tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 08

The Slave Ch. 08


This has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, Group and Lesbian. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think


Esella stopped with a gasp of fear and shock in the door way to Nika's bedroom. Her long body toned from nearly two and a half years in the compound was flung over the rumpled covers of the large bed covered in smears of dark and light, old and fresh colored blood. The older woman ran back out the door of the suite to her office down the hall and called for the guards, then returned to the girl.

When she got back to the bedroom she found a large, six foot six man dressed in a dark red silk robe spattered with blood standing over Nika. When she jerked to a stop he noticed her and turned, "Good, wake her and then tie her up in the corner."

Esella paused and then found her voice shaking, "N-n- no sir, I can't do that, she needs to be treated in the medical clinic."

He walked over to her slowly, "You WILL tie her up or I will report you."

The rumble of boots thudded down the hall as guards filled into the room, Michael in the lead. The moment his eyes found Nika on the bed her every movement deliberate and slow as she slowly woke to the commotion, his eyes turned to ice as he turned them on the guest, "Sir, I respectfully would like to inform you, that your actions are a break in your contract with the compound and you are here by under arrest." He motioned for one of his men to step forward, "Johnson please escort this gentleman to his room, until the Master has time to deal with him. Put two guards on the door and get the medics in here now."

Esella moved to Nika's side, trying to find the source of the blood. Michael walked up to her, "how is she Esella?"

Her voice was anxious and choked over her accent, "Not good Michael. I'll take of her, you need to go to the master." After a long look at Nika he left the room. Esella stepped back as Nika's strength gave out, her head falling to the bed and her blank unfocused eyes closing. The old woman brought the corner of her apron up and pressed the corner against her mouth in an attempt to stifle her cry. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she swallowed her personal feelings and directed the servants to take Nika as gently as they could on a stretcher.

The doctor that examined Nika at her entry to the compound met them at the double doors. The two older nurses helped transfer her body to the gurney, where they then cleaned her body with soft towels. The water in their bowls turned red, the sheets beneath pink as they washed the blood away. The doctor watched, taking note of the lacerations on her back that had stopped bleeding long before. Nika woke once or twice fading in and out. When the women moved down the back of her legs, down her calves, wiping what they thought was blood, Nika screamed. The left leg was not covered with anything, the dark color under the skin was a horrible dark bruise that pulsed with the blood beneath it.



"Doctor, what can you tell me?"

"I've just finished looking over the tests. She has multiple lacerations on her back, from neck to rear." the voice paused, he cleared his throat, "her left leg has a fracture, nearly a complete break Sir. I don't know who this man was or even how he did this but I highly recommend the worst possible punishment Sir."

Nika listened in the silence, her eyes closed. "...I'll take care of everything else...." Master said as Nika sighed and the darkness dragged her back down.


Nika woke to the sun on her shoulder, her cheek pressed to the sheets of her bed. No, not her bed, she wasn't in her bed. A shiver of fear racked her as the pain from her back and leg registered. "No, no, no, no, that was a nightmare, it wasn't real. They wouldn't let that happen to me, they wouldn't." she whispered in to the pillow.

"Who wouldn't let what happen?" a kind voice asked from the side of the bed.

Nika turned her head and looked in to the eyes of one of the nurses, "They, the three." the answer was simple of enough, but the nurse's look was confused, "Michael... Sir... the Master," she whispered.

The nurse's emotions showed on her face. The sadness and remorse written clearly in her eyes and the lines of her mouth. "It'll be ok Nika. The man who did this was punished and he will never walk this compound again."

Nika closed her eyes to the pain, "but they wouldn't have allowed it to happen. It was a nightmare and this, this is just it again. I haven't woken up." Soon the tears stopped and Nika's body relaxed. Just as she was about to slip into sleep, the door opened and a quiet measured step made its way across the tiled floor.

"How is she?"

"Still in much pain Sir. She fell back to sleep," the woman's voice trailed off as if she wanted to say more but was worried.

"Say what you need to Corella," the Master's deep British voice smoothed over her. For the first time it didn't calm her.

