tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sky So Blue Ch. 02

The Sky So Blue Ch. 02


Captain John Wellington watched in fascination as Sky flew through the air. Her agility would shame the most accomplished gymnasts back on Earth. Her small body was lean and muscular and as he was beginning to observe, incredibly flexible. They had been rudely awakened earlier that morning by the sound of a cart being pushed into their cell covered with food which although unidentifiable, had actually tasted quite good. After they had eaten they were escorted to a large room outfitted with a large floor mat and suspended parallel bars. Sky swung between the 3 parallel bars for about 20 minutes, performing difficult manoeuvres until finally launching her petite body with precision and speed into the air and landing on her toes. She then performed a complex series of flips and tumbles across the large floor mat for another hour or so. Apparently finished her morning workout, she sat on the mat stretching her muscles while watching John complete a series of karate katas. After a few minutes, Sky began to imitate his movements.

"You're cheating." He winked at her.

"How?" she asked innocently.

"You're using your tail for balance."

"Wouldn't you use your tail if you had one?" she asked slyly.

"Yes I probably would. But I would still be cheating." He laughed. Sky slunk behind him and mimicked his moves precisely. She moved slightly closer until she was brushing up against him. "That's very distracting." He smiled.

Sky giggled quietly and began running her fingers down his chest lightly. Without warning, he grabbed her and pulled her in front of him. She was still giggling and he kissed her on the forehead.

"I was thinking of some more exercises." She grinned. Her fingers were dancing across his chest and arms when suddenly her long tongue flicked out and caught his nipple. He hissed as she began swirling a wet trail across to his other nipple and then down his chest and stomach. She then moved sideways and planted a wet kiss on his hip.

"You're going to drive me crazy, Sky." He breathed, his eyes closed in pleasure. He could feel her tail wrapping around his calf and as her fingers moved around and gripped his ass tightly, her tongue slid slowly around the base of his now hard shaft. His fingers weaved themselves into her hair as she began licking the underside of his cock slowly. When she reached the head, her tongue swirled around it entirely before she took him in her mouth and started gently sucking.

"Oh, that feels good." He winced. She removed her mouth and began licking the shaft of his hard cock again. Her hands grasped the base of his engorged member and she began pumping him slowly as her tongue traced magical circles up and down and around. He started involuntarily thrusting as she closed her lips around him. Her grip tightened and she began sucking harder as her tongue continued to caress the underside of his cock.

He resisted the urge to grab her head and plunge his cock down her throat and instead, pushed her back and onto the mat. He lay down beside her and lifted her up off the floor, spreading her legs on either side of his head. He held the base of her tail and used it to pull her dripping wet pussy hard against his mouth. He began licking up and down her slit with enthusiasm. Sky yelped in surprise as his tongue lapped her freely flowing juices and she continued licking his cock. Her small hand was pumping his hard shaft and her tongue licked and circled his head. She sucked him into her mouth and he plunged his tongue deep into her pussy.

Her muffled groans vibrated through him and he started thrusting his hips to meet her mouth. She was sucking harder and as his tongue flicked at her hardening clit, she also began grinding herself desperately against him. He nibbled her, gently teasing and then finally sucked her nub between his lips and into his mouth. She groaned loudly and moved up and down his cock even faster.

It became a race to see who could make the other come first. He was sure he was going to lose. He could feel his balls tightening and he knew he was about to erupt when she began shuddering and then cried out as an intense orgasm washed through her. She came all over his face and he lapped up as much as he could. She continued to stroke him between her fingers and as he felt the first jet of hot come bursting from his cock, she lowered her mouth around him, sucking back every load as it spurted from him. When she had licked him clean, she spun around and kissed him, collapsing on his chest.

"That was amazing, John Wellington." She gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah." He rasped. "You are amazing."

"You are very sweaty." She licked his collar bone lightly.

"I wish we had a pool." He sighed.

"A pool? This is water in a small place?" she asked while curling her body against him.

"Yes. Do you not have pools on your world?" his arm encircled her, pulling her in tight.

"No. We have rivers and there is an ocean although I have never seen it."

"Do you swim in the rivers?" he asked.

"What is swim?" she cocked her head to the side and he couldn't help but smile. She was damn cute and she seemed to be getting more attractive to him by the minute.

