tagNonHumanThe Slayers Ch. 07

The Slayers Ch. 07


"What are we going to do?" Lenny, the guard that hit Carmen asked, "And how did she manage to hide that fucking fork?"

"We?" another guard asked, "WE didn't hit her and how she hid the fork isn't going to matter once Xavier finds out what happened."

"Don't you think we ought to see if she's alive?" Someone else asked.

"What the fuck? Of course she's alive! He turned her didn't he?" Another anxious guard asked.

"Yeah but I don't think it's complete- she could still be dead..."

An anxious silence filled the room as the possibility that Carmen could be dead sunk in.

"I don't think so," Lenny said after a few seconds, "she's turned after the first exchange; the last two are like the sealants."

"Whatever," someone else said. "The bottom line is this; all of our asses are in the sling. I suggest that we find out if she's hurt or dead and hope that there isn't a mark on her. God help us if there is."

The room again went silent as they remembered what happened to the male who had stolen from Xavier.

"Lenny," the guard by the door called, "since you're the one that hit her, you should be the one to check her out. And for god's sake don't hit her again!"

Lenny looked around the room hoping that someone would offer to check on Carmen. When no one stepped forward, he issued a warning.

"Be ready- she could be faking."

Carmen lay on the floor listening to the conversation going on around her. Her head hurt from where it hit the floor where she had landed. She could already feel a lump growing on the right side of her head but otherwise she was uninjured. She lay perfectly still until the guard was almost on top of her and then she jumped up and made a run for what she thought was the nearest exit.

"Where are you going mistress?" A male servant asked when she ran into him. "What happened to your face?" he asked looking down at her. Which of them damaged you?"

Carmen turned around and looked at the guards. Telling on them would do nothing except get them punished if not killed. She needed to start cultivating allies.

"No one," She replied looking at Lenny. "It was an accident, I tripped over the rug."

"Mistress, if any..."

"Are you deaf?" Carmen asked tersely. "I said that it was an accident."

"Yes Mistress," the servant replied. As far as he was concerned the subject was closed. One did not argue with the mate of one's master any more than they argued with the master. May I get anything for you?"

"When is it coming back?" She asked.

"It mistress?" The servant asked confused.

"Yes it," Carmen replied. "The one you call master. When is it coming back?"

The guards looked at each other in shock. No one ever disrespected the master and here his mate was referring to him in a derogatory manner.

"He didn't say," the servant replied. "Was there anything else?"

"No," Carmen said not looking at him. "Leave and close the door behind you-wait is this house bugged?"

"Bugged mistress? I don't understand."

"Bugs- listening devices so that he can hear what's being said from anywhere in the house; are there any?"

"Only the intercom system," the servant replied.

"Good now get out," Carmen said. When the servant was gone, she turned to face the guards. "I just saved your asses."

"What do you want?" the guard by the door asked.

"Right now nothing, but don't you ever forget what I did."

All of the guards with the exception of one nodded. He didn't like the master's bitch and he'd rather take his chances with him than with her. He watched as she walked around the room and sat in a recliner to wait for Xavier to return. His face scrunched in distaste as he looked at her. She was ugly no matter what anyone said. He curbed his thoughts. No one ever knew when Xavier was around and what the full extent of his power was. That was another reason to not to owe the bitch any favors. He sat back, watched and listened.


Xavier was at 'Phillip's early. He looked around before going inside of the two-story home ironically located just a few blocks from where Amanda Marsh had lived and died. He felt a vague disturbance that came from Carmen, but discounted it to her being her spitfire self-raising hell with the guards. He was greeted at the door by Philip himself and led to a room located in the basement of the club. No guards or weapons were allowed as this was a place of neutral ground and not even he would violate the sanctity of it.

He sat in the room and allowed his mind to wander. Who would have thought that he-Xavier Dubois would have a mate? That she didn't want him didn't matter anymore than the fact that she didn't and wouldn't love him did. What did matter was that he could now have an heir provided that it was a male. If it was a female, she would be loved and cared for, but he would keep Carmen pregnant until he got his son. His cock stirred at seeing Carmen in a few hours. He had to wonder what kind of hell she had raised.