"She's telling herself that its not real, that it's all a nightmare, because...because..." the nurse paused, "because the guard Michael, her trainer and, you, Sir, would never have allowed it to even happen. I'm afraid she might need psychiatric treatment, not just physical Sir."

"Take care of her Corella, heal her body and I'll work on her mind."


Weeks went by. They watched her as her back and leg slowly healed. Her leg was still wrapped and protected by the time she was able to sit on the clinic's porch. Nika didn't watch the sunset or sunrise or the light in the trees. She never noticed the birds, but she wasn't dead. She was in shock. After everything that had happened to her, everything that had gone down, why?

Nika frowned and closed her eyes. He had tormented her. Driven her crazy and wormed his way into her life. She had begun to look for him. Looking for how he was going to annoy her again.

Trained her. Spanked her, locked her up and taught her what she needed to know to survive here. Sent her to work and treated her differently then the other girls. Spoke, not with her, but at lest to her. Spent off time in her rooms, reading on the couch.

He sent men out to collect girls. Not just any girls, girls that weren't important, that wouldn't be missed by many. Those men had found her, how they knew she was right for their mission she'd never know, but they took her from that alley and turned her whole world upside down like it was a shake n' bake bag, rattling her mind. And then when she should have been some lowly house girl, he turned her in to one of the highest level girls on the compound.

They were her world. No one would wish to be taken from their home, family and friends, their lives. But she had found solace in her life and though no one would wish it, no one would deny that her life in a way was better. She lived in a beautiful home, in a room that was decorated to her, three scrumptious meals she didn't have to cook, clothes and affection if not love. She had clients who would schedule their trips to the compound around her. And they, her three, were her world, her protectors, they had become her reason for being there. Her guard, her laughter; her trainer, her reason to do well; her master, the reason she was even here, and they had betrayed her. They had allowed that awful man to touch her, to hurt her.

As her thoughts grew in anger, her body tensed and her back and leg screamed at the tightness of her muscles. At first she just grunted at the pain but soon as the anger and frustration massed the pain became so strong she screamed. The sound echoed back at her and she heard not only pain but anger and aggravation. The sound filled her with tears. The sound became her silence.


Returned to her room Nika eventually cried into every pillow; soaked every cushion and ripped every drape from the windows. The beautiful white curtains that she had watched billow in front of a nine hundred sun sets were found in shreds on the carpets by the attendants. She used her cane on the glasses and the porcelain.

The only item to survive the destruction of the main rooms was the painting above the side table. The mountains had taunted her. Her home, her life telling her over and over that she wanted to go home, but as she had reached up to tear it from the wall because she knew, no matter what happened, she was never going home. She was never going to see her friends or her family again. She was never going to sing the Ave Maria in church or find her calming moments by the river.

But as she had reached up to tear it from the wall, the green mountains had filled her with a moment of peace and solitude that calmed her like the river never did. Her rage was gone, it burned up in the blue of the sky and on the wings of the tiny eagle in the distance. The cane fell to the floor, her fingertips gently slid down the heavy frame as her tears started again. This time, her thoughts weren't on home. They weren't on all the people or things she missed. They were fully centered on the betrayal of her Master.

Michael she could understand, the guard hadn't known who was with her. He hadn't known what was going on. Sir, her trainer was the same, he couldn't have known who had been sent to her. But Master. Master knew every thing that went on his compound. She had been told that he approved every membership. That he went over every application with a fine tooth comb and then shook up the file and did it again. He had cabinets filled with documents about every guest. How could he not have known who had entered her room.

The desire in that man's eyes when he walked through the door...

Her hand stilled at the base of the frame as the door to her room opened. Her subconscious was aware but her mind was lost in the first few moments of that man's touch, that man's look, his anger. Fingers snapped and her breath caught. She should kneel, her legs bent but before they got to far, her head snapped around to glare at the man who had interrupted her pain.

The Master stood looking at her, though his eyes were lowered only a true idiot would have seen it as anything but his arrogance. And that's all she saw, his arrogance. His undeniable belief that she was beneath him; only, she didn't feel that way at the moment, she hated him and it hurt.

