tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 16

The Slave Ch. 16


Upon entering the room, all of the young nurses' eyes were on the prone slave. Of course, none of them knew that he was a slave, captured and used by another nurse and her two roommates. Each of the nurses was examining the prone figure, under the sheet. Three things were immediately obvious to them, one: he was masked in a black leather hood, two: that his legs were spread quite far apart, and last: that there was a huge bulge resting between his legs. Even under the sheet, it was enormous.

Having seen the sheeted Ross, Brenda worried that the use of a pumping cylinder might have been too much, his normal over endowment being more than any average male; but she figured that the young nurses were in for a show, and it might as well be a big show.

The two distinct groups remained obvious, even upon entering the room. Raven and Beth immediately went straight to Ross and sat down on the carpet, next to the area of his hips. They thought that they could get a better view of the bulging patient from that vantage point. Both Jennifer and Amy went to a couch and sat down, several feet away from the prone patient. Both of them sat legs together, bent forward for their own best view.

Toni sat on the floor, near Ross' head, while Rachel went to his feet, kneeling down and getting comfortable. Brenda sat in an overstuffed chair farther away than any of them. At this point, Brenda had no idea of how Rachel would explain Ross, or what she was going to do with him. Having asked her several times, Rachel only smiled and said, "don't worry, I've got it all figured out."

After everyone was seated comfortably, Rachel started, "I'd like to welcome all of you to my home and this teaching session. First off, I'd like to say that contrary to what you may think, this is not a sex show, but an educational experience. As all of you are aware, there is a certain amount of sexuality to medicine, but for decency's sake, let us say that this is 95% nursing and 5% sexual." Laughing, she continued, "not the other way around."

Each of the four young nurses squirmed nervously, all staring at the bulge under the sheet. "In the nursing field, it normally takes several years, sometimes longer, to get comfortable, or maybe the correct term is 'use to', the male patient and his sexuality. Today, you will get a chance to work with a male patient and see and experience different aspects of nursing that involve sexual overtones with males. Again, this is not a sex show, but a chance to get comfortable with techniques and procedures that you will use on a continuing basis, involving male patients. It goes without saying, that what we are doing today is not exactly course curriculum, and I strongly urge each of you to not talk to anyone of the knowledge and practice that you gain here." The girls continued to shift nervously around, but grinning and winking at each other as if they were in on a private joke. Brenda was listening intently, waiting for more of an explanation.

"I'm not going to bore you with male anatomy, you should have already had plenty of that, and I'm not talking about your boyfriends. Today, each of you will learn, examine, do the procedures, and have a hands-on learning experience, and there was no pun intended there." They all laughed as Rachel continued, "So, take this chance to gain years of experience and knowledge, and not be afraid of 'The Male'. I'm sure that in your careers, each of you has had female patients that you examined in intimate detail. The same does not hold true of your male patients, who are just as deserving of your attention. So, as arousing and insightful as this may be, you should at least try to keep a slight degree of dignity and professionalism to what we are doing."

"With that said, let me introduce all of you to our patient, Mark. Of course, Mark is not his real name but he has agreed, enthuasistically, to be our patient."

As she introduces Ross to the nurses, she leaned out and patted the bulge in the sheet. Leaving her hand on the bulge, she continued talking, occasionally patting it. It was very obvious that the bulge was beginning to get bigger. The nurses just stared at her hand and the bulge, barely listening to what she was saying.

"There are two reasons why he is hooded. One is that Mark is a local professional and requested that his identity be protected. No, he's not a celebrity or anyone that you might know, but he does want to remain anonymous. Secondly, this is not a dating game, where he can get your phone numbers and start calling you." Smiling, Rachel quickly added "but if any of you are interested, please get with me after class."

With that, all of them started laughing and raising their hands as if they were interested. Brenda was amazed. So far, Rachel had come up with a cover story and even a fake name, to keep the story going, and it was very good. Now Brenda was starting to feel a little bit moist, watching as Rachel innocently steered the class in a sexual direction.

