tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 10

The Slave Ch. 10


Stephi arrived at Linda, Brenda and Sara’s house at the appointed time. She was always punctual and prided herself on running a ‘real’ business. The money she was making and the fun she was having made her feel like she had to stay on top of things. The vast majority of clients she serviced were in the ‘high income bracket’.

At the door, Stephi was met by Linda. She found that her new client was warm, friendly and they quickly began talking about the BDSM community. Over a glass of wine, Stephi found that her new clients consisted of three women, roommates, who had been involved in the community for several years. Without going into any details, Linda explained that they had acquired the slave and had him for only a short time. In that short time he had become well known and sought after.

She told Stephi their slave had only been to auction once and they were preparing him for a second sale. Linda hinted that the money paid for him at auction, was extremely good, money that they just couldn’t afford to pass up.

Stephi felt that she had seen pretty much all there was to see in slaves while providing her services, and she found herself wondering what ‘attributes’ this slave might have. Stephi was more than willing to add another client to her ever growing list, especially one that had a slave that was in high demand. Stephi would still have her fun, no matter what type of slave it was. She surmised that if he was in that high of demand, he was probably the arrogant type.

Linda led Stephi down the stairs to the large playroom. Upon entering the room, Stephi was instantly shocked at all of the toys and tools on display. She was in awe. The room looked like something out of a torture movie or a medical movie. Linda was happy to show Stephi around the playroom, a room that the three room mates were very proud of.

She walked her over to the exam table in the right corner of the room and pointed out the various toys that could be very tempting while the slave was being tortured. She walked over to the door to her bedroom and asked that Stephi not go in except to use the rest room. Linda stood back and showed Stephi the ring of sofa’s surrounding the bed where Ross slept. Stephi asked about the four pillars cemented in the floor. Linda explained that they held the bed in place and allowed for the intricate roping and restraints to be secured. Linda mentioned that Stephi would have to attend one of their “parties”.

In the past, Stephi’s services were mostly held in large living rooms, play rooms, and occasionally in kitchens. None of her employers had ever led her into a fully equipped dungeon, let alone shown her the different toys and apparatuses. Linda showed her every type of sexual device imaginable, and some that she was too afraid to ask about.

Stephi had barely even noticed the slave, sitting with his back to her, tethered and restrained in the middle of the room. He was sitting quietly, not moving. Stephi continued her curious observations of all the items in the room, till her gaze came back to the slave. Linda introduced her to the slave, calling him Ross. Linda even teased the slave, saying “Ross, this is Stephi, you WILL behave yourself”.

Ross was sitting in a low chair with his butt less than a foot off the carpeted floor. His wrists were restrained behind his back in soft cuffs and attached to the lower end of a posture bar. The posture bar went straight up his back, where a soft collar restraint, attached to the top of the bar held his head and neck in position. The top of the posture bar was also attached to a ceiling bolt, by a long tether line, keeping him upright and leaning slightly back.

Over all, he was sitting straight backed, but seemed to be comfortable. From where Stephi was standing, she could see that his legs were also restrained with soft cuffs, but were splayed open, giving her easy access to his pubic area. They were open very wide, but not so much as to be uncomfortable.

Linda realized that she was running late and excused herself saying she had to leave. She explained to Stephi that she would be all alone with the slave, and asked if that was ok. Stephi said it was fine. Linda also explained that all of the restraints and security had been checked, and that there was no way he could get free. Stephi said that she was fine and she was not worried. Linda said that she wouldn’t be home until late, and that her roommates weren’t expected back this evening.

Linda then asked Stephi to make sure that the dungeon doors were locked when she left, she just had to twist the button and it automatically stayed locked if she shut the door hard. She was to leave the slave restrained, as he was. She added that he would be ok. She also asked Stephi to lock the upstairs door when she left but until then she was welcome to use the kitchen and there were drinks available in the fridge. Linda pointed out that the playroom needed to be kept very warm so that the slave’s cock and balls could be manipulated easier. The matter of payment was settled on, and Linda went upstairs. A few moments later, Stephi heard the outside door close, and then moments later, a car in the driveway start up and drive away.

