tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 11

The Slave Ch. 11


Ever since the time that Ross became mad and defied the girls, Brenda had fantasized about ways that she could "play" with him. She relished in her memory, the satisfaction and arousal that she received in punishing his balls, that night. She looked for any and all chances that would give her an opportunity to punish him. Her idea of punishment was not that of extra chores, or the little punishments that Linda and Sara made him do, but real punishments. Brenda wanted to hurt him, and hurt him sexually. She wanted pain, but not damage. She had discovered since the first night that Ross was brought to their home that his cock and balls could take almost anything and recover quickly. The kind of treatment that they had administered to him didn't seem to damage his 'toys' at all. And, she thought to herself, "who's toys are they, his or ours'?" Getting wetter by the minute, Brenda remembered the beating she had administered to his balls, only days before. Like a smaller version of a boxer's punching bag, she had slammed blow after blow into them, only to see him still rock hard and leaking gobs of his own sperm, an apparent involuntary release. He wasn't cuming, but his balls were giving up their contents.

Brenda arranged ahead of time, a night that all of them would be home. Brenda told the others that she was planning some "amusing entertainment" with Ross, and that they should plan for an evening of fun. She also added that the entertainment would involve Ross, but not involve them directly. They could have all the fun they wanted, but by their own hands, not with Ross. She added that Ross would be "tied up" for the duration of the entertainment. Both Linda and Sara were more than curious about what Brenda had in mind, but knew that it would have to be great, if Brenda was planning it out. The night was agreed upon, and all were excited, wondering to what degree Ross would be used. Privately, he had entertained each of them and in a "direct" manner. When asked what she had in mind, Brenda told the girls, "just consider Ross a ranch animal and us as the ranch hands."

Over the short period of time that the girls had Ross as a captive, they had learned that his balls were always producing. To say that they were "in abundance" would be a huge understatement. With all that had been done to him, he had continued to pump out more and more of his milky cream, each and every time it was attempted. It seemed to be an almost endless supply. Brenda had wondered if there was an end to his abundance. They had talked about it before, wondering if he could be emptied. As a nurse, she knew that he could be drained, but she wanted to know where that point was and what it would take to do it.

Prior to the planned evening, Brenda had contacted Laura, one of her friends from the BDSM community. Laura was, as so many others in the group, very wealthy and possessed 'different tastes'. Brenda felt that Laura could help in this endeavor. Laura and her husband were well known ranchers, in the area, having both large herds of cows and horses. Brenda met with Laura and told her that she wanted to rent from her... A milking machine. When Brenda finally broke down and explained what her intentions were, Laura was excited, and more than aroused. Laura told Brenda that she would do her "one better." She told Brenda that she would give her a used machine, if she would make a video of the entertainment. Brenda didn't like this idea at all, but finally agreed, once she was convinced that Laura would use the video, only for her own use. The alternative was that Laura be allowed to attend the entertainment or no machine at all. Laura agreed to the video, thinking that she could enjoy it, over and over.

In the barn, Laura showed Brenda the machine and gave her a quick 'crash course' in its use. There wasn't much to it, being electric and having controls for both vacuum and pulse. Laura explained that vacuum, naturally, was for the amount of pressure exerted on the teat, to draw it into the teat cup. She also explained that the machine was capable of creating a lot of pressure. Pulse was for the amount and speed of the massage being exerted on the teat. The liner, inside the teat cup was made of silicone and created a 'massaging effect' from small air bags being pumped up and released in different sequences. Both Laura and Brenda were getting more than wet, just thinking about the possibilities of the machine. The machine was rather simple: a pressurized teat cup and silicone liner, attached to vinyl hose, which lead to the pump and the clear catch cylinder. At the tip of the teat cup, was a pressure line, which would create the vacuum in the cup. There was a second line that would draw the milk or fluids, through the vinyl tubing, up and into the clear catch cylinder, showing how much had been harvested. There were four teat cups, but Laura said that the pressure could be increased to any cup, by blocking off the un-used teat cups. Laura suddenly looked at Brenda in surprise. Laura had heard about "That slave," but had not attended the only auction that Ross had been shown at. Laura told Brenda that if it was the slave that she had heard about, that the teat cups wouldn't even come close to fitting him. Brenda had already thought of that, and was in the process of taking care of that problem. In looking at the teat cups, she knew that they wouldn't fit Ross. Brenda told Laura that she would be delivering a video to her, very soon.