Rachel continued, explaining that 'Mark' lived an alternative life style and that he had an interest in the BDSM lifestyle. Further, Mark had nurtured a fantasy since his younger years, in which he was examined by female nurses or a female doctor. Rachel told the group that she had known Mark for several years, and that he literally jumped at the chance to be part of the class. To say that he was excited about the class was an understatement. But by wearing a hood, the young nurses would not know who he was, and he would not know who they were. Rachel made it very clear to the class, that Ross was a very willing volunteer, and that he was the one that wanted to remain anonymous.

At this point, Rachel was gently rubbing the oversized bulge. Most of the girls were holding their breath, watching her gentle hand movements. He wasn't completely erect, but he was obviously hardening. Rachel took the sheet, covering his legs and moved it upward to his thighs. As Rachel moved in between his outstretched legs, the girls were closely watching the spreader bar, none of them having ever seen one.

One of the girls timidly asked what the bar was for, seeing that his ankles were locked to it. Rachel, without hesitation explained again, that the 'willing patient' was involved in the BDSM community, and reminded her that his fantasy was involving medical exams. All of the girls believed the story that Rachel was spinning.

Rachel had spread the sheet tightly across Ross' bulge, still covering all of him but his legs. At this point, the young nurses could only see the slave, from his thighs down. Each of them was moving slightly closer, trying to get a better look at Mark, as Rachel continued talking.

Rachel was still holding onto the sheet, tightly as if she were a magician getting ready to yank the sheet off of a magic trick. Rachel had insisted on keeping the loin cloth on Ross for a reason. Being nurses, they had been trained to immediately "observe and assess" a patient. Once Ross was totally exposed, they would, instinctive to their training, do a quick observation of him, looking for any obvious injuries. They couldn't help it. After observation, there would be no need for assessment, since Ross was obviously not injured. But, to keep the exam in a medical context, Rachel wanted the girls to follow their training and 'observe and assess'.

She knew that without the loin cloth on, their eyes would immediately go straight to the huge cock and balls between his legs. But, with the loin cloth on, they would be forced to wait doing what would be normal through their training. "So, now that I have bored you with my little speech, lets' begin." She paused a moment, then asked "Are you ready Mark"? Ross vigorously nodded his head, yes. Brenda was amazed. Even Ross was getting involved with the scenario. Rachel then quickly pulled the sheet off, fully exposing Ross.

Immediately, there were several gasps, and even an "Oh my God"! "As you can see, our patient is that of a well nourished, fully developed, mature male. And I do mean, fully developed." They all laughed at Rachel's joke. Even soft, his cock head was partially exposed and a very large amount of foreskin, sticking out from the bottom of the loin cloth. But, instinctively, without saying it, each of the girls did do the 'observe and assess' and within about one second, each of them were eyeing the huge loin cloth covered bulge. "Luckily for us, Mark is a very willing patient.

As you can see, he is more developed in some areas." Rachel reached down and started untying the knot, holding the loin cloth on him. As she did, all eyes were trained on her hands. Undoing the knot, she pulled the flimsy cloth away from his body, fully exposing the thick soft cock, and massive sack beneath it. "Besides Mark 'begging' to be our patient, we have a benefit in the examination of his body. Mark is among about two percent of the male population that has very little sensitivity in his genitals."

One of the young nurses asked "you mean that he can't feel anything"? "No, no, believe me, he feels everything very well," Rachel responded. "Matter of fact, with this much flesh, he is highly sensitive, but not in the same regard as the other ninety-eight percent of males. That is what makes him very beneficial for examining."

With that, Rachel gently stroked the top of Ross' shaft, instantly producing a swell in his cock and a obvious elongation. "Mark can feel the stimulation that I am creating in his penis but with his large size, especially in his testicles, he can tolerate more pain stimulus that the average male.

Looking seriously at the young nurses, Rachel continued, "Erection begins in the penis as blood flow is increased to the corpus cavernosa, the chambers running along the sides of the shaft. As the penis becomes engorged, it hardens and becomes longer, becoming more stimulated. A signal is sent to the testicles, indicating that the arousal stage has started, at which point an interior gland starts to send seminal fluid into the urethral shaft, lubricating the passage for the eventual expulsion of sperm."

