tagFetishThe Slave's Rebellion

The Slave's Rebellion


As you strutted around the hotel suite and used me again for your pleasure I was planning your downfall, months of being forced to crawl and serve you had left me screaming for rebellion inside, needing to take control over our relationship just once, to show you the power dynamic wasn't immutable, that you had to be careful not to let your control over me slip. I knew I would never be able to win a straight fight for sexual control, you were far too good for that to ever happen, but I had realised you had a weakness, a moment when you were vulnerable, and I planned to exploit that and to take my slave's revenge on you when you would be least able to fight back!

As you stalked towards me I knew it would be tonight. In the dimmed lights you looked as glorious as ever, your long glossy dark hair falling down past your shoulders, you lips were thick, red and lush, curled into a sneer as I poured you a glass of champagne, the silk gown made to fit you like a glove clung to the curves of your body, straining to contain your heavy breasts, while the drop back left your perfect spine naked, emphasising your stunning body. The train dragged on the floor behind you as you walked back to the long leather sofa, and I watched adoringly as you settled down, sipped your drink and beckoned me over to you.

Sitting on the floor before you, I waited for instruction, trembling with passion at the thought of what you would instruct me to do next, trembling with fear at the thought of revolt! I knew that look of hedonistic lust on your face, I knew what you would be demanding of me and at that moment I knew that tonight you would be broken and humbled. You extended one dainty foot in it's six inch heel towards me,

"Worship my beautiful foot and it's sexy heel," you ordered.

I bent to kiss and lick the slick leather, making sure you could see me as I gave the cold thin heel my best blow job, using my lips and tongue on the cold hardness as I wished you would just once do to me. I was already hard with desire and I could see the lust kindled in your eyes. Taking a risk I gently held your foot in my hand to allow me to worship it better, lavishing my loving tongue on the sole and the arch, I heard a gentle sigh and knew I was pleasing my Mistress. However excited I was I had been taught to wait for your instruction, and at last you opened your long legs, clad in the sheerest silk stockings.

"My legs, all the way to the top of my stockings, kiss them my slave," you whispered, your voice beginning to get thicker with lust.

I gladly bent my lips to the fragile, glossy silk to press hot, passionate kisses slowly up both of your legs, taking my time, moving upwards very, very slowly. You settled back more comfortably to enjoy the experience, your lips parted as I continued to serve your needs; as I gently lifted each leg up so I could tenderly kiss the backs of your knees I heard you give a quiet moan of pleasure.

You opened your legs further to allow me to continue kissing up to your stocking tops, where I made sure to carefully worship all the way around the hold up, again gently holding and moving your long legs to allow myself access as I needed. I could feel you starting to move under my ministrations as your need started to burn hotter, you began to pinch and roll your large nipples between your fingers through the silk of your gown, I could see the muscles around your hips starting to flex as you began to lose yourself to the increasing ache for release.

You sighed with pleasure again as my hot breath washed over your inner thighs, above your stocking tops, and you languorously arched your back, as sensuous as any cat.

You moaned quietly "Yes, yes slave, that feels soooo good! Wait there, keep kissing me there!."

I groaned inside, you knew how much I wanted to worship your hot pussy and by keeping me kissing your taut thighs at the very top of your stocking you were denying me, but also you were stretching out you own excitement. I kissed your smooth skin and the silken band at the top of your stockings with renewed passion and desperation, I needed to please my cruel Mistress and I could see your muscles flinch as my hot lips pressed lovingly against your tender flesh, your sighs and whispers of desire getting stronger.

I could risk looking up as you became more and more aroused and wrapped in your own need for fulfilment; your long painted nails were cruelly punishing your nipples, squeezing them hard as they stood proud, thrusting through the silk gown, your glossy lips were parted as you began to breath more heavily. You looked so beautiful, I loved you so much when you were like this!

Driving yourself beyond your ability to hold back you cried out to me "Oh now, now! Worship me, you know what I want! Lick me, eat me."

I put my hands flat against your inner thighs and stretched my face towards your pussy, glistening with arousal and heady with your musk, you had taught me how to please you and I brought everything to worship my Mistress. I flicked the very tip of my tongue across your clitoris and smiled inside as you cried out, then I began to suck the juices out of you, my tongue running up and down and in and out of your slit, you were very hot and so wet! As I drunk you in I could hear your moans of ecstasy getting louder, stronger.

I slowly slid two fingers into you, deep inside your vagina, pushing my fingertips against that spot where you were most sensitive, and now my tongue was free to punish your clitoris, using both the very tip and the flat of my tongue I teased you around and around it, then sucking it gently into my mouth where I could lash it with my tongue. My fingers were fucking your pussy very slowly, my mouth and tongue were attacking your clitoris hard and fast, the different rhythms starting to drive you wild as you couldn't settle into a single pace.

