tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sleeping Princess Ch. 07

The Sleeping Princess Ch. 07


King Jamie looked terrible. He'd lost weight, his hair was long and ragged, and the bags under his eyes were bruised and purple. If anyone asked, he merely smiled and blamed it on the sleepless nights with the new infant princess Aurella. No one believed it, however, as he spent more time training in the yard with his knights than in a bed. Rosella was not oblivious to her husband's decline. As she watched their daughter grow, the queen felt herself gripped with conflicting emotions. She was so happy to have her beautiful child. However, she'd already decided that once the babe had reached 6 months of age she would leave to become apprentice to Lady Severna. She hadn't told Jamie as much, but she knew his growing anxiety would not stop until the curse upon them was lifted. She was beginning to worry that he wouldn't last another month until the child could be partly weaned.

Jamie knocked his squire to the ground for the third time. The boy's skill was growing, but there wasn't a knight present who could defeat Jamie in the mood he was in now. Thankfully for his men, and the squire, they were training with wooden swords today. The squire scrambled towards the edge of the ring, never quite regaining his feet. Jamie eyed his men, but none of them met his gaze. They must have sensed he'd reached his end.

There was no way he was going to just sit by and watch as his wife left to become the slave to that depraved witch. It was time to fight back. Jamie had been spending as much time as he could with his wife and daughter, but it wasn't how he'd spent the majority of the last 5 months. Instead, he'd been punishing his knights with brutal training exercises. It was important that they grew to fear him, because he was about to ask them to do something impossible. They were about to go to war.

Turning his back on the knights he walked into his armory and lifted down his sword. He hadn't used it since slaying the dragon, and he could still see flecks of dried blood dotting the surface. Although he'd had to destroy the tunic he'd used to wipe the blood, and the scabbard, the blade itself hadn't suffered at all from the dragon's searing flesh. He rather suspected that some of the blood still belonged to the sacrificed slave. Whatever spell Severna had cast not only made the blade sharp enough to sink into the dragon, but strong enough to survive the serpent's blood. At first Jamie had simply displayed it, proud to show anyone who would look the glittering specks of gore donning the blade. Now, however, he knew that this would be the blade he would take into battle. This would be the blade he would use to enact his vengeance, and save his family.

Walking back to the yard, the knights were just getting out of their armor and stretching sore muscles. Stephen stopped midway in placing his breastplate onto the ground. He hadn't meant to, but when he looked up, he'd stared straight into the king's eyes. Stephen took a deep breath before nodding. Jamie didn't have to say a word, the blood speckled sword said it all.

"Ready yourselves, men! The time has come for you to protect your kingdom!"

Jamie's squire ran to the stable while the others replaced their masters' armor. Most of the men were ready when the young man returned with the horses. Jamie mounted and waited for the 24 other men to do the same. Once the last man had gotten his seat, he turned his horse, still without saying a single word, and rode towards the gate. Dimly he could hear Rosella calling his name as he rode out of the castle, he pleas for him to wait ringing through the dull thud of hooves against the packed dirt. Soon enough, however, they had ridden far enough that he could hear nothing above the thunder of his own heart.

* * *

The knights were assembled at the entrance to Lady Severna's castle. Jamie had thought about bringing a wizard, some catapults, trebuchet, anything to even the odds. However, a late night drink with Stephen had convinced him otherwise. The two men had been nursing a bottle of whiskey, trying to come to some kind of battle plan if they ever go the nerve to attack. They'd talked through and imagined so many scenarios it seemed entirely plausible they might actually be able to win. Then Stephen, beginning to slip into a drunken stupor, drowned all their hopes with his last shot of whiskey before passing out drunk on the table.

"You know, she'll probably just cast some spell on the men and we'll all just go mad, burn our weapons to the ground and throw ourselves from a cliff."

Jamie had been pretty drunk, but not enough, apparently. He sobered up very quickly when he realized that Stephen was right. It didn't matter what they did, what they had, she had magic that no other mage had been able to beat for hundreds of years. There was no plan that would so much as even the odds. Jamie had stared at the back of his friend's head, watching it bob gently with each heavy snore. The best they could do was pray for a miracle.

