The Slave Ch. 16


Quickly, she pressed into Ross, feeding her little finger further and further into his cock. Ross immediately jerked and started twisting, trying to push the invading finger out of his tender shaft. Rachel persisted, and with a slight bit of resistance, the finger finally popped fully into him. Her finger was buried inside of his cock. He was still struggling, but as she started to move her finger slowly in and out of him, he gradually began to enjoy the feelings. "Would any of you use a catheter, the size of my finger"?

The responses were immediate as all the girls moved in closer, watching the thrusting finger. No, they wouldn't. "My finger fits him, so far, but if I could go any deeper, there would be a lot more resistance. For reasons that we won't get into, Mark has an overly stretched urethra," Rachel said laughingly.

Ross was still rock hard and the underside of his cock was bulging hugely, from Rachel's finger moving inside it. Pulling her glistening finger from him, she lubed catheter with KJ jelly and deftly inserted it into Ross. Once the catheter was in about three inches, it met resistance, made obvious by Ross' sudden jerk and body twisting. Rachel firmly grasped the catheter and continued to push it in slowly, till only about four inches of it was visible.

Each of the girls was watching intently, listening to the slight whimpers coming out from under the hood. Even gagged, Ross could be heard as the catheter moved inside his awfully tender inner shaft. Rachel explained entry techniques and removal, which was obviously simple, quickly pulling the catheter from his quivering cock. "Obviously Mark finds this arousing, since he is still extremely hard. Notice the head, how tight it is and how seminal fluid continues to ooze from the restricted opening."

Rachel put in, and took out the catheter several times, with Ross jerking harder each time it was done. The inside of his cock was getting more irritated with each attempt. Standing up, Rachel announced that it was time for the visitors to try the techniques. She gave instructions, indicating that each of them would try the manipulations making Ross go from hard to soft, soft to hard, pinching off and massaging the epididymis and vas deferens. Also they would do the "slam" method on his cock, attaining instant softness. She then told them to try catheterization, several times each, making sure to use plenty of lubrication. And, she again reminded them that this was not a sex show, but educational, and to try and refrain from making Ross orgasm. There was a loud disappointing groan from each of the girls. Immediately the four girls jumped at the chance for some 'hands-on' training, using the overly endowed patient. Within seconds, Ross was starting to breath hard.

From a distance, Brenda, Rachel and Toni watched and talked among themselves. This was a small part of what both Rachel and Toni had been waiting for. They were very aroused, just watching the four young women taking turns pumping Ross up, and then slamming his cock head. Each of them had quickly mastered the 'harden and soften' techniques and they were all having fun, making him rock hard, then instantly deflating the thick cock. Each time, a loud groan could be heard from Ross as his cock head was battered by the nurses.

Taking turns, one nurse would probe deep into his sac, finding and working the thick cords and tubes, bringing him to an almost instant erection, while another would patiently wait, her hand clasped around his shaft, watching for the chance to 'soften' him. Within about ten minutes, large globs of sperm could be seen, all around Ross' pubic hair and thighs. He hadn't cum but the young nurses were really giving his cock and balls a heavy duty workout.

Several times, Rachel had to tell the over enthusiastic girls to slow down, he was close to orgasm. The girls then decided to switch to catheterizing and began, over and over, inserting and pulling out, inserting and pulling out the oversized catheter. Brenda, Rachel and Toni all knew very quickly that Ross' urethra was probably getting severely abused with the over use of the thick tube. But, they were nurses; they could take care of that small emergency later.

After about thirty minutes, Toni laughingly told Rachel and Brenda that she figured it was time to stop the playful nurses, since she'd seen Ross on the verge of cuming, several times. In the past minutes, Ross had spent more time panting and shaking, indicating that he was extremely close.

About that time, Rachel noticed that Raven was working Ross' left ball, extra hard. Ross' butt was off the floor; his hips thrust upward, legs tensed, and cock rock hard. Rachel quickly told Raven to stop before she made him ejaculate. In mock surprise, Raven replied "Don't you think he deserves a little something, for being our patient"? Rachel thought for a second, picking her words carefully. This was a moment that she had been hoping for. Ross' cock was literally quivering, the head flared huge. He was just about to start spurting. Rachel told Raven again to stop, but added, "Why don't you show us that technique that YOU'RE so famous for."