Stephi looked around the room in amazement. She found herself getting more aroused, just seeing the sexual tools, medical instruments, and weird contraptions that she could only wonder about. She could have a field day with all of this equipment, she thought to herself.

The slave was still sitting, quietly, in the middle of the room. Stephi walked closer to the walls, where all the implements were hanging, or laying on counter tops. She turned back toward the slave and walked over to him from behind. He was much older than Stephi but healthy in appearance. He was darkly tanned, with no tan lines. This slave appeared to be about five feet eight inches and about one-hundred sixty pounds of pure muscle!

Ross was very hairy all over, such a sexy turn on, she noted. His shoulders were well defined as were the cheeks of his butt, at least what she could see of them. Over all he was very sexually attractive. Stephi stepped around, to the front of the slave, careful not to trip over his splayed legs. As she turned back toward the slave, her mouth opened forming a silent “Oh my!”

She just stood there, staring at his cock and balls. His balls were immense. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. His cock lay softly, stretched out on his thigh in a small pool of pre-cum. Stephi was amazed; she had never seen a soft cock during any of her sessions.

The head of Ross’ cock was partially hidden under the heavy, thick foreskin. His pubic hair was wild and led to the edge of the base of his cock. Even soft, his cock was about six inches long, and extremely thick.

His balls were smooth like a baby’s skin, completely hairless. Each ball was about the size of a medium avocado, held inside a grapefruit. The room being so warm, Stephi could make out the complete shape of each ball, inside the soft fleshy sac. They were HUGE. Stephi had never seen anything even near this size, not even on the biggest sex slave on her ever growing clientele list.

Ross wasn’t moving. He was just quietly sitting there, as if waiting for her. His expression was peaceful, if not tranquil. Stephi stared at his face for a long time and then returned her attention to the huge orbs between his legs. She knelt down in front of him to get a closer look.

There was a pool of pre-cum that continued to form on his upper thigh. Being so much closer, she could easily see the smoothness of the skin covering both his cock and his balls, which looked as if someone had taken extremely good care of them, for a long time. Looking closer, she could see just a small portion of his huge cock head, poking out of his thick foreskin. At this distance, she could see that the mouth of his cock was gaping open, wide. Stephi had never seen a urethral opening of that size. She laughed to herself, thinking that it would take a lot more than three Q-tips to close that hole! Even covered with foreskin, the head of that cock was huge.

She gently reached out, just brushing her fingertips across the foreskin. Immediately, the slave moaned and the cock head flared out full, pushing out of its hiding place. In a matter of seconds, the head had pumped up to an engorged, amazingly hard, size. It seemed that the pre-cum really started oozing then.

The cock twitched and started quickly elongating, getting thicker at the same time. Stephi couldn’t believe the size of this cock. She had seen big cocks before, but this one was really thick. It was shorter than one or two of the larger ones that she had seen, but no where near in comparison, when it came to thickness. The head alone would have created a problem in entering a woman, she thought to herself. Stephi felt her own juices start to dribble out of her. She thought back to the BDSM sites, but couldn’t remember ever seeing a picture of a male this big. She knew she had never seen balls the size that Ross had.

As she stood, mesmerized by the growing cock, she suddenly wondered if the slave’s balls could be real. She had heard of implants. She had never seen them, but she had heard of males receiving implants, either after an accident, or just for “bigger looks”. Since she didn’t really know what implants would look like, she wondered if Ross might have them. She thought to herself that if the slave’s cock was getting hard, wouldn’t he have to have real balls? She didn’t know.

Stephi quickly thought of a way to see if they were real or not. By now, the slave’s cock had softened a little, and was slowly starting to rest on his thigh. Stephi raised her left leg, placing the arch of her boot on the edge of the chair. The slave’s balls were big enough and the room hot enough, that they lay flat on the chair, almost floating in the soft bag surrounding them.

