The Slave Ch. 15


Brenda hit the electronic door lock which locked the entire vehicle's doors, she turned the key and started the engine then pulled out from their driveway. Within ten minutes, they were on Interstate Five.

The drive over to Rachel's house was going smoothly. With the windows tinted as dark as they were, Brenda wasn't worried about any prying eyes. And, through the rearview mirror, Brenda could easily see Ross, and partially see Rachel, sitting beside him. At one point, Brenda even noticed that Rachel had her arm around Ross' shoulders, like a first date in the back seat.

During the drive, both Rachel and Brenda chatted about different things. Occasionally Ross could be seen turning his head to the left or right, as if listening to sounds. Otherwise, he was sitting quietly, listening to their conversation. About fifteen minutes into the drive, Brenda suddenly noticed that the conversation had become very one sided. She was the only one talking. Glancing into the rearview mirror, she could see Ross' head, but it was tilted back more than it had been. She could vaguely hear a wet slapping sound. She could also see Rachel's head which appeared to be looking downward, intently watching something. She turned around and looked into the back seat. There, Rachel was turned in her seat, one hand holding up the loin cloth while the other hand was furiously pumping Ross' drenched cock.

Her hand was coated in his pre-cum and it was splattering all over his thighs and loin cloth with every jerk of her hand. Apparently Ross was trying to control his breathing, not panting or breathing hard, thereby not giving away the fact that his cock was being so skillfully manipulated. He was wanting to cum, almost as much as Rachel wanted him to cum. Brenda yelled at Rachel, "Stop, you're gonna make him cum"! Rachel slowed her pumping, but kept a firm grip on the throbbing shaft.

The foreskin and head were literally glistening from all his juices. Rachel seemed almost oblivious to Brenda's demand, continuing to watch the throbbing cock and flared head. Finally she looked up, smiling, "what.... Are you afraid he'll make a mess all over your seats"? Brenda was mad, "No, I'm not worried about the seats, but you don't know how much he puts out"! "Damn Rachel, give it a rest. You'll have plenty of time with him, later". Rachel mumbled an apology and agreed, relaxing her grip on Ross. Rachel looked and sounded like a small scolded child. She then looked at Brenda in the rearview mirror and smiled, "No problem, I'll just quickly clean him up". With that, Rachel's head dropped from view. Within a second, her head was bobbing up and down on Ross' cock, cleaning him. "Dammit Rachel, stop it"! Brenda snapped, instantly slowing the truck down. Rachel's head came up, and by then Ross was actually gasping, sucking in large gulps of air. He had been so close to cuming.

Brenda kept glancing back, till she was satisfied that Rachel had stopped, Ross was softening, and the loin cloth was again, barely covering the still throbbing cock. Rachel was quiet for several minutes she asked some trivial question of Brenda. They both laughed as they started talking again. For the rest of the trip it was quiet, with the exception of an occasional gasp from Ross. Whatever Rachel was doing to him, he didn't mind, and Brenda figured that keeping him horny wasn't a bad idea.

When they arrived at Rachel's house, they pulled down the long driveway and into the double car garage and parked. Rachel's house was somewhat like Brenda's, deeply wooded, lush trees and vegetation, basically surrounded by heavy shrubbery. In the garage Rachel produced a garage door remote and closed the heavy door on them. Inside, they both got out and released Ross from the tethers.

It must have been a fun trip, Ross' cock was sticking straight out and pre-cum was all over his thighs. As long as he hadn't cum, Brenda thought to herself. Escorting him into the kitchen, they could hear Toni bounding down the stairs. It was obvious she had been getting ready, she was wearing only a pair of panties.

In all her youthful exuberance, she ran straight up to Ross and jerked the loin cloth up. "WOW, he is huge". She stood there, just staring at his now softening cock. She reached down and grabbed both balls in her hands. Ross jerked back, not expecting the attack on him. Toni was ecstatic, feeling his balls, examining his cock, checking every square inch of his now, hardening cock. "This guy is huge. That thing is almost scary" she said, eyes glued to the now rock hard cock in her hand. "I bet he could hit the ceiling, or at least shoot across the room" she said, still examining the new toys.

Brenda explained to her that Ross' really didn't spurt, that his urethra had been stretched quite a bit and that they had not seen him ever "shoot" anything. "He definitely pumps out hard, but more in huge globs, and for a long time" she explained.

Toni, eyeing the thick cock in her hand turned it upward pointing towards her, studying the wet gaping mouth. She reached out with her other hand and quickly fed half of her little finger into the mouth. Ross' hips immediately jerked back, retreating from the invading finger as Toni continued to push inward. She met with resistance about an inch and a half inside the shaft, where the urethra narrows. Forcibly she pushed harder as her entire finger disappeared into him. Ross gasped as the finger moved around inside him. Rachel just stared, mouth open, as Brenda yelled at Toni to stop. Toni continued watching intently as her finger moved easily inside of Ross, "unbelievable, he's like a cavern inside there".

