tagHow ToThe Slang of Prostitution Pt. 02

The Slang of Prostitution Pt. 02


The Slang of Prostitution (Part 02)

In an effort to create more realistic and vital dialogue in fiction a writer has many tools and devices at his or her disposal. Slang can add color, humor and a distinct realism to dialogue. It can also aid with character development and background.

Prostitution has been around throughout history and as it evolved, a unique and colorful language has emerged. Some of this language has filtered down to the customers. In any work of fiction or non-fiction relating to prostitution the use of the industry related slang in dialogue and description can add dimension to the work.

A complete listing of every bit of slang used in prostitution could probably fill its own dictionary, so I will try to highlight a few of the more interesting terms, along with a brief description, history or usage guide. Some of this slang reflects the age and or location it was used in, so make sure the slang is appropriate for your story. Again, while this listing is by no means comprehensive, any story relating to prostitution can be enhanced by the proper usage of some of these terms.

baby pro - A young prostitute.      Usage: Hey baby pro over there should do pretty good.      Translation: That young prostitute should attract a lot of attention.

basis - A prostitute that a pimp plans to marry when he gets out of the business.      Usage: She’s his basis.      Translation: She’s the one he plans marry.

beefsteak - Prostitute who works for only one pimp.      Usage: He’ll keep her around, she’s his beefsteak.      Translation: Since she will only work for him, he’ll keep her around here.

cow baby - Teenage prostitute.      Usage: Hey, I got a nice cow baby for you.      Translation: Hey, I have a teenage prostitute for you.

deception - Male transvestite prostitute passing for a woman.      Usage: That guy’s gonna be pissed when he finds out she’s a deception.      Translation: That guy is going to get mad when he finds out that is a male prostitute he is with.

doxy - Shakespearean term for prostitute.

flat-backer - Prostitute who has sex with a large number of men instead of having only a few, higher paying customers.      Usage: I don’t know how that flat-backer can do it with so many men.      Translation: I don’t know why that prostitute does it with so many men.

frow - An ugly prostitute, derived from the Dutch word for “whore”.      Usage: I stopped on the corner, but the only one who came up to me was some frow.      Translation: I stopped on the corner but the only prostituted to approach me was ugly.

Georgia - To refuse to pay a prostitute after having sex.      Usage: Make them pay first or they’ll Georgia.      Translation: Make them pay first or they’ll have sex and then not pay.

gong girl - Prostitute who climbs into a car and rides with the customer to a secluded spot to have sex.      Usage: It really gets dangerous for the gong girls.      Translation: It really gets dangerous for the prostitute who will climb into a customer’s car to go have sex.

go below 14th street - For a customer to perform oral sex on a prostitute.      Usage: For fifty you can go below 14th street.      Translation: If you pay me $50 you can perform oral sex on me.

lay the note - To pay the prostitute.      Usage: Before she’d let me have sex I had to lay the note.      Translation: Before the prostitute would have sex with me I had to pay her.

light touch body rub - For a prostitute to masturbate the customer, used mostly in relation to massage parlors and lingerie modeling.      Usage: …and for another twenty five you can get a light touch body rub.      Translation: …and for another $25 I will masturbate you.

lighthouse - Person who directs customers to a bar where prostitutes work.      Usage: I work nights as a lighthouse.      Translation: I work nights steering customers into this bar where prostitutes work.

78 - A customer who has sex quickly.      Usage: Oh it’s easy money, he’s a 78.      Translation: Oh it’s easy money, they customer is very quick.

33 - A customer who has sex slowly.      Usage: Damn, this guy’s a 33.      Translation: Damn, this guy takes a long time for sex.

three p - A three way involving one customer and two prostitutes.      Usage: Hey, this guy says he’ll pay three hundred for a three p.      Translation: Hey this guy will pay $300 to have sex with two prostitutes.

turkey money - Money paid to cab drivers or someone else directing customers to prostitutes.      Usage: Yeah, I did pretty well, but had to spend some of it for turkey money.      Translation: Yeah, I did pretty well, but I had to pay the cab driver for bringing the customer.

The use of some of the terms above will add definitely add color and dimension to most any story. These are just a few of the colorful terms frequently used in prostitution.


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