tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Slave and the Sissy Ch. 03

The Slave and the Sissy Ch. 03


Honey was viewed like a toy by her new master's people as she was led whimpering to the ominous looking padded pole, the males jostled to fondle her soft white bottom and rubbed their erect cocks against her sweet little body at every opportunity; the womenfolk smiled with eager anticipation at the prospect of seeing a whipping; the sissies looked on with blank faces, having tasted the whip before. The males at the front howled with wicked derisory laughter as they viewed Honey's little cock rising to an erection once more; despite having already spent herself generously twice before today, the effect of the thought of a whipping surprised even her; the derision and humiliation only pandered to her sweet submissive nature, her sissy cock was stiff again as she reached the pole.

The males now openly played with their huge cocks as the soft and delicate sissy was strapped to the pole; her master making sure her erect little member went up tight against her sweet little belly as Honey was stood on a small platform to lift her to the desired height on the pole; allowing the smiling crowd a full view. Then the leather straps were tightened around her ankles, thighs, and shoulders; her forehead rested on a pad which kept her face from the pole, and one of the women took great delight in stepping up on the platform to secure Honey's head to the pad with a pink silk ribbon.

Her soft little bottom was puffed up by the tight thigh strap, making an inviting target; her new master stepped up to her and gently pulled the ebony gift from her bottom and licked the savoury plug. He eased his finger into her tight little anus; he then showed her the vicious leather plaited whip, and felt the sissy clench her sweet bottom on his finger with fear. He smiled with satisfaction; how tight that delicious pussy would be, when he forced his huge cock in there later.

Her master was an expert with the whip; he would not damage his latest asset, but he would ensure the sissy knew pain; his audience and his bulging impatient cock demanded that the sissy suffered. He cracked the whip in the air, and Honey yelped through fear alone, making the crowd of leering males and women laugh at her all the more. Honey's cock stiffened and rubbed the leather padding as she squirmed; her little balls and anus tingled as she viewed some of the males to the side of her, stroking large erect cocks; they would enjoy her whipping, and honey rubbed her stiff cock on the now slippery leather and between her soft belly as she now relished the cruel kiss of the whip.

She was not sure if she heard the crack or felt the pain first, but she was sure of the pain that stung her soft cheeks. The men stroked their cocks vigorously as the sissy squealed and wept as the lash bit home, Honey did not hear a crack with the next delivery, just a swirling noise as her master expertly made the whip coil about her middle, causing her exquisite pain; the crowd jeered and applauded as a sweet red line was left upon her cheeks. Through her tears, Honey was now enjoying the pain; she saw some of the men shoot wads of cum, the spectacle so sweet they were unable to hold on till the end; Honey's little cock pulsed and buzzed as she squirmed against the pole and flexed her tightly bound body, each exquisite bite of the whip brought her closer to yet another orgasm.

Her master's cock stood fully erect now, tucked under his belly strap as he brandished the whip; he could see the urgency of his sissy as her little bottom gyrated sweetly against her restraints and knew she was ready to disgrace herself once more; he smiled as he raised the whip for a final salvo, he would fuck an utterly defeated and drained sissy.

Honey was now in sweet trance-like state as her little bell-end squeezed and pulsed between the pole and her belly; she felt the whip bite again and again in quick succession now, saw huge black velvety cocks with dripping shiny bell-ends, thought of how her new master's cock would hurt her bottom more than any whip, heard the women laughing at her pain... she squealed in a different tone now; the lash bit home yet again as she trembled all over in sweet ecstasy and complete submission, hot cum squirted lavishly up her belly enhanced by the luxurious feel of the leather pole. Though she had already cum twice before, her orgasm in the face of an audience of wickedness was as though she had not cum for a month; she squirmed in heavenly submission and felt the last lashes as she messed like never before, and watched to her side as those males who had managed to hold on, now shot their hot tributes to the suffering sissy.

Honey sagged against the pole, spent and punished, her little cock dribbling gratefully as the crowd applauded and cheered their appreciation of the show, but the show was not quite over yet. The womenfolk released her from the pole and rubbed a balm into her soft white flesh, soothing her wounds which were superficial. They smiled gleefully as she had been lain across a beam to allow access to her sweet cheeks; her hands were harnessed and her master, who was rampant, wasted no time on ceremony.

Honey, exhausted and spent, whimpered pitifully as she felt the large African part her cheeks, her little cock did its best to erect and her anus tingled as she awaited the pain. Her master stood with huge stiff cock, arched his pelvis and eased his huge black cock into the tight warmth of Honey's anus. She squealed feebly, thinking he might split her; such was the pain, as her anus became her pussy for the first time. Her master grunted with pleasure as he pushed home to the hilt, making Honey weep again bittersweet tears as she tingled at the thought of being owned. Honey's whimpering's helped her huge master quickly to his goal; in no time at all he moaned in heavenly ecstasy as his huge cock jetted a generous load into his new sissy; Honey now pursed her lips contentedly as she felt the hot surge within her, and felt cum trickle down her legs. She was mastered now, and in submissive heaven.

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