tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 01

The Slave Ch. 01


This story has been long in the making. I've had the idea in the back of mind for years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, and Group. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think •



Her eyes slowly opened blinking against the bright sunlight that fell on her face. Her first sight was the leg of another person lying beside her. Confusion crossed her features. Nika raised her head and brushed her long brown bangs from her face to see bodies. In a large room, her mind still to foggy to guess how big, they were lying on floors, benches, silk pillows in a verity of colors and soft rugs with beautiful patterns.

Panic swift and hard infused her. Her heat beat picked up and she closed her eyes to hide the sight, not knowing what to think. A moan filtered through her fear, she called out, "hello?"

Someone grunted and the sounds of people moving echoed on the empty walls. She sat up slowly, her body aching screaming against the movement. Eight other girls were sitting up.

"<French>Where are we?" a blonde looked to each female for an answer but it was obvious no one understood her.

A tall black haired female with an oval face softly cried between sobs,"<Spanish>Oh my god what is happening?" once again no one understood.

One girl off to the corner leaning up against the wall put her face down covered by her hands on her knees and mumbled, "<Japanese>Great, everyone speaks a different language…"

The other girls in the room were starting to wake up, some cried, some just looked around scared, but it was obvious to Nika that no one understood what was going on. She recognized Spanish, French and German being rapidly spoken around her. Girls who spoke the same languages started to group together to talk, to ask each other's name and to repeat the same question, where are we?

When the lone door opened, Nika scrambled back against the far wall in the corner. All the women moved back, huddling to each other as if they could hide in the group.

The man who walked through the door appeared handsome, over six feet tall, muscled yet slim; his clothing portraying casual wealth, and he was followed by five men in casual clothing and ten men in uniforms. Although they carried no weapons a feeling of strength radiated from them. Nika could tell they needed no weapons for their job; at least not against the girls in the room.

When the man in lead spoke it was with a British accent that was deep and almost hypnotic, "Welcome ladies," he spoke slowly so the five men could translate, "At this time you will be separated into groups, you will follow the man who speaks your native tongue. You will be taken by your guards to wash, dress and be examined."

One girl cried out from the back in a language Nika didn't recognize, her question quick and rapid. One of the interpreters leaned over and whispered to the man in charge, he nodded and then looked up at them, "She asks, what am I going to do with you, all I will say now, is that you don't need to know. What you do need to know is that if you in any way hinder the guards or attendants who will be helping you, you will be punished."

With that he turned and left the room. When voices the of the interpreters finally died off and all was silent it was if they didn't know or didn't understand. Each girl stood motionless.

Nika looked to some of the girls and honestly wondered what she was doing here. They were beauties, and she knew she wasn't; at lest not on the level of the majority of these girls. She watched as each interpreter called forth the girls who knew their language. First went the girls who spoke Spanish, then French, then German, Japanese, last to go was the language she didn't recognize. When all the interpreters were gone, she looked around at the six girls left other then her self.

One girl was five foot nothing and had long blonde hair that brushed the top of her rear. Blue eyes peeped out as she looked around, her left arm crossed over her stomach rubbing her right elbow, which was obviously bruised.

Another blonde, taller with green eyes was staring at the guards in fear. The long black hair of the girl next to her was pulled back in what was once a ponytail but was now pulled half way down her head and was a mess.

The two African American girls were sitting against the back wall. One who was obviously shorter, more petite, had her long hair in tiny breads, her head on the taller girl's shoulder.

Nika looked at the red head standing to her right. About five foot eight the girl was beautiful with bright Kerry green eyes and a smattering of freckles across her cheeks.

One guard stepped forward, "You all speak English?" he asked looking at each of them.

They all nodded, the red head mumbling a yes. "Good," he motioned to the door, "Follow us." Two of the other guards started through the door, the three guards left in the room motioned for the girls to go before them.

Nika helped the girls sitting at the wall up and was the last girl to leave the room. She eyed the door wondering what they would find on the other side, but as no screams came she looked around the half opened door and walked through.

