tagLesbian SexThe Sleepover

The Sleepover


A few years ago, I broke a lot of taboos for my own pleasure when I got a surprise request from a friend.

I was putting away some dishes in the kitchen one Thursday night in late November when the phone rang. I answered it.

"Hello Frederika, it's Angela. Can we talk for a minute, dear?"

"Sure. I haven't seen you since the fundraiser at the Indigo Cafe last month, and we barely had a chance to chat." Angela, a well-known local real estate agent, and I had both volunteered for a committee rustling up private donors for new diagnostic equipment for the city's general hospital, and had hit it off in the two years we'd known each other.

"I know, it's been crazy. Look, I need to ask you a favour."

"What's going on?"

"Well, I promised Sophie a sleepover with Tessa on Friday. You know, this is their last year at Cavendish House together before Sophie goes to Yale on her English scholarship. And they're both so busy -- Tessa's captain of the volleyball team again this year -- so it's been hard to find the right weekend."

"Oh, I know what you mean about busy," I said. "I was hoping to get away for some skiing with the rest of the clan this weekend, but I fell off my bike on Monday and banged up my knee a little bit. Nothing serious, but no skiing for me. I'll be alone for the next three days."

"You poor dear!" said Angela. "These icy roads are so treacherous. I wonder if I should ask someone else..."

"Angela, just tell me what you need."

"Well, Dan Horvath from my office came down with pneumonia and can't go to the Property Realtors of North America conference in Toronto this weekend. They're pulling me in to do his presentation. In and out. I'll be back Sunday afternoon."

"So, let me guess," I said. "You don't want to tell Sophie she can't have her sleepover, but you also don't want to leave the girls unsupervised."

"Would you be a dear? Come over on Friday at 5:30. Sophie will let you in. I've made vegetarian lasagna and left it in the fridge. Oh, and it's just the one night. Sophie will stay over at her father's place on Saturday."

"Any house rules, Angela?" I inquired with a smile in my voice. I was starting to get excited about the opportunity in front of me.

"Oh, the usual," she said. "No boys. No alcohol. Lights out by 11. I signed Sophie up for Saturday morning yoga, and she needs to be there by 7:30, so ..."

"I'll take care of everything," I said. "Have a safe trip."

My heart was pounding and my cunt was clenching with excitement as I hung up the phone. It wasn't simply the prospect of spending the night at Angela's new, three-bedroom West End house with two beautiful 18-year-old girls. It was the memory of what had happened at the fundraiser lunch last month.

The organizers had provided an assigned seating plan, and Angela, as a gold-level donor, was seated at the long central table. By chance, I wound up at a back table, nestled in between Sophie and Tessa, both of whom had helped out at the flower basket sale in September.

During the five-course meal, Tessa told me she wanted to be a nurse when she finished her university sports career, and put her hand on mine when she was talking to me. Sophie told me she loved my new black silk dress from H&M, and took multiple photos of the three of us squeezing together with her iPhone.

Frankly, I was so utterly turned on by the feel of the girls' soft skin, the scent of their freshly shampooed hair, and their young, firm breasts pressing up against me that I didn't care much that Angela and I only got to speak briefly afterwards. My mind was consumed and my pussy was soaked with the thought of fucking Angela's daughter and her best friend.

When I got back into my car afterwards, I pulled up my dress, yanked aside my panties, and frigged off to a raw climax in the front seat, in broad daylight, not caring if anyone saw me.

Now, I wanted to teach those two young flirts a thing or two, and I had a plan to carry out -- if all the signs were right.

On Friday evening, I stood at the kitchen island in Angela's house, sipping a glass of red wine and watching a light snow fall on the backyard. The girls were chopping up cucumbers and carrots for the salad. Tessa was in blue silk pajamas with three buttons undone at the top, while Sophie wore a long, lace-fringed pink nightie. I'd turned the heat right up when I got in since it was well below freezing outside.

I wore a tight, low-cut green rayon blouse, which, along with my underwire bra, emphasized that I had the biggest, most perfectly shaped, and most desirable breasts in the room. I also had a pair of new Levi's jeans that made men and women alike stare lustfully at my ass whenever I walked past. I'd caught Sophie looking at it in the mirror right when she let me in.

My knee was a little bruised, but feeling much better. I wasn't limping anymore. In fact, I felt really good. Ripe. And ready.

"Hey, I'm not going to yoga tomorrow," Sophie said. "They cancelled it because of the snow."

Tessa -- tall and brash with shoulder-length brown hair and sparkling eyes, looking closer to 25 than 18 -- came over to me, extending a spoon toward my mouth. "Wanna taste this cherry tomato vinaigrette I made? It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself."

