tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 09

The Slave Ch. 09


This has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, Group and Lesbian. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think


Returning to the compound was much more of a task than she realized, apparently it was easier to leave than it was to arrive. It didn't help that they made her nearly comatose with medications so as not to know where exactly she was going. Nika stumbled as she grew more mentally awake walking out of the air conditioning and into the dense heat of the lower hemisphere.

The long and bumpy car ride into the forests and up the mountains into the cooler tropic scenery explained why the compound was so comfortable. She watched the land go by as they drove past natives walking along the side in the dust. She wondered what their lives were like. Wondered what her life would have been like if she hadn't been brought here in the first place.

Would she still be where she was, watching her life through someone else's eyes. Walking, talking, but mostly not really connecting. Not a single true and close friend, no lover, no mate. Here she had more lovers than she knew what to do with; luckily it wasn't up to her what she did with them so their numbers didn't really matter. She had what she considered three mates. Two of which she'd been with, but she could tell the third wasn't going to be much longer. She had over heard enough gossip of the attendants and guards to know that since day one, she was truly being trained for him. Not the wealthy and elite, not the politically powerful or the play boys of today, but him, her Master.

As they arrived through the rear entrance of the compound Nika saw the lake to her left where Michael had gotten her in so much trouble. As far as she was concerned he was going to pay for the pain in the ass that he quite literally had become. Since the punishment, Michael had been given her as a reward twice. Time seems to fly by in ways one can't imagine when your life is something that deep down you know is what you needed.

One day your walking down an alley to catch a bus, the next your in the passenger seat of a jeep in some South American country after having been turned in to a professional submissive and/or slut -depending on the guest-. Nika sighed and opened the door when the vehicle came to a rocking stop. One of the guards removed her bag from the rear compartment and took it inside of the doors handing the bag to an attendant. Nika walked up the steps to the patio, her mind lost on the image of her nightmare sitting in that cold sterile room.

"Nika," Sir's voice broke through her thoughts, she whipped around to look at him, "Return to your rooms."

The girl nodded and entered the building. Up the many stairs and down the hall to her door, entering the main room she stretched her arms over her head, found her bag by the door and emptied it in the bedroom. Nika leaned on the iron balcony, watching the last few rays of light disappear behind the tree tops, finding solace in the breeze and in the gentle way the sounds of the forest slowly slid over her.

She didn't turn at the sound of her door opening. No one would be stupid enough to enter who didn't have permission, not even Michael was that brave. The soft treads told her what she needed to know. Only Sir had that calm, lazy walk that gave nearly no sound on her plush carpets. She turned and knelt, her chin lowered, her eyes on his shoes.

Sir's hand caressed her cheek, leisurely sliding up over her ear, temple and in to her hair. She closed her eyes and took in the sensations. She loved her submissive side, she had known about it back at home, had been in the BDSM lifestyle for years, it was why the transition hadn't been as bad for her as the other girls, but being here. In this place, where she didn't have to pretend the ability to be in control, where she didn't have to worry about anything but her Master and Sir, she was in her home. She was safe, she was cared for, she was home.

Nika sighed as his hand back tracked down to her chin, his finger tip running over her lower lip. Her mouth parted and her breath gently drifted over the skin of his hand. He stepped back to the edge of the bed and sat, patting his knee. Nika slowly crawled the short space to his side where she helped him to remove his shoes and socks. Running her hand up the inside of his thigh she followed the seam of his slacks to his belt buckle which opened and removed. Sir leaned forward and kissed the top her head, so light she wouldn't have noticed if not for him wrapping his arm around the back of her neck to hold her still.

He sat there in his shirt with the top buttons undone, his slacks, the belt gone. She admired the look of natural ease in his frame that he always carried, especially here in her room, on her bed. Nika rose to her knees and undid the buttons, working her way to the bottom, pulling the last of the shirt from the pants. He stood, forcing her to fall back. She didn't move from her spot though, just fell back to her heals as she knew he preferred. As he took off his shirt her cheek rested on the inside of his left thigh, the bridge of her nose briefly glancing the underside of his already hard member.

