tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 07

The Slave Ch. 07


The three women were silent as they drove back to the house with Ross. He was exhausted and appeared to sleep as the drive went on. As they approached the driveway Linda shook Ross awake and they all walked him into the house. He was tethered to the pole at the foot of his bed down in the playroom and he fell right to sleep. The ladies went upstairs for a beer and a long talk.

The three of them had decided that the slave would not be released back into free society. He would not be safe from all the women he had been exposed to at the auction, they would capture him and who knew what would happen if they did. The ladies thought it was best for him to remain with them so that he would be well taken care of and earn them lots of money. They all went to bed satisfied they had made the right decision about the slave.

Linda woke early on Wednesday morning. It didn't seem like they had the slave for five days already, and he survived an auction as well. She went to check on Ross, he was still sleeping and so were Brenda and Sara, Linda went upstairs to make coffee.

She took her mug of coffee back down to the playroom and brought the slave a cup too. She knew he would wake at the smell of coffee! True to form, she no sooner sat down and comfortable, sipping her coffee and he was awake, asking for coffee. Linda got up and handed the mug of coffee to Ross and told him to get comfortable, she had something to tell him.

Linda started out by telling Ross that the three of them had planned to release him on Friday, but since the auction and subsequent days they had decided for his safety that he needed to remain as their slave for awhile longer. Ross showed no emotion and had nothing to say. What could he say? Mentally he was thinking about his life prior to slavery. He was experiencing conflicting emotions, he had initially hated the thought of slavery and since he had been thinking it wasn't that bad. He had been looking forward to his being released soon and the disappointment showed on his face. As they were talking Brenda and Sara came down with their coffee and a fresh pot. Linda told them that she had informed Ross that he would be with them for awhile longer.. They were relieved to know that he had been told.

They all sat around and finished their coffee and decided to head upstairs for breakfast. Before they went, Sara suggested that the slave be "decorated" properly as a slave. She got up from the sofa and gathered the items she needed. Then walked over to the bed where the slave was and began to adorn him with his attire.

Sara began with a soft leather fir lined collar that had several eyelets attached for various restraints. She then placed matching wrist cuffs on him and ankle cuffs as well. She walked over to the bench and took down five padlocks, sashayed over to the slave and proceeded to fasten each one to each of the leather "decorations" she smiled at her work and took a bow for Linda and Brenda.

Brenda got up and took a leash off one wall, attached it to Ross' collar and the four went upstairs for breakfast. Brenda fastened the leash to an eyelet hidden in the carpeting near the table. She then refastened the leash to the slave's ankle cuff and told him to sit in the chair closest to the wall. They all ate breakfast lost in thought and after Ross was made to clean up the kitchen under the supervision of Sara.

Ross had been so humiliated, scared, frightened, embarrassed, forced to perform, beaten and abused, he was used and tortured, he silently decided to himself that he'd had enough. He decided to balk at his orders and became defiant. Mentally and emotionally he didn't know what to do about his feelings. He was so confused. He loved the sex and all the attention, but not at the price of freedom.

Brenda suggested quietly to Linda and Sara that they watch him close. They each suspected that Ross did not like the "decorations" he was forced to wear and along with that, he didn't know when he would be released back to his life of freedom.

The ladies returned with Ross downstairs to the playroom, the five foot tether trailed down his back; Sara held on tight. Ross' ankle cuff was soon attached to the rubber coated steel cable which was attached to the eye bolt at the end of his bed. He was ordered to finish cleaning up and to make his bed. He suddenly turned to Brenda and firmly stated; "No, make me." He told the women that he was finished and he had enough of their bullshit. The ladies noted the mixed emotions in his voice as he spoke. A welling up in his eyes was surfacing, it was clear that Ross had not taken the information about his extended stay very well. His fear showed as rebellion.

Linda, Brenda and Sara were incensed. He made a fatal mistake by refusing orders while ALL three women were present. He may have gotten away with it had there been only one or even two of them present, but with all three he was definitely in for trouble. Sara slowly moved around behind the slave, just casually and unnoticed. That left Brenda and Linda facing the slave, listening to his pitiful refusal to follow ANY order he was given. Bad decision on his part!

