tagHow ToThe Slang of Exotic Dancing Ch. 03

The Slang of Exotic Dancing Ch. 03


In an effort to create more realistic and vital dialogue in fiction a writer has many tools and devices at his or her disposal. Slang can add color, humor and a distinct realism to dialogue. It can also aid with character development and background.

Throughout history as exotic dancing evolved, a unique and colorful language has emerged from within the industry. Some of this language has even filtered down to the customers. In any work of fiction or non-fiction relating to exotic dancing or striptease the use of the industry related slang in dialogue and description can add dimension to the work.

A complete listing of every bit of slang used in exotic dancing could probably fill its own dictionary, so I will try to highlight a few of the more interesting terms, along with a brief description, history or usage guide. Much of this slang does reflect the age it was used in, so make sure the slang is appropriate for the era in which your story is based. Again, while this listing is by no means comprehensive, any story relating to exotic dancing or the industry can be enhanced by the proper usage of some of these terms.

bit - Routine.      Usage: I really like her bit.      Translation: I really like her routine.

bottle dance - A dance where the dancer grips a bottle with her vaginal muscles. Some variations exist where the dancer will snatch dollar bills that are placed sticking up out of a bottle with her labia.      Usage: He come to the party tonight, we've paid for a bottle dance.      Translation: Hey come to the party tonight, we paid for a woman to grip a bottle with her vaginal muscles during her dance.

bubble dancer - A dancer who uses bubbles or balloons as part of her act, revealing more and more of herself as the bubbles or balloons pop.      Usage: She's a neat little bubble dancer.      Translation: She's does a nice dance with balloons.

cuddle - Hug a customer.      Usage: He gave me a good tip, so I gave him a cuddle.      Translation: He gave me a good tip, so I gave him a hug.

flesh pot - A show featuring live sex acts.      Usage: Hey, this show is a flesh pot.      Translation: Hey, this show features live sex acts.

fuck-me pumps - High pump shoes.      Usage: The management wants us to wear fuck-me pumps.      Translation: The management wants us to wear very high pump shoes.

get nasty - Increase amount of sexual contact with customer.      Usage: For a little present I'll get nasty with you.      Translation: If you give me more of a tip, I'll increase my sexual contact with you.

girlesk - A striptease show, also called a girly show or a girly girly show.

grinder - Stripper who simulates intercourse by grinding.      Usage: She's a real grinder.      Translation: Look that stripper is simulating intercourse by grinding.

hardcore - Like in pornography, a performance involving penetration.      Usage: Her act is hardcore.      Translation: In her act she penetrates herself with her fingers or some other objects.

hump - Simulating intercourse on a customer's lap.      Usage: She'll hump you for an extra twenty.      Translation: She'll sit on your lap and simulate intercourse for an extra twenty dollars.

looky-loo - Customer of a sex performance who doesn't pay.      Usage: I hate that fucking looky-loo.      Translation: I don't like that fornicating person who doesn't pay.

plastic - Plastic surgery.      Usage: The boobs are nice but she's had plastic on them.      Translation: The breasts are nice but they have had plastic surgery.

rotation - The order in which the performers appear on stage.      Usage: I'm after her in the rotation.      Translation: My show comes after she finishes.

scissor fingers - Cut a routine short.      Usage: They were just getting into me when Harry gave me the scissor fingers.      Translation: The audience was just warming up to me when Harry told me to cut it short.

Separate the palms! - Stretch out the routine.      Usage: Damn, I'm on my grand finale and he tells me to Separate the palms!      Translation: Damn, I'm on my grand finale and he tells me to drag it out a little longer.

silhouette routine - A performance where the stripper's is seen only in silhouette.      Usage: She does a real artsy silhouette routine.      Translation: Her routine is very artistic, you can only see her in silhouette.

tech - Employee of the strip club who helps run the show.      Usage: I wish the techs would quit ogling me.      Translation: I wish the employees would quit staring at me.

tight - Cheap.      Usage: Don't waste your time on him, he's too tight.      Translation: Don't waste your time on him, he's too cheap.

tip out - When a dancer shares the tips with the bouncers, bartenders and other employees.      Usage: Well, I'm gonna tip out and head home.      Translation: Well I'm going to divvy up my tips and then head home.

uncover girl - A stripper, this term was popular in the early 1950s.      Usage: Look Beaver, she's an uncover girl.      Translation: Look Beaver, she's a stripper.

The use of some of the terms above will add definitely add color and dimension to most any story. These are just a few of the colorful terms frequently used in exotic dancing.


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