tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 04

The Slave Ch. 04


Darla got the attention of the ladies and had them resume their seats on the sofas circling the slave. He has become uncomfortable on the exam table, restrained with his legs spread wide in the stirrups. The slave was returned with his cock and balls red and raw from over use during the last twenty-four hours. His balls were empty of the saline solution which had migrated back into his body. He was tired and visibly exhausted. Ross winced when Darla even touched him, he was so sore.

There were huge dark circles in the foreskin of his cock from obvious use of the cock and ball wash. When too much pressure is used and the cock swells it can be difficult to remove from the cylinder, so with the force of the pressure and pulling and tugging to get it out, dark spots similar to bruising appear as the veins break under the skin. Darla asked for a couple of volunteers to play "doctor" with Ross.

As she turned to gather the necessary "probes", two of the ladies approached the slave. Darla heard one of the ladies tell the slave that this was going to hurt her more than it would hurt him. The room of ladies erupted in laughter. The women were still nude because the room had to be kept very warm for the slave to keep his balls soft and hanging down allowing each one to be languishing in a warm bag of fluid.

Darla returned to the middle of the room with a stainless steel tray covered with an open towel and on the towel were several metal probes, a small lighting device and three pairs of latex gloves. She instructed the ladies to put the gloves on as she slid hers over her hand, snapping it against her wrist, and grinning.

One of the ladies was instructed to work on the slaves misshapen balls, squeezing them and manipulating them back into nicely shaped ovals. She began to squeeze harder, flattening them out then massaging them back into ovals repeatedly. She crushed them under the palm of her hand against the end of the exam table then manipulated them back into ovals. She was enjoying his balls immensely. Ross would occasionally grimace in pain then pant from the manipulations.

Darla let the two women go ahead inviting them to begin the examination. The lady at Ross' balls was not very careful; she had one of the slave's balls almost flattened in her hands again. Darla handed her a device that resembled a press. Two pieces of acrylic with four bolts, one in each corner, each one had a wing nut affixed to the top which could be twisted down to move the two pieces of acrylic firmly together.

The woman's eyes were huge as she took the press from Darla. She took hold of the slave's balls and stuffed them between the two pieces of acrylic and began turning the wing nuts to tighten it down. Watching the slave wince every now and then had some of the audience fingering their clits as they watched the show. They could see the slave's cock getting harder and swelling as the press was flattened more. Ross was in serious pain as his balls were being literally attacked by these sex crazed women. The other ladies began to gather around the exam table to get a better look. As the press was tightened down even more, the slave's balls were just as flat as they could get.

Darla handed the other woman a set of nipple clamps which had alligator clips at the end. She watched as they were applied to the freshly licked and sucked nipples on the slave. The ladies all clapped as the slave screamed behind the gag from the pain in his nipples. They could see the pain in his eyes. His balls flattened his nipples in alligator clips and Darla about to introduce Hegar Sounds into the mouth of his cock.

Darla picked up one of the metal probes. They are each about eight to ten inches in length, hollow, polished aluminum and range from small to large. The sounds stretch the urethra as they are being slid into the male's cock. They are very smooth and therefore tight as they slide down into the urethra.

Darla lifted the slave's cock and began slowly feeding it down into the eye. Ross responded by literally rising up off of the table, hips bucking, cock straining trying to push it out, as Darla continued to slide the probe down into him. It took two extra ladies to hold him down at the pelvic area. Darla decided to play some; she let the probe slide out of the slave's cock and began to push her baby finger down into the urethra, telling the women to hold him tight. She was about half way in when Ross screamed behind the gag over his mouth. The women were cheering her on and gasping from what they were watching.

Darla soon tired of the finger and let it slip from his cock. She got one of the larger sounds and began feeding it down into Ross' cock again. The women held him down as he struggled against the assault. When she had it deeply embedded, she attached a small clamp with a wire from the TENS unit to the probe. So his balls pressed, his penis probed and his nipples clamped the ladies stood back to admire their work.

The slave was ready for some electrical fun! The ladies all returned to their seats and Darla readied them for the show. All eyes were on the slave, they could see the sweat pouring from his brow as the clamps and wires were tightened. When the electricity was turned on, if the slave moved his nipples would be pulled by the clamps out and away from his body, causing extreme pain. Darla held the probe in place by squeezing the slave's cock tightly around the head. Another person was invited to apply the electricity.

As the woman turned the TENS unit on everyone could see the instant results of the shock. The slave's cock jutted upward and pre cum trying to ooze from the mouth, but forced back into the shaft of his cock. His body moved just enough to pull the nipple clamps tightly. He winced in pain.

His body betrayed his fear and humiliation. His thighs and stomach muscles taunt, his back arched, his neck straining with his head thrown back, the ladies watched as his hips thrust upward and pumped hard. The sound probe was bobbing up and down and back and forth as the electric current surged through it. It doesn't get any more intense, than this.

The electricity was applied several more times until the ladies were getting restless again. They wanted this slave badly. Darla had to continually reposition the probe as Ross tried to push it out, she had kept her latex gloves on for that specific reason, and she didn't want to get shocked.