The hallway ended at t-section, the guards taking them to the left. Along both walls doors were spaced evenly far from each other, each marked with a number, one through eight. Helping one of the blondes before her when she stumbled, Nika looked back at the guards. One smirked at her and then told her in a gruff voice to look forward. She looked at the girls, they were either crying or in shock, but they all moved down the hall like silent toys.

They were taken through door number seven. The room was huge. It was as deep as a football field and at least sixty feet across if not more. There was white tile everywhere, on the walls where mosaics of nude women washing with fairies and elves, flowers and trees. There where benches, some with cushions, some with clothes draped over them, all surrounding a large sunken bath that took up most of the floor space.

The attendants standing just inside the room each took one girl with them to a bench. The attendants looked Hispanic, prompting Nika to wonder what country they were in. Each was dressed in long white pants and polo shirts, were bare-foot and spoke not a word. She was startled when a guard spoke beside her, "The attendants will help you strip so you may bathe"

The red head looked at the guard, "Not until the men leave the room they wont."

The guard walked over to her, so close his chest brushed hers, his six-seven height making her look up at him, "You will, or you will be punished." The look in his eye was not evil, it was not mean, it was in anticipation, as if he wanted her to fight him.

With out stepping back, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off. The guard smirked and said, "Good girl," he looked at the rest of us, "I suggest you follow her lead."

Nika and the other girls started undressing. When her attendant approached her, Nika growled low in her throat and removed her own clothing. A near by guard chuckled and watched as Nika removed her black BDU jacket and black t-shirt. She walked over to a bench and removed her combat boots and socks, she stood and unbuckled her belt and then slid down her pants. When she was standing in nothing but her black bra and underwear, the guard asked her about the clothing.

As she reached around to her back to unlatch the bra she growled at him, "I'm a Skippers Mate for a Sea Scout ship. The last thing I remember was walking down an ally from the bank back to the bus station on my way to our weekly meeting."

"That doesn't look like a sailor's outfit, looks more like military." He picked up the jacket with her patches on it.

"Our ship sails out of a yacht club on the local reservoir, which happens to be empty half the year. Since we do a lot of camping, the uniforms suit us." Nika grabbed the jacket from his hands and folded up her clothing leaving them in a neat pile, "will I be getting these back or should I just cut my losses?" She stood naked, her bra and underwear neatly hidden between the layers of clothing piled on the bench

The guard looked at her with a blank look, she spoke slowly as if to an idiot, "My uniform is important to me, will I get it back?" He scowled and shoved her back over the edge into the pool.

Nika screamed just before she hit the water with a splash. The water was warm and felt good on her body. Splashing to the surface, she came up sputtering, "YOU ASSHOLE!!!" she shouted, the sound echoing off the walls of the room "YOU MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!"

"Now, what the fuck is your problem? I thought you were a sailor?" he laughed as Nika brushed her bangs behind her ears.

"Do you like being pushed over an edge into water? I know I don't!" she growled back in response.

The other girls were getting into the pool and using soap that was handed to them. Nika's attendant came forward with a green colored soap that smelled like a fresh rainfall. Thanking the attendant she swam back and slowly soaped her body. The wash didn't take long and the guards told them to hurry up and get out.

Nika leaned her back against the edge of the pool, trying to calm herself before getting out. The fear of the situation and the anger from the guard's words and actions raged through her veins confusing her. When each female climbed out of the tub, Nika couldn't help but notice them; each body was slim and rounded in all the right places. With the water sliding down their skin and off the various points of interest, Nika was finding it a little hard to concentrate.

The guard who had pushed her leaned down, his cheek just brushing the short hair on the back of her head, she could feel his breath on the back her neck, "Your not a lesbian are you?"

Her voice was soft and distant, as if she didn't even know she was talking, "No, I'm bi, and what does it matter to you?" She licked her lips as she watched the red head turn her back to the attendant, fascinated by a drop of water that had collected on her right nipple.

