tagBDSMThe Slap

The Slap

byJoe Wordsworth©

"Higher", I told her, "Get your ass up higher for me." I ran a hand over her smooth bottom as she spread her knees apart and arched her back. Her red thong running cleverly between her cheeks and gently covering her sex. She was worse than merely naked, as naked comes with a sense of finality--she was exposed and could be further exposed, and if she had a moment to think about it, she probably would have closed her eyes and flinched at the idea of what she must look like with her breasts crushed against the bed and me rolling my eyes over parts of her that had never been in such a position of scrutiny before.

Oh, it could have been embarrassing, just a little... but that takes time. And time, when too much of it is given, is the enemy. I wouldn't give her time to think about being self-conscious--and she'd love me for it.

I stopped my finger grazing over her skin and breathed her in. Nuzzling her pussy just a little while dragging my hands under and over, here and there. She gasped and forgot what she might look like; having only enough time for quick contemplation of what she was feeling for the next hour or two.

If I could paint, I'd paint you the picture. Beth is a woman, though I call her My Girl, she's got the curvaceous body of a woman. With hips moving narrowly into a waist and rising out to a magnificent set of breasts. I use the word "magnificent" sparingly, not prone to dramatic language in general. The only way to describe the shapely body before me, looking like an animal in heat... rich brown hair splayed forward on the bed, hands forward with her wrists almost unconsciously crossed, back arched smoothly upward and her round ass in the air... oh, it was hot. It was stirring me up and I could decide whether to roll up behind her and start fucking all sensibility out of her or drag this out, let the mood get thicker.

I chose mood over gratification. We'd be playing with something new, tonite, and I didn't want to spoil it.

I nuzzled my hand against her pussy, the thin fabric of her thong almost radiating heat. She grabbed the sheets at my touch, wrapped up tight in the sensation of my fingers drumming slowly over her clit under the cloth. It I kept it up, I knew she'd cum.... if there was anything Beth was good at; it was cumming at the slightest touch. I never knew if it was me or her, or both of us... but it rarely took more than a few firm touched, some well placed words, and permission for her to get off.

"You're enjoying this, I can tell...", I eased into a regular cadence, "So exposed, in the perfect position for anything I feel like doing. You want to cum right now?"

A breathless "yes" escaped her lips, her eyes were tightly shut and he shuddered slightly every time I petted her. Long, slow strokes along her spine; long, slow strokes over that gorgeous ass. If nothing else about the night was to go right, that was excellence. I would have her just like this, if I were to have her. I rolled my fingers against her pussy one last time, and curled my hand into a fist.

"Grind your pussy on my hand", I started off... little things at first, big things come later. As desperate as she was for her first climax, she rolled her hips sensually. Rocking up and back, as though she were fucking someone crouched right behind her. She slid forward and backward against my fist, letting the knuckles on my hand serve as reference points for the occasional hard grind against her clit. She started breathing heavier and heavier, moaning just a little as she worked herself into a bit of a subtle frenzy.

I reached for the whip... she hadn't seen it and didn't know it was there.

"Move quickly, pull the thong off now", I directed her. She fumbled quickly to remove it, but in the position she was in, she couldn't slide it off of her very fast. The first crack came down on her ass--SsssWHAP!

"Ahhhhnnnnn", I could see her grit her teeth. I could feel her tense her entire body. The pleasurable sensations were broken by the sharp crack of leather on flesh.

"Ass up, move", I barked, "faster"... SssWHAP..."Move faster"... SsssWHAP. Each time it made contact, she muffled a soft cry.

"When I tell you to move"--SssWHAP






"Do... you... under... stand... me?"--I unleashed a torrent of strikes, alternating this way and that, bearing down fiercely. I half thought I might draw blood, as carried away as I was getting. The very act of whipping her was getting me aroused and excited. This little sadism meant so much. And she went from muffled cries to yells to screams. But not once, not even once, did she move from the position I had her hold.

"Yes, sir... yes, sir... I understand.", she whimpered and thrust her ass up higher to pacify me.

"Now hold still, hon, I want to see", I calmly relaxed her. She un-tensed and let me explore her body, rubbing strong hands over red welts. Maybe soothing them a bit with contact.