Darla removed the electrodes from the sound probe in the slaves cock and positioned them on each side of the slave's balls. As the TENS unit was turned on again his balls twitched and literally danced as the electricity passed through them. They were rock solid in minutes. The skin was stretched tightly over the balls it looked and felt as though they would pop, like a balloon.

The ladies removed the electrodes and the sound probe, the clamps were removed from the slave's nipples and as the blood flowed back into each one, the slave groaned behind the gag from the pain. Darla summoned the servants who were also cops to stand by as the restraints were removed so that Ross could stand and stretch his body, relieve himself and drink some water. The servants were prepared with a tazer in case the slave decided to get too wild.

Ross returned to the middle of the room, security by his side. Mistress Darla ordered Ross to service every pussy in the room. He was required to make each lady cum at least one time. The women got very excited about this and several volunteers to be first came forward.

It was decided that the slave would start with the one lady on the left end of the sofa and work from there to the last lady on the right. Ross moved to the first lady and spread her legs wide. It just happened that this lady was here for the first time. She was very shy and timid but within minutes Ross had her screaming in orgasm. She clamped her legs together, pulls on his hair and ears and grabs at him in an attempt to get his cock. The older experienced ladies were humored with her reaction.

The next lady was one of the mean ones. She was very experienced, had huge tits a completely tanned body and shaved pussy. She moved down and spread out on the carpeted floor and orders the slave to make her cum hard or he'll be punished hard. He leaned into her wet cavern and held her lips wide open as he lapped at her pussy. The other ladies were watching intently, a few with their hands working their own clits. She had his semi hard cock in her hand as he licked and sucked her. As she moved closer to orgasm she pulls and stretches his cock hard. She pulls the foreskin tightly stretching it causing the slave to work double fast on her cunt. As her back arches and she cums really hard, she grabs his cock and stretches it out tightly until her body relaxes and lets it go.

Ross worked his way down the line of women licking and sucking clits and pussies until he thought his tongue would fall off. As he serviced the last one, Darla stood next to him with a glass of water and a small pill for him to take. The slave was concerned as he had never been required to swallow medication before, but Darla assured him that he would be fine. He swallowed the Viagra.

The women cheered as the slave's cock grew harder and harder. He was leaking pre cum like never before. The women had mixed responses to the huge amounts of pre cum oozing from his cock. Some loved it and some couldn't even look at it. Ross was ordered to begin stroking his cock for the ladies, using only the pre cum as lubricant. He was not to touch any other part of his body.

After stroking for awhile Darla decided to milt him again. His balls were so full from servicing all the beautiful women and the abuse; she thought it best for all concerned.

His cock must be soft to milt and it won't work if the cock is hard. Darla slaps at his cock until it is soft again. She slides two fingers down the underside of the cock head towards the sac, with her two fingers still close to the head, the foreskin slips back up and covers her fingers and the head of the cock. She then takes her other hand and gets a cupping type grip under the sac and holds them steady so that they are trapped in that hand.

Her two fingers slip downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock; the exception is they are inside the foreskin and not inside the wide mouth of his cock. The fingers reach a very slight "restriction" area of the sac. Pressing harder the two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slip with a "pop" into the sac and rest between the two testicles inside the sac. She has the servants stroking the slave's balls. Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard. Within a moment they should feel a large amount of sperm and pre cum in the palm of their hand. Relax a moment, no movement at all and begin again. She warns them to be very careful and not continue the stimulation while the sperm and pre cum flow out because that will cause a full blown orgasm which defeats the purpose of the milting.

After the second milting, Darla orders the slave to stroke his cock hard again. He was in the middle of the room, stroking his cock hard. He was humiliated because he had to rub harder and harder, faster and holding it tighter just to try and get hard for all the women to see. When Ross was hard once again, desensitized from all the abuse and the Viagra the head was very engorged and huge, the shaft super thick and very fat he could do almost anything at this point and not cum.

One of the women slipped down in front of him and spread her pussy lips for him. Ross looked to Darla for instruction; he was such a well trained slave. Darla ordered him to fuck the woman in any way she wanted.

Ross guided the head of his engorged cock to the opening of the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. His balls ached from the lack of release, and he knew now that Darla had fed him Viagra, he wouldn't be able to explode for at least six hours.

The woman pressed her ass back as the slave's cock entered her. She felt the head of his cock so very deep, massaging the inside of her wet pussy. She bucked her hips and moaned her pleasures. Ross was not responding as Darla had hoped so she took charge of the situation. Ross was placed on his back as the woman slid down his huge cock. Darla invited the next lady to straddle the slaves face, he was ordered to lick and suck her to orgasm as the other woman rode his cock hard.

Ross was amazed at the short time it took to get these two ladies off and relaxed a bit as the one from his mouth was lowered onto his dripping cock. This one was much tighter than the last and he had to work his hips to enter her. His cock tingled from the tight constraints of her hole but he pushed forward anyway.

