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The Sleazy Landlord



This is something new... I play The Sleazy Landlord... He's a sex freak and sleazy as hell... He's always trying to fuck his female tenants in the kinkiest way... This is very freaky and wild... It's just a fantasy... Enjoy


My girlfriend Katie Couric was blowing me, before she went to work. I was ramming my 10 thick inches downing her sucking throat, making her gag and spit all over my cock and balls. I pulled her sexy face, off my cock and slapped it. I made her open those gorgeous lips of hers and I spit in her mouth. She happily swallowed it, smiling big at me, with that beautiful smile of hers. I love that fucking smile. My bitch knows how to turn me the fuck on. I slammed her mouth all the way down on my fucking huge cock. She gagged, but I kept pushing her head down on it, until she got all 10 thick inches in. Her saliva poured all over my big balls and she licked it up, with all 10 inches in her mouth. DAMN, I was turned on. I let her head go and she sucked me feverishly. She loves my cock, all the bitches do, and she loves sucking it. I get at least, three blowjobs a day from her, and they all are great.

"Here it fucking cums baby...FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" I let loose with an enormous load of thick creamy jizz, that she swallowed down, as fast as it entered her sexy mouth. She looked back at me, as my cum flooded her mouth, she looked so fucking sexy. She sucked me totally dry and kissed my cock, thanking it and me, for the breakfast cum smoothie. I sucked her great tits for awhile and then butt fucked her, until she had to go to fucking work. I dumped my load up her ass, just in time. She sucked me clean again and kissed me, as she headed out to work. I watched her wiggle her sweet ass at me, as she walked out the door. Damn, I was still horny.

My big cock twitched, as I thought about, one of my newest tenants, the pornstar Larkin Love. She moved into one of the more expensive condos I rent out. Her husband was out of town, so that was cool. I love fucking married chicks, I get off on it big time. I figured, she's a porn slut and she's behind on the rent, so she was easy pickings.

I had on just a bathrobe and slippers, as I made my way to her place. These are high end condos in a great neighborhood, so they are expensive. You wanna live in a spacious condo in a great neighborhood in LA, then you gotta pay. I looked through her window and saw her working out in her living room. I opened my robe and jerked my cock, as I watched her stretch. She was wearing a skin tight, blue spandex workout outfit and a blue sports bra underneath. She had on a white headband and wristbands, as well. Every time she bent over, she showed plenty of huge milky white cleavage. She has really big white tits and from watching some of her videos, I know she has milk in those tits too. I was so fucking hard.

I jerked my huge cock, while I watched her, I love public sex, so I didn't care if I was in her bushes jerking off. I'm the freakiest and sleaziest motherfucker, to ever walk Planet Earth and I don't give a shit who doesn't like it. She grabbed her huge tits and shook them, I just watched and jerked.

She turned her back to me and bent forward, her black thong showed. Her thick ass was on full display for me and I jerked my throbbing cock, faster and faster. She bent all the way back, her head on the floor, her huge tits were trying to bust out of her sports bra and top. I creamed all over her bushes and didn't shake my cock. I left it wet, as I closed my robe and rang her doorbell.

"Hello Dick, how are you this morning?" She asked with a beautiful smile, on her gorgeous face. Her short black hair was so shiny, especially in contrast to her very white skin. "You dress up just for me?" She smirked, as she sat on her couch and I sat in a big chair facing her.

"As a matter of fact, I did." I smirked back. "I wanted to see how you're doing, since your husband has been out of town."

"Awww, that's so sweet. Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm fine, I was just working out." She smiled.

"I know, I was watching you." I smiled back.

"Excuse me, you were watching me?" She looked at me, bewildered.

"Yeah, I was watching, in your bushes, while I jerked off. I came pretty quick, so the show was good." Her eyes went wide, she couldn't believe how forward I was.

"What the fuck? Why were you watching me in my bushes, jerking off?" She asked angrily.

"First off, calm the fuck down and second, you're really hot and I was really horny." I snapped back.

"I'll call the fucking cops on you. You're such a fucking pervert. You better be glad, my husband wasn't here!" She pushed too far, so I had to put her in her place, real quick.

"Listen BITCH, I'd beat the shit out of your fucking husband, if he was here and you aren't calling anybody. You're late on your fucking rent. I WANT MY MONEY NOW!! If you try and get away with not paying, then I'll have you blacklisted, with all of my real estate buddies and I have a lot of buddies in this town. You'll never find a place like this, in a neighborhood anywhere near as good as this, ever again." I put my foot down and didn't stop there. I opened my robe and showed her my huge cock. Her eyes opened wide and she stared at it, smiling and then quickly looking serious again.