You were panting now and began to thrust your hips against my fingers, jerking as I drove your clitoris into a spasm of pleasure, and now I swapped over, my tongue and mouth slowing down and sucking and twirling around and over your clit slower and harder while my fingers suddenly began frigging you faster and faster. The sudden change of pace and rhythm made you cry out as you struggled to cope, you had taught me well my Mistress and I was doing everything I could to please you. Your hips were thrusting frantically up against my fingers, your mouth was wide agape as you gasped for air and I could feel the muscles deep inside your sopping pussy start to jerk. You rolled your head from side to side, eyes wide open but not seeing as you could feel a powerful orgasm dawning.

"Fuck yes!" you shouted as you could feel your orgasm coming, you arched your back and clenched your hands.

Now, now you were vulnerable!

I slid my fingers out of your pussy and pulled my mouth away from your erect clitoris! I had timed my attack to perfection, you hadn't peaked and instead of the explosive orgasm you had expected it started to retreat, to fade away. I sat back and watched as you writhed and twisted on the leather sofa, looks of puzzlement, desperation and fury flashed across your face.

"What the fuck are you doing? Get back down there and carry on!" you snarled as your body continued to writhe and arch in frustrated ecstasy.

"In a moment Mistess," I replied, waiting until you had slid down far enough from your failed orgasm that I could start again.

"Argh! Fuck! Get back down there slave, how dare you...." you cried in frustration as you felt the feelings recede.

Before you could take out your anger on me I went back to work, my fingers beginning their slow fucking and my mouth sucking and licking you again. Within moments you were back in the run up to your orgasm, your pussy slippery with your juices still, your nipples straining against your gown, as you gasped and panted with need, I switched the pacing of my fingers and mouth again and as my fingers slammed into you hard your body arched up to meet them, screwing yourself onto them, crying out with pleasure.

"Don't you dare fucking stop slave! I want to cum!" you gasped and panted as you writhed on the sofa under my assault on your sex, your red lush lips glistening with spittle as you ground yourself against my hard fingers, and just as you could feel yourself peaking I withdrew again!

You shrieked your rage and need into the room "No! I need to cum! You shit!"

You grabbed at my head and tried to force me back into position but I was too strong and resisted. I watched as you writhed and humped on the sofa, your towering heels digging into the carpet as you tried to reach the orgasm you wanted so much. I smirked as you twisted in sexual frustration, all your paint and finery unable to get you what you needed this time. As I saw you slide away from your orgasm I moved down onto you again.

This time as I licked and sucked you I ran the wet tip of one finger around the tight bud of your anus and slowly pushed it inside you. Sucking on your straining clit, I slipped a finger inside your pussy and fucked both your cunt and your arse, you were squirming under me, mewling incoherently as you could feel it all happening again. I was driving you mad with lust now, you were drooling and wriggling yourself harder onto my fingers, trying to make yourself cum before I might stop again. You looked a mess, your normally immaculate hair and makeup wet and smeared. I encouraged you onwards.

"Oh yes my darling Mistress, please, please cum for me," I begged as my fingers continued to screw you. I leant forward and sucked hard on a nipple, running my tongue over it through your silken gown, driving you more insane with need.

"Oh yes, I'm going to cum, yes!" you screamed as you tensed for the explosion.

And again I denied you, you shrieked and cursed but your body failed you, the feeling subsiding and you wept in desperation! You collapsed, drained and frantic, brought to the very edge and denied three times, you were afire with the urge to cum, you needed it so much now!

Once more I began to bring you to heaven, I was running my fingers through your boiling hot, soaking slit while my tongue probed your tight anus, pushing it's way in. Your poor abused body responded almost instantly and I felt you struggle to force a quick orgasm, desperate, frantic! You pushed yourself against my fingers and ground your arse down hard onto my mouth, trying to bring yourself off, trying to hide it from me. But you had taught me too well my Mistress, I knew how your body responded and try as you might you couldn't hide your oncoming orgasm from me. You grunted suddenly as you felt yourself about to cum but I was ready and once more there was nothing against your needy cunt and frantic clit except cold air.

You howled in desperation, "Not again, oh no! I need to cum, I need it so much!" and then so quietly it was almost a whisper, "Please?"

I kissed your full lips, feeling your thick lipstick smear over mine, and as I did so my fingers re-entered you, three of them driving deep inside your pussy. As you arched your hips up onto them and our tongues entwined I felt you body start to shudder as the long-denied orgasm finally hit you. You writhed and twisted under me, your pussy spasming as your orgasm hit, you tore you mouth off mine and you came, shrieking like a banshee in heat. Waves of contractions running through your body, your eyes wild and glazed, your breasts heaving as you panted and gasped. My fingers and hand were soaked as your juices flooded out of you and the final contractions in your cunt were so strong they forced my fingers out.

As your body collapsed down onto the sofa again I gently took you in my arms, holding you close against me as the shivers ran through you, stroking your hair and waiting until you finally relaxed, your eyes closed, your breathing settled, exhausted but satisfied.

Then, my cock still straining and hard, your loving slave settled down at his Mistress's feet while she slept, guarding and protecting her until the morning.

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