Another woman was sitting on his face before he was touching bottom of the lady on his cock. He worked his tongue into her matching his thrusts into the womb of the other. He almost choked as the woman on his face squirted her cum all over his face. That triggered the other to contract her pussy around his cock like a vise, he groaned as she emptied her orgasm over his cock.

The women continued through out the afternoon and evening getting licked, sucked and fucked by this slave. Everyone serviced, Darla announced it was time for the party to end. She escorted her guests to the door and hugged each one as they filed out. She breathed a sigh of relief as she started toward the dungeon again.

The slave was brought in front of Darla by the servants. Darla asked for the cylinder and slipped it over Ross' cock and balls. His eyes widened not knowing what to expect and Darla smiled, reassuring him that this was a very pleasurable cock and ball wash with "pump" action!! The sting from the hot water and baby oil caused Ross to jump slightly and the pain from the pumping, he knew would be more than the first time.

The two women tightened the cylinder and started the pump. They watched as the slaves cock and balls were cleaned and washed by the warm water, and began to swell and his face showed the pain and stinging. When Darla saw his balls twice the size they were, the pump was turned off and the ladies pulled and pushed until the cylinder was removed. Ross was placed in the shower and told to clean himself up. The servants were instructed to place him back on the mattress spread eagle and restrained, then let Darla know when he was ready.

Darla leans down to the slave and begins to examine him for damage. She finds him hugely swollen yet still hard. His balls are much larger yet very tight. She notes the small breaks in the skin, abrasions, bruising and the mouth of his cock has been stretched to the point she could easily fit her thumb down inside. She is very surprised there is very little blood. She also is concerned when she sees bite marks on the head of his cock and also on his balls.

Ross has never been with more than one woman before and he was exhausted. Darla came into the room totally nude and the slave was astonished to see such a lovely woman. He instantly felt a deep desire over come him as he drank the beauty of her body. He didn't think his cock could get any harder, but it swelled and throbbed like never before. The servants released Ross from the restraints and were told to step away and wait for further orders.

Darla ordered the slave to his knees; she spread her lovely legs showing of her smoothly shaved mound and pussy. Ross moved in with his mouth and tongue without being told, He grasps the cheeks of her ass and pulls her to his awaiting mouth. She gasps and presses her mound into his face, his tongue flicking over her clit like lightening bolts.

Darla's knees give out and the slave lowers her to the bed just across the room. He spreads her legs wide open and presses them into the air with his shoulders. He licks the Mistress from tailbone to clit and back over and over. She is panting as her pussy begins to contract around his tongue.

He slips a finger into her hot, wet hole and sucks hard on her distended clit until her body convulses and she literally screams as her orgasm over takes her. Then Ross takes the tip of one finger and slides the hood of Darla's clit back and assaults the head of her clit with his tongue. He lessons the intensity of his assault on her clit and slides a second finger into her pussy. He slowly strokes his Mistress of the night into another mind blowing orgasm.

Ross feels the effects of the drug wearing off as he slides up the length of her body. His balls are so full and his cock rock hard when he reaches the smooth skin surrounding Darla's steamy pussy. The slave traces the outer lips with the head of his cock ever so softly as he stares into her eyes. He tells her with his body that he has all the control now.

Darla's eyes slowly shut as Ross slips the head of his engorged cock up and down her slit, she moans envisioning that huge cock stretching her pussy to its biggest ever. She imagines that feeling of fullness and anticipates his deep strokes.

The slave takes her nipple and sucks it hard into his mouth; he rolls it over his tongue and gently bites down on it. Darla's eyes instantly open and she gasps for air feeling him take her in one hard, long and deep stroke. He presses himself deeply into her feeling the opening to her womb. Holding himself tightly against her cervix, he leans down and takes the other nipple in his mouth sucking hard and biting as Darla loudly moans her approval.

Ross rocks against Darla's womb, massaging the inside of her cunt and presses his lips over hers deeply kissing her into her third orgasm. He then begins to stroke her dripping wet pussy with long, slow motions. They rock together, Ross fucking her hard and deep then suddenly withdrawing. Darla moans her protest as he withdraws and rolls her to her stomach.

The slave pulls his Mistress up onto all fours by her hips and presses the head of his drenched cock to the opening of her ass. Darla excitedly presses her ass back onto Ross's cock and he feels the head push through the opening. They hold still allowing her to adjust to the large cock entering her ass.

Ross begins to press forward as he feels her contract around his cock. He slips deeper into her ass and hears her beg for more. He presses hard and slides balls deep into her ass and she slams her ass back over his cock. They move as one when Ross starts to move himself slowly in and out of her tight ass. Ross fucks her ass hard, balls slapping against her clit, faster and deeper as she loudly moans. He feels her pussy contracting and he reaches around to firmly pinch and pull on her clit, taking her over the edge and into the throws of yet another explosive orgasm.

Darla dismounts the slave and turns on her side. Ross lies down beside her and they notice the time. She has just enough time to drive him to the park to meet his owner. She will return him well used.

To be continued...

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