"I've been told that you've abused my name in several different languages," he paused as he took a seat on the couch, "I'm impressed that the other girls have taught you so much so quickly." Master motioned to the chair on his right. She swallowed nervously, bent to pick up the cane and moved to the chair, sitting on the edge of the seat; though she wouldn't sit on the cushion by his feet, she wasn't comfortable sitting thus in his presence. She could read nothing in his eyes but focused on his lips and his words.

"Nika, I'm going to talk to you like I have never talked to anyone in this, my home, before. First I am going to apologize. I am sorry for what happened to you. The background on the man who hurt you showed no inclination for what happened. I'm told that at this moment he is in a drugged stupor, drooling on his hospital robe in his home country and is receiving the best mental care for a problem he is going to have for the rest of his life; whether he likes it or not.

"I know your angry, and you have a right to be. But you don't hate me. You can't. I am your world. You've been unable to hate me since the moment I pulled you up from that large cushion in the entry area and kept you from service on the other side of the property where you would never know the life you've known so far.

"I know you don't hate me, because I saw the way you nearly knelt when I snapped my fingers. I see you now barely able to sit in a chair in my presence but your anger stops you from kneeling as it stops you from sitting where you know deep inside of you, you should be."

Nika sighed and looked up in to his eyes for the first time, "May I ask a question Sir?" he motioned for her to continue, "Why me? Why was I picked by your guards that day in the alley? How did they know to grab me?" her voice broke as her tears started again, "more, why did you pick me like that? Why didn't you send me with the rest as you were going to?"

He watched her wipe away the drops of salty water from her pale cheeks, "They took you because they knew that you were the type of girl that could survive here. My people research every thing, not just prospective members but prospective workers as well. They found you, by your posts online, your interests in the BDSM lifestyle community. They found you, and I approved your invitation."

He stood and walked to side of the chair, his hand finding her shoulder and gripping it tightly when she flinched, "I pulled you up from that cushion, at first because of the acceptance, at how well you had taken in your arrival and your examination, and then due to the fire I saw in your eyes." while he talked the back of this hand followed her neck to her ear, "I've watched you this whole time Nika, you've proved time and time again at how well you are suited for this life. You are a natural submissive. It is ingrained in to every bone, every cell of your body. You flinch when I touch you, not because of disgust or fear or hatred, but because you know, deep down in the back of your mind, and your body knows deep down in its very essence that I am your Master and that I always will be your Master."

By the time he had finished the last word, she had slid gently and slowly to her knees. He stepped closer and Nika pressed her cheek to his hip as her hand wrapped around his calf. She pressed her eyes closed, "You need someone to blame Nika and I understand that. You need to know that someone was punished, that someone was held responsible for the pain that you've gone through; which is why you will be taken on a trip by your trainer. You will see the punishment first hand and then you will come home and be the slave I know you are."


Footsteps echoed down the hospitals sterile halls as the two figures approached the wire glass window of a heavy steel door. The shorter of the two stepped closer and brushed the hood off of her head as she looked at the man behind the pane. He sat looking out of the window, his overly large body encased in a white gown with tiny blue flowers patterned over it. She watched as a bird landed on the window sill outside his room and how he didn't seam to notice. He just sat there and watched the clouds float by.

Her escort watched as a nurse walked up, pulled the girl to the side so the nurse could enter with her little brown tray, "He will never hurt another, or know a moments pleasure. He will only know torment."

She looked up into her trainer's eyes in question, shaking her head in confusion. Nika looked back when he pointed at the nurse giving her devil pills. "His medication, treats not only his demented mind, but also keeps him in that chair. He will never move more than Master allows. Which at this moment would mean never again; including breathing. But the torment this man caused you deserves more than just death. He made you question the men who control your world and type of submissive you are, to loose your anchor is to loose yourself, which you nearly did. So, now, he has lost himself. He is lost in his thoughts for the rest of his days."

Nika closed her eyes and allowed the last tear she'd ever cry over the incident to fall. It slid down her cheek, and then finally dropped to the tile under her feet. "Take me home Sir, please..."

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