tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 14

The Slave Ch. 14


Brenda had literally crashed when she reached her bedroom. She had carried the milking machine to her room, fearing that Linda or Sara might wear it out. She would later put it in the room with the rest of the toys.

Tossing her kimono to an easy chair in the corner, she just dropped on the bed and was asleep within seconds. In no time, she was in deep sleep, dreaming. In her dream she was resting on top of Ross, his hands were caressing the soft mounds of flesh and pinching the swollen and tender nipples of her breasts. He was kissing her deeply and passionately, that soul full kiss that lingers long after it is over.

He had yet to even touch her dripping pussy, but she could feel her clit pushing out from under its hood, throbbing, yearning for any attention he might have for it. She was close to orgasm, just from his fondling and the kissing. Ross wasn’t tethered, which gave him free reign to roll her over on her back. As he continued the deep kisses, softly, tenderly, his knee gently pushed her knee outward, opening her legs. It didn’t take much effort as Brenda slid the other leg outward, across the carpet. She was sopping wet and as he moved above her, his cock slid against her mound, pressing downward. His hardness was now coated in her juices as he moved his hips gently, up and down. He wasn’t inside her, but the friction of his warm thick cock, throbbing against her clit was almost enough to send her over the edge.

He continued this slow, rhythmic grinding against her as her breathing got more labored. She pushed her hips outward, thrusting against him, hoping that he would slip deep into her. But he didn’t. He continued as her breathing got harder, his hands rolling her nipples around between his thumb and forefinger. She was so wet that they both could hear the slushy sounds, coming from between their bodies.

When she was so close, he gently nudged his engorged cock head between her pussy lips, slowly putting pressure on the door that would give her so much pleasure. Suddenly, the head pushed through her tight opening, embedding itself deep into her cavern of warmth. It was too much as she started to feel spasms coming up through the bottom of her stomach, rolling across her. As he slowly pushed deeper into her, she could feel herself stretch open, farther than ever before, as if she were being split in two. She could feel his cock head, buried deep inside her, throbbing hard.

Ross was beginning to breath harder, as he gently rocked forward, pushing against her cervix. Her orgasm was imminent as she felt the mushroomed head flare wide, signaling his orgasm. He stared into her eyes, as she wrapped her thighs around him and held on tight, just as her orgasm started …

Brenda sat up in bed instantly wide awake. She was breathing hard and was feeling so very wet between her thighs that she thought she had just wet the bed; it wasn’t that kind of wetness. Her thighs were literally drenched in her juices.

Brenda could feel what was left of one huge orgasm, slowly leaving her trembling groin. It was so close but now it was gone. Her clit felt like it was on fire, begging for a touch, a rub, a caress. She was so very close, but the feeling was fading fast. Now, she was extremely horny and even more frustrated.

She was still dripping her own juices as she got up and wandered to the foot of the bed, in the darkened bedroom. There, she felt around, almost desperate for any type of relief. At this late stage in her sexuality, a hand or a finger would have worked instantly, but that would have been a huge let down, after the dream. She thought of Ross, asleep downstairs, but feared going to him. She had had her fun with him, literally draining his balls of every drop of sperm. The vision of his bucking hips and wildly thrusting cock was almost too much.

She sat on the floor and pulled the milking machine closer to her, between her nude outstretched legs. The machine was already plugged in, and in the dark, she felt for the familiar controls. Placing one of the un-modified teat cups to her breast, she turned on the suction and allowed the cup to suck her tender, swollen nipple into the silicone liner. Without hesitation, she took a second teat cup and attached it to her other breast. She turned the vacuum pressure up to three and held her breath, as she turned the massage up to three. Instantly, both of the tender nipples were being sucked and massaged better than any man had ever done. Her feelings of arousal went through the roof; as she let her fingers dip into her saturated pussy and begin a tender work out, on her engorged, throbbing clit.