"Swimming. It is moving under water. Like the fish."

"We cannot breath underwater, John Wellington. And even if we could it would be too dangerous. The currents of our rivers are very strong. We would be swept away. And there are dangerous animals in the rivers."

"We can't breathe underwater either. We just hold our breath for a couple minutes. The rest of the time you swim on the surface." He tried to explain. Sky propped herself up on her elbow and looked at him like he had gone completely mad.

"You submerse your entire body in water?" she asked sceptically.

"Yes. It's great. Like in a bath. You take baths don't you?"

"No. We wash ourselves but we do not ever get in the water." She shook her head.

"You get wet in the rain don't you?" he asked smiling.

"Not if we can help it. Why would you want to be covered in water? It is for drinking and washing only."

"So you've never actually been in the water?"

"No. And I have no desire to ever do that. You are a strange creature, John Wellington."

"Well, it's not likely to happen here anyway. They don't seem to have any pools available." He grabbed a towel that had been lying nearby and wiped the sweat from his face.

"They have pools. You can request one. They will accommodate you." She smiled

"They'll get me a pool if I ask for one?" He threw the sweat soaked towel on the floor and kissed her on the forehead.

"Yes. They want to keep you healthy. They will keep you here for a very long time. When I die, they will bring another of my people to you."

"What do you mean when you die? I thought you could live here longer with a human for company."

"Yes that it true. But I will still only live 4 or 5 months. And then I will die."

"Shit." He hissed under his breath.

"Will you not explain this word to me? You use it quite often." She asked sweetly.

"It's a curse word. It's not very polite. I'm not going to teach you curse words."

"But you use it when you are unhappy?"


"Why are you unhappy? Have I done something to displease you?"

"No, of course not." He realized he sounded angrier than he had intended. He looked at her elfin face and felt a twinge of guilt. She was incredibly beautiful and seemingly innocent. She looked at him with an expression of uncertainty. He struggled with the emotions that were surging within him. "I do not want you to die. I am very fond of you, Sky." He gently placed his hand on her cheek, his thumb tracing the contour of her cheekbone.

"I am very fond of you too, John Wellington." She smiled happily.

"Can you ask them about a pool? I would like to see what they can come up with."

"Yes. I will tell them you desire a pool."

"Good. But first, I guess we need to start working on a plan."

"What kind of plan?" she cocked her head to the side and he couldn't help but smile.

"A plan to get us out of here. And to stop them from finding my home world."

"Why would you want to stop them? It would be good for them to bring more humans here."

"What? Are you kidding me?" he asked in astonishment.

"No. I am quite serious. If there are more humans, more of my people will live longer. And you may find a more suitable mate." She reasoned.

"Shit." He was dumbfounded.

"You are unhappy again." Sky looked at him sadly.

"I'm very unfucking happy. Listen, Sky. I have to explain a few things." He sat up and pulled her small frame onto his lap. "First of all, I do not want another mate. I want you. I want you to live a very long time. With me." He kissed her on the forehead gently and tears began to form in her silvery eyes.

"You make me very happy John Wellington." She sniffed and wiped away the blue tears cascading down her pale cheek.

"You make me happy too, little bird. Now listen. Humans do not like being held in captivity either. We may live longer but it does not make us happy. We need to be free. And we don't like it when creatures like these Vogons start traipsing around the galaxy enslaving and murdering innocent people, like you. They are what we call bullies. They need to be stopped."

"But you are only one man, John Wellington. You cannot hope to stop the Vogons. They have many ships."

"One ship at a time, little bird. One ship at a time."

"But there are eight Vogons on this ship and only one of you."

"Eight? There are only eight of them?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes. Three in the command deck and the other five to manage the slaves and cargo."

"Holy shit."

"I knew that would make you unhappy." She sighed.

"No, not unhappy. Just surprised." He rubbed the stubble growing on his chin roughly.

"Shit means unhappy but 'holy shit' means surprised?" she asked.

"Remember when I said I wasn't going to teach you curse words?" he raised his eyebrow.

"Yes. It was only a few minutes ago."

"Well I'm still not going to. I need to think."

"I will go and ask them to get you a pool." She stood up and kissed him on the top of the head.

"You do that, pet."