"Show me those tits. NOW!" I took total control and she smiled again, but once again, quickly erased her smile. I jerked my huge cock slowly. She kept staring at it, debating her options. Her eyes never left my, dripping with cum, cock. She licked her lips, then tried playing nice.

"Listen, I'm sure we can settle this rationally, ok? Just give us a few days and we will pay you. I'll forget about you jerking off in my bushes, ok?" She smiled and still stared at my cock. I could see her thick nipples were hard and I had no intention of playing nice, so I pushed forward.

"Don't make me wait any longer. Show me those big, fucking, milk filled tits, right fucking now! It's just like your porn stuff. You're getting paid. I'll forget about the rent you owe me. So you're making money."

She thought about it for a minute and realized I was right. "So I show you my tits and the rent's paid?"

I looked at her and laughed, while I slowly jerked my throbbing cock, now leaking precum. "Oh no, that's just the start bitch. This rent is expensive. You and I are gonna do, a whole lot freakier shit, than that." I pointed at her top and made a motion, for her to take it off.

"No, I won't do it. I may be a pornstar, but I don't cheat on my husband. Especially not with some sleazy old pervert!" It seemed like she wasn't with the program, so I got her with it, real quick.

"Listen whore, I'm not that old. This is the last time I'm gonna tell you... show me those big fucking tits, so we can get this party started, or you and your husband are out on your fucking asses. PERIOD, MOTHERFUCKER!!" The king pimp had spoken!

She thought about it for a minute and realized the power I had. She smiled again, this time she kept it, on her beautiful fucking face. She was getting turned on being dominated and I fucking, just got started. She slowly pulled her spandex top off. She looked at me and pinched her thick nipples through her sports bra. "Is this what you want pervert?" She licked out that long sexy tongue and squeezed her thick nipples hard. She pulled them and wet spots showed up on her sports bra. I was jerking my cock faster, watching her closely.

She slowly pulled her sports bra up and over her tits. I told her to leave it on. I told her I was gonna hold it later, while I fucked her ass doggy style. She moaned and smiled, but she quickly removed the smile. It was too late. I already knew she wanted it and she sure as hell was gonna get it. She was turned on being dominated by a strong, confident, aggressive and sleazy, man. "You love my tits, don't you pervert? You love me twisting my nipples and pulling out my sweet, tasty milk, don't you bitch?" She needed to be reminded who was in charge here, it sure as hell wasn't her.

"Look whore, you're my play toy. Not the other way around. You got it, BITCH? Play with your pussy. Get it ready for my huge cock. Do it now, WHORE!!"

"Dirty old man, fucking sleazy, motherfucking pervert. FUCK YOU!!" She yelled, but she took her pants off and her black thong. She was clean shaven, no pussy hair at all. Her beautiful, wet pussy had full, long lips. Her good sized clit, was so hard. She rubbed it and licked her fingers. She could tell I was into her long tongue, so she stuck it out, as much as possible. She fingered her soaking wet pussy. You could see her juices glistening, on her fingers. The purple nail polish, on her fingers, was wet with pussy juice. This bitch was hot and I was gonna have a lot, of fucking fun with her.

She smiled at me and cussed me, which turned me on more. I knew she was digging me and my domination of her. I love kinky sex and I love sexually dominating women. It makes me so fucking hard. "Tell me how much you want my huge cock in your mouth, bitch! Make it good or I won't shove it in there."

"You're not putting that disgusting, little pecker in my luscious mouth, motherfucker!" She licked her full, red lips, with that gorgeous, long tongue and smirked at me. We both knew my cock, sure as hell wasn't small and it, sure as hell was, going in that mouth.

She laughed and fingered her pussy, with one hand, while she pulled her nipple, with the other. Milk was dribbling out of her nipple. My cock was so fucking hard. I wanted to fuck her silly, but I was enjoying the trash talk too. "You couldn't even fill my luscious mouth, with that little pecker. You would probably cum in a few seconds, once I started sucking you off, you pathetic sleazeball." She, once again, needed to be put in her place.

"I've had hotter and freakier bitches than you whore." She looked at me disappointed. She was caught off guard, by me saying, I had been with hotter bitches than her. I had, so I told her, to show her I'm the motherfucking boss.