Raven loved being the center of attention, and this was just the chance to impress her fellow nurses. As her fingers tightened around Ross' overly sensitive skin, Rachel added, "one thing… let's clean him up first, then you can impress us all. Show us those magic hands and fingers." Raven was thrilled. She was very aware of her reputation, thinking that it made her something special. Now was her chance to allow witnesses to the show. Slowly, Rachel again said "just after we clean him up, a bit. You've really worked him. Look at the mess you've all made." Raven slowly relaxed her grip on Ross, accepting Rachel's challenge. Rachel just smiled; Raven had fallen for the bait. All the girls were excited now. They were all going to get to just sit and watch as the patient was masturbated, right in front of them.

Rachel sent Toni to the kitchen to get some warm water, to wash Ross. Bringing more wash cloths, she laid them out beside Ross. "You guys really made a mess of Mark. But did you learn anything"? They all answered enthusiastically yes. "Upon close examination, you'll notice that Mark is still very capable of erection, and he has probably ejaculated more than an average amount of sperm; without orgasm."

All of the girls were watching closely as Rachel continued teaching and Raven moved to a position between Ross' legs. Toni returned to the room with two closed water bottles, telling Rachel that she had warmed them up in the microwave.

Pre-arranged, Rachel took a water bottle from Toni and tested the water on her inner wrist. It was hot, but not too hot. By now, Raven had taken both of Ross' balls into her hands and began massaging them, slowly. They all watched intently as Ross' cock quickly elongated and thickened as Raven slowly increased the pressure to each one. A large amount of pre-cum was beginning to flow from Ross' urethra, causing Raven to laugh, "I think he's more than ready. This shouldn't take more than a few seconds." Raven felt like a celebrity. Just as she was about to start her 'technique', Rachel stopped her, handing her a soaked wash cloth. "Got to clean him first," she laughed. By now, Ross was breathing hard, his hips starting to gently thrust. He was obviously very rock hard.

Raven was just starting her technique and quickly grabbed the wash cloth, wrapping it around the throbbing cock. Her other hand kept its grip, fingers deeply embedded inside the sac. It sounded as if Ross were panting; making everyone think that Raven's technique was quickly bringing him to orgasm. His hips thrust upward, hard and he gasped. Raven smiled as she squeezed the hot wash cloth around his cock, tighter. What Raven didn't know was that the warm water on the wash cloth also had a sizable amount of an astringent in it.

The feeling to Ross would be something similar to having had gasoline poured on his cock. From all the earlier battering and irritation, there were small tears and abrasions all over his entire cock, especially the head. The burning astringent was soaking into his skin, thanks to the hot water. Raven was gleefully tightening the hot wash cloth around his cock, slowly rubbing it up and down. Ross was jerking hard, his cock on fire from the cloth.

Raven was the first to sense that something wasn't working, as she felt his cock going soft in her hand. She started to use the technique faster and harder, to guarantee a great finale to her show, but Ross wasn't cooperating. She stared at Ross, her fingers working frantically, urging him "come on baby, come on Mark, show me your stuff" trying to use her sexiest voice. By now, he was completely soft, flopping around inside her hand. A slight murmur of giggles started, before everyone started laughing uproariously, pointing at Raven and the flaccid cock she was so desperately working on.

This went on for several minutes while Raven worked feverishly on Ross' soft cock. At one point, she even dropped her head down to his genitals, her mouth opening wide, before Rachel told her "oh no, no you don't. I can't allow that"! Raven was mortified. She was so embarrassed that she was close to just jumping up and running out, but she didn't. After several minutes of 'playing' with Ross, she gave up and let go of him. The pain had subsided in Ross' cock and he was starting to recover. But no one knew this, except Rachel and Toni. Neither of them said anything, but just stared at Raven, making her embarrassment even worse.

Brenda was astonished. She'd never seen Ross go that soft, in such little time, especially when he was so close to cuming. She suspected some type of trick. Casually picking up the wash cloth, she caught the scent of the astringent. She looked at Rachel and smiled. Rachel just winked at her.

Rachel moved to where Raven was sitting, casually moving her out of the way. Raven reluctantly got up and moved up to where Ross' head was resting. Rachel then took the other wash cloth and doused it with the 'other' bottle of water, soaking it. This bottle was a lot cooler water and when applied to Ross, immediately started closing the wide open pores of his skin. Within seconds, she could feel him start to thicken.