"They will probably let you use one of theirs. They use them all the time. They like to be in the water." Sky moved to the com panel near the door and began speaking the harsh Vogon language into it. After receiving what sounded like a very terse response, she returned to John's lap.

"They will allow you to use one of their pools tomorrow." She smiled happily.

"Thank you, little bird." John kissed the top of her head lovingly. He breathed in the scent of her hair and was amazed by how sweet it smelled. It was like flowers and berries mixed together with cinnamon and spice. He looked down into her silvery eyes and felt a contentment that he had never before experienced. All those years he had tried to escape humanity and companionship and here he was, fawning over a little white alien.

"What is a bird, John Wellington?"

"It is a creature from my home world. They are little winged animals that fly in the air." He answered. Sky looked horrified.

"We have those creatures on my world. They are not little. They are twice the size of me. Their skins are black, coated with poisonous resin and they have sharp teeth. They can tear a person to pieces in seconds." She shuddered.

"They sound very dangerous. But these are not the same kind of creatures. Birds on Earth are tiny creatures. They can fit in the palm of your hand. Well, my hand anyway. They have beaks, no teeth. And they sing the most beautiful songs. They are covered in feathers of all different colours and they soar through the air on the wind."

"They sound like very beautiful creatures." Sky smiled uncertainly.

"They are very beautiful. Like you. Beautiful, tiny creatures that soar through the air." He smiled. Sky looked up into his eyes and grinned.

"I like the way you look at me, John Wellington. I can feel your heart. Your feelings grow stronger. The sorrow inside you is smaller. I would hope that I see it go away before I die."

"Don't say that, Sky. You are not going to die. I will not let you." John surprised himself with the strength of his conviction.

* * *

After John and Sky had been escorted back to their cell, John began to think of what he knew about these Vogons. They were tough. He probably couldn't take more than one in a fair fight and even that would be difficult. Their thick skin made very effective armour for hand to hand combat. He definitely wasn't going to be fighting fair. He needed to know more about their physiology. He asked Sky to tell him everything she knew about them.

"They eat the slime produced by the machines. I have seen them eat small insects but mostly it's the slime. They breathe the same atmosphere as we do. They like the heat and the water. Their skins get dry very fast. I don't really know much more about them. I'm sorry, John Wellington." She dropped her head shyly.

"It's all right. That's good. It's a start. How long have they been capturing your people?"

"For as long as I have lived. Maybe longer. The Vogons do not land on our world often. And they do not stay long. They attack a village and collect a few of the adults and then they leave."

"Why isn't your military able to intervene?"

"Our warriors cannot fight them. We have no ships. No weapons. We have only spears and bows. We have no beam weapons." She explained.

"Your people haven't discovered space travel." He realized.

"We understand it now. We have learned much from the Vogons. But no. We have none of this...the machines. We have no machines." She waved her hands around gesturing to the ship around them.

"My people have machines. We have ships. And a military, which would really come in handy about now."

"Yes. The Vogons do not think you are very advanced, though. They found no beam weapons on your ship."

"Ha. That's because my ship was a 200yr old hunk of junk. Upgraded engines but everything else was pretty basic. Hey. What did they do with my ship?"

"Its in one of the storage bays. They will probably sell it."

John lay back on the bed and Sky curled up against him. He rolled onto his stomach and her delicate fingers began tracing the many scars covering his back.

"Where did these come from, John Wellington?" she asked quietly.

"They are...battle scars."

"Are they from beam weapons?" her fingers danced lightly across his skin, tracing the long parallel grooves of scarred flesh.

"No. Those are burns. I was stuck in a burning wreck."

"And these circles?"

"Those are from bullets." He sighed.

"What is a bullet?"

"A bullet is a projectile. Your people use bows right?"

"Yes." She nodded.

"Bullets are like arrows. They are smaller but faster. I was shot when I was getting out of the wreck."

"Who shot you?" she asked clearly disturbed.

"Other humans."

"Do you fight other aliens?" she whispered. John turned back over and she pulled herself on top of him, resting her head on his chest.

"No. Humans haven't met any other aliens yet. You are the first. Well, you and the Vogons. Have you met other aliens?" he found himself slowly stroking the delicate muscles of her shoulder.

"Only the ones on the ship."

"This ship?"

"Yes. There are Squibs and Matradoks on board. And the dark thing."