The machine hummed quietly as Brenda’s legs tensed up, pulling up toward her crotch, and opening up the sensitive area between her thighs. As the lips of her pussy engorged, her finger found its way into the soppy warmth. Within seconds, a second finger easily slid in, as the machine quietly purred, sucking her distended nipples deeper into the silicone lined cups. Her thumb was firmly rubbing the hard little clit as a third finger pushed inside of her. She felt as if she was starting to cum, but the intensity was nothing, compared to the intensity of her dream fuck.

She stopped and angrily jerked her hand from her crotch. Even the milking machine was not working up to her expectations. She was so frustrated that she could scream. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was just after three am. She quickly turned off the machine and jumped up, rushing to the door. Outside her room, she listened intently for any sounds, but there were none. Completely nude, she quickly moved down the stairs, leading to the dungeon. She knew what she needed and where to find it.

At the door of the dungeon, she paused, peering inside at the sleeping figure on the floor. Ross was in the exact position he was when she last saw him, except that he had kicked off the sheet that covered him. With Linda’s bedroom only yards away, she knew that she’d have to be extra quiet. She also felt that with Linda’s earlier fun, she’d, no doubt, be in a very deep sleep.

Brenda quietly tip-toed over to Ross and was listening to the sound of his deep breathing as he slept. After everything that had been done to him that evening, she wasn’t surprised that he was out cold. By her estimation, it would be some time before he would be able to cum anything.

He was lying on his back, his arms folded back above his head. One leg was straight and covered only at the thigh, by a sheet. His other leg lay sprawled out to the side, leaving him very open and very vulnerable. The massive ball sac literally laid on top of his thighs, his massively thick cock softly laying flat against his stomach, upturned and soft. Even soft, he still appeared monstrously thick and for a change, there was no pre-cum and nothing flowing from the swollen head.

Brenda quietly whispered his name. There was no sound, except for his continued deep breathing. She called his name a little louder, but still there was no response. She knew that he was sound asleep. She wondered what he was dreaming about, after the attack of the super sucking machine.

Brenda quietly crawled up to the side of him, near his straight leg. This was the leg that was still tethered. Lying down beside him, she faced his body, supported by her elbows. She just lay there, gazing at the rise and fall of his chest, taking in his entire body, and thinking of the dream that she had just awoke from. She leaned forward, closer, her face only inches from the soft cock. She looked at his face, again quietly calling his name, still no response.

She leaned in closer and with her tongue, she gently licked the velvety head, lightly. It immediately flared wide as the foreskin began to push back from the head. Watching intently, she gently licked it again, softly, and the head pushed farther out, the foreskin falling back over the thick shaft. She then made one long lick, running her tongue from the head to the base. Leaning back away from him, she watched, fascinated as his cock twitched and started to elongate. It was a definitely battered cock because it wasn’t swelling with the usual speed that she had seen before.

She watched as his cock started to swell, then slow down, as if pausing for a moment. She immediately lowered her face closer, and kissed the head, then ran her tongue down the length of the underside, again, only harder this time. The response was immediate as his cock again started to swell and the head throb. She continued watching the thickening cock as she listened to the deep breathing. There had been no change, he was still sleeping deeply.

By now, Ross’ cock was hard and starting to slowly rise from his belly. With it hard, pointing up his body, Brenda scooted in closer, her elbows resting against his hip. She leaned in, opened her mouth as wide as possible, and very slowly and very gently, sucked the head into her mouth. She remained motionless, holding the throbbing fleshy head in her mouth.

She listened, but heard the same breathing pattern as she had been hearing. He was literally, feeling nothing. That was ok with her; she was starting to have her own fun. She could feel her wetness against the carpet as she continued to ooze her frustration out. Gently, she moved her tongue around the head, feeling it flare and relax, flare and relax. Ross’ breathing didn’t change, but a very soft moan came from him.

Brenda continued gently sucking the head, taking as much of the huge cock into her mouth, that she could. Because of his swelling, she wasn’t able to get more than a quarter of his cock in her mouth, but the head told her that he was definitely feeling it.