He looked toward the door when he heard Troy and Danielle's voices. They walked in carrying a bottle of wine with a bow tied around it.

"For you," Danielle said sweetly as she sat the bottle on the table.

"Thank you, but I'm sure that you'll understand if I decline," Xavier replied with a smile that didn't reach his gray eyes.

"Why not?" Troy asked. "Don't you care to taste test your own product?"

"I enjoy my own product," Xavier replied. "I just don't care for that extra special ingredient that was added. Please sit and let's get started. I have things to attend to."

Xavier told them what he knew and why he thought that they needed to work together.

"Is there anything else that we should know?" Troy asked.

"No, you now know what I know," Xavier replied.

"I don't understand something," Troy said. "The Slayers don't appear unless something happens so why are they here?"

"I don't know the answer to that," Xavier replied. "Maybe one of the smaller clans did something to attract their attention."

"Maybe," Troy mused, "but I doubt it. In many ways the smaller clans are smarter than we are. They stay under the radar and are small enough that they can quickly move when and if the need arises. If you ask me, when it comes down to it, they'll be the ones to survive."

"Obviously you know something," Xavier said not liking the direction that the conversation was taking.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Troy said with a smile. "I found out a bit of information that I'm sure you weren't aware of."

"Do tell," Xavier said snidely, "I wait with bated breath."

"It seems that several days ago a human woman was killed in her home."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Xavier asked. "The humans rob, kill and rape each other on a daily basis."

"Yes-that is true except that this female was a connected female in her home. One of the lower rogues entered the home, killed her and then left a witness."


"The slain woman's sister is a slayer. That is what brought them here. Do you know anything about this?"

"No- of course not," Xavier replied smoothly, but he was seething on the inside. "I would have told you."

"See darling?" Troy said to Danielle who had remained silent. "I told you that he wouldn't break the terms of our truce. Now, we need to find that lower rogue before he kills again. I assume that you will help with this?"

"Of course," Xavier replied. "But I do believe that we should include the other clans. At the very least they will be acceptable pawns and losses."

"Interesting," Troy mused, "But you do know the history of the smaller clans. They may hate each other but they don't hesitate to join together to protect themselves- again, they are much smarter than we are."

"What's your point?" Xavier asked sharply.

"My point is," Troy said slowly, "is that maybe we should think about doing the same thing. You and I both know that there are clans much bigger than either of ours. If one of them decides to attempt a hostile takeover would either of us survive on our own? I am proposing that we agree to an alliance of sorts."

"Continue," Xavier said wondering what Troy knew that he didn't.

"As you know, the Russians are growing in strength by the day. So far they have New Jersey, Delaware and New York. How long will it be before they look to Pennsylvania and our other states? Then we have the Greeks. They're establishing a strong foothold in the Southwest and they're already looking to the Midwest. Do you see what I'm saying?"

Xavier had been watching the clans that Troy had mentioned for quite some time. His reasoning was that as long as they stayed where they were he didn't care but Troy was right-at some point they would begin to look in their direction.

"I see," Xavier said, "and what are you suggesting?"

"I am suggesting that we form an alliance as the lower clans have. Ours however will be much more structured as we have more to lose. If we do this there has to be total honesty. We cannot afford to keep information from each other."


"Really?" Troy interrupted. "Then perhaps you can tell me why you haven't been forthcoming with the information regarding the lower rogue. Don't bother to lie, my sources are as reliable as yours are. What else haven't you shared with your allies?"

Xavier was caught and he knew it. If they knew about the lower rogue what else did they know about? The only way out of telling anything else was to deny the request for an alliance but if he did that the current truce would be null and void since he violated it with lies of omission. But there was something else. Troy was right. At some point they were going to have to become allies and it was better to do it now instead of when there was no choice.