Now, staring at the craggy gates of the mountain fortress, Jamie simply couldn't bring himself to pray. He knew there was only one hope to end this, one hope to win, and he was the only one who could bring it about. Tapping his heels to his horse's flanks, Jamie urged the nervous stallion in front of the group. He raised the visor on his helmet and took a deep breath.

"Come on out, you filthy cunt! Don't you want another fucking from your favorite king? This time I get to make [i]you[/b] beg!"

Jamie's words echoed in the crisp morning air. They almost seemed to hang there, taunting them all, as if thrown back to them. Jamie wondered if he'd blown it, or if she merely needed more goading. Then the gate to the fortress opened. Blazing blue light streamed through the cracks as each door slowly swung wide. He could just make out the silhouette of the witch within the glare. Her laughter sprang across the space between them, spearing each man with fear. From the bright light within, dark shapes began to emerge. Skulls and bones were flying through the air, pulling themselves together to form skeletal bodies, which marched into lines in front of the sorceress. They held knives, swords, lances and spears. Jamie remembered the bones plastered to the wall behind the throne. The bones of a hundred fallen warriors. The bones of the men she'd killed.

"That's right, king Jamie." Severna stood before them, naked but for a few chains that hung from her hips. Her silver hair billowed in the wind as she held out her hands. One grisly creature placed a staff into her palms, the top radiating a blue, pulsing light that seemed to drive off the growing dawn instead of adding to it. "Now I will add your bones to theirs."

Jamie knew his knights were terrified. He too was terrified. He'd hoped she might actually consider his offer, and if he got close enough, he'd kill her, but it was obvious she wasn't going to lift her skirts that easy. The skeletal warriors stared at the mounted knights, their cavernous sockets seeming to suck the very souls of the men right away. He could already sense that they were ready to flee. Horse hooves danced nervously, the fear from their riders seeping through the reins. Jamie took a deep breath and began his attack.

Slowly he rode forward, doing his best to keep his eyes directly above the sorceress's right shoulder, away from her gaze, and away from the soul sucking monsters at her side. He found himself staring at the glowing staff. Streaks of light pulsed from it, sparking then floating towards the undead army. Something about the way they had emerged from the wall, and the way she gripped the staff was niggling at his brain. As he moved closer, he felt a moment of doubt. It couldn't be that easy. He plastered a sneer on his face and was rewarded when he noticed one of Severna's raven brows lift in amusement. Good, she wasn't afraid of him.

"So, lady, are you ready for another fucking? You look like hell."

The witch scowled, her eyes beginning to glow bright, taking on the same blue as her staff. Never call a woman ugly, Jamie knew, it was certain to piss her off.

"In fact, you look at least 10 years older than last we met. What happened, did I wear you out that bad?"

Severna's whole body had begun to tremble with her anger. Her eyes blazed as bright as her staff, shooting sparks as well. She gripped her staff even more tightly, the fiery orb blazing with blue light. The skeletal army raised their weapons and shouted; a horrifying manifestation of her anger. The soldiers strained towards him. Jamie imagined they'd be salivating with eagerness if they still had tongues. The witch looked ready to explode. Her breasts were heaving with her rage, the taut nipples so hard he thought they might pierce his armor.

King Jamie stopped his horse when he was a few yards away and dismounted. The road to the castle was slightly uphill, so he was not able to stare her down as he'd hoped, but at least he had the satisfaction of seeing that a blush had begun to creep up her jiggling chest, to her neck, finally blooming in her dark cheeks. She wasn't just angry, she was worried that he was right. Jamie slowly drew his sword, holding it loosely at his side, and moved his gaze so that he appeared to be looking right through her.

"Come on, whore," he whispered. "You know you want it..."

The cry from the gruesome horde was nearly drowned out by Severna's own screech as she threw herself at King Jamie, her staff crashing into his sword with a sound like lightning. His knights were engaged in battle with the undead, chopping off arms and heads that would soar right back into place in a swirl of blue radiance. Jamie completely ignored the cries of his fallen comrades, his entire being focused on parlaying the vicious blows raining down on him. Severna was taking her anger out through both her physical attack and the magically controlled army. Jamie had hoped this would prove to be too much for her to concentrate on both, but her control was immaculate.