Stopping what she was doing, Rachel looked around the young nurses and asked, "Ok, who wants to give it a try, since Raven couldn't show us her technique"? Raven just ducked her head, her face getting hotter and redder. Jennifer immediately raised her hand, "me, me, me" she squealed.

Rachel looked right at Amy, and asked "want to try"? Amy was the quietest one of the group. She was known by other nurses as being very shy and quiet, but a good nurse. Rachel suspected that underneath, she was a smoldering fire of sexuality. Amy looked up, shocked, "Me ….. You want me to ….." Rachel just smiled and shook her head yes. A big smile started across Amy's face as she immediately moved up to Ross' side. Hesitantly, she slowly reached out and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, barely getting her hand around him. Her smile widened as she said "Hi Mark. I'm Amy. Glad to meet you."

Everyone started laughing as she maneuvered herself around, giving herself a better reach and grasp of his oversized toys. Even as she tried to reach her fingers around the fat shaft, everyone could see that Ross was quickly swelling. The head was flaring fast enough that the foreskin just slid back away. Even though he was barely half hard, the head was huge. The quickly swelling shaft looked like a large snake inside of her hand, flopping back and forth.

Amy quickly placed her other hand under Ross' sac and started to firmly massage the left ball. Amy started to slowly rub the now hard cock, pulling the foreskin up and over the head, then slowly back down, stretching it down to the pubic bone. Now, he was starting to breath hard and it had only been about forty-five seconds since Amy started on him.

Her fingers probed deep into his sac, her thumb on top, her forefinger underneath; With all the 'practice' done on him by the new nurses, his inner tubes swollen, and easy to find. Her thumb and forefinger quickly found them, squeezed hard, and started rolling them between her fingers. Pre-cum was beginning to pour from the mouth of his cock, coating Amy's hand and making loud squishy sounds.

Everyone could hear Ross begin to pant, as well as see that he body was about to betray him. His hips thrusting, Amy exerted more pressure and started rubbing the muscled cock harder and faster. As was her nature, Amy slowed for a moment, asking "Mark am I hurting you"? Ross frantically shook his head side to side an obvious NO. Amy smiled as she squeezed harder and continued the fast rubbing. In less than a minute, Ross suddenly jerked hard, his butt off the carpet, his hips thrust far into the air, as the first huge spurt shot several feet into the air. The amount was unbelievable as it rose, then fell onto his stomach with a loud splat. The second and third spurts were almost as much in quantity, but didn't go as high, completely covering both of Amy's frantically working hands. But that wasn't the end. As Ross convulsed on the floor, Amy's hands tightened, working harder, "come on Mark, come on, keep going."

She was actually smiling as they all watched more and more huge amounts come out of him. It was unbelievable. There was creamy sperm all over her hands, up past her wrists, on his thighs, stomach and chest. It was literally everywhere. Slowly, Amy continued her pumping, the squirting subsiding till there were only globs, oozing from the head. "Are you finished"? Amy softly asked Ross.

In a long moan, Ross shook his head NO. Amy smiled, watching Ross intently as her hand continued working him, but softer and slower. The squishy sounds of her rubbing were tremendously obvious to everyone. Even Raven was impressed. Finally, Rachel broke the astonished silence, saying "Wow, I do believe that Amy has one hell of a technique." Amy smiled as the other nurses congratulated her and bragged on her abilities. Amy continued her soft rubbing, till Ross was completely soft, then quickly grabbed the wash cloth and started gently cleaning him. Ross just moaned. Toni quickly moved in and grabbed both of the wash cloths, the water bottles, and a mound of tissues that had been used to pick up the sperm. She quickly took them out of the room.

Smiling, Rachel said "Now, that was a show. How does Mark feel"? Rachel softly patted the large sac between his legs. A loud groan was the only sound from Ross. "I take it that he enjoyed it."

