tagLesbian SexThe Slumber Party Ch. 02

The Slumber Party Ch. 02


Jillian and Cindy both felt a shock wave pass through their bodies as the full realization of what just happened began to sink in. Up until now the game was more of a tease than anything else. Now it was becoming very different. Willingly, both girls had agreed to do whatever Mary wanted. They were completely at her mercy, and there was nothing they could do about it. They truly were Mary's sex slaves.

Mary seemed to be fully aware of the implications as well, as noted by the smug, gleeful look on her face. "Was all of this planned from the beginning," thought Cindy? Regardless... it was too late now. As the number one slave, there was no telling what she might be made to do. Her legs grew weak and began to tremble.

After a long, slow moment of inspecting her property, Mary finally spoke.

"I think I'll call you Cindy Slave and Jillian Slave. And you will call me Mistress Mary. Understood"?

"Yes Mistress Mary", the two dutifully replied.

"Okay. Now let me inspect my slaves. Stand here on the floor side by side."

The girls obeyed and stood next to each other, Jillian wearing only her panties, and Cindy with just a bra. The two giggled as they presented themselves before their mistress.

"Very nice", said Mary as she walked slowly around the two. "I'm going to take you places you've never been before. Cindy Slave, get on your knees".

Cindy hesitated only briefly before humbly obeying her mistress and kneeling on the floor. Mary moved behind her and, taking a hold of Cindy's long brown hair, gently pulled her head back so that she was staring into Mary's smiling face. Mary leaned down and kissed her mouth full on from an upside down position.

"My mistress is kind", thought Cindy.

Mary ended the kiss with a little love bite on Cindy's bottom lip. "Maybe not!" thought Cindy.

"Jillian Slave," ordered Mary, "rip off this girls last bit of clothing so that I can inspect her fully."

"Yes, mistress", Jillian replied with an eager tone in her voice. Jillian looked at Cindy and gave her a wink. Then she grabbed the front of her bra and tugged sharply. The snaps in the back gave way and Cindy's perky breasts were bared.

"Hmmm... said Mary, very nice."

Cindy had never felt so vulnerable. Here she was, naked and on her knees, a slave who must obey her mistresses every command. "What is she going to ask of me," thought Cindy. The thought had no sooner passed through her mind then the answer came.

"Now, Cindy Slave, I want you to remove Jillian's panties... with your teeth!"

Jillian could not stifle a giggle as she stepped up close to Cindy. She raised her arms up and laughed. "With your teeth, dear friend!" Jillian nuzzled her pelvis into Cindy's face as she spoke.

"Yes mistress Mary", Cindy replied.

She lifted her head and, catching hold of Jillian's panties with her teeth, began to pull them down. The process was more difficult than she expected, and several times she needed to stop and reposition herself. She worked slowly, her nose and mouth burrowing into Jillian's hot, wet mound.

Jillian turned to allow Cindy to work the back of her panties down, bending over in such a way as to press her ass firmly into Cindy's face. Jillian swayed and moaned with pleasure as Cindy worked. Finally the panties were off and she stood naked before them... a fact which seemed to please Jillian very much.

Cindy, who had never seen her friend naked before, took a moment to take in the sight. "How beautiful she is!" Cindy thought as she stared at her friend.

Mary surveyed the two girls as she stepped toward them.

"Hmmm...two very delectable little sex slaves indeed. However"... Reaching out, Mary placed her left hand on Cindy's back, and her right on Jillian's. Then she pushed the two girls close together facing each other as she continued.

"You need to be taught". Mary's left hand began to slowly descend down Cindy's back, her fingers following the crevice of her spine as she spoke. "You must learn how to serve me"... Mary's hand reached Cindy's ass and began to gently caress her. Her right hand began to slowly move down Jillian's back as she spoke again. "And you must learn how to pleasure me." Mary's hand reached Jillian's bottom and slowly began to stroke and caress.

Moaning softly, the two slaves gave into the sensation as their mistress continued to simultaneously massage their bottoms.

Suddenly Mary gave them both a sharp slap. "Ow"! they both exclaimed.

Mary laughed as she turned and walked toward her bag of tricks. The slaves watched as Mary produced a blue bottle and walked back to where the two waiting.

"Passion Oil", Mary stated. She popped the lid and passed the open bottle under Cindy and Jillians noses. The smell was sweet and spicy, with a warm exotic fragrance. Mary handed the bottle to Jillian and then gave a command: "You are to take this and drench her with it".

"Yes Mistress Mary", Jillian reply with obvious pleasure. She poured the bottle at shoulder height on Cindy's trembling body, allowing the oil to flow down her front side. It covered her breasts and flowed through her cleavage, coating her tits with its warm fragrance.

