tagAnalThe Sleeper Train Pt. 02

The Sleeper Train Pt. 02


Lucy crawled out of her bunk to answer the door. Pulling it open to stop the banging, she grimaced at one of the nightshift servers as he passed her two cups of coffee.

"Shift change in half an hour, Lucy."

"Thanks Alex... it always comes around so quick."

He shrugged his shoulders and moved off to start banging on the next door. "I guess someone missed out on hitting the charm branches on the way down." She grumbled. "What?" Moaned Alice, her legs appearing over the side of the bunk as she carefully clambered down the steep ladder. "Oh nothing... I have coffee." Replied Lucy, setting the cups down on the tiny table by the window.

Down the train, Mary awoke, still in her dress from the night before. The silver secret clutched in her hand. She tousled her hair and stripped, smiling to herself as she stood under the hot water in the tiny shower cube. Today was going to be a good day, she could just tell already... and the memory of last night swirled vividly in her mind's eye.

Alice stretched and pulled her top off, throwing it back up onto her bunk and shortly followed by her shorts. Lucy still hadn't got used to her cabinmate's casual approach to nudity, and grabbed her coffee, sipping it and studiously looking out of the window as Alice washed herself briskly in the sink. The two swapped places, Alice brazenly standing naked, letting the last of the moisture dry off her skin as Lucy washed. The bleary morning conversation mainly covering how essential good coffee was.

On the footplate, the engineer rested back as the driver allowed the momentum to ebb from the train. They were on the final approach to the station now, and the engineer was looking forward to getting away from the heat of the furnace. He was alighting at this station, and had a whole 24 hours rest, which he intended to fill with as much drink as he could manage before it put him to sleep. The driver having taken over from Jai, the youngish, smiling blonde, was already turning his mind to water and coal for the engine. They'd get about 45 minutes here, enough time to get everything done but not enough time to have a break.

The sun beat down on the small station, it was another hot day - baked earth giving up dust to the breeze, which coated everything in a fine reddish powder. On the long platform, the station master stood ready, watching the clock and the growing shape of the train. Phil had been doing this a long time, yet still loved it. He listened to the sound of the brakes being applied in the final phase of stopping hundreds of tons of steel and wood, the squealing rising in pitch until it suddenly cut out as the locomotive hissed to a stop right next to where he was standing.

"Right on time, driver!" He called out as a greeting, bustling off to begin marshalling passengers and luggage without waiting for a reply.

Mary stepped from the train, her small bag clutched in a gloved hand. She breathed in the dusty air with a smile on her face, she always loved coming here. There was little to the town save for a gigantic ranch, an equally gigantic mine and, seemingly out of place, a small resort of a luxury far in excess of its price. Walking the half-mile or so to the resort had her sweating, and she revelled in the anticipation of that first splash of water as she slipped into the pool.

Lucy and Alice worked together, hustling linens and cutlery onto the tables, squaring away the dining car ready for the lunch service. The brass watches in their pockets ticking away the time. Like all the workers on the railway, time was an obsession for them and the management of it a skill to be honed.

The cool blue water of the pool slithered around Mary's body as she lowered herself into the water, the whistle of the train piercing the air of the town going unnoticed. Yes, today was definitely a good day.

Jai padded through the crew quarters into the cramped mess that backed onto the kitchen. Picking up a plate of congealed looking food, he snatched a glance at the two girls working in the dining car. He could only see the back of their heads through the kitchen, and he shook his own, rolling his eyes at himself for overthinking things this early in the day.

The day slipped past, as days do when you've got nothing planned, and soon enough Mary found that the sun was setting. The heat of the day slowly dissipating, but not yet lost to the chill of night. She was standing on the small balcony of her room, wrapped in one of the white cotton robes of the resort, the fluffy white fabric soft against her skin. The view went dark as a blindfold slipped over her eyes, tightening behind her head. "My dear, I do so enjoy running into you from behind." Purred that same soft voice as her hands gripped the wooden railing.

"M-my husband..." Her words were cut off as the soft voiced man redirected her sentence "...isn't here." She could hear the smile on his lips, before his hands tugged at the knotted cord, opening the robe and pulling it swiftly off her shoulders. She felt it puddle around her ankles, exposing her naked body to the desert. With her heart hamming in her chest, she stood there sightlessly, those warm hands smoothing over her pale skin. Squeezing, cupping, sliding, moving over her body with a confident ease.

Alice smiled to herself, perching on the edge of the battered lounge chair that the tall, blonde driver was sleeping in. His head was tilted back, and now that she was up close and personal, she could smell the sweat, smoke and dirt on his skin from a long shift. She reached out and slapped his cheek gently.

"Wake up, sleepyhead."

He grunted and sat up a little, turning pale blue eyes on her, "W-what's up?"