Toni was now massaging the inside of Ross' cock while her other hand started rhythmically squeezing one ball. Obviously Ross had recovered as his hips started to slowly thrust outward. He was definitely enjoying the finger intrusion. Toni's finger was completely inside of him, all the way to the web. She was slowly manipulating his ball, as her finger continued working the tender inner tube.

Ross was beginning to sway back and forth, trying to match Toni's thrusting. Brenda relaxed, figuring that Ross was enjoying the session, and wasn't being damaged. Suddenly, Toni jerked her finger out of Ross with a thick squishy pop. She immediately squeezed his ball hard, then let go, stepping back and watching. Within about three or four seconds, a huge amount of pre-cum appeared at the cock head and fell to the floor with a loud splat. Ross was breathing hard. Toni immediately put the intruding finger into her mouth, as if it were a Popsicle. Sucking on her finger, she smiled, "and he tastes good too"!

Everyone started laughing as Toni reached up to the buckled hood, covering Ross' face. Within a few seconds, she had the hood undone and was pulling it off. As Ross stood blinking back the bright light, Toni stood looking into his face, "and he's handsome too. Wow, he is gonna be fun". Ross' eyes had barely become accustomed to the bright room, when Brenda put the hood back on. "Better safe than sorry" she commented, glaring at Toni. Toni knew what she meant.

As Brenda sat and watched Toni, she felt as if she were watching a brunette version of Sara; the same tormenting, the same teasing, the cruel streak that she had seen exhibited so much by Sara.

Ross was led into what appeared to be a large family entertainment type of room. All of the furniture had been pushed back, against the walls, leaving the center of the room open. There were several heavy pieces of furniture against the walls, which would be used to tie off the tethers. In the center of the room, Ross was told to sit down. Immediately, for security's sake, Brenda and Rachel took one arm and one ankle, and secured them with a tether, securing the tether to large pieces of furniture.

Brenda got her black bag from the truck and upon opening it, asked Rachel if she had a spreader bar. Rachel wasn't even sure what it was, and was thrilled when she saw the black three foot long bar. It had steel loops on each end and Ross' ankle restraints were locked to the bar, in essence, spreading his ankles three feet apart.

Meanwhile, Toni continued tormenting Ross, lifting up the loin cloth and playing with his still hard cock and balls. Brenda had to keep a close eye on Toni, because several times she looked up and found Toni's finger buried deep inside of Ross. Since her little finger had slid in somewhat easily, she was now trying to put the next size finger in, with quite a bit of resistance. Brenda feared that Toni would split the already gaping mouth.

Several moments later, Brenda turned in time to see Toni really pushing down, into Ross, using her ring finger. Ross was apparently not enjoying it as much as Toni, his hips bucking and rolling, trying to dislodge the burrowing finger. Brenda thought that Ross could take care of himself, until she saw Toni take a firm grasp of the shaft, and forcefully push her ring finger deeper into the hugely stretched mouth. Toni held on tight, gaining a little more depth into Ross. As his urethra stretched open, it must have been arousing, because his hips thrust upward, to meet her finger. She then started rhythmically thrusting in, pulling out, thrusting in, and pulling out. His breathing became deeper as hips continued to match her timing.

By this time, even Rachel had noticed and stopped what she was doing, just to watch the 'finger fucking'. Brenda was about to put a stop to it, fearing that Toni would hurt him, when Rachel suddenly told her to stop. Toni had been having so much fun, that she was starting to look like a little girl, playing with a new toy.

Disappointingly, Toni started to pull her finger from the bloated cock head. But, as she pulled, it became quickly obvious that her finger was stuck inside him, caused by the vacuum of her in and out pumping. Pulling outward, the inner edges of the urethra had turned outward, as if they were turning inside out. Because of the vacuum, Ross' urethra had a tight grip on her finger and with each pull; it became painfully obvious that the finger was lodged in. Each time she tried to pull out, her finger would pull a small portion of his inner tube with it. Toni's finger was deep enough inside him, that the finger could be seen on the underside of his cock, a large bulging area.

Ross was now pulling his hips back, trying to protect his cock. Rachel finally crawled over and told Toni to wait, let her help. Grasping the shaft tightly, Rachel massaged the lower portion of his cock up and down, forcing the pre-cum to push up, into the finger wedged area. Within a few moments, Toni gave a jerk and her finger popped out with a loud wet pop. Everyone eased a sigh of relief, watching as a huge amount of pre-cum flowed from the over stretched mouth. The hold had been tight enough, that Toni's finger was red and numb just from being caught. Rachel suggested that Toni go upstairs and get ready.

Together, Brenda and Rachel continued to place the restraints on Ross. With the spreader bar on him, his ankles were locked; both ends of the spreader bar were secured to a piece of heavy furniture, with tethers. The ladies eased Ross back, resting his head on a pillow. Both arms were pulled down to his sides.