"What are they like?"

"Squibs are small furry creatures. They are not dangerous. They are very friendly. Although they are sad that they will be killed for food. Matradoks are lizards. They are not as friendly but they mostly sleep. The Vogons cut off their horns and sell them. They are very valuable."

"And the dark thing?"

"I don't know what it is. But it is very sad. It's very big and the Vogons think about it a lot. They are not sure what it is. It makes them...nervous."

"Sky? How do you know all this? You've barely left my side since I've been here. Did they let you wander around before I came?"

"No. But I was in a cell beside the Squibs and Matradoks before. I took their words from the mind of the Vogons and I speak to them sometimes."

"How do you speak to them?"

"In my mind. I send thoughts to them."

"Holy shit! You can read minds?"

"I can hear thoughts. Is that reading minds?

"Yes it is."

"You are very surprised, yes? I remember, holy shit means surprised."

"You're not supposed to be learning curse words."

"I am sorry John Wellington. I like to learn."

"That's all right, little bird. How far away can you read minds?"

"I do not know."

"But you could talk to the Squibs and Matradoks now if you wanted to?"


"And the dark thing?"

"I cannot hear its thoughts. I do not know its words."

"So you have to know the language before you can read them? Makes sense. Can you read my mind?"

"I haven't tried. I learned your words from the Vogon."

"That was what you were doing, wasn't it? When you wrapped your tail around its neck and held its head in your hands?"


"Can you read anything a person is thinking? Like if you wanted to know the code to open the door. Could you pull it from the Vogons mind?"

Sky grew very still. She hugged onto him tightly as though she were suddenly afraid. "Yes." She whispered quietly.

"What's wrong Sky?" he asked concernedly.

"It is a bad thing to hear secret thoughts. I didn't mean to hear them. But the Vogons do not hide their secret thoughts very well." She began to weep silently and John pulled her up so they were face to face.

"You already know the code for the door, don't you?"

"Yes. I'm sorry John Wellington. I'm so sorry." She began trembling.

"Shh. Don't cry, little bird. You have no reason to be upset. What you can do is a good thing."

"It is a very bad thing to do, John Wellington. I should not have done it."

"Sky? What the Vogons do is a very bad thing. They take and murder your people. How can what you do to them be in any way a bad thing?"

"They are different things. What they do is bad. But if I do something bad, it does not change what they do. I am still a bad person." She sniffed.

"Wow. You have a firmer grip on morality than any human I've ever met. No such thing as an eye for an eye with your people is there?"

"What is the meaning of this? An eye for an eye?"

"It's an ancient Earth saying. It means if you take my eye I will take yours. It is essentially vengeance."

"Why would someone take your eye?" Sky asked curiously.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter. It's probably better if you don't understand. It might not be the most enlightened philosophy."

"You are not angry that I have done a bad thing?"

"No I'm not angry. I think it might be the answer to our problem. Can you read the minds of the Vogons now?"


"Where are they?"

"Three are on the command deck; the other five are in a pool."

"Can you take me to the pool?" he asked slowly.

"They will be very upset." Her eyes widened in fear.

"That is my plan. Do they have those shock sticks with them?"

"There are some in the room with the pool."

"Great. C'mon little bird. Let's go say hello." John got up off the bed and headed for the door.

"I am afraid, John Wellington." Sky hesitated on the bed. John turned and held out his hand.

"Come on, Sky. Don't worry. Everything will be all right. Trust me." John smiled.

Sky slowly walked to the cell door and pressed the keypad. The door hissed open and she hung her head.

"Sky? What's wrong?" John held her by the shoulders. She looked up and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She just shook her head slightly. "Can you put the codes for the doors in my mind?" Sky looked up at him curiously. She seemed to consider it for a minute and then she nodded.

"Yes. I can do that." She sniffed.

"Great. Do it." John grinned. Sky wrapped her tail gently around his neck and her fingertips pressed against the side of his temples. There was a wash of light in his vision and he could hear a humming noise. Colours flashed in his eyes and he could suddenly hear Sky's voice in his head. His vision cleared as she began reciting the code for the doors on the ship. And then she was gone. He felt a strange kind of emptiness afterwards. It felt warm and comforting to hear her voice inside his head like that. He was not expecting it to be such a pleasant experience.

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