tagRomanceThe Skipper

The Skipper

byGrey Eagle 286©

Ted leaned back against the bulkhead and rested his arms, he desperately wanted a cold beer from his cooler. He was just too tired to move at this second. He let his eyes close for just a second. He awoke with a start. He looked at his watch, he had slept for an hour. As he was getting up when he heard a soft sound from beneath the boat. He moved quietly up the ladder to the deck and then went down he ladder to the ground. He saw a form huddled under the boat in it's shade. "Are you alright?" he asked. A head jerked up and bumped against the bottom of the boat. He looked into pale blue eyes surrounded by a very pretty face and long blond hair.

"Somebitch! That hurts." said the girl holding her head. "You startled me."

"I am really sorry, I heard you crying and I wanted to help. I can't stand to see pretty girls cry, it drives me up the wall. I guess I have a White Knight Complex. Please forgive me."

"You are forgiven, I was just so disappointed. The last Lightning66 race of the season is in about three hours, and my partner just called and said she can't be here. Her mother is sick. I only need to finish forth or better to win the cup. I don't have a crew, so it is over for me."

She sniffed and wiped tears from her eyes.

"How long before the race?"

"Three hours."

"If you will train me for three hours I will crew for you."

"Have you raced Lighting66s before?"

"Years ago, but I have some experience in other boats."

"You are teasing me, right."

"No, not really."

"Come on then, let's go sail some and see how it goes, how can I thank you?"

"Are you married?"

"Not now, was."

"Me too. Dinner then, dancing and dinner if we finish forth or better."

"Deal." she laughed.

The small sail boat skimmed along the bay on a close hauled tack. It was moving well, heading for a marker buoy, "Slack your sheet a little," Ted said. He was looking at a small case in his hand.

"Why, she asked. "We are doing fine."

"Just try it."

"OK, there you go, what do you have there?"

"A handheld GPS. We just picked up ½ a knot of speed.'

"You are kidding me?"

"No, 1/2 a knot."

"Is that legal?"

"I don't know, don't ask. Go around the buoy as close as you can and head for the next buoy. We should have a broad reach on that leg."

The boat rounded the buoy and steadied on a course for the next marker. Ted watched the strong lithe body of the young woman while she concentrated on setting the sails, she asked him to slack off on the jib sheet a bit and he did. He watched the speed drop a little. He eased the sheet in just a hair and picked the speed back up. She was good but not perfect. It was almost impossible to tell the difference in speed. The boat was going really well now. He shifted his weight up wind a little more. They gained a little more speed. When they got to the next buoy she turned around the marker in good shape then overshot a bit when she headed for the next mark.

"Keep it there for a bit."


"We can ease off a bit when we have the buoy made. Then we can make the mark easily and pick up a little more speed at the end, I notice the wind is shifting to the north then back to north north west every few minutes. If we head right for the mark and it shifts we will have to tack. This way if it shifts we can make it with out a tack."

"We'll try that, it sounds good."

After five minutes he said, "head for the buoy now."

"OK." She was looking at him steadily now. "You really know this stuff don't you?"

"I know enough to get in serious trouble. Sometimes I guess wrong."

"I wonder if you guess at all. You seem to know exactly how to trim this boat for the best speed."

"Well, do I qualify as crew?"

"You sure do Ted, I never had better. Lets go around the other direction. We don't know which way we will be going until 5 minutes before the race." He watched her as she worked the tiller. She pulled off her shirt and just had a sports bra on. She did not need any support, he had trouble concentrating on the boat. From what he could see she had a perfect body.

Two hours later Ted stood on the platform at the yacht club beside the girl as she accepted the trophy for the season Lighting66 Class Championship. They had won the race easily. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He held her and whispered, "Good race Skipper, you did just fine." He walked down the steps with her and she smiled at him. "Will you pick me up about seven for dinner?"

He grinned, "And dancing?"

"I always pay my debts."

"Listen I just don't feel right calling you Skipper all the time, what is your name?"

"Susan. Most of my friends call me Sue. You may call me Sue. Here is my card. My address and phone number are on it. Seven then?"

"Seven, Sue."