"I'm on break in an hour. Come to my cabin, I want to have sex. What do you think?"

He looked blankly at her for a few seconds, "Uhh... yes... I'll see you there."

She stood up, "Oh... and have a shower and a shave first, you're disgusting." She flashed him a smile and bustled back off through the kitchen and back into the dining car.

She couldn't suppress a little squeal as one of his fingers probed her rear entrance, that voice reappearing in her ear, tutting like a resigned teacher, "I'm disappointed, my dear, I expected better after last night." His hand pressed against her back, bending her over the railing. She could feel the smooth wood folding her in half, then his hands taking a cheek each and crudely pulling them apart. Heat prickled her face as she blushed deeply, who was this man to expose her like this? That most private part of her body so gratuitously exposed, her cheeks being held firmly apart by his gasping hands. She heard that chuckle again, and he released her, a little parting swat being delivered.

A warm dribble landed on her back, her brain slowly realising that it was oil she could feel. Running down the curve of her back, sliding around her hips, flowing over her behind and down her legs. His hands started moving, picking up the oil, working it into her skin, making her bite her lip as his hand slid between her legs, only to withdraw frustratingly soon. She grabbed the railing hard, squeezing her fingers against the unforgiving wood as the head of his cock pushed against her hole. She had barely made sense of the oil, and now he was inside her again. The same smooth strokes as last night on the train, memories of rushing wind and rattling metal coming back to mix with the darkness of the blindfold and the smell of the desert.

She could hear slight creaks from the wooden railing, each of his thrusts bumping her hips against it. Her breasts jumping on her chest, to the slap-slap-slap of his hips crashing into her cheeks. Mary held the railing tightly, she could feel her fingernails digging into the wood, until with that same jerking, sudden loss of rhythm as before, he was spent. He withdrew and her knees buckled a little, an excruciatingly embarrassing dribble of semen bubbling from her freshly reamed hole. She tore the blindfold off her head, finding herself standing in darkness, not a light to be seen within her room. Breathing hard, she picked the robe up from the floor and shrugged into it, groping her way into the room and finding a light switch, gazing around to see no sign that anyone but her had been there.

Alice lay on her bunk, feeling the rocking of the train, watching the clock and waiting for the blonde driver to arrive. There was a knock on the door and she hopped down, answering it already naked and grinning at the surprise on his face. He recovered from the shock quickly enough, matching her grin and reaching out to grab her hips as he walked in.

Lucy returned from taking dinner to the driver, brushing off the unpleasant leering of that same engineer from last night. She took a moment to lean against the polished wooden bar, looking over the dining car with a few late night patrons sitting haphazardly along its length. Alice had disappeared on an extended break, but the payback was that Lucy would get to finish early in return. However, she wasn't back yet. Lucy shook her head, glancing around the car and making her decision. She hurried through the tight corridors to the crew car, reaching their shared cabin at the exact moment the door opened and Jai, the tall blonde driver stepped out. "Hi." He mumbled sheepishly at her as they squeezed past each other, and she pushed the door open.

"Oh, for fucks sake, Alice, open the window!" She chided her cabin mate, the tiny room reeking of sweat and sex. Alice's head popped up from the bunk, her face and chest flushed.

"Sorry, I'm late aren't I?"

"Yes you are! Hurry up!" Lucy stood there with her arms folded, her head tilted to one side as her friend clambered out of the bunk, "So... good fuck?"

Alice was bent over, wriggling her feet into the black boots. "Well... the fucking... not so good, the guy's got a surprisingly small cock."

Lucy laughed, "Oh, I'm sorry that your overly-long sex session in the middle of your shift with a handsome man wasn't perfect!"

"You should try him out, Lucy, he's great with his mouth and it might stop you diddling yourself to sleep every night!"

Lucy blushed bright red, making a few weak noises of protest.

"Seriously, just fuck him, you'll enjoy yourself... and sorry I'm late again." Alice dashed out of the room, the sound of her hurried footsteps quickly fading.

Lucy flopped down on her bunk and stared at the bottom of Alice's. Maybe she would... then again, how on earth are you supposed to do that? How did Alice do it so casually and with such ease? She rolled onto her side, reaching out for her ever present companion, a battered yellow teddybear.

In her hotel room, Mary climbed out of the large bath, towelling the fragrant water from her body. She felt so violated, yet so alive at the same time - it was as if something in her psyche was being tapped into, fizzing and sparking. Tucking herself into the huge bed, she drifted off into a deep sleep, more relaxed than she had felt in a long time. Fragments of his hands, his mouth, his cock inside her, all drifted and eddied around her dreams. Would the soft voiced man visit her again tomorrow?

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Enjoyed it, but...

I'm somewhat confused...so many female characters, I can't tell who is who. In addition, so many "blondes" that were male. As I understand it, a blonde is a female, a male is a blond.

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