The Slope

byKrenna Smart©


Disoriented and shivering, Kristen stood frozen at the precipice of a steep ski slope looking down. It was dusk and bitterly cold. Snow and hard pellets of sleet were falling fast and furiously. The trail looked hard and icy.

"Steep, huh?"

The deep, wry voice snapped Kristen out of her trance-like state. She had enough presence of mind not to ask "where am I?" and made no response.

"Do you need help?"

Yes, desperately, Kristen wanted to reply. What's happening to me? Kristen was no skier. She tried it once when she was twelve years old. She'd taken a terrible fall, torn the ligaments in her right knee and vowed to never even think about anything concerning skiing ever again. And she hadn't. Until now. A teardrop leaked under her ski goggle and froze instantly on her cheek. The man standing next to her noticed and flicked it away with a light touch of his leather-clad hand. Kristen started as if jolted by hot current.

It was sexual jolt. Where did that come from she wondered. She wasn't nearly as cold now. In fact she felt heat creeping up her neck to her cheeks.

He felt it too. He smiled inwardly.

"You can't get down, can you?" he asked, brushing her ear with his mouth.

Kristen shook her head. She turned to look at her companion. There was not much to see through the snow and failing light. He was a large man; that she could tell. Six foot two at least but not bulky. Even bundled up in cold weather gear she could tell he was slim and wiry.

"I'll take you down. Trust me. He secured his ski pole with a loop through his belt, then moved to stand behind her. He put gentle hands on her shoulders.

"I'm going to bring you down the hill in front of me. Don't worry; I've done this for my little sister."

His hot breath on her neck didn't feel brotherly - not that she wanted it to.

When she didn't resist he moved in closer, just for a moment. He wrapped his arms around her torso and pulled her to him. She felt his hard muscles and the bulge of his cock against her body. She leaned into him.

"That's right. Trust me," he purred.

She nodded her head and he moved away from her a bit.

"Hold your ski pole by both ends with your hands. Like that." He placed her hands on the pole so it was horizontal. He positioned his hands outside, next to hers.

"We're going to snowplow down, slow and easy. Spread your legs a bit and bend your knees. Good. Now stand a bit pigeon-toed."

He positioned his legs around hers.

"I want you to stay flexible and move with me. Feel my motion. If I shift my weight, shift with me."

Kristen was no longer trembling with cold or fear but with excitement and arousal. Her heart was thudding in her chest.

"Are you ready for a ride?" His voice was thick with desire. The wind picked up and ravaged Kristen's chestnut hair. It flew into his face and he smelled honey and lavender.

Kristen found her voice. "Yes, let's go," she yelled into the storm.

He laughed. "She speaks." They flew off the precipice and onto the hill. Kristen let out a yelp as they hit the slope.

It was not slow and easy. The run was icy and slick with new-fallen sleet. He was an expert skier and knew the run well. He didn't want it slow and easy but fast and hard.

Kristen didn't find her feet at first, so he lifted her up into his arms as he zigzagged down the mountain. They were glued together as he quickened the pace. But she quickly got the feel of it from his shifting hips.

It's like ice skating, she thought as started to move with him. Her hips swayed left and right with each turn they made.

"Good girl," he yelled into her ear, grinning. I knew she'd be good.

"Faster!" she cried. She was fully aroused. Oh my God I'm going to cum! Her body tensed. She rode the feeling; her breath was ragged and hot.

She smells like sex, he thought. His cock was so hard it hurt. He hunkered down and the speed increased.

They moved as one; a sexual ballet on snow. Kristen couldn't stop herself from moaning in ecstasy as she came in a warm, smooth rush.

And then it was over; or was it? Kristen was sopping wet and practically steaming. He was hard and unfulfilled as he snowplowed to an angry halt at the door of the ski lodge. She pulled off her hat and goggles and gave him a glorious smile.

"That was amazing. I've never.... Uh.... Who are...?

She saw the glowering frown on his face. What did I do? She asked herself.

"Glad to be of service, Madam," he said mockingly. "Maybe you can come again some time."

Kristen flushed.

He gripped her upper arm, hard. "I'd like to complete the run. Are you staying here tonight?"

Kristen's sense of disorientation and fear returned in a rush. Suddenly cold, she shivered.

"I.... I don't honestly know."