He went back to his boat and locked up and drove home, he could see Sue clearly in his mind." He liked what he saw. He ran into his apartment and showered and shaved. He wore gray slacks, light blue shirt, Navy Blue blazer and dark Topsider boat shoes. He slipped a tie in his pocket and picked up Sue's card. He read, Dr. Susan G. Richards, M.D., then her address and phone number.

He knocked on her door at exactly seven o'clock. Sue opened the door. His jaw dropped, she was gorgeous. She wore a little bra dress in a pale blue, high heeled slides that had ribbons wound up her calves and tied in a bow. She smiled and turned for him to see the whole dress.

"Wow! I am sure glad you didn't step on my tongue. You are really beautiful tonight."

"What did you expect?"

"I don't know, I just knew that I wanted to be with you. To get to know you better."

"That sounds good to me, Where are we going?"

"Were would you like to go? I am new to the area, can you suggest someplace?"

"Would a Seafood chowder and Crusty bread with a salad suit you, we won't have to go far."

"Sounds great to me. I don't feel like a long drive. I would rather look straight at you and not have to settle for quick glances."

"It is sweet of you to say that. We are there. I can have it ready in a few minutes. Could I interest you in a cocktail first?"

Ted entered her apartment and felt right at home.

"Sounds delightful, I like to cruise with the Captain if you have some."

"Wonderful, my favorite, with water?"


He watched as she moved about fixing the drinks. She handed him his drink and sat opposite him across a coffee table. He smiled, " I don't bite."

"I do. But not hard."

He couldn't take his eyes from her. They looked at each other as they talked. She was still excited about winning the race and the cup. She looked at him, "you have raced a lot before haven't you?"


"I don't know your whole name. Who are you?"

"Just plain old Ted Harrison. Dr. Susan Richards, M.D.."

"Ted Harrison. Ted Harrison." She got up and walked to a desk, she flipped through some papers and pulled one out. She walked back. He loved to watch her walk in the high heels. He felt his blood stirring. She read from the paper.

"The Harrison Lightning66 One Design Racing Sloop. Hummmmm length, weight, mmm, Designed by Theodore L. Harrison, PHD." She looked up at him, "No wonder you could tell me how to make it go faster. You designed the boat."

"Guilty, as charged. I wish I could make a few little changes, but it is too late now."

"Did you make a lot of money from that design?"

He laughed, "No, I donated that one, I didn't make a cent. I have done pretty well on some others though. I am on vacation. That boat I found you under at the boat yard was one of my first designs that made money. I just bought her from the estate of her original owner. He hadn't used her in a long time and I am rebuilding her. Enough about me, what kind of Doctor are you? Where do you practice? What kind of music do you like? Do you like older men? Do you kiss on the first date? When do we eat?" Sue grinned, then laughed at him.

"I am a pediatrician, I have a clinic, Country, yes, sometimes, in a minute. Excuse me, I would like to change to some thing more comfortable. Take off your jacket and relax, be right back."

He stood and walked around the room. The furnishings were excellent, he loved her taste in pictures, he thought he recognized several as being very expensive.

She was back in a minute wearing white shorts and a blue and white striped top. The top was form fitting and just covered the bottom 2/3 of her proud breasts, he could tell she had nothing on under it. The matching sleeves were not attached to the top. She looked delicious, there was not a lot to the top or the shorts. He smiled, "I was in hopes it would be like in the movies when a beautiful woman says that to a man she returns wearing a long lovely sheer negligee, Oh! Well! You are still beautiful."

"Ted, you are a big flirt."

"I am not flirting, I am dead serious. As serious as I have ever been in my whole life." She looked at him for a long time. She slowly turned and walked to the kitchen. She worked at putting the meal together, she turned to find him standing in the door watching her. He grimaced, "Sue, please forgive me. OK?"

"No way. I can be serious too. I do have a long negligee, do you want me to put it on? Please kiss me."

He eagerly placed his arms around her and gently kissed her. After a minute she pulled back and said, "Put something in it."

He held her tighter, kissed her harder and brushed his tongue insistently along her lips. She parted her lips and his tongue found her tongue and swirled around it. She pulled back breathlessly, "Wow! You know how to do that alright. Let me get dinner on the table, I want to try that some more. It is our second date, right? If you count sailing."

"Right, If I step out and come back it will be the third , Right?" She heard the front door open then close, then open again, then close. He put his head around the door jam, "Now we are old friends. Right?"