"I apologize for not mentioning the lower rogue," Xavier said. "It was an oversight on my part. You must forgive my neglect as I have found my mate and have been very distracted. I am sure that you understand."

"Well then, congratulations are in order!" Troy exclaimed. "But back to business. Do you agree that we need to form a lasting alliance?"

"Yes," Xavier replied after a few minutes of thinking about it. "I also agree that the alliance needs to include a full disclosure clause."

"Good," Troy replied. "I agree and I also will give my word not to attack or to do anything to undermine your operation as long as the alliance is in effect. I expect you to do me the same courtesy."

"Agreed," Xavier replied hating to do so but it had to be done.

They spent the next hour hammering out the details of their alliance. When they had it to their mutual liking, Xavier called for a scribe who wrote the details down and then had both males sign it in their blood.

"Just a moment," Xavier said when the scribe stood to leave. "Troy, I think that your lovely mate Danielle should sign as well. I am well aware of how much influence she carries with your decisions."

Troy looked at Danielle who was looking down to hide her expression of frustration. Her not signing the agreement had been their loophole. She would have been able to do things and then say that she acted independently and that she hadn't signed an agreement. They would have had to make a show of her being punished, but it would be just that; a show.

"I agree as long as your mate signs it as well," Troy said thinking and hoping that Xavier would decline.

"Of course," Xavier replied. "It's only fair. If you will wait here, I'll have her sign it then your mate may sign."

"I want it witnessed," Troy said, "and it must be signed in her blood. Oscar- are you able to accompany Sire Dubois to his home? My mate and I will enjoy some of your fine wine while we wait."

"But of course," Oscar replied with a small smile. "It will be my pleasure."

"Shit!" Danielle swore when she and Troy were alone. "There went our loophole, but there's more he hasn't told us. When he gets back here he has to tell us what it is."

"I agree," Troy replied stroking her hand, "but I'm curious about this mate of his. Who is she and where did she come from?"

"Does it matter?" Danielle asked a little jealousy showing. She hated for Troy to express interest in a female whether she was mated, old or human.

"Yes my love, it could matter," he soothed. "We don't know what her gifts are or even if she has any other than those she inherits from Xavier. If she was human then her gifts are just beginning to manifest and I want to know what those gifts are."

"True," Danielle admitted her jealousy abating. "I hope that she gives him hell."


"Sire has returned," a servant said. "He is on his way to speak with you."

"So?" Carmen asked. "Am I supposed to say welcome home honey?"

"That would be nice," Xavier said as he walked in followed by Oscar. "I have a paper for you to sign and refusal is not an option. As my mate you are obligated to do as I say and I can and will force the issue if you refuse."

"What am I signing?" Carmen asked not really caring.

"It's an alliance agreement between us and another clan," Xavier replied. He was under no obligation to tell her but he knew his new mate well enough to know what would happen if he didn't. He planned to have a long discussion with her about how things worked in his world. But that was for later.

"Why should I sign it?" Carmen demanded. "I don't care if you bastards kill each other off, in fact; I wish you would."

Before she knew what was happening, Xavier was standing in front of her, grabbed her arms and had her out of her chair his face less than an inch from hers.

"When I enter a room you will stand and address me as either sire or by name. You will do as you are told without question and when you are told to do it. Now- you will sign this paper and you will do it now."

She started to argue with him and decided to comply. Her mother used to say, "You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar." It was time to start taking that advice.

"Where do you want me to sign?" She asked with feigned sweetness.

"That's much better," Xavier said with a smile that told her that he wasn't fooled. "You will need to sign your name in blood and remember to sign with your new last name."

Carmen didn't flinch when Xavier took her hand, brought it to his lips and nipped it with a sharp fang. Oscar was standing beside him with a quill type pen in hand and handed it to Xavier. Xavier dipped the pen into the flowing blood and handed it to Carmen.

"Sign it."

"Son of a bitch," Carmen grumbled as she signed her name on the paper. She was tempted to misspell the last name but didn't. All it would do was piss him off and he'd be back with another one for her to sign.