Brenda disconnected two of the teat cups and took them to a metal fabrication shop. The teat cups were only about 5 inches long, and in no way wide enough to accommodate Ross' cock. Using them as they were, the vacuum would have sucked his cock head in, but not his entire length or girth. Brenda explained to the metal fabricator, that she wanted the cup, lengthened and widened, by adding copper pieces. She also instructed them to smooth the edges and polish the entire cup, making the entire surface smooth. Having a silicone liner in place when the teat cup was pressured up, would be pliable enough for expansion, yet soft enough to conform to the slave's cock. Once vacuum pressure was exerted on the teat cup, the slave's cock would be drawn into the liner. The rest would be standard, using the machine as intended. The shop fabricator was more than curious and a little suspicious as Brenda launched into her next project.

Brenda had taken the 2nd teat cup from the machine, and instructed the fabricator to re-fashion it. Luckily for Brenda, the fabricator had no knowledge of animal husbandry. She had him add copper pieces to the existing teat cup, in order to enlarge it, then fashion it more into the shape of a rounded clamshell, except a lot larger. By now, the fabricator was afraid to ask what he was creating, but said that he could do it. Brenda's intent was to have a clam shell shaped teat cup that would fit Ross' massive balls. She figured that the massaging action could be controlled to the point that the liner would literally squeeze and manipulate the fleshy orbs. A special silicone liner would have to be used, in order to seal the clam shell, exerting a vacuumed pressure on his balls, without leaking. Under pressure, the clam shell would literally suck on his ball sac, and the massager would do the rest of the ball manipulation. Brenda already knew where to manipulate Ross' balls to make them release. Hopefully, if the clam shell was done properly, the clam shell itself would virtually manipulate his balls into emptying, over and over again. And, it would have to be big, in order to hold them securely and massage them.

After all was said and done, the fabricator told her that it would be no problem and told her when to pick it up. The price was more than Brenda had figured, but she knew that the new toys would be used more than once... and probably on more than one slave. By having oversized teat cups, this would allow for even the smallest of slaves, to be inserted into the machine. Once pressured up, the liner would form to the existing shape of it's captured organ, and literally milk it over and over, or until the machine was turned off. Brenda knew that the slave didn't have to be hard, to cum. And besides, under pressure, the cock would stay hard between orgasms.

Brenda took home the milking machine and immediately started cleaning it up. Having been discarded in a barn, it was pretty dusty, but in perfect working order. In short time, the entire machine was glistening polished metal. Brenda took special care to soften and renew the silicone liners, in order to better work the intended meaty parts that they would be sucking. In essence, the machine was a work of art, and would definitely be used on more than one occasion and on more than one person. She knew that the Linda and Sara would be impressed.

Several days later, Brenda returned to the fabrication shop and picked up her new toys. The fabricator was still curious and pressed her about the items. Again, she just smiled and asked "wouldn't you like to know?" Getting into her car, Brenda pulled out the newly fashioned teat cups. She was amazed at how smooth each one was, but even more surprised at how large they had become. But, for someone the size of Ross, it would be necessary. Now, if they only worked. Both cups had been smoothed to a high finish, and as far as Brenda could tell, there were no sharp or rough edges. As a nurse, she was more than aware of what any bleeding, under pressure might do. One tiny cut or scratch on Ross, and the blood loss would be a major problem. Checking closely, she could find nothing that would damage the slave. The fact that his cock would be sucked into a machine and his balls drained to the last drop... She didn't consider damage. Just part of her fun.

When Brenda reached the house, she went inside and checked. No one was home. She removed the milking machine from her car and carried it inside. She was surprised that such a fun toy was so light weight. The machine was designed in such a way, that a large milk canister could be attached to the unit, but under these circumstances, it would only require a small container. She had left the large canister with Laura. Laura kidded her, saying that the larger milk canister might be required, if what she had heard about this slave was true. She continued laughing, saying that "you can always dump it out, if it overflows." Laura was referring to the 4 gallon size canister. They both laughed at the joke. But Brenda had noticed that the slave had produced tremendous amounts of sperm. She had never seen a man ejaculate so much, so often, and so hard.