Rachel had continued her gentle stroking on the top of the shaft as she spoke. All of the nurses were watching the huge cock get harder and start to rise up off of his sac. Within a few moments, the head fully appeared as the foreskin slid back away. As Rachel finished explaining erection, she glanced down and rubbed her thumb and forefinger across the head, smearing the clear pre-cum around the head. "See, right on cue"! She continued rubbing the pre-cum into the head till everyone noticed that Ross was breathing harder.

Giggling, the nurses continued with their gasps and comments on Ross' size. He was rock hard and sticking out obscenely. As Rachel stopped her finger manipulations, the girls all started saying to continue, keep rubbing, and make him cum. Obviously, the young nurses were very involved in the examination. And they were only getting started. Rachel thought to herself that she had chosen the right group for her voyeuristic fun.

Rachel continued, "Mark also gives us a great chance to know the inside of the male anatomy. You've all studied anatomy, but there is more to it than what's in the books." Because of Mark's lessened sensitivity, or high pain threshold, you will be able to fully examine the parts that you've only read about or possibly, but not likely, found inside your own boyfriends."

Most of the girls laughed, one even commenting "my boyfriend won't even let me touch his balls." They all laughed. Rachel moved in closer, between Ross' legs. She was sitting back on her legs, both hands extended out to Ross' genitals. Rachel then slid both of her hands on either side of his balls, cradling them and lifted them up higher. Doing this, Ross' cock rolled back, resting on his stomach.

Holding one ball in each hand, Rachel started "The testicle is composed of many parts, which you all know. In essence, the average testicle is a little bit larger than an almond, being very fleshy and muscled. Coming from the top of it is the epididymis, a large coil of fleshy tubes, which lead to the vas deferens. The rest of the genital anatomy is further into the body and we won't get into that. As you can see with Mark, each testicle is about avocado sized and both his epididymis and vas deferens are remarkably enlarged."

Pressing her thumbs down into the sac, she continued "You can actually feel each portion of his reproductive organs, tracing the outline of the epididymis coil, and the obviously huge vas deferens. In the average male, these are about as large as string, but in this case, you will feel that the vas deferens is just a little smaller than a drinking straw." At this point, Rachel was obvious with her fingers and thumbs digging into the soft sac, probing and feeling. "Mark, are you doing ok"? She asked. There was again, vigorous head bobbing from Ross, indicating that he felt just fine. Everyone laughed, continuing to watch Rachel's fingers, buried in his sac. "Here in a little while, I want each of you to do a complete exam on Mark's external genitalia, and a partial exam on the internal. All of the parts that I'm working right now will become familiar to you with practice. And don't forget ….. You're fulfilling Mark's fantasy."

As Rachel continued to probe and manipulate the upper portion of Ross' balls, she told the group of student nurses that she was going to explain and let them participate in the male erection, catheterizing the male, the use of sounds, and a brief demonstration in electro ejaculatory technique.

She reemphasized several times that Mark was not a sex show, even though he was willing to be their temporary patient, and request that they 'attempt' to treat him with some degree of dignity. They all couldn't help but notice that Rachel's ball manipulations were keeping Ross, rock hard. The head was engorged to the point that some of the student nurses worried about it splitting or tearing.

More evidence of his high level of arousal was the large pool of pre-cum spreading on his stomach. Rachel was very graphic when showing the young nurses where to feel, probe and where to squeeze the spermatic cord. Pushing deep into his sac and using her thumb and middle finger, she announced to the group that she was holding the vas deferens between her fingers.

Rachel started to roll the two fingers together, in a massaging, squeezing motion. Within a few seconds, Ross suddenly jerked, thrusting his hips into the air. The young nurses were amazed as they watched a large amount of sperm ooze out his head and slide down the shaft. His cock was rock hard and she had not even touched it. It was obviously sperm, and not pre-cum. Ross' breathing was hard, but returned to normal within a few minutes. Rachel then told the group, "What you just witnessed, was NOT an orgasm, but a manual release of his sperm. In theory, you could do this to him all day, without him experiencing orgasm, until he either ran out of ejaculate, or was exhausted. And yes, it did feel good ….didn't it Mark"? Ross vigorously nodded his head up and down, indicating a strong yes.