Cindy felt an initial shock when the oil contacted her skin. She closed her eyes and felt it flow over her breasts and down her stomach until it reached her already wet pussy. The oil saturated her mound and continued to flow into the crack of her tight bottom before running down her thighs and onto the floor.

"Jillian slave," said Mary, "make sure she is well oiled. Rub it in well like this."

Mary reached out and, taking hold of Jillian's wrists placed her hands on Cindy's firm breasts. Next she moved Jillian's hands in circular, massaging motions. Jillian got the idea and took over, fondling Cindy's slippery tits. She laughed as she pinched her nipples to make them erect.

"Very good," Mary said. "Now start working your way down her body."

Jillian moved her hands down Cindy's oil covered skin, massaging her belly and hips. Mary moved behind Cindy and from that position reached out and once again took control of Jillian's hands.

"And now here," she spoke as she moved Jillian's hands into contact with Cindy's hot, oil soaked pussy.

Cindy could feel her legs grow weak as Jillian's fingers began to probe inside her. She felt a cool sensation as Mary began to pour out more of the Passion Oil over her backside. Mary used the lubrication to thoroughly cover Cindy's ass, then moved her fingers to her anus.

Eyes closed, Cindy fought to remain standing as Mary and Jillian caressed her from both sides. Jillian leaned in close to Cindy, breathing heavily, and took her bottom lip in her teeth. Pressing against her oil covered skin, Jillian began to slide her body up and down.

"Kiss each other, slaves," Mary commanded.

Immediately Jillian thrust her tongue into Cindy's eager mouth. Cindy sucked gently as Jillian probed. Jillian removed her tongue and worked her mouth over to Cindy's ear. She gently caressed Cindy's ear with the tip of her tongue, then spoke softly into her ear: "Let go lover, I could never hurt you".

Cindy felt her juices begin to flow as she relaxed, allowing herself to settle deeply into the hands of her mistresses. Waves of sensation overtook her and she swooned with pleasure. Tears welled up and began to work their way down Cindy's face, where Jillian's waiting lips removed them.

Mary and Jillian continued their work until Cindy collapsed to her knees, driven by the force of multiple orgasms.

Mary looked at Jillian with a smirk on her face. Jillian looked back at Mary and slowly licked her lips in a seductive gesture. Mary laughed, reached over to place her hand at the back of Jillian's head, and then pulled her in for a soft kiss.

"You learn well slave", Mary said. "Now it is time for Cindy Slave to learn how to pleasure. Jillian, lay down on the bed on your back."

"Yes Mistress Mary", Jillian said as she jumped onto the bed. She stretched herself out across the bed and traced the outline of her body with her fingertips, a seductive smile on her glowing face.

Mary laughed again and once more went to her bag. "Have you worked up and appetite Cindy Slave? Do you hunger to please me?"

Mary pulled a can of whipped cream from the bag. Turning to face Cindy, Mary gave the command: "Up slave. Come stand over here."

She motioned Cindy to stand at the foot of the bed. Cindy obeyed, still recovering from the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

"Jillian Slave is your desert tonight. Wherever the whipped cream settles you must lick it clean."

Cindy eyed Jillian's smooth curves and began to feel her juices flowing once more. She licked her lips and answered with resolve "Yes, Mistress Mary".

Mary pressed the nozzle on the can and released a small amount of whipped cream into her hand. With a gleeful smile she began to spread it over Jillian's mouth.

Cindy crawled onto the bed and worked her way up Jillian's outstretched body until the two were face to face. Then she leaned down and began to gently move her tongue across Jillian's whipped cream covered mouth. Slowly at first, and then with increasing force, her lips and tongue removed every spot of sweetness from Jillian's mouth.

Mary moved in with the whipped cream can in hand. "My, my... you certainly put some enthusiasm into that!"

Mary reached out and fondled Cindy's oily ass as she spoke. "We're going to have some fun with this. Where should we put the whipped cream now?"

"Right here," Jillian said as she lightly fondled her erect nipples.

Obligingly, Mary applied a liberal amount of cream to Jillian's waiting tits, creating a small mound on each nipple. Reaching out, Jillian took hold of Cindy's head and pulled her in.

Cindy's mouth opened wide to take in the whipped cream on Jillian's left breast. Jillian leaned back and moaned softly as Cindy sucked her erect nipple. Next Cindy moved to Jillian's right breast. Here she slowly, teasingly removed the cream with her tongue, tickling Jillian's nipple and making it more erect than ever. Finally Cindy rose herself upright, licking her lips and grinning with delight.

