified at how we possibly could have lost to you guys, we’re following through on it. We’re still the ones that decided to come here and get naked, even if we handed a little bit of control over.” She looked over at Alex, knowing that she could speak for more than just herself when she added, “And some of us are enjoying it.”

There were a few moments of silence, before Beth agreed. “I think it’s more than just some of us.”

Looking around the room, Jessa was shocked by all the heads nodding. Were they really all turned on by tonight? By the attention that they were getting from the TriGam brothers? The idea that she wasn’t the only one comforted her a little, made her feel a little less slutty.

The marijuana-fueled philosophical conversation carried on for a good deal longer. Now stoned, and on her way to getting her buzz back, Jessa leaned over and whispered in Alex’s ear that she had to used the bathroom.

“Do any of you guys have the key for upstairs?” Alex asked. “So we can use the bathroom?”

Judd and Mark exchanged a cryptic look. Mark explained, “Nah, sorry. It’s just Evan, Jeff Rowland, and Mike Murkowski living up there now – they’re the ones that would have the keys.”

“I guess we’re standing in the line,” Jessa admitted, sounding downtrodden as they stepped from Judd’s room.

“Well, we’ll see how bad it is,” Alex replied as they descended the stairs.

It was bad. Eighty-six girls were scattered throughout the house, partying naked, drinking naked, dancing naked. And yet they all seemed to be in the line for the bathroom.

“The one downstairs is out of order,” Haley Johanns explained. “Jenny Riley apparently booted all over the floor. Last I heard, Mason and Dunny were trying to find a mop, but it hadn’t been cleaned up as of ten minutes ago.”

“Wonderful,” Jessa replied, resigning herself to the line.

Alex, though, had no intention of waiting. “Come on,” she said, pulling Jessa behind her. They walked towards the back of the house, through the kitchen, and in the direction of TriGam’s back door.

“No we’re not,” Jessa came to a standstill, knowing that Alex was leading her outside. “First of all, it’s freezing out there. It’s December, remember?”

“We’re only going to be out there for a second.”

“Secondly, I really don’t want to go outside and risk getting seen by everyone at Mu Tau or Wolf House.”

“We’re not gonna go that far out, Jessa. The only way anyone will see us is if they happen to be strolling through TriGam’s back yard at one in the morning.”

“And thirdly, isn’t that a little gross?”

“Suck it up,” Alex said, pulling the blonde along behind her.

Jessa started to fight it, but gave in. After all, she really did need to pee, and this option was slightly better than waiting for a half hour in line. As they walked out into the dark night, Jessa couldn’t believe how cold it was. She stepped down onto the lawn behind the house, and saw frost forming on the blades of grass. It had snowed twice this term, one of those times just a few days earlier. But the ground was still bare, having gotten little more than a frosting on Tuesday. Her nipples were rock hard, but for the first time since she’d stripped, it wasn’t because of sexual excitement.

When they had returned to kitchen, Jessa rubbed her arms to warm herself up. Alex, though, helped herself to a bottle of tequila that was sitting on the counter, and did a shot straight from the bottle.

“Drinking for warmth,” she explained, handing the tequila off to Jessa.

As Jessa knocked back a shot of tequila, she let her mind wander over the course of the night. It was already one thirty, with only an hour and a half left of the party. Since eleven o’clock, she’d stripped naked in the basement, played a game of pong, danced with Alex, gotten turned on by Alex, danced with Ben, gotten turned on by Ben, danced with Mason, gotten turned on by Mason, and gotten stoned up in Judd Romney’s room. Just thinking about Mason rubbing up behind her while she’d been dancing was enough to bring all her libido back. Thinking about dancing with Mason behind her and Ben in front of her brought it back with a fury. And remembering how turned on she’d become when she’d been dancing with Alex put her over the top.

She was unsure of how to say it, so she just blurted it out. “Alex, I need to get myself off.”

Alex didn’t give her the look of disgust that Jessa had been bracing herself for. Instead, she let out a sigh of relief. “Jesus, I thought I was the only one. I can’t even think straight.”

That was a surprise. Jessa hadn’t really thought about what she had expected Alex to say, but the brunette’s candor and similar thoughts caught her off guard. They locked eyes for a few seconds, each of them lost in what to say next, what to do next. Alex finally broke the silence. “Here?”

“Too busy,” Jessa replied. She didn’t want to think about the ramifications that this might cause with their friendship. She didn’t want to think about how they’d look each other in the eye tomorrow or afterwards. She really just needed to touch herself, and focused all her energy on trying to think of a place they could do it.

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