I grabbed her pajama bottoms and slid them around her neck, her surprise was expressed in a brief tensing--but as I started fingering her pussy, she nearly forgot about the tightening clothing around her throat. I twitched and diddled fingers around her clit and told her to cum for me, I wanted her to cum so badly. As she approached her climax I wound more and more tightly on the pj's until at that perfect moment where the only thing she could concern herself with was cumming--then I jerked them hard, backward, cutting off her oxygen and she stopped making all sounds as her body quivered with a strong orgasm. Her eyes fluttered a bit and she almost collapsed into a pile on the bed as the world went from rising and rising and rising heat to explosions in the dark. I continued fingering her cunt as she caught her breath and whispered a barely audible "Oh my God... Oh my God... oh... oh, fuck." This was new, she'd come to count on the unique novelty of our sex life, and surprises were seemingly part in parcel.

"Good girl", I told her as I ran a hand down to her pussy--already wet and expectant, "Good girl." I licked my thumb and explored her cunt, feeling her moist lips and twitching in and out of her gently. Her sighs told me everything I needed to know and I pressed deeper and deeper into her. She was so tight... I wondered if I might hurt her, but she only let out deep breaths of satisfaction as I plunged my thumb into her pussy. She quivered as I wriggled, and drew a sharp breath as she felt a finger massaging her ass.

"Relax, hon... just relax. You did really good, you want me to keep fingering you like this?", I asked plainly. In between moans, she expressed her affirmation. She nodded deeply into the sheets and rolled her hips against my hands and what they were doing with her. I pushed my finger first one knuckle, then two deep into her ass, wriggling my thumb against her G-spot and watched her buck and writhe against them. She was fucking my hands, fucking my fingers, looking for that sharp quaking climax that she would only get so far with.

"What am I doing?", I prompted. Knowing that this was generally the hardest part for her. Talking.

"Huh? What am I doing right now?"

She whined lightly in between moans, whimpering in her way for me not to ask her to say it. I'm not sure she expected it so soon afterward, but the next thing she felt was the emptiness as I pulled my thumb away from her pussy and landed a hand sharply smacking across her ass.

"What!", I jabbed, "What am I doing right now?"

She whispered out a shy "You're... you're f-fingering my... my ass."

"Good girl, that's right. I know it's hard for you to say, but"--I slid my thumb back into her pussy and started fiercely fucking her ass--"you know I like hearing it, don't you?"

Her eyes got wide as the tempo went from 0 to 60. Her moans gave way to grunts, her shyness disappeared. "YEsssss! Oh...." she cried out as I fingered her almost violently. I hooked myself deep into her and demanded "You want it just like this? Huh?"

"Mmmmm--GOD, YES!!! Please!!", she no longer had control over her body or her mind. She started rambling sharp series of moans after another and I could feel her climax hit her only a moment before her whole body shook and tensed, gripping my fingers and not letting go. She screamed out "OOHhhhh, Sssssshhit!" and shuddered again and again. I quickly passed my hands over her body, laying her down before we ended the foreplay.

I held her briefly as she came down a bit, still shuddering against me. I slid off the bed and beckoned her to follow--"Come on, up." Her knees wobbled as she tried to stand, so I grabbed her and kissed her deeply--she was my girl, and I wanted her to know that I loved her before what was coming next.

"Get on your knees", her eyes flashed out of their haze as she recognized where this was going. Was she ready? Was I going to go too far?

"Open your mouth, honey", I told her as I sat on the edge of the bed, pulling my cock out. She looked long at it, and took it into her mouth eagerly.

She ran her tongue underneath as she wetly dropped her lips over it. Bobbing up and down quickly, she was determined to satisfy me. That eagerness, as any guy could tell you, is half the battle. But, this wasn't about a blowjob--something I love, from a Dom standpoint, and just don't get to experience as often as I'd like--this was about more.

"C'mon", I taunted, "Impress me. If you're going to suck my cock, baby, you're going to have to do better... c'mon." I started directing her more and more, giving her little bits of advice in a stern and almost challenging manner. "Put your hand here, hold it, yeah... that's right." She grabbed my cock by the base and started redoubling her efforts, almost devouring me in the process.