She had a banana, on the table, next to the couch. I told her to fuck her pussy with it. At first she didn't want to do it, she was still upset at me for bruising her ego, but she took it and licked it all over with that amazing tongue. She even smiled at me again, as she slowly twisted the banana, in her soaking wet pussy. She looked at me with a very sexy, submissive look, so I dominated her even more. "Crawl over here whore, NOW!!" She thought about it for a second, then finally realized she wanted it and gave in to her urges. She crawled slowly over to me, her long tongue out, her saliva hanging off of it. She was looking right at me, smiling big.

She got to my cock and didn't need any further instructions. She spit on it and licked it, up and down, every fucking inch. She kept spitting on my cock and balls, smiling at me. She licked up all of her spit and let it hang off of her long tongue. She licked under the head, as I looked back at her, making my cock jerk. She smiled, knowing how much I liked it. She kept slowly, then quickly, licking her long, perfect tongue, under my cock head. It felt so fucking good. My huge cock kept jerking. Precum was oozing out of my cock and down it. She smiled big and licked it all up, slowly, her eyes glued to mine.

I smacked her face. "Open up whore." She did and I spit in her mouth. She swallowed it, licking her beautiful, red lips, smiling at me. "Filthy pig whore. Making porn all the fucking time." I grabbed her hair and spit in her face. She licked it off her face and swallowed it, opening her mouth wide for me again. I spit in her mouth, over and over. She swallowed it all and smiled big, licking her lips every time. She wanted to trash talk some more, so we did.

"Fucking pervert. Fucking old sleazy pervert. You probably watch all your female tenants and jack off and fuck them." I did and do. She was hot, she was into the dirty talk and sleazy sex. We were just getting started. It was gonna get wayyyyy sleazier, than this. I slapped her face and grabbed it, spitting in it. "Fucking, dirty old man. " She smarted off, so I spit in her face again, she licked it up and swallowed it. I put my hand around her throat, lightly squeezing it. She smiled and stuck out her long tongue at me. I spit on it. She swallowed it. I let go of her throat and forced her face all the fucking way down on my cock.

She gagged and slobbered all over my cock and balls. I just kept fucking my cock with her mouth and throat. I was the boss, she was there to please me, period! She looked up at me smiling. I took a few pictures of my 10 inches buried in her throat. She smiled big for the camera. I fucked her throat forcefully and relentlessly. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth. I came in her throat. My thick cock, pulsing hard, as huge spurt after huge spurt, of thick cum was dumped down her throat. She swallowed every fucking drop and smacked her lips, loving the taste. She sucked me totally dry and kissed my cock, rubbing her beautiful face all over it, licking it as she did. She has the sexiest tongue I have ever seen. So long and talented, it was licking all over my bass and cock, as she said, "pervert. You get off on making hot chicks suck you off? Does that make you hard motherfucker?"

"Fuck yeah it does, whore. You love sucking my cock, so I didn't force you to do anything." She smiled at me and winked. She sucked my cock some more.

"Come." I pulled her hair and she crawled with me, to the bathroom. She knelt at the toilet. I smacked her face and pulled out my cock. She knew what to do. She opened her sexy mouth and stuck out that gorgeous long tongue. I pissed all over it and her face. She swallowed everything in her mouth and sucked my cock, swallowing every drop of piss, that I dumped in her mouth. "Fuck yeah whore, suck it all down." She obeyed and swallowed every single drop of piss that came out.

She sucked me faster and faster. I spit on her face and she swallowed it down. I picked her up and bent her over the toilet. "You gonna fuck me now, motherfucker? Fuck my ass, you fucking sick pervert. You dirty bastard pervert!" I rammed my 10 inches up her fucking ass and pummeled it forcefully. She squirted all over my legs and the toilet and I just kept ass fucking her. Smacking her ass hard. Smacking it again. "YES MOTHERFUCKER, FUCK MY ASS PERVERT!! YOU DIRTY OLD PERVERT!! FUCK MY SLUT ASS!!" Smacking her ass HARDER! I pounded that sweet thick ass, so fucking hard. In and out, all 10 thick inches thrusting up her gorgeous, white ass.

"You're gonna be my whore, my personal fuck whore. You understand slut?" I smacked her ass really hard and she screamed in ecstasy.

"You want me all to yourself, huh? You love fucking me, don't you bitch? You love slamming your cock, up my sweet ass, don't you pervert?" She was loving my cock up her ass.

"No, you love ME slamming my huge cock up your sweet ass... don't you whore? Say it whore, or I'm gonna stop slamming your ass." Her ass felt so fucking good.

"YES!! I FUCKING LOVE, YOUR HUGE FUCKING COCK, SLAMMING UP MY ASS!!" She looked back at me and smacked my face, smiling big and sticking out that tongue at me. FUCK, SHE LOOKED HOT!!