She felt the fabric of the slacks shift as he opened the button and zipper, Nika reached up and took the sides in to her fists, pulling them down to his ankles, baring the object of her future attentions. Sir took his seat again, reached out, took her by the hair and pulled her forward. She didn't pause, just licked her lips and took him as deep as she could in that first take. He bumped the back of her throat before allowing her to pull off, to enjoy her treat.

One of the few things she looked forward to was sucking on her trainer. Sir was always so responsive to her, always willing to guide her, to let her know what he like and what he didn't. To many men just lay there and take it, not giving a poor girl any guidance. Nika curled her tongue around under the head and down the shaft, allowing the yummy dessert to slide along the side of her face till she reached the base. She moaned happily, content to suck and lick to her hearts desire. Sir growled, Nika giggled. He tightened his hands, one on her shoulder the other in her hair, she purred her pleasure as she took his cock between her lips.

She grabbed the base in her fist, squeezing and releasing as she moved her wet mouth around the silken skin. Something so powerful, that could make her scream, it was amazing it felt so smooth, so tasty, so hard and yet so fragile sliding over her tongue.

With each deep penetration she grew more wet between her legs. Nika wiggled her hips hoping to relieve some of the building tension, she knew she'd be in trouble if she came when he reached the back of her throat. Her eyes closed she took it as far as she could and then tired for deeper, till her lips wrapped around the base, holding that long wonderful tool inside her mouth, savoring the feel as it cut off her breath. Sir held her there, pressing on the back of her head as his lower head pressed in to the back of her throat.

Nika felt the first tear fall down her cheek as her lungs screamed out for air but still she didn't panic. She trusted her trainer. When she was about to reach her limit, he pulled her completely from between his knees, grabbed her by the arm and pulled-pushed her on to the bed. He grabbed her leg, pulling it over his shoulder and then slid deep in to her dripping sheath.

Nika arched her back, squeezing her eyes tight against the instant fire that exploded inside of her wanting to burst out of her skin. He watched her, she knew with out looking, he was watching for her limit. Cuming without permission was not an option. She would hold it back for as long as she could and then count to ten and do it again till she heard him say it.

"Now!" he ordered. Nika's chest rose from the bed as her hips bucked, from deep in her chest her scream grew till she couldn't take any more. Sir knew exactly where her spot was and he rode it over and over all the while her orgasms building and condensing till it was nearly painful. She shook her head, trying to get her body under control, but he played her like a master pianist, and it wouldn't stop. Her inner muscles gripped like a vice as she arched beneath his sweating chest.

By the time Sir reached his release Nika was mentally unaware of what was happening. All she knew was that her legs wouldn't stop shaking, that her muscles were twitching through her body. Sir lowered her leg, he laid down next to her on his back, waiting for her to come back to herself. When her knee finally fell and she curled on to her side, he rose and disappeared to the bathroom.

After he returned and she took her turn, they lay in bed together, he held her tightly to his side, her head on his shoulder as she fell asleep.


The whispered 'No' startled even the person who said it. In the silence that had fallen over the watcher, even that soft noise was harsh to her own ears. Skye sat in the large tree outside of the balcony where her love laid in the arms of a harlot. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and glared into the room. She watched as the bitch rolled over in her sleep, curling tighter to the man Skye loved.

At first she had felt betrayed that he had gone to Nika and not her. What did that stupid whore have that she didn't? He trained them both, but Skye knew he loved her. Could love only her. As she watched the act take place, Skye realized that it wasn't her Sir's fault, it was that sluts. She was the reason, the temptress that had stolen her love's senses. She would have to be punished and then removed so that her love would be safe and they could be together.

Skye climbed down from the tree and started walking to the back of the compound where she knew a guard would be watching the rear service door in the wall. She found him awake, watching the screens of the various cameras along the perimeter. Seducing the guard was easy, fucking him was boring, watching him fall asleep after he came was tedious, but exiting the compound through the door was a piece of cake.

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