tagHow ToThe Slang of Prostitution Pt. 03

The Slang of Prostitution Pt. 03


The Slang of Prostitution (Part 03)

In an effort to create more realistic and vital dialogue in fiction a writer has many tools and devices at his or her disposal. Slang can add color, humor and a distinct realism to dialogue. It can also aid with character development and background.

Prostitution has been around throughout history and as it evolved, a unique and colorful language has emerged. Some of this language has filtered down to the customers. In any work of fiction or non-fiction relating to prostitution the use of the industry related slang in dialogue and description can add dimension to the work.

A complete listing of every bit of slang used in prostitution could probably fill its own dictionary, so I will try to highlight a few of the more interesting terms, along with a brief description, history or usage guide. Some of this slang reflects the age and or location it was used in, so make sure the slang is appropriate for your story. Again, while this listing is by no means comprehensive, any story relating to prostitution can be enhanced by the proper usage of some of these terms.

all-nighter - An all night session with a prostitute, as opposed to short time which is only a short period with a prostitute.      Usage: He paid for an all-nighter, so I won’t be back tonight.      Translation: He paid to spend all night with me, so I won’t be back tonight.

badger game - A con run by a prostitute and an accomplice. While the prostitute is with a customer, the accomplice bursts in pretending to be the prostitute’s husband. He then demands money from the customer.      Usage: She’s been running a badger game with her boyfriend ripping off a lot of customers.      Translation: The prostitute and her boyfriend are running a con where he bursts in when she is with a customer, pretends to be her husband demand money.

bennie - Customer who wants to perform oral sex on the prostitute.      Usage: The guy’s a harmless bennie.      Translation: The guy is a harmless customer who pays to perform oral sex on a prostitute.

Boston tea party - A sex act where the prostitute urinates or defecates on the customer.      Usage: That guy wanted a Boston tea party.      Translation: That guy wanted to hire a prostitute to urinate or defecate on him.

cold biscuit or cold potato - An unappealing customer.      Usage: That guy’s a total cold biscuit.      Translation: That guy is totally unappealing.

curb crawl - Driving through an area where prostitutes hang out searching for a prostitute.      Usage: The guy’s been curb crawling all night.      Translation: The guys been driving around looking for prostitutes all night.

fish - To direct potential customers to a bar where prostitutes work.      Usage: He’s gone fishing.      Translation: He’s gone to steer some customers to the bar where the prostitutes are working.

fork and spoon - Mutual oral sex between a customer and a prostitute, basically 69 with a prostitute. This term was popular in the early 1930s in brothels in New Orleans.      Usage: For fifty she can do a fork and spoon.      Translation: The prostitute will have mutual oral sex with you for $50.

gaff - Special g-string to hide the genitals of a transvestite prostitute.      Usage: You better use a gaff, you don’t want to surprise him too soon.      Translation: You better use something to hide your cock so you don’t surprise the customer too soon.

go caso - To become a prostitute.      Usage: Well, my mother decided to go caso.      Translation: Well my mother decided to become a prostitute.

love booth joint - A 1930s dance club or studio where male customers and female employees could go to have sex.      Usage: She used to work in a love booth joint.      Translation: She used to work in a club that had rooms for the customers and employees to have sex in.

milk - Massaging a customers penis to see if there is a discharge indicating venereal disease.      Usage: Before you take his money make sure you milk him.      Translation: Before you take his money make sure you massage his penis to see if there is any discharge.

milk cow - Woman in a brothel who checks customers for venereal disease.      Usage: She’s only the milk cow; the real women are in here.      Translation: She is only the woman who is checking for venereal disease, the real prostitutes are in here.

shebang - Sex involving a number of prostitutes and customers.      Usage: Hey come to the party, were gonna have a shebang.      Translation: Hey come to the party we’ve got a bunch of prostitutes to have an orgy with us.

wet decks - A prostitute who recently had sex.

The use of some of the terms above will add definitely add color and dimension to most any story. These are just a few of the colorful terms frequently used in prostitution.


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