I dumped a huge load of thick jizz up her ass. I pulled her hair hard and kept fucking her ass, while my cock pumped her thick ass full of creamy jizz. She screamed loud in pleasure. I reached under her and rubbed her fucking clit, at supersonic, fucking speed. She squirted all over my legs again. I pulled my cock out of her ass and shoved it up her bald pussy, fucking it all the fucking way, in and out, every thrust, with raw, lust driven vigor. I pummeled her sweet, soaking wet pussy and smacked her now red ass hard. My handprint all over that sexy ass.

She squirted all over my cock and I pulled it out, turning her around, sitting her on the toilet. I dumped a massive load of thick cum all over that beautiful face. I got it in her black hair too. She looked so fucking hot covered in my cum. She wiped it all off her face, every drop, with her hands and sucked and licked them clean. She sucked me clean too. Jacking me off fast and rubbing my balls, as she sucked out every thick drop of cum.

We went in her kitchen and she fixed me lunch. Lasagna, with a great meat sauce. She is a really good cook. She stared right into my eyes, smiling, the whole time we ate. She licked her food in such a sexy way. I walked over to her and smacked her face, pulling her head back, as I spit the lasagna into her mouth. She chewed it up and swallowed it, smiling the whole time. "I own you now whore. You got it?" I spit in her mouth and she swallowed it up immediately.

"Yes, you sleazy pervert, you own me, I fucking love it! I love you owning me!" She turned me on so fucking much. I pulled her up on the table, by her hair and bent her over. Smacking her ass hard, she moaned loudly. I shoved a wine bottle, bottom first, up her pussy and fucked her hard with it. "FUCK YEAHHHHHH, YOU SLEAZY MOTHERFUCKER. I'M YOURS DADDY!! USE ME!! USE ME!!" She was so fucking turned on, she grunted and moaned, so fucking loud.

She squirted all over the bottle twice. I pulled it out and shoved my whole fist up her pussy. She screamed in ecstasy, "FIST MEEEEEEEE!! MAKE ME FUCKING SCREAM MMMMMMMMM ALL FUCKING DAY AND NIGHT!! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!" I shoved my cock down her throat, as I fisted her pussy hard. I twisted my fist up her pussy and fucked her deep. She squirted all over my hand three times, before I pulled it out. I made her lick it clean and she did happily. She smiled big and slowly licked my hand with that gorgeous tongue of hers. She softly bit my hand and rubbed her face all over it, smiling the whole time. I came down her throat and immediately pissed down it too. She swallowed everything I dumped down, her sucking, thirsty throat.

I squirted an entire can of whipped cream up her ass and ate it out. She moaned uncontrollably on the table, as I shoved my tongue up her ass and ate out the whipped cream. I shoved some lasagna up her pussy and ate every piece of it, out of her pussy. I poured wine in her ass and pussy and drank it all up. She pissed on my tongue and I swallowed that, as she sucked my cock. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop, deepthroating me, licking my balls all over, with her long tongue.

I took her out in my car. She was only wearing a white fur coat and white stripper pumps. She sucked me the whole time I was driving. We stopped at different places and I filmed her walking down the street, with her coat wide open. I filmed her squatting in an alley, pissing. She sucked me off and swallowed my thick load, after she pissed. I love public sex. We fucked everywhere. I fucked her in a Wendy's drive thru. The drive thru worker just stared, as she saw Larkin riding my cock, as we got our food. We acted like nothing was going on and kept fucking.

I let a nerdy looking guy, take pictures of Larkin and I fucking, behind a dumpster. He was so happy, staring at Larkin's big tits the whole time. I fucked her big tits for an hour in a parking lot. I blasted my stereo, so it would draw attention. Two old ladies watched and smiled at us. We got out and I tit fucked her on her knees, so they could see better. She swallowed five thick loads of cum, in that hour alone. I pissed all over her face and in her mouth and the ladies were shocked at first, but then came over, to get a closer look. One of them even put her mouth on my cock and swallowed some herself.

We went back to my place and were fucking on my bed, she was riding me, when Katie got home. She came in and joined us. She sucked my balls, as Larkin rode me. "I'M YOURS DIRTY DICK!! YOU DIRTY FUCKING PERVERT!! YOU OWN ME BABY!! Larkin shouted, as she squirted all over my cock. She ate Katie's pussy, as Katie rode my cock in her ass, reverse cowgirl position. Katie squirted in Larkin mouth and both of them took my thick load, in their mouths. They swallowed it all, smiling big at me and cum swapped, as they kissed. They sucked me clean and we fell asleep together.

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