She continued to gently suck on the head and foreskin, while her left hand moved down to her wetness. Rolling over slightly to her right, she continued her oral manipulation of him, while her finger began to massage her hard clit. Within moments, she could feel herself building up to the same intensity that she felt when she woke up from her dream.

Brenda’s mouth continued its quiet meal as her fingers brought her to the edge of a powerful orgasm. By now his cock was rock hard and she was having difficulty holding it down with her mouth and still affording her the ability to reach her own wet area. She was becoming uncomfortable with her head and neck stretched up over Ross’ body, and still laying tilted to her right side. But cuming by her own hand was not what she wanted.

With Ross’ muscled cock hard and sticking straight up, she sat up and moved her body over him. In his position, she was almost stretched to her limit, trying to get her thighs wide enough apart to straddle him. His breathing had not changed and she knew that he must be exhausted. As she scooted closer to his crotch, her left hand found his cock in the dim light, preparing it for her pleasure. But he wasn’t hard.

She used both hands, discovering that he was still very long and thick, but no where near hard enough to enter her. As massive as he was, it wouldn’t make any difference, if he stayed soft. She immediately scooted back down his thighs, letting her face drop back down to the fleshy cock.

Resting on his stomach, she again took the head into her mouth and started sucking it, hard. Within seconds, it was pushing against her mouth, hardening and beginning to push straight up. She continued to suck on his cock till it was hard and again moved up his body, where her pussy was positioned just above his cock.

Using her left hand, she squeezed hard, at the base of his cock, trapping the blood inside it. She moved forward, easing the bloated head against her lips, rubbing her juices against his skin. But even as she felt the head touching between her lips, she could feel him softening again. She was so wet, and he was so soft. She couldn’t stand it.

She eased back off of him, resting on his thighs and gently rubbed the thick cock with both hands. Within moments, she could tell that her hand work was having no effect on him. He was completely soft. Frustrated, she immediately sucked the head into her mouth for a third time, and again, felt the head flare and start to swell. She continued sucking till the head and part of the foreskin was all she could get into her mouth. Again, fully erect, she moved to straddle him, but could feel his cock soften, as soon as her mouth left it. Brenda could almost scream… With everything that she had done, she knew that he was more than capable of erection, even though he probably couldn’t cum. But she couldn’t keep him hard, long enough to enter her. She wasn’t even sure that he could enter her, with his swollen size. Almost in tears, she leaned over, resting on him, her mouth only inches from the now soft cock. After several minutes of more frustration, Brenda suddenly thought of something. She quickly got up and padded over to a cabinet. Inside, she removed the TENS unit and toys that she had just put away, several hours earlier.

Returning to Ross, she could still hear the same deep breathing, and noticed that he had not moved an inch, since she had entered the room. With the exception of his cock inflating and deflating, he could have been the same as dead to her. She dropped down on the carpet, between his legs and laid out the TENS and its attachments. She quickly hooked up the lead lines to the TENS and selected two different attachments.

Insuring that the unit was turned off, she took the still damp elastic conductive band and stretched it open wide. She immediately was amazed that it had to be stretched open further, just to fit around his bloated sac. Obviously, totally draining his balls, and the use of electricity, had a profound effect on his already huge sac.

She positioned the band up near the vas deferens and the epididymis, figuring that the electricity would stimulate the empty balls. She then connected the other lead line to the tear drop shaped attachment.

She took the flaccid cock in her hand and slowly started feeding the tear drop into the gaping mouth. There was a small amount of pre-cum, just at the tip. Surprised, she thought that it was a good sign, his body starting to replenish the amount that had already been forced out of him. Once the tear drop attachment was embedded about two inches into his shaft, she smoothed the lead line down, back towards his balls. He still had not stirred. With both electrode lines planted, she felt the TENS unit controls, making sure that they were in the off position. She didn’t want any accidents here.

Using her right hand, she pinched off the base of the soft cock, trapping the blood again, and moved her mouth to the head. Taking a deep breath, she sucked the head into her mouth and began to work it with her tongue, using hard swirling strokes. Within seconds the head had ballooned to full size as her tongue continued on the velvety texture. With her right hand, she squeezed and released, squeezed and released, allowing more blood to flow into the spongy tissue, trapping it there.

