tagInterracial LoveThe Sleeper

The Sleeper


I had heard many times that the sleeper from Penang to Bangkok was well worth the trip, so I decided to give it a try. As the train departed Butterworth, I settled in for my 20 hour journey. There weren't many passengers and I had the berth to myself, allowing me to stretch out and relax.

The trip throughout the afternoon was relaxed and uneventful, broken only by the stop at the Thai border for immigration. The train then began to fill, as many new passengers boarded the train.

My room to stretch out disappeared as a Malay girl moved into the opposite seat. Mind you, she was a stunner and I was more than happy to sacrifice my legroom.

As she reached up to place her bags in the racks above, I was treated to the sight of her small tits pushing against her chest-hugging t-shirt and sexy thighs exposed by her raised skirt. When I helped her with a heavy box, our bodies briefly rubbed together. She smiled, thanking me for my assistance.

We sat and chatted casually. I let my eyes roam over her body, noticing that she was also checking me out. She introduced herself as Sita, an aerobics instructor from Kuala Lumpur on a holiday, catching up with friends in Malaysia and Thailand. She looked about 19 or 20 and had a great body, as you'd expect from an aerobics instructor.

What did surprise me, however, was her skimpy outfit, unusual for Malay girls, and her openness when she spoke. I started to believe that I had a live one on my hands when she casually spoke about the middle-aged housewives at her aerobics classes who were working on their bodies to win back their husbands who were sleeping around with young, sexy girls. As she spoke she had brought her knees up, giving me a glimpse of white panties beneath her skirt which had ridden up her thighs.

My cock began to grow and I saw Sita's eyes momentarily fix on it. I tried to cover things up, blushing as I did so. I needn't have bothered because Sita responded by spreading her knees a little to give me a direct view of her brief lace panties. I swear I could see the outline of her pussy lips under the tiny fabric.

Suddenly, I did have to cover up my erection as our erotic bi-play was interrupted by a visitor. A plump girl, apparently a friend, dashed up to Sita and began babbling in Malay. After chatting away for a couple of minutes, Sita got up to leave. She told me some old Uni friends were on the train and she was going to join them in the dining car for awhile.

As she left, she winked at me and said she'd be back as soon as she could. This was only small consolation, I thought as my deflated enthusiasm was only matched by my deflated erection.

I tried to be patient, taking the chance to buy a dinner box through the window as the train stopped briefly at a little station. Then I managed to order a beer from one of the passing waiters. Despite these distractions, however, I found myself looking down the aisle for Sita every second minute.

I began to convince myself that I was wasting my time, as a train full of passengers is a difficult place to have an erection let alone a fuck. Nevertheless, my horny state remained.

When Sita did finally return, my frustrations disappeared, replaced by a sense of expectation. And sure enough, my hard-on was quick to reappear.

"Sorry" she said, sitting down beside me rather than in the opposite seat. "It was hard to get away. They were old friends from Uni. Have you eaten?"

As she kept chattering, she moved in closer to me. She was very forward and I was starting to become nervous under the frequent glances of the middle-aged Chinese couple across the aisle. Sita, however, seemed completely unfazed.

I already had a blanket over my lap, partly because of the freezing air conditioning but also to hide my prominent erection. Sita followed my lead, unwrapping her blanket and laying it over her lap. I knew her motive immediately as she reached under the blankets to take my hand and place it on her thigh. This woman was indeed hot.

I gently rubbed her thigh as she reached under my blanket for my crotch. I jumped slightly as she placed her hand directly on my swollen cock through my jeans. I was ready to cum, there and then, as my sex kitten grinned cheekily.

I immediately moved my hand under her skirt toward her pussy, touching the silky fabric of her panties. I felt a touch of wetness, but just as I began to push the fabric into her slit we were both startled by a thump across the aisle.

We abruptly pulled away from each other and straightened ourselves up, as the train steward had begun transforming our neighbours seats into bunks. We bundled our things up as he theatrically rearranged the furniture.

I could see that even Sita's enthusiasm had diminished as our intentions were interrupted again. Clearly, this was the end of our erotic session as we had no other option other than to slip into our separate bunks. As I moved my bags to my bunk, I felt the gaze of the Chinese couple and guessed they were responsible for our recent interruption.

Sita climbed into the bunk above me, giving me a final tempting glance up her skirt at her barely concealed pussy. I wished her a goodnight and she turned, smiling again, and whispered "sweet dreams."

At this point, my only consolation was that the bunks had curtains, giving me enough privacy to pull out my throbbing cock and jerk off. And only after a couple of strokes I was cumming, shooting wads onto the sheets. I tried to remain as quiet as possible, as in so doing, heard small groans above me. It seemed Sita was in the same unfulfilled state as me and was busy finger-fucking her pussy.

I pushed away my sticky sheets and lay back pondering the amazing turn of events of the day. I had trouble getting to sleep, wondering about what might have been and imagining the naked body of the Malay beauty above me.