She grinned back, "very close friends, right?"

"You got that right, Skipper."

The Seafood Chowder was superb, full of lobster, shrimp, scallops, clams and a firm succulent fish. They dipped the hot bread in the soup and wiped up juices that ran down their chins. They laughed at each other. The salad was crisp lettuce with firm tomatoes, peppers and onions and featured a homemade blue cheese dressing. She served a lovely white Riesling that fit perfectly. He rubbed his belly and said "that was great, I have never had better. I loved every bite. What is for breakf…." He looked at her and she thought she saw a tear in his eye. "Forget I said anything. My joy at a superb meal overweighed my judgment." He helped her do the dishes. She loved that he pitched right in. She noticed the way his slacks had little if any slack in the crotch area. Quite a bulge there. The thought made her shiver. He was a hunk. They went back in the living room and sat down for an after dinner brandy. She looked at him, "Do you like cigars, Cuban cigars?"

"Yes, I love them, do you?"

"I love to smell them, I love to share one but I never do one by myself." She went to a humidor and brought out one cigar and gave it to him. He didn't have a lighter so she got a match. He trimmed the tip and punched a hole the end with his Leatherman tool. He lit the cigar. He took a pull. He savored the taste in his mouth and let the smoke out slowly. She sat close beside him and he could feel the warmth of her hip next to his. He handed her the cigar and watched as she held the smoke in her mouth then blew perfect smoke ring. "That was perfect." He said "do you hold your lips like this?" He pressed his lips to hers. She sighed, "No that is all wrong, try again." He did. She moved closer and said, "not quite right, try again. Mmmmmm that was better." She put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He pulled back and looked at her. "Sweetheart, I am at a point where I have to make a decision. I need your help. I am going to be terribly embarrassed by an massive erection, I am going to split my britches, I am going to have to go home, or I am going to have to take you to bed. Your choice"

Sue smiled at him and giggled, "Well, we ARE very old and very close friends, I would love for you to carry me to bed, I want you now."

"I will just have to race you to see who can get naked the quickest. Ready set go." Sue said "Whoa, You cheated you are not wearing underwear."

"No rules. Here!" He picked her up and carried her into the bed room.

"I am impressed, I weigh 130 and you all most ran with me."

"Darling, you are a big beautiful girl. I want to taste every inch of you, starting with this succulent nipple, Mmmmmmm, that is very good." He placed her gently on the bed. He stood and looked at her. "Damn you are beautiful, perfect in every way." He moved on to the bed next to her and pulled her to him, he pressed his lips to hers. His tongue searched for hers. After a long sweet kiss he moved to kiss her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her lips again, then kissed his way to her taut tummy. He rained kisses on her mound and kissed it thoroughly. It was smooth shaven except for a small triangle above her clit. He loved the smooth feel of it. His fingers parted her vulva and he licked her inner lips. They were damp and slipped apart from the pressure of his fingers spreading her vulva. He blew gently on them then sucked them into his mouth. The thumb and forefinger of his right hand spread the little folds of skin hiding her clitoris. His tongue licked at this treasure furiously. Sue pulled his head into her pussy. He breathed in the sweet musky odor of her womanhood. She was becoming wet and he lapped up her juices. She shook and moaned, her head flipped from side to side, she put her hands over her mouth and screamed with joy. "Ahhhhhh! Yesssss, God Yessssss!" She stiffened and her head fell to one side. He lifted his head . She was not moving, her eyes were rolled back. He became frightened and moved up and said, "Sue, Sue are you alright? I love you, talk to me. Please. Oh! God! I do love you." He saw a smile move her lips, her eyes closed and her arms pulled him close to her warm soft body.