With his last comment of "fuck it, I am finished with this shit;" Sara, the smallest of the three, very shy, timid and quiet, even humble at times, surprised everyone as she grabbed his collar and jerked it backward very HARD. Ross reached up and grabbed his neck collar; which is the most typical response to the force and jerk backward on the collar around his neck.

As Sara moved up closer behind the slave, Linda and Brenda moved closer from the front slightly separating holding his attention. As Sara pulled hard on the tether Ross lost his balance and began to fall backwards. Brenda quickly took a couple steps forward positioning her self between the slave's splayed legs. She balled her fist up and reached back and slammed it into his huge balls. Ross fell backward, he released a very loud scream, gasped and his butt hit the floor.

Brenda had stepped closer between Ross' ankles preventing him from closing them at all. She dropped to her knees and landed two more very hard punches to the slave's balls. She missed each of the balls and her punches actually landed between the orbs forcing them to fly outward just like a water balloon that was squeezed in the middle. As her fist connected with the sac each time, she felt the balls give and heard his cries of pain. He had begun to cry.

Brenda grabbed Ross' very hard cock and jerked it out of the way, bending it upward forcing it against his abdomen. She slammed her fist one more time into his balls. Ross was trying to get his legs closed, but Brenda had knelt down between his ankles. He was powerless to move anywhere out of her line of fire. He laid there twisting and writhing unable to defend himself.

Linda grabbed the closest pair of handcuffs and snapped one onto his wrist then without allowing him to recover, Linda and Brenda rolled Ross onto his stomach; Brenda made sure she stayed between his ankles while Linda wrenched his arms behind his back and snapped the other cuff to his opposite wrist. She double locked them to prevent any tightening or injury to his wrists.

Ross was still twisting and writhing and attempted to double over at the waist. He had severe pain in his stomach and abdomen; he looked green, like he would loose his breakfast. Sara pulled any slack on the tether preventing him from doubling over. His ankle was still restrained to the pole at the end of his bed and Sara had his head and neck tightly pulled backward. He was ninety-five percent incapacitated.

Brenda was so angry with the slave she demanded the tazer. Linda went to the wall and selected one, returned to the center of the room and handed it to Brenda. She turned on the power and zapped Ross near his left hip. Sara and Linda felt his body immediately go slack, almost slumping back down flat against the floor. He couldn't move for several minutes and moaned.

Ross finally flattened to the floor in a submissive heap. He was still cuffed behind his back, his legs were spread wide open, his balls were swollen, his cock was very soft from the pain and Brenda was kneeling between his legs still forcing them spread wide with her knees they were stretched to their very limit.

Sara still had control of his head, pulling on the tether tightly so his face wasn't injured when he fell to the floor. Brenda grabbed the tether from Sara and pulled the slack out of it. She slipped from in between Ross' legs and used the tether to tie his ankles together. She yelled to Linda to hand her the nylon rope.

Brenda took one end of the rope and began quickly looping it around the top of the slave's ball sac. She pulled the rope tightly downward with one hand and with her other hand, leaned back grabbed the loose end of the tether, which was tied around the slave's ankles and pulled the tether up toward his crotch. She tied the loose end of the rope from his ball sac to the end of the tether and pulled tight. If he even attempted to stretch his legs out he would experience severe pain.

Sara attached the opposite end of the collar to a floor hook which safely secured Ross' head and neck, preventing any injury. Brenda cinched down on the connecting line between the slave's ball sac and his ankles which pulled his ball sac out very painfully. Ross finally began to relax and stop resisting realizing that it wasn't as painful when he relaxed.

Brenda knelt down beside the slave's head and screamed in his face, "Don't you EVER even think about defying any one of us ever again." She reached down at that point and slapped his cock extremely hard, which was lying on the floor pointed toward his feet. Between his pain and his fear his cock was soft and totally flaccid.