He pulled off his hat and sunglasses and looked quizzically into her hazel eyes.

"You can't go anywhere in this storm," he pointed out. "Let's get out of our gear and find you a room."

They pulled off their skis and trudged into the lodge's changing room.

Kristen was relieved to have him re-take command of the situation. What's going on? She though angrily. I'm not like this. Clingy and dependent. She finally addressed the real question: How did I get here?

"Wait," she said. I don't even know who you are. Where I'm I anyway?"

He gave her another puzzled look. She stared back. Sapphire eyes. Black hair. Where have I seen them before? Where? She struggled with a vagrant memory which slipped away like a dream.

"I'm Max Pietro. " He stuck out his right hand.

She grasped it as if reaching for a life jacket in a heavy swell.

"Kristen Norquist," she said, trying to smile. Suddenly tears were coursing down her face.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She struggled to regain her composure. She was trembling uncontrollably. "I don't know what's come over me."

"You're frozen for one thing. Practically in shock, I think. We've got to get you out of these things and into something warm. A sauna or hot tub would be best."

Max started to undress Kristen, starting with her ski boots.

"Oh, no. I'm exhausted. I want to curl up into a ball and sleep. Let's see if they have a room avail.... Oh my God. I don't have any money or credit card or even ID. What am I...?" She burst into tears again.

"Forget about it," Max said with a tender smile. I'll take care of everything."

He stripped off her ski jacket. Underneath she wore a low cut, black, silk T-shirt.

"Stand up. Good." He pulled at the Velcro on her ski pants; slid them down her long, well muscled legs. "Now step out. There."

She was wearing mauve, latex tights and thick, woolen, thigh high socks. He raked her body with his eyes and his throbbing erection returned. Her cold depression lifted. He quickly discarded his own outerwear. He was long, lean and muscular as Kristen had sensed on the slope. He was clothed in black -- tight fitting jeans and a cashmere sweater. He pulled a key out of his pocket.

"Stay there. I'll be back."

He went to the locker room to retrieve his shoes and wallet. Kristen watched him move as he exited the room. Yum! His butt was tight and his legs were well muscled. He was back in three minutes.

He smiled. "You look much better. You're getting some color back. Do you still want to go to bed?"

Yes! Her mind screamed. "No. What I am is starving. Could we get dinner? Then maybe a sauna or hot tub? My muscles are going to be tortured tomorrow. I hate to impose...."

"I said not to worry. The lobby's over there." He pointed to his right. You go sit by the fire and I'll round you up a room. Then dinner and whatever."

Kristen grinned. "Yes. Whatever sounds nice." He grinned back.

The lobby was pretty standard fare for an upscale ski resort. It was done up in roughly honed dark wood. There were tasteful prints on one wall. The second wall had a huge fireplace with a roaring fire. The third sported not so tasteful hunting trophies and the entrance was solid glass; some stained, some beveled lead. The desk was under an incongruous, lightly flowered Manet.

Kristen sank into a deep, leather love seat in front of the fire while Max walked to the desk. After a few minutes he joined Kristen looking rueful.

"They're booked solid tonight. It's the storm. But I have a double if you don't mind bunking in with me. I promise to be good."

"I bet you will be good," Kristen said, trying not to leer.

He laughed. "Now that's settled, how about dinner."

"Later," Kristen said in a low voice. "I want to see the room."

That's my girl," Max thought happily. Payday!"

"But I'm ravenous," he said.

"Me, too."

Max chuckled. "For food, my dear."

Kristen faked a pout. "There's room service, right?"

"Good thinking." He pulled her out of the chair, laughing. They practically ran to the elevator which whisked them up to the eight floor. Within three minutes Max was slipping the key card into his door lock.

He ushered Kristen in and shut and locked the door.

"Alone at last. I thought I was going to die of lust on the hill when you came." He pulled his sweater over his head."

Kristen laughed. "You! What about me? That's never happened to me before. I might have lost my concentration and brought us into a terrible fall. We could have been killed."

"You might have caused an avalanche with your moaning."

"I wasn't that loud." Boldly, Kristen reached for Max's belt buckle. "Are you as good in bed as you are on the slopes?"

He yanked her T-shirt over her head. "Better." He unzipped his pants and stepped out of them.