"I think I love you too, Ted. Let me make love to you, lay on your back." She kneeled beside him, "God, You are a hunk, a real man." She kissed his lips and threw a leg across him. He felt her wet pussy slide down his chest and over his erect cock. She slid on down and her pussy came to rest on his leg. Her mouth found his rigid shaft an she closed her sweet lips around it. She closed her hand around the base of the shaft and moved her mouth and hand up and down his cock and she twisted her hand as it moved. His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned softly. She took his whole length in her mouth and down her throat. She licked his penis with her tongue as she slipped her lips up and down. He said, "Lover, I am going to cum soon, I want to do it inside you." "Oh! Yes, Please cum in me, I need to feel you inside me, Please. Please." He moved down over her and her legs spread wide. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down lubricating himself in her juices. He pressed his penis against the opening to her sex and it slipped in an inch or so. He pulled back and then slipped it in again going a little deeper. In and out, a little deeper each time until she felt his pubic hair against her vulva. Then he started long slow strokes. She could feel the blood pulsing in the veins in his cock. His lips brushed hers and she heard him breathing hard. He moaned and growled and increased the speed and power of his thrusts. Sue was pulling him against her harder with her heels and hands. She was keening in his ear softly and he heard it change to more of a purr which grew louder. She was trembling and shaking. Her legs jerked and he felt her juices flow, her love passage becoming slipperier, he suddenly knew he was about to cum, "I am cumming, nowwwww!" She felt him stiffen and the semen spurted inside her. Spurt after spurt. It was a massive amount. He collapsed on her. She held him tightly to her breast, softly kissing his neck, murmuring his name over and over. She kissed him sweetly, "That was wonderful."

He moved his weight off of her and she said , "Oh! I love you on me like that. I can't get close enough to you." Then he heard her sob and he looked up and her eyes were closed and tears ran down her cheeks. He said "What is wrong Sue, What did I do? Did I hurt you?" She cried harder, really weeping now. "Sue, Darling Sue, please don't cry. I hate it when you cry. Please, look at me . Help me Sue, Please talk to me." She shuddered and sat up. She got a Kleenex from the nightstand and wiped her eyes, still sniffling. "Oh! Teddy, I have never felt so loved in my whole life, never felt so complete, so fulfilled, so content. I don't deserve it." She began weeping again. He put his arms around her and held her close to him. "Why, why don't you deserve to feel that way. Every woman and man deserves to feel that, I feel the same way. Talk to me Sweetheart. You are scaring me to death. Please talk to me. Don't hurt me this way. Do you want me to leave, am I the reason." He started to get up. Sue threw her arms around him and held on to him, "NO! Don't leave me, please stay. I'll talk to you. Please stay. Don't leave me"

She wiped her eyes and looked down, "I have to tell you something that will end our relationship in the bud. OH! God I hate this, But I can not go on unless you know the truth about me. I came from a poor family, I wanted to be a Doctor more than anything in the world. I wanted to care for sick children. There was no money for college, I applied for and won a scholarship that paid most of my tuition. I worked as a waitress nights and there was never enough money, with books and all. I was going to have to give my dream up when a girl told me she was making really good money making sex films, porno. I had never even seen one. I went for an audition and they liked the way I looked and hired me on the spot. I just closed my mind and did whatever they asked. I did things I am ashamed of, but there were other things I just couldn't do. I paid for my college through Med school that way. I could do that for couple of months a year and make what I needed so I could study during the semesters. I married a guy but he just wanted to use me and live off of me, so I dumped him. When I quit, I never wanted to touch another man as long as I lived. I lived with another woman for a year, but that was wrong for me too. I haven't dated in years, kept my nose to the grind stone. Always felt dirty. Never found anything but my work until one of my patients kept talking about sailboat racing. I was curious so I went for a sail with her. I loved it. It was clean and pure, beautiful. Then I met you. So you can go now." She sobbed and buried her face in her pillow. He lay beside her and pulled her to him and held her tight. She cried for a while more, then realized he was still holding her. She lifted her head and said, "Thank you Ted, You are a real friend. I appreciate that. I am alright now, you can go." He didn't move. She looked at him, "Ted, I'm fine now, thank you for a wonderful evening, you don't have to stay any more."


"Please go, please."

"I will go when you look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want me here, and that you don't like me anymore."

"I can't do that, I can't."

"Then I can't leave. What you told me does not change how I feel about you. You did what you thought you had to do. You didn't steal, rob or hurt anyone but yourself. You did it so you could learn to heal children. That is just what you do now. I bet they don't care what you did to learn to heal them. I just can't find a whole lot wrong with that. I don't think you have to feel dirty anymore, I think you have cleansed your soul now. What is in the past has nothing to do with what is between us. We have only a future if you want it."

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