Finally, I must have floated asleep, as I fell into a dream where I was fucking Sita on our seat for all to see, including the Chinese couple.

I don't know how long I was in a state between dreaming and reality, but I woke to find Sita in my bunk beside me pulling my jocks down over my partially-erect cock. I was startled by her presence but she quickly put her finger to her lips, suggesting I keep quiet. She must have waited for all our neighbours to fall asleep and climbed in when the coast was clear.

Before I could react, she had bent down, taking my cock into her mouth. She began sucking at a frantic pace, stopping occasionally to tease the tip with her tongue. My cock continued to swell until in reached its full seven-inches, and she continued to take the entire length deep within her throat. She was a real sex machine.

I was now fully awake and again longed to touch the pussy that had eluded me up to now. I reached out in the darkness to find Sita's hips. Reaching around under her skirt I felt for the silky panties, but to my surprise and delight, found none. In fact, not only was Sita's pussy pantie-less but it was also hairless, as I happily discovered. Excited to find a shaved pussy, I played with the softness of Sita's bare mound before sliding my fingers down to her pussy lips, already slippery with her juices.

Sita, still hungrily sucking on my cock, must have realised that I was straining to reach her pussy, as she stopped and spun her entire body around so her pussy was sitting directly above my face. I pushed my middle finger inside her sopping cunt and then inserted my thumb, seeking out her clit. Upon touching it, I discovered it was already swollen and her body shuddered as I rubbed the little bud.

The scent of Sita's pussy was like an aphrodisiac and I quickly replaced my fingers with my tongue, lapping at her sweet nectar. I placed my lips against her shaved pussy lips, plunging my tongue deep into her cunt. I flicked at her clit with my tongue and felt her body tighten as she approached climax.

Sita was massaging my balls and cock as she sucked with a long, slow rhythm. I was close to exploding and Sita obviously sensed this as she increased her pace. In turn, I spread her pussy open wide and nibbled on her clit, bringing her over the edge. She shook in orgasm and I lapped up the juices flowing from her cunt. My face was saturated in no time.

Moments later, my cock exploded in Sita's mouth, sending streams of cum down her throat. My orgasm was intense and continued, as I shot a huge load. Sita held my cock deep in her mouth, swallowing every drop of my jism. She continued to suck the last drops from my cock before finally pulling her mouth off with a pop.

We both lay there, head to toe, gasping for breath. I reached out for her hands and we pulled each other up into a sitting position. I whispered "thank you" and she gave me a deep kiss, giving me the strange and exciting sensation of tasting the cocktail of our combined juices. She twisted her body around again and we lay beside one another, lightly kissing and fondling. Sita kept one hand on my now shrunken cock while I lifted her t-shirt and stroked her tits.

We lay together for some time, occasionally hearing footsteps in the aisle. I hoped that no one had heard us in action, and feared the curtains being flung open by a security guard with a torch.

Sita was, as usual, unperturbed and her fondling of my cock had gradually brought it back to life. She had moved her pussy over my cock and was sliding the head along her still-moist lips. This was sending electric impulses through my body.

Finally, she shifted her hips, spreading her legs wide, and pushed the head of my cock into her wet passage. It slid in effortlessly, pushing deep into her cunt. As I slowly started pumping in and out, I fingered her pussy, enjoying the texture of the soft, hairless skin.

Suddenly, Sita pulled off my fully erect cock.

Before I could react she had rolled over and purred, "fuck me from behind".

I was ready to oblige. Pressing my cock between her arse cheeks, I stretched her pussy open with my fingers, before plunging my cock into her cunt once again. She was a furnace inside and I began long strokes drawing my cock out to the tip before plunging back in to the hilt. Our bodies were moulded together like spoons and she was moving with me, her cunt muscles gripping my cock as it slid in and out. Even the rocking motion of the train seemed to add to the intensity.

While we continued this long, deep fuck, I massaged her tits and clit with my hands. Sita could barely restrain herself as she reached orgasm once, twice and then for a third time. I was getting turned on by her climaxes, the massage her cunt was giving my cock, and the sensation of fingering her shaved pussy, and began furiously pumping in and out of her cunt, enjoying this fuck like never before.

As I approached orgasm, I pushed my cock to the limit and shot wad after wad of cum deep inside her cunt. Sita pushed back against my cock and milked every drop she could using her cunt muscles, bringing me to ecstasy. What a fuck.

We lay in this position for a while, holding each other in an exhausted state. I must have dozed off with my cock still within her saturated pussy because I could only remember waking up in the daylight of morning with Sita still lying beside me.

I immediately began to panic, thinking that we will be sprung as we crawl out of bed. But my attention shifted when I got my first full view of Sita's pussy as she rolled over in her sleep. It was an incredible sight, without a trace of hair, and with glistening lips protruding.

I said to myself, "what the fuck" and decided to give Sita the sweetest wakeup of all as I moved my tongue down to her pussy.

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