"Hard to believe." Kristen sat and pulled her socks off, slowly.

"Hard, being the operative word. Lift your hips." He pulled off Kristen's tights revealing soft, peach-colored skin and a thick, black bush.

"Oh, my," Max said approvingly. He peeled off his briefs and his cock jumped out like it had a life of its own.

"Back at you." Kristen was stunned by Max's body. He had just enough hair on his chest, which trailed a line down to his thick, pubic thatch. His cock looked delicious. Not too long or thick. Not short.

"I feel like Goldilocks."


"You're just right," she said, reaching for it.

"Not so fast, little one. The Big, Bad Wolf wants some dinner," he growled.

She let out a husky laugh. "You're mixing analogies. Goldilocks.... Oh!"

Max had pushed her down onto the bed and pulled open her thighs. He gave each breast a cursory kiss. "Later, my lovelies." Then he tickled her with his tongue as he moved slowly down between her ribs to her abdomen.

Kristen gasped with delight as he plundered her belly button. He moved with brutal restraint down, down, down. Kristen's eyes were screwed up tight and she clutched at the bed cover.

"Open your eyes, babe. Look at me," Max demanded. Kristen tried to comply but could see nothing.

Finally, Max's mouth took possession of Kristen's pussy. He slipped two fingers into her. She was soaking wet. Then he started sucking very gently on her clit.

Kristen let out a shout, "OhmyGod, ohmyGod, ohmyGod," as she came around his slippery digits.

He let up for a second. "Good?" He asked wolfishly.

Kristen couldn't catch her breath to answer. Her eyes were shut.

"Look at me. Is it good?"

Kristen's eyes fluttered open. "Yeah, good."

"Want more?"

Kristen's eyes widened. "I want you in me."

"Not yet." He went back down on her.

This time he rubbed his tongue very lightly along the outside of her clit as he sucked. Kristen thought she was having a heart attack.

"No. Stop. Too much. Too much. I need...."

Max laughed and slid his body onto Kristen. "Ready?"



"Yeah, yeah."

He plunged into Kristen sinking his shaft in to the hilt with one hard jab. She came again. He stopped.

"Go, go, go," she urged. Her hips had a life of their own.

He pulled out. She groaned. He jabbed her again.


"Now!" he shouted and began moving -- slowly at first, then faster and harder. He tried to last but couldn't. He'd been put off too long.; too many times. She came again and he followed, first with a loud groan and then with low, deep chuckles as he spent and spent. The orgasm seemed to last a lifetime.

They rested. Outside the storm settled into a hard, heavy snowfall. Inside, Kristen and Max struggled to regain a semblance of sanity.

"Was that as good as the ski run?" Max asked when he caught his breath.

Kristen nodded, then snuggled into him. She was asleep within five minutes. Max stayed awake. When he was sure Kristen was really out he called room service. A large steak, baked potato, broiled asparagus, bottles of Bootles Gin, Cabernet Sauvignon, cheap champagne and an ancient brandy were delivered within the hour. Max lingered over drinks and dinner.

Finally satisfied he sipped a brandy and glanced at his watch.

"Soon, now, I think," he said to the wall.

He uncorked the champagne, poured a glass and added a few drops of a clear liquid from a tiny bottle he got from his suitcase. Five minutes later Kristen turned in her sleep and coughed. Then her eyes opened. She looked confused until she turned her head and saw Max.

Her mouth dropped open in horror. "You!"

"Hello Kristen. Have a nice sleep? " He uncorked the champagne. "Here, have some wine. I'm sure you worked up a thirst."

He started toward the bed. She grasped the bedding and drew it up close to her body. "Stay away from me you....."

"Bastard? Pervert? Killer?" Mockingly he completed the sentence for her. "Have some wine. I insist." He picked up the glass of champagne and moved toward the bed.

"No. Get away from me! HELP!!" She started to scream and tried to scramble out of bed.

"None of that." Max grabbed her by the hair and clamped his other hand over her mouth. She struggled to no avail. He forced her mouth open and got most of the wine down her gullet. Her struggles got weaker and weaker. Finally she relaxed into a deep, dreamless sleep.



Disoriented and shivering, Kristen stood frozen at the precipice of a steep ski slope looking down. It was early afternoon and bitterly cold. The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was high. The trail looked hard and icy.

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