Startled, and terrified, of the power contained in such a small but voluptuous frame Jamie found himself being pushed back so fast he was stumbling to stay upright. When his boot caught the edge of a soft patch of dirt he slid, falling hard to the ground. Lady Severna screamed in triumph and raised her staff high above her head, swinging it down far too quickly for Jamie to get out of the way. Desperately he thrust his sword forward as a shield, his eyes closed as he embraced that death was near. He only prayed that this was the end and that his wife and daughter might be spared her wrath.

The force of the blow was so intense he felt as if his sword arm was shattered. A loud crack, followed by a sick sucking noise could be heard above the battle. Jamie was certain that he must be dead, since he didn't feel any pain from what must have been a crushing strike. Suddenly, everything went silent, and he peeked through one eyelid. The enchanted sword, still flecked with dried dragon's blood, had pierced through the glowing orb of the witch's staff. She stared in open mouthed shock as the blue light began to pulse, first slowly, then rapidly, until it exploded, knocking everyone on the field straight down to the ground.

Jamie tried to sit up but was only able to pull himself up onto his elbows. He saw his men sprawled on the ground, also having difficulty rising, while some didn't move at all. Then movement caught his eye and he saw the skeletal warriors. They were being encased in the blue light that had escaped from the orb. Slowly their bodies began to materialize over the bones, sinew and muscle, organs and finally skin appearing to grow from the pulsing light. The men were almost whole again, except for their eyes. Their souls were still trapped.

Lady Severna had scrambled onto her hands and knees, staring in horror as the hundreds of men she'd enslaved began to walk towards her. The blue light was fading from their naked bodies, but now it began to pulse behind her eyes as she watched her former slaves, the source of her powers, approach. The first one to reach her lunged forward. She ducked out of his grasp only to be grabbed by another. His fingers wrapped tightly about her throat as he raised her up, balancing on her tip toes while she struggled for air. Some of the men had begun to stroke their cocks as they stared at their tormentor, now helpless against them. The man who was holding her up let go. The witch dropped and was caught by two more men who held her upright as the first man grabbed her ankles. She began to scream hysterically when she realized that she was about to be raped.

The man did not wait, he slammed his cock deeply into her pussy, holding her wiggling body to him with a surprising strength. She screamed again, this time in a mixture of frustration and pleasure as his cock pummeled her cunt relentlessly. One of the men holding her lifted the sorceress higher and positioned his cock so that it slid into her tight ass as well. More men moved in to hold her tight while the two men fucked Lady Severna from both ends. Her head had fallen back and she was screaming vile epithets and curses at them, but to no avail. When the first man finally took his pleasure, grunting as he spilled his seed, Jamie saw the woman's eyes flare blue and a bolt of light streaked down her body and into the warrior's. The man smiled and his body faded. Quickly he was replaced by another warrior. The sorceress screamed again, this time a near moan, as the next man filled her with his massive cock. The rest of her army eagerly lined up, prepared to retrieve the rest of their souls.

King Jamie was fully prepared to stay and watch his enemy scream as the undead army raped her unto death, but Stephen was at his side, urging him to leave. The men, although fascinated by the horrible scene, were eager to be away. With some reluctance, Jamie mounted his horse and they rode back to the castle, leaving only one man behind to ensure that the witch met her end once her slaves were freed.

* * *

Rosella paced nervously in the throne room. Her ladies tried to comfort her, saying that all would be well, that the king would return soon, but the queen was too distraught. She had tried to nurse her baby girl, Aurella, but to no avail. The infant could sense her discomfort and Rosella had given her to the wet nurse to be put down for a nap. Now she could do nothing more than pace the throne room, wracked with guilt. She'd known Jamie was about to snap, she'd known he wouldn't last the 6 months, but she'd deluded herself in the hope that she could be a better mother to their child. Instead, she'd failed as a wife, and now her husband was likely dead.

The sound of hooves on the cobblestone of the inner bailey finally shook her out of her mood. She was terrified as she heard spurred boots and armor clanking towards the door. The knights had returned. Was Jamie among them?