"You have a talent for pleasuring with your tongue," Mary observed. "Jillian slave, turn over and lay on your stomach."

"Yes, Mistress Mary," Jillian replied as she flopped herself onto her stomach.

"Good... Now stick that tight little ass of yours up in the air. Very good... Now spread your legs..."

Turning to Cindy, Mary spoke again: "It's very important for any sex slave to know how to kiss ass."

Jillian braced herself as the coolness of the whipped cream made contact with her skin. Mary had applied a line that went all the way down the crack of her ass, ending at her anus.

Turning to look at her friend, Jillian made a large kissing gesture at Cindy. "Make sure you get it all, girl friend," she said with a smirk.

Cindy felt an odd mixture of abject humility, and absolute excitement at the same time. Nevertheless, she was the slave by her own consent, and she knew she must obey. She leaned down and gently kissed Jillian's ass.

Next she began to slowly trace the line of whipped cream with her mouth. She separated Jillian's cheeks with her hands as she approached her back door, thus allowing her flickering tongue to penetrate deep into her ass. Jillian closed her eyes and gave in to the sensation, her body gently swaying. Cindy finally pulled away and gave Jillian's ass another kiss.

"Turn over," Mary commanded.

Jillian did as she was told and positioned herself with Cindy kneeling between her thighs. Mary reached over and scooped Jillian's bottom in her left hand, lifting it off the bed slightly. Jillian's stomach grew tight with the effort of holding her pelvis off the bed.

With her right hand, Mary applied an ample amount of whipped cream between Jillian's thighs. She put the can down and, using both hands, lifted Jillian's bottom up even further, as if offering a tasty dish.

"Bon Appetite," she said to Cindy.

Cindy surveyed the sight. Jillian lay stretched out before her, her pussy hot, wet, and piled high with whipped cream. By the look on Jillian's face Cindy could tell that she was on the verge of a total orgasm.

Suddenly, Cindy's feelings of humility were replaced with something completely different. A sense of absolute control! "Well, well," she spoke, "who's the vulnerable one now?"

Cindy reached out and, sliding her finger across Jillian's pussy removed a bit of cream. Slowly and seductively she raised the finger to Jillian's mouth. "Lick it off, slave girl," Cindy spoke as she passed her sticky fingers across Jillian's lips.

With a sense of desperate passion, Jillian engulfed Cindy's fingers, sucking each one until they were clean.

"Mmm... Looks like you've got a bit of an appetite yourself!" Cindy said with a chuckle. She turned to Mary and said, "May I play with the slave, Mistress?"

"No, Cindy slave, you must do as you are told," Mary replied with mock sternness.

With a pout, Cindy backed her way down Jillian's slick body, coming to a kneeling position between her pulsating thighs. Mary again lifted Jillian's bottom off the bed, thrusting her cream covered pussy up high.

Jillian gasped as Cindy pushed her legs apart and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Not wanting to rush, Cindy slowly began to work her way upwards, kissing and licking, until she reached Jillian's cream covered pussy.

Cindy smiled and hesitated, drawing out the moment of anticipation. Jillian, caught up in ecstasy, took Cindy's head by the ears and pulled her face in. A loud groan escaped her as she felt Cindy's wet mouth sucking up the cream. Rocking her pelvis back and forth, Jillian pulled Cindy's face in even harder.

"Does this please you, Jillian Slave?" Mary asked.

"Oh... yes... Mistress Mary!"

Mary leaned in and began to French kiss Jillian's mouth, probing deep with her tongue. Jillian felt a climax coming and her pelvis pumped harder. Cindy responded with increased intensity, her tongue alternately massaging Jillian's clit and thrusting deep into her hot pussy.

"Suck her juices, slave," Mary commanded.

Opening her mouth, Cindy engulfed Jillian's pussy and began to suck hard. Jillian's body tensed as the waves of orgasmic bliss began to take over. She let out a cry as her juices began to flow freely into Cindy's mouth. Cindy continued to tease Jillian's clit with the tip of her tongue, prolonging the orgasm until Jillian lay trembling and weeping on the bed.

Cindy slid herself up Jillian's body until she lay prostrate on top of her. Her mouth dripping with cum, Cindy slowly lowered her face until the two were locked in a passionate kiss.

"Oh thank you, Cindy Slave," Jillian managed with an exhausted laugh.

"The pleasure was mine," Cindy replied.

"Excellent," Mary said. "You have both learned well how to serve. And now it is time for my two little slaves to pleasure their mistress!"

To Be Continued...

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