"I'd love to." I opened my mouth -- and then Tessa's hand fluttered, drizzling the vinaigrette across my cleavage.

"Oh shit! I am so sorry, Frederika," Tessa said, not entirely sincerely.

"That's all right, we're all staying in tonight," I said, meeting her eyes with a firm gaze.

"Here, let me help you clean that up," Tessa said. I sat down on a nearby chair and Tessa brought a warm, wet towel, running it slowly over my breasts -- just the way I wanted -- to get every drop. But there were still a few stains on the blouse, and some vinaigrette had gotten on my jeans as well.

"You know, Frederika, my mom keeps two spare dressing gowns in the guest bedroom," said Sophie, putting the salad on the dining room table. She was as slim and elegant as Tessa was robust. If it hadn't been for her curl-strewn hair being blonde instead of red, she could have been a lookalike for the model in Louis Smith's Holly, a painting of a nude woman chained to a rock that I'd once seen at London's National Portrait Gallery.

"Go get me one, honey," I said, finishing off my wine. "Why not? This is a sleepover, isn't it?"

When Sophie came back with the dressing gown, I slowly and calmly began to remove my clothes in front of the girls. They needed to see what the body of a mature woman, free of inhibitions, looked like.

I handed Sophie my blouse and jeans. "Put these in the laundry hamper." She went off.

I wasn't going to keep my bra and thong panties on, not with Tessa watching me lustfully as she stood next to the oven where the lasagna was heating up. I unhooked my bra casually and cupped my tits in front of her, my nipples aroused from my natural exhibitionism.

Sophie -- more innocent, more of a mama's girl than Tessa -- came back just in time to see me bending forward with my back toward her, pulling down my panties and giving the two girls a very nasty reveal with my asshole exposed -- it felt so good to show it -- and my completely unshaved cunt lips showcased perfectly between my thighs.

"You've got a great body, Frederika," said Tessa.

"Yeah, you totally do," said Sophie, helping me into the dressing gown. I barely did up the waistband, leaving my breasts and pussy half-exposed so that the girls could continue to get a good eyeful, which they clearly loved.

"Why, thank you, girls," I said. "I thought we made a pretty hot threesome at that lunch last month."

"You know what?" said Tessa. "I use one of the photos we took there as a screensaver on my iPad. And when Sophie's mom said she had to go to Toronto, Sophie said right away, 'Can Frederika come?'"

"I'm very glad I did," I said, gathering them into me for a hug and kissing Sophie on the cheek. Tessa, saucily, turned her kiss into a peck on the lips, and gave me a significant look.

I was so turned on by now. I knew exactly what I wanted to happen. But I had to make sure that they weren't just a pair of little cunt-teases. And I knew how to verify that.

A few minutes into dinner, I excused myself, went into the downstairs hallway, and adjusted the central thermostat several degrees lower. I came back and sat down next to Sophie, running my hand through her long blonde curls.

"So how did you girls get to be such good friends?" I asked. "When I was at school, Sophie, usually the English lit girls like you didn't hang out with the captain of the volleyball team."

"Well, we've been at school together for five years, and we just like a lot of the same stuff," said Sophie. "We both like Arcade Fire. Tessa comes to my yoga class whenever she can. We're into classic Hollywood actresses, you know, like Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, and Catherine Zeta-Jones."

"Did you see The Hunger Games, Frederika?" asked Tessa. "We both think Jennifer Lawrence is pretty hot for a younger actress."

"Oh, I wouldn't kick her out of bed," I said with a wicked smile.

Sophie turned pink and erupted into giggles. Tessa said: "Wow, that would definitely have to be a big bed. To fit all four of us, I mean."

"Sounds like a dream come true," I said. "Jennifer should be so lucky." Now they both giggled.

We continued eating, and a few minutes later, I excused myself again.

In the hallway, I turned the thermostat down again, and came back. I could feel it starting to get a little chillier in the dining room.

But when it came to dessert, things heated up again. Sophie brought in a dish of fresh strawberries and with whipped cream on top. "I can't have any because my mom has me on a cleanse," said Sophie.

"I'll have just a little later on," said Tessa. "Frederika, I want to say again that this is just so awesome that you would come over to be with us. It would have sucked if we had to cancel."

The girls pulled their chairs over to me. Tessa got behind me and started kneading my shoulders and neck with her strong, athlete's hands, while Sophie spoon-fed me strawberries. My cunt was so soaked now that I knew that there would be a wet patch on my seat when I got up.

I dipped my finger into the whipped cream and held it out to Sophie. "Taste it."

"I can't, my mom said -- "

"What your mom said doesn't matter right now," I said. Tessa's hands tightened with unmistakable excitement on my shoulders and I felt her dark hair brush against my neck as she leaned forward.