Stephi placed the toe of her left boot on top of the left ball then slowly rolled her foot forward. The slave stiffened and let out a muffled sound from behind his gag. Stephi raised the toe of her boot up, waited a moment, and then rolled the toe of her boot forward again, harder this time trapping the ball inside its sac.

The slave stiffened and his head jerked upright, but this time he was in obvious pain. Stephi watched curiously, as the slave’s cock hardened and pre-cum seemed to pour from the open mouth. Pain and Pleasure; Stephi was loving every second of it reveling in the power and the control she had over this man.

She immediately removed her left boot from the chair, and placed her right boot up in the same position, but on top of the right ball. Odd, she thought to herself, but the right ball was obviously bigger than the left. She rolled her foot forward again, trapping the right ball as she applied slight pressure to the soft tissue; she could feel the ball trying to squirt out, from under her boot. She pressed harder, watching the slave’s face. His face was blood red and sweat started to form on his furrowed brow. He was in obvious pain and was still making that strange muffled sound. He sounded almost breathless.

Ross’ cock was rock hard and straining, his pre-cum now dripping into his pubic hair and onto his thighs. Stephi eased up the pressure on his ball and watched the slave relax, then she quickly pushed down hard on the ball again. There was no where for it to go and under the increasing pressure it was flattening out.

Ross was pulling hard with his restrained wrists, trying unsuccessfully to get his hands free. His thighs were pulled tightly inward, trying to protect the exposed and highly sensitive orbs; but he remained completely restrained by the leg and wrist restraints. He was getting increasingly louder with his moans and gagged cries of pain. Stephi couldn’t believe how aroused this was making her.

Stephi had never actually inflicted pain on a slave. Her behavior with this slave seemed to be different, and she couldn’t help herself, she continued to put increased pressure on his ball. The slave was struggling against his bonds, but completely trapped by tethers, restraints, the posture bar, and Stephi’s boot. He had nowhere to go and worse than that, the ball had nowhere to go and it continued to flatten under her boot. She relished the control she was feeling.

Stephi was unbelievably drenched, she felt herself quickly approaching orgasm, without even a single touch to herself. She could see that the slave’s cock was rock hard, the veins standing out, the head flared wide, and a steady flow of pre-cum running down, coating the toe of her boot. She then noticed something odd. She couldn’t believe it, but obviously she was exerting enough pressure on the ball, that it was somehow relinquishing its milky cream. There wasn’t much, but it was obviously a small amount of sperm, mixed in with the flowing pre-cum.

Stephi was stunned as she watched the white glob slide down the underside of the slave’s cock; she was astounded that she had never even touched his cock. Stephi almost had her orgasm right then and there when the understanding of what she had just done crossed her mind. She immediately relaxed her leg, releasing the pressure on the flattening ball. The slave sucked in a huge gulp of air, and began trying to catch his breath. Stephi had never felt so alive. Her entire body was pumping with adrenaline, wanting to continue working on the slave. Now she wanted more, and this slave was going to help her get it.

Stephi reached out with one hand, gently touching the slave’s cheek. She glanced down, seeing that his cock was no longer straining, but still hard. Pre-cum was everywhere. The slave’s breathing had returned to normal and his face had lost some of the redness. The right ball appeared to be returning to its original size and shape, still resting in the soft sac. No damage had been done.

Stephi couldn’t wait, she was so very excited, she wanted to play and enjoy herself like never before. She felt if she even reached down and touched her swollen clit that she would explode. She had never been this wet and could feel her own juices coating her upper thighs.

Stephi stood there, watching the slave’s breathing return to normal; with her right foot still resting about an inch from the slave’s balls; she reached down and slowly, deliberately, pulled the boot zipper down, making Ross listen as the zipper went from her upper thigh down to her ankle. Stephi casually kicked the boot off to the side. She then slowly unzipped the left boot, all the way down, but this time, let the boot fall onto the slave’s thigh. After a moment, she picked it up and tossed it to the side. Barefooted, Stephi put the arch of her foot, back up on the edge of the chair and rolled it forward, coming to rest on the slave’s left ball. He stiffened, obviously scared, with the exception of his cock, still rock hard and conveying his obvious excitement.