"Ok, now, back to more 'patient related' activities," Rachel said as she picked up a small leather case. "For some of you, depending on what area of medicine you go into, you'll soon become familiar with these." She quickly opened the zippered bag, exposing eight long slender rods, each having rounded ends. Each end was one size larger than the previous rod. They ranged from Q-tip size, to as big as her thumb. "These are medical sounds, used the majority of time, in reproductive and urinary medicine. Their basic use is for insertion, into either male or female, stimulating the urethra. It also is very valuable in finding blockages and in stretching the urethral canal. The stretching is normally reserved for males, they having more 'external' urinary problems than females. Most female urinary problems are internal."

This will be short, but I wanted to at least give you a demonstration of sounds. With that, Rachel picked up a small, thin sound and quickly lubed it with KY Jelly. Ross was still soft, recovering from Amy's deft touch. Expertly, Rachel pushed two fingers into Ross' sac and within seconds, located and began to manipulate the tubes. To everyone's astonishment, Ross was rock hard less than a minute. It had only been about three minutes since he pumped out. Holding his cock in her hand, Rachel slowly inserted the thin stainless rod into Ross' cock. It was thin enough that it easily slid in and disappeared about seven inches inside him.

There must have been an effect, his hips popped upward and his head rolled back. Rachel asked "Mark, can you feel that"? Ross moaned as Rachel pulled the sound back out several inches then pushed it back in, holding it only by the tip. Ross again moaned and jerked to his side as Rachel began to slowly push it in, then pull it out, push it in, then pull it out. Continuing this, she started "what you are seeing is extreme sensitivity, deep within the penile shaft. The sound is actually stimulating him, from the inside out. Similar to what a small vibrator would do, if it could be placed inside of him." Rachel suddenly pulled the sound all the way out and laid it down on a clean towel. The sound was literally dripping in pre-cum.

Without delay, Rachel picked out another sound, this one being a lot larger than the first. Each of the girls felt that it would not go into him. Softly, Rachel placed the tip of the sound up to the wet mouth and began to feed it slowly into Ross' cock. It was obviously bigger than the opening. Firmly holding his cock, Rachel began to slowly push the huge sound into Ross. His reaction was immediate as he drew his hips back, twisting to one side, trying to get away from the metal rod. His cock was actually trying to push the sound back out, but Rachel would not let it.

She continued her firm pushes as the sound slowly disappeared into his cock. Ross was gasping, trying to catch his breath, his hips thrusting, trying to push out the cold metal. Rachel clamped her hand over his cock head, her palm resting against the tip of the sound, the only visible part. Her other hand had since released its grip on his tubes inside the ball sac.

He didn't need testicular manipulation, he was rock hard. Looking up at the staring nurses, Rachel asked "do you think that this is under pressure" as she tapped the tip of the sound. They all nodded yes as Ross struggled to push out the sound. He was no longer moaning, but almost whimpering. Without removing her palm from on top of his cock, Rachel used her other hand and grasped the base of his cock, tightly. With one quick move, she jerked her palm away from Ross' cock. The sound immediately shot out of his cock, high into the air, a long stream of pre-cum dangling onto the projectile.

All of the girls gasped as the sound landed on the carpet. Rachel just laughed, saying "the penis and the urethra are very stretchy and can accommodate some very large sizes. She immediately picked up the largest sound and placed the tip against the mouth of his cock. Smearing it around in his pre-cum, she began to press it into the gaping mouth. Instantly, Ross was making desperate sounds begging her to stop.

She grasped his hard shaft and bent over him, as if she were about to exert a lot of pressure on him. Ross' muffled pleas became even more loud and more desperate. Brenda was quickly coming up, out of her chair, ready to stop her. The size of that sound would have easily split his cock. Rachel looked up, smiling, looking at the horrified nurses, "Don't worry, I'm only kidding. I don't want to hurt him." Laughing she put the sound down. Ross' cock was almost completely soft. "I don't think he liked the sounds," one of the girls commented. "Oh he liked it, but only up to the point that it started to stretch his urethra open," Rachel said. "The point is that you cannot judge the urethral size, based entirely on the opening of the mouth." Then, one of the young nurses added "And it's a lot easier to place a sound, if the patient is erect and not soft." They all agreed, laughing.

Rachel then opened an alcohol prep pad and began swabbing the head and area around the mouth where the sound had just stretched him wide open. Even though he wasn't stretched enough to bleed, the inner tissue had been stretched wide, forcing open small tender nooks and crannies deep inside Ross' cock.

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