tagHow ToThe Slang of Pornography Pt. 03

The Slang of Pornography Pt. 03


The Slang of Pornography (Part 03)

In an effort to create more realistic and vital dialogue in fiction a writer has many tools and devices at his or her disposal. Slang can add color, humor and a distinct realism to dialogue. It can also aid with character development and background.

In recent years, as the porn industry boomed, a unique and colorful language has emerged from within the industry. Some of this language has even filtered down to the customers. In any work of fiction or non-fiction relating to pornography the use of the industry related slang in dialogue and description can add dimension to the work.

A complete listing of every bit of slang used in the porn industry could probably fill its own dictionary, so I will try to highlight a few of the more interesting terms, along with a brief description, history or usage guide. Again, while this listing is by no means comprehensive, any story relating to pornography or the industry can be enhanced by the proper usage of some of these terms.

air - Poor cum shot.     Usage: That last commercial had just air.     Translation: That last scene had a lousy cum shot.

balsa boy - A performer who can’t be counted upon to get and maintain an erection.     Usage: Don’t count on him, he’s a balsa boy.     Translation: Don’t use him, he can’t keep an erection.

c-light - Special spotlight used for close up lighting of woman’s genitals. Derived from cunt-light and a more delicate term than poon-light.     Usage: We need to get more c-light, it’s just too dark.     Translation: We need to get more light on her genitals, it’s just too dark.

cum dodger - A performer who tries to avoid semen ejaculated in a cum shot.     Usage: Hell, forget her, she’s just a cum dodger.     Translation: Don’t use her, she avoids the semen in the cum shot.

fag mag or flavor comic - A male homosexual pornographic magazine.     Usage: He got his pictures in a few fag mags.     Translation: His picture is in a few male porn magazines.

French postcard - An erotic photograph. This term became popular shortly after the end of World War 1 when American GIs were first exposed to French porn.

ghoulies - Violent pornographic movies.     Usage: He starred in a few ghoulies.     Translation: He starred in a few violent porn movies.

gonzo - A style of filming where the cameraman is part of the movie and it is shot from his point of view.     Usage: Hey, this is a great gonzo flick.     Translation: Hey this movie is great, the cameraman is part of the film and it’s shot from his point of view.

goods - The genitals of a man or woman, or the female breasts that are the prime assets of a porn star.     Usage: So you want to star in my movie, let’s see the goods.     Translation: So you want to star in my movie, let me see your breasts/genitals.

hand books - Pornographic book or magazine. Called this because a hand is used to masturbate while reading.     Usage: He had a hand book with him, so it will be a while before he comes back.     Translation: He has a pornographic book, so we will have to wait until he finishes masturbating.

inscrewtable - An Asian female porn star.     Usage: I have a couple of inscrewtables cast in this commercial.     Translation: I have a couple of Asian women cast in this scene.

leather film - Movie featuring leather fetishes and rougher than normal sex.     Usage: I plan to shoot a leather film next.     Translation: I plan to shoot a leather fetish film with lots of rough sex.

m-and-g track - Audio track featuring the moans and groans of the performers.     Usage: Play back the m-and-g track.     Translation: Play back the audio of the performers moans and groans.

mish - To have sex in the missionary position, used as a verb.     Usage: Once the Senator arrives, I want them to mish for a few minutes.     Translation: Once the Senator arrives, I want them to have sex in the missionary position for a few minutes.

ofer - Performer who has had trouble maintaining an erection and with ejaculation. Refers to the mathematic equation he was 0 for 4 in his attempts.     Usage: Damn, you didn’t hire him, he’s an ofer.     Translation: Damn, you didn’t hire him, he can’t keep his erection to ejaculation.

pron - Term used for porn, simply transposing some letters in the spelling. This type of language derivation is sometimes called leet and is more often used on internet sources.

Tijuana Bible - An eight or sixteen page porn comic featuring historic figures engaged in sex.     Usage: Sure he likes history; see there, he’s reading a Tijuana Bible now.     Translation: Sure he likes history; see there, he’s looking at a comic featuring historic figures engaged in sex.

The use of some of the terms above will add definitely add color and dimension to most any story. These are just a few of the colorful terms frequently used in the porn industry.


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