She rolled her foot back and forth, crushing the ball underneath, and then she relaxed the pressure. The slave was beginning to pant, pre-cum flowed from the gaping mouth of his engorged cock. While still continuing the “flatten and release” fun to his ball, Stephi reached up and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall onto his thigh. Unless he was a complete idiot, the slave would know what was about to happen to him. Stephi stepped out of her skirt, letting it lay on the slave’s thigh. She thought to herself that he couldn’t be too scared, since his cock reached out as if it were begging for attention.

Stephi couldn’t believe how horny it made her feel, being nude from the waist down, standing in front of a slave, his cock rock hard just for her. She was in control and he would perform for her. Stephi was literally dripping wet. She was beginning to really like this slave, and wondered if his sexual attribute was his size, or could there be more to him, than what was obvious. She wanted to know.

Glancing at a wall clock, Stephi knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea, being caught nude, in the owner’s home, hours and hours after the session had ended. Yet she had only been with the slave for about twenty minutes; even if it seemed like hours. She quickly left the room and ran up the stairs to make sure everyone was still gone. She couldn’t believe it, but she could actually hear a “squishing” sound coming from between her legs as she took the stairs two at a time. She checked and saw that there were no cars in the driveway and returned to the playroom.

Stephi felt so alive. She had never been this hot and wet during any of her sessions. This was the power and control that she had dreamed about. Furthermore, she had never undressed at a session. She had worn loose clothing, or gone without panties for easy access during other sessions, but she never removed any clothing.

Stephi stood between the feet of the slave, just staring at the huge balls and thick cock, feeling the drops of her own hot juices literally run down her thighs. She paused for a moment, then reached up and removed her top letting her small but extremely sensitive breasts free. She was now totally nude.

As if sensing what was happening, Ross’ cock was gradually thickening and the head was hugely bloated. Stephi watched intently as the foreskin slowly rolled back, fully exposing the purplish engorged head. There seemed to be no end to the pre-cum that was oozing from the mouth of his awesome cock.

In the past, Stephi had used her hands on slave’s cocks, usually with a rubber covering it in case of an accident or to just help keep the mess to a minimum. On rare occasions she had played with the slave’s cock using her bare hands Now she wanted to feel this one, taste it, work it, feel it inside her, make it erupt in her feel deep inside what had to be a record amount of cream.

With something this big, she only hoped that he would not disappoint her, as so many others had done. She wanted to find out. Either way, she was so close to cuming and it didn’t matter. Her clit felt like it was on fire and it throbbed like never before. She removed his blindfold because she wanted to see his every expression.

Stephi moved into a position of standing above the slave her legs spread wide along each side of Ross’ legs. She wished he didn’t have the gag in place because her pussy was centered in front of his mouth and only an inch away. She would have loved to feel his tongue lapping at her soft velvet like lips. She considered removing the gag and decided it would be too risky with this being her first session with this particular slave. She gyrated her hips in front of him and watched his eyes open wide in disbelief. She then slowly lowered herself down to her knees, his cock just barely touching the juicy lips of her pussy.

Stephi reached in between them and grasped Ross’ cock by the shaft guiding it to the center of her pussy lips. She was determined to fit his huge member into her tiny hole. As she lowered herself down to where just the head was flush against her hole, she looked into the slave’s eyes and noticed his longing. He fixed his eyes on hers and groaned out loud against the gag when she fitted the head of his cock tightly against her opening.

Stephi had to work hard to get the head of Ross’ cock into her pussy. She ground her hips down against the head in an attempt to stretch herself so he could fit inside her. As her desire grew and her excitement peaked, she exploded from just grinding against this slaves cock.

She moved Ross’ cock so that it slid up and down her slit teasing her clit and causing it to throb even more, she vowed to get his cock buried deep inside her hot wet pussy. Feeling the skin of her entire pussy stretch as she worked the head into her hole, the tightness of her skin stretching over her clit was more than she could take. She sat down hard on Ross’ cock crying out when she felt herself stretched beyond anything she ever imagined.

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