Rachel continued to probe deep into Ross' sac, massaging the other testicle. Expecting her to give a demonstration on the other ball, the nurses were watching intently as Ross' cock remained rock hard and started to twitch. Again, she was not grasping or even touching the slimy, sperm covered cock. "Let me show you another technique, with a completely different result," she said as she let go of his ball.

Her left hand reached out and took a firm grasp of his shaft, pulling the thick foreskin upward around the head. Immediately her right hand slammed into the cock head, with an open palm. Ross jerked hard, a noticeable groan coming from under the hood. Within about two seconds, Rachel relaxed her grip on his cock, as it fell soft and flaccid to his stomach. It was completely soft. All of the girls stared, gasping from the hard blow that Rachel had inflicted to Ross. "What you just saw was a technique that is ninety-nine percent guaranteed to soften an aroused male." "Believe me, I didn't hurt him.

What turned a rock hard penis into a very soft penis was not pain, but the shock of being stuck." As Rachel continued explaining, she reached out and pressed her thumbs and middle fingers into his sac, again manipulating the thick inner cords. She continued explaining to them as her fingers worked on the bloated sac. Again, she did not touch his cock. Within seconds, his cock was solid and protruding upward, a steady stream of pre-cum oozing from the mouth. By this time, both Raven and Beth were leaning in close, for a better look.

Amy had moved from the couch and was sitting along side of Ross' chest, also for a better look. Jennifer had perched farther forward. Silently, Rachel prodded and squeezed into the sac, producing the same result as before. Ross suddenly tensed, thrust his hips upward and another large glob of white cream came from his cock head, this time spurting into the air. His breathing started to get more erratic as Rachel grasped his shaft, pulling the foreskin up high. Again, she slammed her other hand into the head, harder this time. Within seconds, his cock lay wilted on his stomach. Rachel looked at the young nurses, "shortly, I'll let all of you try your hand at this …. No pun intended."

The girls were almost breathless, talking among themselves, wanting to arouse and soften, arouse and soften. Rachel quickly grabbed the sac, pushed her fingers deep into it and started massaging. In no time, Ross was again hard, straining as his cock head flared huge. It was obvious that what was coming out was cum; the thick heavy white cream was all over his pubic hair and balls. But he was hard in no time, indicating that he had not cum.

Rock hard, Rachel wasted no time in taking a white wash cloth and pouring water into a large basin. Dipping the cloth into the basin, she quickly cleaned all of the white sticky cum from Ross' genitals. "What you just witnessed is not something that you would necessarily use on a patient, at least the ejaculate part. But, with practice, all of you could easily 'soften' an aroused male patient. It definitely tends to take the wind out of their sails" she said, laughing. "Ok, enough of that; we don't want to empty poor Mark. And remember, what just happened to him was not an orgasm."

All of the girls were talking, asking questions, wanting their turn to try out Ross' cock and balls. "The technique of 'slapping' the aroused patient's penis can come in very handy, if you have a above average 'amorous' patient; Should slow them down quiet nicely."

"Ok, before we take a break and let you practice what you've seen, let's quickly go through catheters." Again, Ross was rock hard and straining. Having lost a small amount of sperm did not slow him down. Rachel picked up a small bundle of catheters, all still in their sterile wrapping.

Rachel reached down and took a firm grip of Ross' cock, her hand resting near the top of the shaft and head. As she spoke to the young nurses, her little finger started caressing the oozing mouth, smearing the pre-cum around the head. "Each of you has had at least, some experience with catheterizing a patient. The male is not difficult, and is much easier to catheterize if he is erect. You'll see erections in most head trauma cases." Rachel continued, "Remember, just because he is hard, does not mean that he is aroused." "The different gauges in catheters, is NOT related to the size of the male's urethra. The gauge is in relation to the degree of flow you are attempting to release from the bladder. Do not look at the mouth and guess the catheter gauge. Like in this case ….." As she said this, her little finger curled upward, and rolled over, into the gaping mouth.

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