"Cause if you were, it would crush my dreams," he whispered before flicking his tongue along the edge of her ear.

Nika scowled at him, "You are an ass, now back off so I can get out of here. I'm starting to wrinkle." She was ashamed of her reaction to both the woman and the guard at a time like this.

The attendant walked forward with a large plush towel and Nika rubbed herself down before wrapping it around her body. The guards and attendants starting gesturing that the girls follow to the door in the back of the room.

The new room was much smaller only twenty by twenty, the walls were painted a deep green, the benches in the room padded with slightly darker green pillows. On the right and left walls were white lockers. The attendants took robes of various colors from the lockers and held one to each girl. The blue-eyed blonde received a powder blue robe, the green eyed a red, the black haired girl a white robe, the shorter of the African girls a red robe, and the taller an orange.

The red head received a green robe that matched her eyes and Nika was given a black robe by an attendant who smiled as if he knew that was the color she would want. She took the robe and smiled back, "Thanks, nice choice." She winked as she dropped the towel and put on the robe. She was tying the rope around her waist when the guards opened the next door and they all filed out, the attendants staying back.

Nika wondered where they were going but was not curious enough to ask since the guard who followed three steps behind her was really starting to annoy her.

They walked down a hallway joining up with a group of girls who were speaking rapidly in Spanish together. They all wore colorful robes as well. One girl was crying, her hands folded in front of her, her lips moving silently, Nika realized she was praying and hoped that she prayed for all of them.


They stood in a room that made the nurses office back in high school seem warm and cozy. Examining beds ran along both the right and left wall each parted off with a drape; a desk with a computer and files stood at the other end. Nika stood in the back with the other English-speaking girls. All the women were back, all in better condition though most still seemed in shock by it all.

A man dressed as one of the attendants moved forward, taking the hand of one of the French girls, he led her to a table and then motioned to us to follow suit; each taking a bed. Nika sat on the edge of hers waiting for what was coming. There were only two doctors, one for each side of the room. The waiting made her nervous, the looks from the other girls made her sad and as she watched the second hand of the clock above the desk she wanted desperately to cry, but no tear would fall.

The doctor finally arrived, dressed all in white, slacks, button down shirt, even his tie was white. His lab coat pocket held a couple pens and he carried a clipboard. An assistant looked at Nika and grabbed a file from the stainless steal cart she pushed. The doctor took the file and read all with out looking up at her. Nika wondered if the doctor even knew she was there.

The sunlight glinted off the metal of the railing of the second floor balcony on the building in front and to the right of her. It was a cloudless day and she could see the teenagers that stood in the smoking area of the downtown bus station. The pit where once a building had stood to her left beyond a flimsy chain link fence, loud music poured out of the open back door of the bar near by.

The doctor's strong pale hands grasped her ankles and pulled them apart, the nurse helped to place them into the slings that had been positioned.

The sound of their laughter echoed down the tunnel the trees around the bike rail created. Moonlight filtered through the leaves of the branches above them as they walked along, their hands clasped, he leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. She stretched up to press her mouth to his, opening her lips to offer more of her to him.

The cold instrument that entered her passage hurt in the awkwardness and embarrassment. Nika's eyes had glazed over, staring at the clock, lost in her thoughts so as to be anywhere but there on the table submitting to the doctor's eyes.

Back in the alley walking towards the bus station, the screech of the brakes behind her scared her, she screamed as the van stopped just inches behind her. The door slid open with a bang and the men who jumped out grabbed her, covering her mouth and grabbing limbs to pull her in. She could see the kids across the street fifty feet from her, the shock on their faces gave her hope.

One cried out to someone beyond Nika's vision but the people running around the corner of the alley couldn't get there fast enough. The men pulled her into the van; they pressed their knees to her limbs to hold her down while the van pulled out of the alley, they tied her up. She was gagged and blind folded quickly and pushed to the back against another body that whimpered on her impact. She cried, her tears flowing down her cheeks and over duct tape as she tried to calm her breathing so she wouldn't pass out.