"If you don't put more into this, I'm going to have to do it myself, you know that", I continued egging her on, "All the way down, c'mon." She brought everything she could to bear and swallowed half my cock before gagging.

"Not good enough, c'mon... all of it", I snaked a hand behind her head and tightly grabbed her hair. She took a deep breath and tried again, gagging lightly but forcing more and more of me into her mouth until she'd made most of it disappear. I was in heaven, but it wasn't enough.

"Fine... you want me to do it? Is that it", I tightened my grip and stood up. I reached down with the other hand and stroked her face, grabbing her jaw lightly in my hand. "Open your mouth, tongue out just a little." I eased myself into her mouth. "Just a little bit at first, like that, just a little, then--"--I grabbed her hair tighter and forced her mouth down around my cock. I pushed back into her throat and continued pressing until I could feel myself slip further. Her eyes watered as she looked up at me, and she gagged.

"Yeah... just like that", I said as I again teased her mouth before fucking her throat, pulling out just as she started gagging too much. I slid back and forth, gently fucking her perfect little mouth, pleasing myself to no end. Holding her hair tightly in my hands, I relished the feel of fucking this girl's mouth. Hearing her choke and whimper and moan..

...and moan?


Caught up in my pleasure I failed to notice that her hands were down between her legs. Playing with her little pussy as I used her mouth like a slut. Without thinking, without even intending to, I jerked myself out of her mouth, let go of her hair, reared back and...


She rocked to her side as I landed a slap across her face, forcefully. "You don't touch yourself unless I tell you to, do you understand me?", I charged.

Whimpering, her cheek red, she managed a "Yes, sir... I'm s-ss-orry", before I grabbed her hair back again and forcefully shoved my cock down her throat. So fast, without warning. "You want to suck my cock, don't you?", she let a muffled nod stand as her confirmation, "My little cocksucker", I was lost in the feeling of her throat as I more aggressively used her mouth how I saw fit.

She was almost crying, from the gagging? From the slap? I almost didn't care. She was gagging and choking on my cock, her breathing becoming labored when I let her breath. I forced myself in once again, this time I pushed until I couldn't anymore, holding it there. Then she convulsed a bit, she gagged and turned her head pulling away. She needed to catch her breath and I could see that she was more turned on than maybe she'd ever been.

I pulled her up and flipped her onto her stomach, crouching behind her ass and over her thighs, my cock swaying heavily behind her. She'd barely had time to catch her breath all night, and now I was going to fuck her until she barely remembered her own name. I prefaced it with no introduction, I didn't play or preen or pretentiously orate... I was worked into a frenzy after fucking her mouth and she'd been such a good girl for me all night. I needed to make her scream my name.

I eased into her, wrapping my left hand around her throat and interlacing my right hand with hers. It was love and control, it was her knowing I could choke the life out of her or pleasure her. It was where I was meant to be and where she needed to go.

I slid my cock, hard and almost angrily erect, into her tight and wet pussy. I wasn't here for relaxation or gentleness, and I jabbed forward--hearing her gasp and utter unintelligable cries of pleasure as I started relentlessly pounding her. I fucked her like a man possessed. I fucked her until she was screaming for me to keep it up, to fuck her harder and harder. And I did. I was grunting with my impending climax and fucking her delicious pussy recklessly. Her fingers tightened around mine, my hand tightened around her throat, and I felt her pussy tighten around me. She screamed my name as she came again and again, she rocked up and back against me, trying to milk my cock for all she was worth.

I pulled out, and pulled her over, sliding between her legs like I was about to continue fucking her... but instead, as she caught her breath and let her orgasm fade, I jacked off fiercely over her. I came from somewhere deep behind me and almost lost my balance as I shot over and over across her tummy. My toes curled and my breathing was short and labored. I slid down to her and pushed my tongue into her mouth, and we kissed like a young couple in love. We played with new toys that night, and were evolving with every moment into creatures that could only ever find themselves satisfied in the arms of each other. So natural. So perfect.

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