Within a few minutes, Ross’ cock was rock hard and throbbing. Sticking straight up, she released her oral grip and grabbed the TENS unit with her left hand. Immediately she turned the power up to half way and then the frequency to half way. Even in the dim light she could see the hard cock jerk and begin to twitch. Watching for a moment, she knew that her plan was working, as his cock remained hard, without her lips being wrapped around it. She continued watching until she knew that the electricity was keeping him hard, stimulating everything between the two balls, and up the shaft to the head.

Ross was still in deep sleep, but his breathing had changed. It had quieted, and become more normal, as if he were waking. Brenda could tell that he was still asleep, but knew that subconsciously, his body was aware of the manipulations being done to it. He was still rock hard as she got up to her hands and knees and began to position her body over his. Brenda got ready, then turned the power of the TENS unit to off.

She immediately lowered her body over his, and the slave’s cock head pushed tightly against the opening to her pussy. Holding her breath, she slowly let her body slip downward, feeling the huge fleshy head penetrate her. It was only the head, but she already could feel her pussy stretching wide as it pushed deeper into her. She felt as if her pussy was on fire, it was that painful. The initial pain was enough that she tightened her thighs, trying to stop her body from going any further down. The shock of the massive cock sliding further up into her was almost more than her body could take. She felt weak as her body dropped fully onto him, with his cock completely buried in her.

She gasped as she tried to relax her throbbing pussy, her breath coming in short bursts. Slowly she started to relax, realizing that her tender insides were beginning to accommodate the massive size. Unbelievably, it was actually starting to feel good. Brenda sat back allowing her pussy to become used to him being buried deep inside her. She felt as if she had literally been stuffed.

None of this seemed to have any effect on Ross, he was still asleep, but his breathing sounded normal, and he had moved his arms. She quietly called his name and he mumbled, barely audible. She knew that he was starting to wake up. Brenda was beginning to feel more and more erotic sensations coursing through her pussy, lower abdomen, and thighs. Like a small shock wave, the stuffed sensations were starting to move through her. She quickly picked up the TENS unit and turned the power back on, just slightly. She knew her limit and did not want to get shocked, or feel a sudden jolt. Just the past few moments had been a shock to her body, a shock from the TENS unit would just about kill her mood. Turning it up very slowly, she took the controls up to half way in power, and half way in frequency. By now, her pussy was beginning to throb from the sensations that the TENS unit was delivering.

She slowly began to move her hips, rocking slightly forward, then slowly back. She had already been wet enough for both of them, and was now beginning to get even wetter. She knew that her plan had worked, using electro stimulation to keep him hard. And since the TENS unit was one of her favorite toys, she had not contemplated it being put to such a good use, ‘between them’. With the electro stimulation coursing between his balls to the tip of his cock, it was now coursing from his balls, up through her lips, through her clit, deep into her, and through his shaft and head. He couldn’t get soft it he wanted to. She continued her gentle rocking back and forth, allowing the sensation of fullness to roll over her. With his massive size cock buried deep within her, she didn’t want to move very fast or very much. Her pussy had become accustomed to his size, but she didn’t think it would take much more. It was almost stretched to the limit.

She was beginning to feel the electro stimulation, even stronger. She turned the control up, just a little, as well as the frequency. As the first waves of the increase started running through her lips and clit, a soft moan came from Ross. His arms moved, and his head turned, but he was still asleep. She stopped her rocking and allowed the stimulation to just massage her tender skin and muscles. She knew that she was already very close to one extremely powerful orgasm, but she wanted it to build.

After several minutes, she turned the TENS unit up slightly again. Immediately her pussy twitched from the electricity and started what felt like a high speed throbbing; like using a vibrator, except from the inside out. Her head rolled back and she was already beginning to pant. The muscles deep within her pussy were starting to contract, hard. She began to rock forward and back again slowly, causing Ross’ cock to move inside her, stretching her again. But this time it didn’t hurt.

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