The doctor's exam was over quickly and he moved on, changing gloves before taking the next file of the girl next to Nika. She sat up when the attendant came to her. She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, grazing her cheek she realized she'd been crying and she hadn't even noticed.

The girls who had finished their exam were taken back to the original room where they had all woken up. Benches with rich colored cushions and lounges had been brought in for the girls to sit or lay upon. As the door opened to let Nika in, the heads of all the girls already in there turned to look at her. Nika blushed as she returned to the corner she had woken in and where a large cushion so big that it made her feel as a child had been placed.

She did not look when the door opened again, curled up on her side she stared at the wall. Her face blank of all emotion she just watched as the light that came through a high window slowly rose up the wall, telling her it was afternoon, soon to be evening.

Some of the girls still cried, though silently now, their tears the only signs of their fear. Some just sat there wondering at what was to happen. One girl paced in the corner, Nika recognized her as the one that had questioned the man in the man in the suit earlier. Becoming annoyed by the girl's walking, Nika wanted to tell her to sit down but not knowing her language feared her inability to do anything other than start a fight.

When the light on the wall had started to dim and was as high as it would get, the door opened and this time did not close as the sound of shoes stepped through. Nika did not look as the British accent again hypnotized them all, "Very good, only two of you had to punished, this is good." The pause for the interrupters seemed to be just as much as a dramatic pause to Nika, "At this time I will separate you according to your results. You will be taken to the appropriate place for your living quarters and training as your results deem. I don't think I need to remind any of you not to fight your new surroundings."

Instead of leaving as he had before, he looked at the pages in his hands moving amongst the girls. With each one, he said their names and a number, nothing else. Nika listened with half an ear, not caring anymore.

He made his way from one end of the room to the other, some girls moving silently to stand with the group they were assigned, some crying and clinging to the girls who spoke their language having to be forcibly moved by guards. The man in the suit stood before the cushion holding Nika, as he looked down at her desolate face, a flash of annoyance and disappointment was seen on his face before he stilled it. "Stand her up so I may look at her, I may have to reassign her."

The guards moved forward, grabbing her by her arms, wrenching skin near her shoulders and wrists. Nika cried in anger and pain, her fury at the rough handling of the guards pissing her off. She stared at the man in the suit as if he was the devil himself and she was the avenging angel sent to drive him through with her silver sword.

He laughed at her stance, his deep chuckle sending a shiver through her reluctant body, "Good, your spirit isn't shot like it seemed as you lay there. Good…very good." He looked down at his papers, "Nika Delver, number… One" he turned his back to her and moved on to the next girl.

Her wrist was pulled, she looked down at the large hand on her skin, looking up the arm that held her, and finding the face of the guard man handling her she glared at her annoying captor, "Not you again," she growled low, "get your hand off of me!"

He chuckled low, his face handsome when he gave a real smile, "Oh no girl, I'm staying right next to you, each girl in group number one gets a personal guard escort and I'm going to be yours."

She glared up at him, "I hate you," she mouthed.

He looked down at her, "I love you too" he responded with a grin.

Group number one had been taken from the room and led down a maze of hallways that Nika would never be able to remember. It didn't matter anyways because part of their trip took them out of the building onto the grounds to a building that looked like a rich hotel. Iron balconies off every double door and flowing white drapes in every open window.

* * *

The room Nika had been placed in was the main sitting room to a suite. The middle of the room was sunken two steps leading to the double doors and balcony. A door to the right had revealed an empty five-foot by five-foot room. The double wooden doors to the left a large master bedroom, a huge bed with no sheets or blankets, and another walk-in closet this one with shelves and hanging rods. Every wall in the suite was white. The whole place gave the feeling it hadn't been used yet, that it still needed to be decorated. Though the bathroom was the most impressive. All white tiles the fifteen by ten room glittered under the skylight. A large Jacuzzi tub big enough for two next to a multi facet shower beckoned from the wall opposite the door; sinks to the right and storage closets the left.

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