Laura went to her room and locked the door. At that time, neither Linda nor Sara knew anything about the 'entertainment', except for the date. She knew that once she convinced them that there would be no damage and that it wouldn't hurt him, "much," that they would be all for the milking. She figured that as the entertainment wore on, that they would all relax, and start having their own fun, while watching the predicament of the slave. With the slave immobilized and a machine, literally draining his balls, again and again, it would be very arousing. Brenda knew that she would and was pretty sure that Linda would definitely join in. Like Brenda told them, "they could have their own fun, indirectly."

The girls had been together for several years. They had never exhibited any outward signs of attraction for each other, but had been involved many times, with what they referred to as "mutual pleasures." On the first occasion, they had all watched an extremely erotic adult movie together. It had been a boring night, and none of them had dates. Just as the movie was ending, and being in the dark, both Brenda and Linda were surprised to hear soft moaning coming from Sara. To the surprise of each of them, Sara was just a few 'caresses' away from where the other two were headed. On that occasion, they all started laughing, and then thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with no embarrassment. On separate occasions, each of them had walked into the dungeon, when another was in the middle of having her own brand of fun with a date. And, on each of those occasions, the fun just continued without the date ever knowing that he was being watched. The girls had become more than accustomed to each other and enjoyed these rare times together.

Brenda sat the machine down, at the foot of her bed. After plugging it in, she sat at the foot of the bed, with the odd contraption displayed in front of her. Besides a very pleasurable toy, it also looked like a work of art, shiny and polished. She cautiously turned it on and was amazed at how quiet it was. She had been expecting a loud machine, but instead, it was whirring, almost like a purring sound. The machine sounded more like something that you would hear in an intensive care unit at the hospital. There was a slight hissing sound, as the air sucked through the unattached teat cups. She placed her hand against the opening of one of the cups and watched as it gently sucked her soft skin into it. She was becoming more aroused by the minute, as she pondered the possibilities of the machine. The teat cup was actually holding onto her hand, just by its own vacuum. She then noticed that the vacuum control was at its lowest setting.

Brenda jumped up and rushed to the window. Checking outside, she saw that neither of her roommates had returned. She went back to the machine and sat down again. She undid the buttons of her blouse and unhooked her bra, quickly. Gently, and very cautiously, she moved one of the teat cups to her breast. Holding her breath, she placed the sucking teat cup to her nipple. Her arousal was instantaneous as the cup gently sucked on her swelling nipple. Brenda pulled the cup from her nipple and got up, quickly grabbing a bottle of lotion. She gingerly applied lotion to both of her nipples, which were by now, fully erect. Sitting back down, she took the teat cup and put it back to her nipple. As the teat cup drew the nipple in, she moaned softly. She turned the vacuum pressure up, just a notch, enough pressure that the teat cup would hold onto her breast, without the use of her hands. Brenda couldn't believe the sensations that were coursing through her body. She was more than wet and had not even touched her pussy. Without getting up, Brenda undid her jeans and raised her legs up, sliding the jeans off. She quickly removed her panties and reached for a second teat cup. She placed the second teat cup on her other nipple, with the same, immediate results. She then realized that she had not even switched the massage controls on yet. With both teat cups sucking on her distended nipples, she tentatively switched on the massage control. Immediately, her eyes fluttered as she gasped a long soft moan. It was unbelievable, as if two hungry mouths were sucking and nibbling on her tender nipples simultaneously. She felt herself quickly approaching orgasm. As the teat cups sucked and massaged her, she could only hold on and enjoy the ride. Her hands were clawing at the carpet grabbing tight handfuls, as her thighs opened wider, allowing the first orgasm to rock through her. She could feel it build up in intensity, inside her vagina and roll up through her lower abdomen. Her entire body tightened as her body shook from the first of several strong orgasms. After several minutes, her body was spent, but the teat cups were still sucking and massaging the now very swollen nipples. It was too intense now, and she was already too sensitive to go any further. Her pussy couldn't take any more, as she felt the deep contractions lessening. All she could do was grab the electrical cord and jerk it from the wall socket. She sat there, leaning back against the foot of the bed, spasms still running through her body. It had been the most intense series of orgasms, she had ever felt. All she could do was lay there, legs shaking, and juices running from between her still quivering lips. As she regained her composure, she saw that the suction control was only on 3 and the massage control was on 2. Both of the controls had levels of 1 through 10. And, with using two of the teat cups, she had never blocked off the suction to the other two cups. There was no doubt in her mind, that the milking machine would have enough suction and massage power, to totally work the slave's large genitals. That is... If the teat cup would fit him. She looked down and saw that both of her nipples were jutting out, farther than they normally were. Each nipple was hugely swollen to almost twice their normal size. And sensitivity, she couldn't begin to describe how sensitive they were. Just touching them sent shivers through her body.