I pushed my cream-covered finger into Sophie's mouth. She obediently took it, sucking off every drop of cream. Then I took her beautiful face between my hands and kissed her full on the mouth. Sophie put her arms around me, our tongues touching with urgent need. Tessa leaned further forward and made it into a three-way kiss, her breasts pressing up against me.

Finally, I broke away. We all gazed at one another.

"Have you noticed it's getting a little chilly down here?" I said.

Tessa laughed. "Why no, Frederika. But yes, maybe a little now that you say so."

"I've adjusted the thermostat but it doesn't seem to be working," I said. "We'll all be much warmer upstairs in your mother's bedroom, Sophie."

Minutes later, I lay spread-eagled on Angela's king-sized, four-poster bed, my dressing gown wide open, with the two 18-year-old girls lying on either side of me. Each of them was suckling one of my tits. Tessa made me moan with the way she sucked me in, nice and deep, while Sophie drove me wild with her tongue constantly flicking and teasing my nipple.

I masturbated eagerly as the two girls serviced me. I'd thought about asking Angela out on a date when we first met at the volunteer committee. But having sex with her daughter and Tessa in Angela's bedroom was even better. I love taboo fucking, and I love being desired so much by two willing young cunts like these.

"That's it, girls, suck me real good," I said in a low, urgent voice. "Show me how much you want to please me. Suck my tits."

"When Sophie and I have sex, we take turns pretending we're you," Tessa confessed. "Nobody knows yet that we like girls, except you, but one time my mom almost caught us masturbating together to that picture of you on my iPad."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," I said. "Do you always play with each other's clits?"

"Uh huh," said Sophie, still sucking my tit.

"I want to teach you how to do something for me, girls," I said, running my hand over Tessa's curves. "Do you want to drink right out of my pussy?"

"Yes," said Tessa. "I love your pussy. I wish my bush looked like yours. I want to fuck you so bad." Sophie nodded in agreement and kissed me on the mouth.

I reached for my hand bag and pulled out a clear plastic bottle full of colorless liquid. "I don't even need this, but I want to teach you the right way."

Tessa lubed up her hand and listened to my instructions.

"Put a pillow under my ass, Sophie," I added commandingly. "And lay down a blanket in front of me. We don't want to soak your mom's quilt."

The whole room smelled of my aroused pussy now. The curtains were half-open and part of me wished I could be watched, getting my fuck on with these two young, pliable high school girls.

My clit was as engorged as it's ever been. I took Sophie by the hair and firmly pressed her face down on my crotch. "Lick my clit like a good girl. Do it!"

She obeyed. "Oh yeah," I gasped. "Oh fuck! That feels so good. Fuck! Now, put those fingers in my cunt like I showed you, Tessa."

Tessa slid two strong fingers inside me, firmly and easily, and began to fingerfuck me. She pressed up against my G-spot, harder and harder.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I yelled. I could feel it building up inside me as my body stiffened. "Oh shit, I need this. Fuck me and suck me, girls! Get me off on Angela's bed. Oh, motherfucker! Yeah!"

Grimacing, I lifted my head just a little and saw the girls: Sophie lapping hungrily at my swollen clit and Tessa, so intent on pleasing me, her arm thrusting furiously into me, her tits bouncing.

"Oh, fuckin' fist me!" I screamed. Tessa inserted her entire hand into my well-stretched hole. I had such an overwhelming feeling of fullness. I had to let it go. As Sophie's young tongue flicked my bead to a huge orgasm, I let go, pushing out hard, and spraying Tessa as I ejaculated, and again a second time. I screamed out and pulled the girls' sweat-soaked, pussy-soaked young bodies up against me, just lying there in an ecstatic heap.

We stayed up all night long, fucking. I gave Sophie her first erotic spanking, while Tessa sat next to us, masturbating and coming loudly. We made a rule that nobody could eat anything that hadn't been in my cunt: Tessa ate her strawberries directly out of it.

Tessa had forgotten her vibrator at home, so we dug Angela's out of a chest of drawers, and she used it as we frigged off together in a circle on the bed, with Sophie and I sharing my Hitachi Magic Wand. And I ordered Sophie to get in front of me and Tessa to get behind me when we formed an anal fingerfucking chain.

There was a lot of laundry to do at 11 o'clock the following morning, but we got through it. After kissing Sophie goodbye, I dropped Tessa off at her house. We made promises to keep our secret and to get together again for another illicit rendezvous as soon as possible.

On Monday, I got another phone call from Angela: "Thank you so much for taking care of the girls, Frederika. Sophie said it was a wonderful sleepover. Dinner's on me next week at Morton's."

"The pleasure was mine," I told her.

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