Brenda had brought a thigh-to-wrist restraint, which they placed around the upper portions of each thigh. When securely in place, they put his wrists into the restraints and secured the wrist restraints with small locks. The hood and gag were still in place, as well as the thick leather collar. For effect, Rachel took a tether and secured it to the collar, then ran the tether to a piece of heavy furniture. The collar and tether gave an appearance that the slave's head was restrained almost rendering him motionless.

Several times while securing Ross, both Brenda and Rachel asked if he was okay. He nodded his head that he was. After securing him, Rachel reached down and wrapped her fingers around the top of his ball sac, giving it a long hard shake. Ross jumped and then thrust upward, indicating that he enjoyed the firm attention. Rachel just laughed, telling Ross "we're gonna have so much fun with you. Are you ready"? Ross' head bobbed up and down enthusiastically, signaling YES.

Brenda looked to see that everything was ready, and even got a warm washcloth to clean up what Rachel and Toni had produced from Ross. Lastly, Rachel brought out what appeared to be a hospital sheet, freshly laundered and pressed. After getting the loin cloth properly adjusted to cover as much as it could, the sheet was placed over Ross, with only his head exposed.

Toni had gone upstairs to get dressed and was back in short time. No longer was she wearing only panties, thankfully, thought both Brenda and Rachel. Now, she looked more like a professional, but casually dressed.

The first of the young nurses started to arrive, when Rachel told Brenda that on such short notice, she was only able to get four of the ones that were invited. Immediately Brenda asked if Raven was coming. Rachel smiled slyly, telling Brenda that she was definitely coming and that she had a particular portion of the event planned, just for her. Brenda didn't know what she meant, but she figured that it would be something mean.

As each of the four young nurses arrived, they came into the kitchen, and upon realizing that the slave was in the family room, immediately wanted to see him. From the open door of the room, they could see Ross, lying quietly under the sheet, only the hood exposed, and one very large obvious bulge under the sheet.

Rachel and Toni made sure to keep the young nurses in the kitchen, with only the ability to look, hoping to 'peak' their interests, and their arousal. They were quickly getting more and more aroused, obviously by their conversation.

They had all commented on the size of the bulge, which lead to conversations on erections. One of the nurses told about the horse cock that she had seen, another talked about an ex boyfriend that was somewhat large. The more they talked, the more erotic the conversation became. Most of the 'stories' were told by Raven, bragging about the different sizes and attributes that she had seen, or been with. As Brenda and Rachel listened to them, they heard all types of comments about sex, their boyfriends, size differences and what sexual technique worked better.

All in all, they were getting 'ready' for an education. Toni and Rachel were extremely aroused. Being voyeurs, they very much enjoyed the stories and comparisons that they were hearing from their guests. After each of the nurses had concluded that Ross was erect, Toni surprised them by telling them that "in fact, he is not erect. He's just very, very big". There was silence as each of the young nurses turned their gaze toward the sheet covered male in the next room. You could see the smiles start to spread around the room.

The four young nurses that arrived were definitely of a mixed crowd. They all knew each other well enough to be comfortable in their sexual conversations, all had been in nursing school together, and some had even worked together. As Brenda watched them, it was obvious that there were two that were more bold, more adventurous, outgoing, and very talkative when it came to sex. Naturally, Raven was one of them, and the other was Beth.

The two other nurses appeared, to some degree, to be almost opposites. Both were quieter, more reserved, serious types, more in line to study, than to go out partying. This was Jennifer and Amy. However, based on past experience and their reputations, and having known them for awhile, Rachel had picked the four because of their sexual interests and lifestyle attitudes. Rachel seriously hoped that she had not made a mistake in her choice.

Even their dress showed the two distinct personality types. It was apparent that Raven came to the class with the thought that the male patient would be able to see her and interact with her. Raven thought this would be an opportunity to show her sexual prowess and possibly gain more bragging rights. She was wearing a pair of short shorts that undeniably showed her legs to the extreme. Depending on how she was seated, anyone could see everything that she was advertising. And for the get together, to everyone's surprise, she was wearing a bikini top, saying that she was going to the beach later on. No one believed her. Beth was dressed similar, but more comfortably and a lot more covered.

On the other hand, Jennifer and Amy both were wearing shorts that were still discretely sexy, but slightly modest. Both were wearing t-shirts over the shorts. It was obvious to Rachel, Toni, and Brenda, who was selling and who was just attending.

After about thirty minutes of gossip and stories, Rachel announced that it was time to get started. She instructed everyone to enter the family room and get comfortable, but to not touch the patient. She made sure to heavily emphasize the word "patient". Rachel was trying hard to make the entire event sounded as close as possible to clinical and educational as she could, without being too obvious. She could tell that the young nurses were ready to go to work on the endowed male.

As arousing as the kitchen conversations were, Brenda was afraid that the young nurses would become overly aggressive and hurt Ross. She finally decided to just play it minute by minute and see what transpired. Besides, Brenda had found herself extremely wet, just listening and watching. This might be fun...

To be continued...

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