tagHow ToThe Slang of Pornography Pt. 01

The Slang of Pornography Pt. 01


The Slang of Pornography (Part 01)

In an effort to create more realistic and vital dialogue in fiction a writer has many tools and devices at his or her disposal. Slang can add color, humor and a distinct realism to dialogue. It can also aid with character development and background.

In recent years, as the porn industry boomed, a unique and colorful language has emerged from within the industry. Some of this language has even filtered down to the customers. In any work of fiction or non-fiction relating to pornography the use of the industry related slang in dialogue and description can add dimension to the work.

A complete listing of every bit of slang used in the porn industry could probably fill its own dictionary, so I will try to highlight a few of the more interesting terms, along with a brief description, history or usage guide. Again, while this listing is by no means comprehensive, any story relating to pornography or the industry can be enhanced by the proper usage of some of these terms.

a - Anal sex.     Usage: She agreed to one commercial, an a.     Translation: She agreed to an anal sex scene .

baggage - Any male accompanying a female performer on the set.     Usage: She’s in her dressing room with the baggage.     Translation: She’s in the dressing room with some guy (boyfriend, husband).

commercial -A sex scene. This term was developed to allow porn producers and insiders to discuss plans in a public place without anyone really knowing what they are talking about.     Usage: We’ll pay you $300 for one commercial with him.     Translation: We’ll pay you $300 for a single sex scene with him.

deadwood - A flaccid penis on the screen. Also called dolphin, flounder or softy.     Usage: We need to edit that shot and cut out the deadwood.     Translation: We need to edit that shot to eliminate the flaccid penis from the scene.

e-coli pie - A scene involving oral stimulation of the anus.     Usage: The commercial has some great e-coli pie.     Translation: The scene features some great oral-anal sex.

fence painting - A close up shot of oral sex on a woman.     Usage: Hey, we got some great fence painting in that commercial.     Translation: Hey, we got some great close up cunninglingus in that scene.

giggler - A scene featuring two women. This term was developed from early terminology referring to a scene with two women as a g-g for two girls. This later evolved into giggler.     Usage: She agreed to a giggler.     Translation: She agreed to do a scene with another woman.

hard-core - Most of us know this as a scene showing penetration, as opposed to soft-core where the penetration is simulated.     Usage: It’s a hard-core movie.     Translation: It’s a movie that shows penetration.

jizzer - A shot in a movie where the male ejaculated outside his partner’s body. Also called a cum-shot.     Usage: Hey don’t leave now, the jizzer is coming up.     Translation: Hey don’t leave now the guys about to come outside his partner’s body.

king triad - A scene featuring one man and two women.     Usage: The next commercial will be a king triad.     Translation: The next scene has a guy with two girls.

queen triad - A scene featuring one woman and two men.     Usage: You got any with a queen triad?     Translation: Do you have any movies with a girl and two guys together?

ride the cotton pony - Menstruating.     Usage: We can’t do the commercial today, she’s riding the cotton pony.     Translation: We can’t do the scene today, she’s menstruating.

scalp - An appearance on a video box cover. A sign the performer has “made it big.”     Usage: She’s already got two scalps.     Translation: She’s already shown on two video box covers.

triple play - A scene where a woman has sex simultaneously with three men – oral, anal and vaginal. Also called a triple penetration or tp.     Usage: I’ll give you an extra $200 if you do a triple play.     Translation: I’ll pay you an extra $200 if you have sex with three men at the same time – oral, anal and vaginal.

western - A shot where a woman is astride a man who is lying on his back. She is facing his head.     Usage: For this commercial I want a western.     Translation: For this scene I want the woman on top of him, facing his head.

The use of some of the terms above will add definitely add color and dimension to most any story. These are just a few of the colorful terms frequently used in the porn industry.


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2.)Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, htt p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki

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