Brenda jumped up and hurried to the dungeon, still feeling her thick juices running down her thighs. At the dungeon door, she stood for a moment, watching the slave. He appeared bored, just standing in the middle of the room. For the first time that she could remember, his cock was soft, hanging down like a thick rope, between his thighs. Of course, tethered, there was nowhere for him to go, and nothing for him to do.

Brenda entered the room and stood at the door. Upon hearing her enter, the slave looked more than surprised, seeing her totally nude and just watching him. Oddly, he did not start to get hard. Brenda walked up to him, standing face to face, only inches apart from each other. Brenda was more than proud of her body. She was in excellent condition and even at her age, her tits still looked like they did, when she was 20, full and ripe. She was what most men would refer to as "very hot." Without saying a word, she quickly knelt down and immediately sucked his soft cock into her mouth, hard. There was no gentleness to her mouth, as she sucked hard, literally pulling his entire cock into her mouth. Her lips were pursed tight against the base of his shaft, as her tongue swirled around the head and thick foreskin. Within seconds, her mouth had to push out an ever increasing amount of him, as he thickened and lengthened. In less than a minute, she could not take any of his shaft, and could barely close her mouth around the engorged head. She could actually feel his rapid heart beat, as blood pulsed through the veins of his cock. He was starting to moan now, his breath coming in quick pants. She could feel his hands gently rest on her shoulders. He had gotten fully hard so fast, that there had not been enough time for his pre-cum to start flowing. In time it would. He was beginning to slowly push in and out of her mouth, his hands tightening on her bare shoulders.

Brenda stopped and pulled her mouth from his cock with a loud "plop." Looking up at the slave, she said "I have a present for you." His eyes were closed as his cock searched for her warm mouth, hips still gently thrusting. She brought the specially built teat cup up, and quickly pushed it onto his cock. He looked down in surprise, and softly asked "what is it?" Brenda was astonished. The slave had been told dozens of times that he was not to speak, unless given permission. She stared at him. Only once before had he dared to speak, and that time he had been punished severely.

"You know better than to speak, unless permitted" she told him.

"I know" was his only response. He continued to look at her, then at the teat cup. Having put the teat cup on his swollen erect cock, Brenda was holding it flush against his pubic bone. She would quickly shake it left and right, then up and down, trying to gauge his cock size, in comparison with the cups inner dimensions. She could feel it flopping around inside, indicating to her that there was room for him to expand, both in thickness and length. This would mean that the suction and the massage would work perfectly on him. Smiling, she again looked up, into his eyes, saying "it's a present, and it's for you." He looked at her closely, then at the teat cup. Then he said "a present from you?... it must be something that will hurt me." The words stung as Brenda stared straight ahead, looking at the teat cup. She continued to jiggle the cup, feeling tears start to well up in her eyes. His remark had hurt her. She wanted him to like her, to want her, to need her, but in looking back at their past times together, she realized that it had always been something, resulting in pain or punishment to him. She enjoyed those memories, but the result was that he was scared of her. She enjoyed torturing his balls, but she had never thought that it would drive him away from her. She had never considered his reaction to her actions. She also realized that she had never done anything gentle or satisfying with him. But she would not cry, not in front of him. She blinked away the tears and continued looking straight ahead at his crotch. She pulled the teat cup from his cock and was shocked to see that it was completely soft.

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