"Beautiful penmanship," Xavier commented when he checked the signature. "I shall return shortly, be ready for me."

Carmen bit back a response and turned away.

"What?" Xavier asked teasing her, "no farewell kiss for your mate?"

"Go to hell," Carmen replied and walked away.

Moments later, Xavier was back at the club.

"It's signed," he said to Troy. "Now your mate signs it."

Danielle signed the paper clearly unhappy about it, but they had no choice. Now they needed to find out what else Xavier knew.

"You know nothing about this detective?" Troy asked after Xavier told them what else he knew.

"You know what I know," Xavier replied. "I am still searching for information. All I can tell you is this; the death of the human woman started something. At first I believed that it was accidental. I am coming to believe that less and less as time goes by. I don't believe that she was a planned target. No one in their right mind would target the family member of a slayer. I have an investigator working on several things- looking for the lower rogue and who he belongs to as well as finding information on the female slayer and the detective."

"Please," Troy said, "allow us to help with the investigations. We will have the detective researched and see what we can find out about the originals. I would suggest that we have our investigators make contact with each other so that there is no duplication of tasks and to share information."

"Agreed- who are you using?" Xavier asked.

"His name is Anthony," Troy replied. "You?"

"Cherie- I'll call her now."

Danielle watched the men work and didn't like the degree of independence that Troy was showing. It confirmed that he really didn't need her guidance. She wondered how long it would be before he finally realized it. He considered her his mistress but that could change at the drop of a hat. When they got home she needed to tamp down that independence.

While Oscar went to make copies of the truce for each of them and for his records, Troy decided to be blunt.

"We know that you knew about the lower rogue. You knew about it before you found your mate and even if that had been the truth, you forget nothing. You were also withholding information about the detective. Withholding such information is in violation of the truce. We have overlooked it this once because like it or not, we need each other. Now that the alliance is witnessed and signed, you are expected to be forthcoming with any and all information that concerns both of us. I propose that we meet once a week and compare notes. Do you have an issue with this?"

"Not at all," Xavier replied.

"Good, is there anything else that you care to tell us?"

"We are still investigating the female slayer but we still know very little about her. We are sure that she is a new mate and thus not trained yet," Xavier said.

"So you think to take her," Troy said. "What purpose would that serve other than to anger them even further? She will know nothing other than who her mate is."

"But if we take her, he will come for her..."

"And bring every slayer in the area with him," Troy interrupted. "They are as protective of their new mates as they are of their children and let's not forget the originals. I think we need to leave her be until we have more information. Do you know where she is?"

"At the moment no," Xavier replied. "Cherie went to her apartment and tried to talk to the neighbors. No one is talking and she offered money."

"Interesting," Troy commented ignoring Danielle's hard glare. He found that he liked being in charge and was coming to realize that Danielle didn't want him to like it. The realization somehow freed him, but he would always consider her his mistress- except in business matters. "I still say that we leave her be for now. If she is new then she is nowhere close to being trained. What say you?"

Xavier tapped his long fingers on the table. What Troy said had merit. The slayer bitch was the least of their concerns.

"I agree, but I still want to find her. She could come in handy."

"Agreed," Troy said. "Shall we talk in few days?"

They parted ways and went to their respective homes. As soon as they reached home, Danielle began to let Troy know that she was displeased with him.

"You made decisions that I should have been a part of!"

Troy silently listened to her list of things that he had supposedly done wrong. If she was to be believed, he had done very little right. It finally dawned on him that he didn't need her guidance nearly as much as she had led him to believe. In fact, he didn't need her at all. She had been holding him back because she liked the control. "Of course she does," he thought. She made him call her mistress rewarding him as if he was a little dog whenever she saw fit. Troy realized that he didn't want or need a mistress in or out of the bedroom. He was the male and it was about time that he started acting like it. There was another thing, it would only be a matter of time before she got angry and forgot her role. Xavier had already implied that he knew who wore the pants. That was why he asked that Danielle sign the truce. It was long past the time that he exerted his authority.

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