Brenda moved around to the lower section of the slave and surprised all of us by sitting down hard on his thighs facing his feet. Ross' thigh muscles were stretched at that point causing even more pain. Clearly the connecting rope automatically pulled tighter which stretched his balls to the max. He let out a gasp that broke the silence in the room. Brenda suggested Sara get one of the gags and hook it up.

Sara chose the perfect gag this time. Ross was used to ball gags, but he had not had any of the gags with dildos attached. She selected the medium sized one and smiled at her devious thinking. She moved across the room and shoved the dildo into the slave's mouth, tightened the straps down around the back of his head, noting the strong embarrassment and humiliation Ross was feeling. She nodded to Brenda indicating that Ross was ready for anything at that point.

Brenda reached down and grabbed the foreskin on the underside at the head of Ross' cock. Brenda remembered from the first night that it was the thickest and most elasticized of the foreskin on Ross and she jerked it up hard, pulling tightly. She used both hands and crammed her thumbs into the underside of the head at the same time her forefingers pinch up a very large amount of foreskin. Facing his ball sac in her sitting position she had a very firm grip still using both of her hands, she pulled straight up, stretching the foreskin out tightly the hundreds of small nerve endings screaming out pain to Ross.

Brenda relaxed her stretching of Ross' foreskin and turned her head to yell at him again. She screamed that he was their slave and if he still was thinking that he could pick and choose the orders given to him by any of the three of them, he would most certainly be punished to the extreme. Still yelling she told him his sole purpose in life would be to serve them in any way they chose. She told Ross that the punishment he was experiencing at this point was just a small sample of what he would experience if he decided to balk at his orders anytime in the future.

To reiterate what she had just screamed at him, she pulled the foreskin up tightly about three inches over the head of his cock. Ross screamed behind the gag and Brenda slapped his balls even harder which caused him to scream again. Brenda continued to slap the slave's balls, first with her left hand and then following immediately with her right hand. She hit those balls over and over until Ross was crying from the extreme pain. The only problem was his cock was fattening up very nicely and the ladies couldn't help but notice the vast amount of pre-cum oozing from the mouth into the palms of Brenda's hands.

Brenda was so angry with Ross for being excited at the punishment she had instilled that she raised her closed fist and slammed it into his balls. Ross screamed behind the gag again and huge tears flowed from his eyes.

Sara left the playroom and headed upstairs. When she returned downstairs the slave's cock was rock hard again the head engorged and the skin was full showing off the abrasions he had sustained from Darla's place. His balls were grotesquely swollen and bulging. Sara asked Brenda to move off of Ross for a moment. She took a huge amount of orange juice in her mouth and slipped the slave's cock into her mouth. Instantly his hips had jumped up off of the table and thrust up high as they bucked. His legs attempted to extend which caused severe pain in his roped off balls.

The orange juice burned every scratch and open sore along the outside of Ross' cock but when it dribbled down inside and soaked into the cut he screamed so loudly behind the gag it was almost as if he didn't have a gag on. Each of the women were thinking the same thing, and were thankful that they had sound proofed the playroom. Gradually the burning had subsided and turned into a rather sore numb feeling as the damaged tissue became accustomed to the acid bath.

Linda moved silently to the "wall of pleasurable toys" and took down the cat of nine tails. She returned to the slave and told him that he would NEVER back talk of even think of defying the three of them again. She brought the soft leather whip down hard across Ross' ass. After 20 lashes some actually grazing his cock and balls, Ross was in silent tears again. He appeared broken, humiliated and submissive.

The three ladies moved over to the farthest area of the room and decided to release the severe bonds but they also agreed that the slave needed to be completely restrained again. They moved over and removed the bonds. The three of them grabbed him, turned him on to his back, spread him eagle on his mattress and attached all the cuffs to the eyelets on the four poles. They then attached the tether to an eyelet in the floor above his head. He was not going anywhere. Sara removed the gag. Ross was silent. He didn't even get to cum and his balls ached for release. The three of them returned to the upstairs portion of the house allowing Ross to think about his behavior and the punishment he received.

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