The large wooded door swung open and Rosella cried out in relief as she saw her husband stride into the great hall. She wanted to throw herself into his arms but was stopped by the intense look on his face as he bore down on her. He was throwing his armor onto the thresh floor, the metal making a soft thud against the woven reeds. Rosella backed away until her knees hit the throne at the end of the hall, watching his approach with wide eyes. He'd removed all of his armor and was unbuttoning his tunic by the time he reached her. Without a word he threw his clothing to the ground, standing half naked before her. Rosella's eyes raked across her husband's body, noting the huge bulge in his hose.

Jamie grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and pulled her into a crushing kiss, his mouth claiming her there before the entire assembly. Rosella heard her ladies in waiting gasp with shock, then Stephen's voice ordering everyone to clear the room. As the last door closed Jamie reached behind his wife and undid the laces of her gown, roughly stripping her, pulling the chemis down as well until she stood naked before him, wearing only her slippers. He nearly ripped off his hose in his urgency and pulled his queen against his hard body, her softness molding to him. Rosella was so happy to see him, alive, she didn't mind the roughness of his embrace. Instead, she matched his intensity, wrapping herself around him, one of her hands sliding between them to grab his cock.

Jamie hissed in pleasure then shoved her backwards onto the throne. Rosella landed in a sprawl. Instantly Jamie was between her legs, nuzzling her pussy lips open and nibbling her clit. Rosella cried out in surprise then delight as his mouth worked over her heated flesh, bringing her rapidly to her peak. When he placed a finger inside her molten entrance she exploded with desire.

Jamie lifted her trembling body and sat down on the throne himself, lowering her onto his throbbing cock. Rosella was quick to arch her body, rolling her hips to take him deeply inside herself. Jamie held her hips tightly against his loins then began to lift her petite body up and down, grinding her onto his cock. Rosella felt her body tensing, building towards another powerful orgasm, and tried to move her body faster and harder, but Jamie held her tightly. He forced her to maintain an excruciatingly slow pace, moving his cock fully in and out with each thrust. The queen began to thrash her head back and forth, moaning in pleasure, her hands gripping his wrists futiley.

Jamie leaned forward and took one of her rosy pink nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. Rosella screamed as her whole body exploded, the sensation rippling from her tits to her clit, right into the core of her womanhood. He let go of her hips and she began to grind furiously against him. One of his hands held her bouncing tit still so he could suckle it more firmly while the other reached between them and began to rub her swollen clit. Rosella had not stopped her orgasm yet when her body exploded again, the tremors making her entire body hum with pleasure. Wave after wave hit her as she gushed her sweet nectar onto her husband's cock and the padded throne. She was screaming so loudly she was certain the entire castle could hear, but she no longer cared. The only thing that mattered was that her husband was alive and making love to her again.

Finally, with a roar of primal need, Jamie thrust his cock as deeply as he could, shooting his seed into his queen's womb as her body collapsed against his. They lay there, naked against the throne cushions, for at least a quarter hour. Rosella lay limply, listening to the sound of Jamie's heart beat while he stroked her long blond curls. Finally they could be together, in peace.

* * *

The knight watched as the last of the gruesome warriors shot his jizz into the limp sorceress and faded into the twilight. They'd fucked her in every hole, barely giving her a moment to breath between one man's assault and another. He could see the blood and cum dripping from every orifice as she lay, unmoving in the dirt. At first she had orgasmed so many times the knight had lost count. After a few hours, however, the pain began to outweigh the pleasure. At one time he was certain she passed out, but the former slaves slapped, pinched and prodded her until she regained consciousness, then began their battery again. The knight found himself fascinated against his will, and masturbated several times as he watched.

Finally, he dared approach. At first he hoped she was dead, he didn't like the idea of killing a defenseless woman, but as he neared, as he stared at her abused body, he began to feel his cock grow once more. Perversely he wanted her to be alive, so that he too could use her. He tried to shake the thoughts away, but the compulsion grew inside him almost against his will. When he reached her he saw that, indeed, her breasts were rising and falling in shallow breaths.

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