tagErotic CouplingsThe Slave Ch. 06

The Slave Ch. 06


This story has been long in the making. I've had the idea in the back of mind for years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, Group and Lesbian. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think


She became lost on the grounds. She had been told the compound was large, that if you weren't told there were quarters for the servants on the other end you would never know. Nika had found the meditation maze that was in the very center of everything. She had been told by Esella that the Master visited it regularly to clear his mind. The white and varied shades of gray stones created striking Celtic knots around the rim and the meditation walk itself was beautiful in it's simplicity. Surrounded by trees with only a small gap that allowed entry, one could almost believe that they had been transported somewhere else.

Nika followed the path down the grounds away from the manor house. Her day off from the library and no guests in the compound, she was free to as much time as she wanted. Sir had even left to full fill duties for the Master. The grass tickled her feet. The sun heated her skin. The seasons were turning, the area was in full fledged autumn and she still didn't know where they were. What could it hurt to know the country they were in? It wouldn't help her. That much she knew.

She eventually found on of the long walls. The compound was essentially a rectangle, walls to tall to see the guards that walked the top. She followed it to the back. She came to a small lake in the corner. Nika could just make out the other side beneath the corner in the wall.

Sitting on the shore was a small building about twenty by thirty, the last ten feet reaching out over the water. The door was unlocked, entering to find a comfortable sitting room. Everything here was designed for comfort, for ease. They served the elite, for who else could afford to come to a remote country and spend a weekend to two weeks surrounded by beautiful women who's only concern was for your pleasure and happiness.

The short wall over the water was prominently glass and French doors. They led to a deck maybe ten by twenty that a sturdy bridge connected to. The bridge reached out over the waters attached to a small gazebo towards the middle of the lake. From there were two more bridges that reached a slightly larger gazebo each. Nika made her way across to the farthest. She watched as birds and simple water plants floated along.

Kneeling down on the bridge that spanned between the small gazebo to the larger one she looked down into the waters to find a large frog looking up at her from a lily pad. Nika smiled and returned to her walk when the frog had jumped into the waters and swam away. The gazebo was all unpainted, stained wood with over stuffed cushions on benches that circled along the walls. In the afternoon light she watched birds dive at fish, lost in her thoughts.

Nine months gone. Brought here in early spring. Picked up on her way to a meeting and dropped in the middle of no where. So many things learned. That she was stronger than she thought. Who would have guessed the shy and unstable girl living in hippy-ville could with stand this? She had been used, abused and taken in ways she had never thought possible. But in the end she took pleasure where she could and watched, and learned. She had been told by Sir that she would help with pairing the girls off for guests since she had shown a knack it. Her duties in the library now included just that. Picking out girls for men, and men for men and men for the rare woman that joined her husband here.

She tried to picture her friends and family. Good news, she could still see them, bad news that just made it hurt more. Mid October, what would they be doing now? Were Mary and Trevor enjoying the local university's football season? How was the team doing? Didn't matter anyways, it changed nothing for her. Skye avoided her and when they were near, ignored her. Why? What had happened in that week that Skye now hated her so?

Nika sighed. Guests. There were the ones that got their kicks cuffing her to the ceiling via the rope, or simply cuffing her to the bed. The ones that enjoyed slapping her or gently loving her body through the night. It was to be expected that every man would be different but the wide range of interests still amazed her.


She woke to the feel of strong hands on her skin. A rough cheek scratched her shoulder and neck as hot breath blew over her. She moaned and turned into the body pressing against her. A hand pulled at her hips sliding them forward. Nika slid her fingers over the chest that partially covered her. The hands on her waist pushed her down to the ground, her skirt falling up around her waist. In no time at all she gasped and arched up against her lover as he entered her, "Michael!"

He never paused as he whispered, his mouth just moments from her ear, "How did you know?"

She smiled as she hooked her hands behind his neck, "Only you'd be stupid enough to take me like this with out permission from the Master," she moaned as he rotated his hips, grinding himself against her body, and the feel of you hands...

He didn't make lover to her, he didn't take her, he didn't punish her, what he did to her body was beyond just sex. Unlike the others she knew that deep down where both of them would never admit to he cared and that's why this was ok. Why she didn't push him away but wrapped her legs around his waist and held him so tight she feared the marks she would leave on his back when they were done.

"God girlie," he grunted as he drove into her again, "I miss the feel of your cunt gripping me so tightly.."

She growled low in her throat as he bit her shoulder. In return she pushed him off her on to his back. Straddling his waist she looked down at him. His large chest incased in the tight black t-shirt, beneath her bare ass his cock slid over her opening, up and down over her throbbing clit, "did anyone ever tell you to say please before you take?" She grinned down at him.

Michael smirked and rolled her back under him. Sitting back he flipped her over on to her stomach and pulled her hips up in a single fluid motion. Before she knew what was happening, the tip of his cock was pressing at her entrance again and then stilled. She whimpered and pressed back but Michael gripped her waist holding her still. He leaned forward, once again his mouth so close she felt his breath on the skin just below her ear, "Please." not at a request or question, it was a command. Before she could give any reply, he buried his cock to the hilt in side of her.

She cried out as the tip reached so deeply it touch her cervix. The shock of pain sent lightning in spikes through out her body. But there was no pause, one hand gripped her breast through the fabric of her dress while the over slipped around and the fingers stimulated her clit. His cock never going quite as deep but teasing her as if to say he could if he wanted to.

Nika lost herself in the feel of him sliding in her and it didn't take long till she was cresting the edge of an orgasm. Just as her body began to stiffen he pulled out of her and pushed her to the floor, "oh no you don't, not yet girlie"

She growled as looked over shoulder at him, "Michael!"

He laughed and wiggled his eyebrows at her, "Try me girlie, your not cumin till I say you can"

Nika pushed herself to her hands and knees, turning gracefully, extending her body like a cat's. She purred his name as she crawled up over his body, forcing him to lay back. When he moved to throw her off again she shook her head and impaled her self on his hard shaft. Michael groaned and dropped his head back to the ground, pressing his hips up to meet her downward thrusts.

She rode him hard taking him till she felt him stiffen and growl his release up into her body. She ground her body to his and arched back as she found her own orgasm. They came together on the floor of the gazebo, finally she collapsed on to his chest. Closing her eyes she sighed and let him hold her.


She woke cradled to Michael's side, her head pillowed on his shoulder. She stretched and yawned looking about them. The moon was high in the sky and in the cool night air she shivered and pressed closer to him.

"I wondered when you would wake girlie" his voice rumbled from deep in his chest.

"How long have you been awake?"

"I never feel asleep"

She was shocked, she hadn't passed out till after the rocking orgasm at the end of the third time he'd taken her, "How long was I asleep?"

"Not long really," he slowly sat, pulling her up and helping to straighten her shirt, "Should probably get back to the main buildings. Esella will be sending out a search party for you soon."

They rose and headed back across the grounds. The trip took a bit longer due to the stops and Michael found out how ticklish Nika was. He left her at the glass French doors leading inside, and she made her way to her room on her own. She got into bed and waited for sleep to come.

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